Countdown to Ascension

Steve Rother and 'the group', gave an especially powerful message in their December Beacons of Light. They covered a number of topics, all related and all relevant. It's a lot to tackle in one sitting, so I'm going to highlight different parts of their message over the next few days.

The first thing they talked about was the next three years, that being 2010, 2011, and 2012. We are 'on the home stretch' so to speak in creating our new world, all we have to do is be aware that we are, stay focused on how we want things to be, and use the tools that are being made available to us—tools that will both help us get there, and help us live in that new reality as we are creating it.

From the December 2009 Beacons of Light from Lightworker:
Countdown to Ascension

Let us talk about the overlay of time on your planet, because that is one of the critical pieces that all of you will be dealing with in the next three years. This upcoming time period is becoming very important.

As you know, we have been talking about the countdown to ascension for a while. In the beginning it started out as a cosmic joke. Part of the reason for that was simply that the year 2012 was thought for so long to be the end of the planet and the end of recorded history. Your intentions were to move all this into the next space—many of you have called it the fifth dimension, the ascension, or the new time on Earth. We have told you a bit about what that looks like from our perspective, for the path you are creating starts between your ears. You are the ones creating the path just before your foot hits the ground and you are certainly planning something very special.

But here is the interesting part. Your fears of the year 2012 were correct. In the original script of the Game, in the year 2012 for planet Earth would have been the end in a sense. It was written that Earth would wind down all of its life force energy between the years of 2000 and 2012. You would have started this process not only with confusion, frustration and anger on the planet on the part of individuals, but also with the Earth herself. She has been picking up on that vibration, absorbing it and having many more difficulties with weather pattern changes and seismic and volcanic activity. This has been especially evident in the middle of the Pacific Ocean where we predicted it many, many years ago. New Lemuria is rising and we are telling you that it is all starting to shift.

There is still a movement that will take place in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that will have a tremendous impact on the rest of the planet. It will open the new portals of creation, and at that time many of your own belief systems will have to dissolve. This must occur to be able to begin evolving into the next level, for you to support a life in this next level of existence. Now, what does that look like? Does that mean you are going to leave your bodies? Does that mean everything is suddenly going to be okay? No. Trust us when we say that the evolution of humanity does not work that way. You work very well with positives and negatives. The problem is that you have always called negative “bad” and positive “good.” As you evolve to this next level, you are going to realize that there simply is no “right” or “wrong.” There is no difference between good and bad. Instead, it is simply the way each one of you has perceived it and brought it into your own world that causes the seeming disparity. Much of the changes you are going to start to see will open up possibilities that have been closed to you before.

The Final Quadrant – A New Miracle

The three-year period 2010, 2011 and 2012 is the final quadrant of what you are going to experience on planet Earth in the old energy. Yes, you are looking for major movements, and you have seen some of this happen. It has been predicted from many different channels and in various ways; this information has come through and you are expecting it. Dear ones, it is that expectation that is causing this new evolutionary process to take place.

Let us explain from a different perspective. Many of you have asked us what exactly is going to happen in the year 2012. You humans, still to this day, have not decided what day this cosmic event is going to take place. Some of you think it is going to be on the 21st, on the winter solstice. Some of you think December 31st yet others of you think it is actually going to be on December 1st or December 11th and 12th. There are a lot of connections out there, and it really does not make any difference to us because humanity as a whole will decide that next key part. When you decide and focus on a single point of when that is going to be, the created energy from all humans will gather and focus on a single point. Miracles do happen and this will be the biggest collective miracle thus far in the history of humanity.

Originally we would have told you that what would have happened in the year 2012 was that when you finally decided on the day, you would have these wonderful parties and you would expect the ascension to take place during the parties. You would have big bonfires on the seashore, travel to the mountains, or wherever you decided to celebrate you would welcome in the new energy as the sun rose that morning across the sky. You would have a wonderful time, and the following day you would have climbed down the mountain or walked back from the ocean and gone back to work. But now there is another dimensional level that is starting to appear.

New Relationship to Time

There are still parts of you that will have to come back to this old energy, and yet other parts of you would have moved on very quickly to the new levels. The overlaying of time will have a different effect on all of humanity, because time itself will begin to be measured differently at that point. That is starting to take place even now. Over the next three years with this final quadrant of planet Earth as you knew it moves into this new realm. What happens is that you, the creators, are starting to get excited at the possibilities. So, even the scenario we have previously laid out is beginning to change.

The little gods of Earth are taking their creative powers back, and this will be of the first of your collective creations. These next three years will be the key as to what will happen when you come home from the party, and in what happens in the days that follow.

Fire the Hologram!

We have previously spoken of the hologram of Earth forming from your own thoughts. We have shared with you that you are god; therefore, when god has a thoughtit is like a beam of light shooting into space. You have a thought from one god, you have a thought from another god. If several of those thoughts are similar in vibration, then they meet in the same place. That is incredibly powerful, because matter is drawn to energy and forms around it creating that vibration in your world. The hologram is a large ball of energy waiting to be fired. We have called this hologram the Third Earth. Once fired it forms a hologram which is a three-dimensional representation of light.

We are using the word “light” slightly differently than you do, but you understand what we are talking about. This is how Earth formed in the first place. What will be taking place is now that you are moving, the energy of this third Earth--this hologram of light--will now come to Earth and help you over-imprint the original hologram of Earth, thereby helping to shift and change it from that point. Does that mean that there will be nothing more to worry about? Does that mean there will be no more negativity on planet Earth? That is what we ask you, because we have nothing to do with setting up this new Earth. This is entirely your design much the same way as the old Earth was.

Dream your greatest dreams, dear ones, for those dreams will make up the new Earth. Then be prepared to walk into a new life for that is surely ahead of you. This will not happen in a single day, but it will begin in a single day and that is the day you will soon choose. You are shifting this beautiful planet right in front of our eyes. You are changing it even though you cannot see your own creative abilities, even though you are blocked from seeing your own connection to each other and the other creators. But you are starting to work together in a harmonious vision of what humans want on this planet and that will determine the starting point of the next millennium that is to follow. That is what was actually predicted in the Bible, even though it was slightly twisted by many to mean something else. The direction of next millennium is determined in this final quadrant of 2010, 2011 and 2012.
There's another little piece of information related to this that the group has spoken of before. I relate it to a concept a few years ago in the US where we focused on ensuring that all children had access to minimum standard of education. It was called "No child left behind."

The group applied that phrase to the ascension, calling it "No one left behind." In our past, specifically Atlantis and Lemuria, we had the opportunity to move into a higher vibrational reality, but we didn't understand how important it was to include everyone. This time we're doing it differently. This time we understand that we are here to help each other, no matter who that 'other' is.

What that means is that this consciousness shift and the creation of a new earth isn't exclusive to those who know it's coming. Earth is the creation of each and every one of us, whether we are consciously aware of what we are creating or not. Not everyone will choose the higher vibrational reality, but it is our joint work to ensure that all know that they can choose, and that those who choose will be supported in moving forward, and those who choose not will be allowed to follow their path, without judgement, as well. [For more see my blog entry for September 5 entitled Differences between 3d, 4d, and 5d particularly the last section "You Are Not Alone".

I say it often and it is so true—we are all in this together. We always have been. There is no 'us' and 'them', only 'us'. And it's the responsibility of each of us to remember that. It doesn't mean we need to get all 'preachy' with each other. If it means anything, it means the exact opposite of that. It means that we begin to stop judging each other, and allow and accept each other—and ourselves—just the way we are. More on that tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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