Who are the ‘Light forces’? - Asteria Do

Love is the greatest gift of all that we were all born with. No one is excluded. We just need to return to the love that resides from deep within us, and to be that love. Nothing outer will guarantee you your freedom to be. ~ Asteria Do

Who Are The ‘Light Forces’? – In Preparation For The Planetary Shift

By Asteria Do

May 28, 2015

1. Who are the ‘Light forces’?

The planetary shift is happening. Many are expecting a ‘full’ disclosure. Many sources over the Internet keep on insisting that the energetic shift will happen when there are enough people awakening and being aware. No doubt this is true, for it is written in the core of each soul on this planet, including you and me. You can feel it. Once there are enough ‘awake and aware’ people, then we will get the Shift.

But ‘awake and aware’ of what?

Awake and aware of the truth that we are stuck in the current global system only from a 3rd dimensional perspective, BUT we are NOT the victims. From a broader (not higher) 5th dimensional perspective, we are not the victims of any beings on Earth, off-world, or any beings belonging to this entire Creation. We humans are part of the creation and we are the co-creators.

Awake and aware of the truth that we humans are streams of energy. Our blood, flesh, and bones are merely energy. 99.9999% of the atoms that make up our bodies are space.

We are all made of the same energy, including plants, animals, objects, negative and positive beings from other planets, the entire Universe, and Creation. We are all energetically equal. There has been scientific research and projects shedding light on these truths (refer to the References). You do not need these outer sources to feel the truths – you can feel it from the core of your being – within your heart and soul. However, these scientific projects are present.

Awake and aware of the truth that only a fraction of our souls incarnated here on Earth. We have countless multiverses where a fraction of our souls also incarnate there on planets. A major part of our souls always stay with Source. This part is called our Higher-Self, Eternal-Self, Ascended-Master-souls or whatever we humans like to name it. (I personally prefer Eternal-soul, for hierarchy and ‘higher’ are human-invented from our own subjective perspective. In reality, all are equal.) The proportion of a soul that stays at Source is always much greater than those who incarnated on Earth and/or other planets. And therefore, you see, our souls never really ‘die’.

WE humans are the Light forces. The soul part of ours that is totally Light is the Light force.

Awake and aware of the truth that our positive thoughts, feelings, and visualizations are more powerful than we may humanly think. On other planets, what they have referred to as ‘advanced technologies’ or ‘magic’ is the ability to manifest their thoughts and intentions into their ‘physical’ reality instantly. Our human visual range is limited and we sometimes cannot see our energetic manifestation with our human eyes. But more often, you can feel your manifestation, the energy is there and it is manifested. We do have the ability to manifest our reality with our feelings, thoughts and visualizations. ‘As within, so without. As above, so below.’ These are Universal truths or ‘laws’. As you change within and experience the energetic shift from within yourself, the shift in the outer world will be brought in.

These truths are written in your soul cores. We were all once put under amnesia. None of our souls who incarnated on Earth is immune. Some of us can ‘remember’ or feel these truths more than others. But we all can feel the truth with our human hearts and souls. They are your truths and also the Universal Truths, for you are Source itself experiencing life on Earth and other planets.

2. Guess who is going to bring this planetary shift in?


Didn’t they tell you many times that ‘when enough people are awake, the shift will be brought in or any sort of ‘Event’ will be triggered’?

As more people awaken to their truths / Universal truths, the planetary energy will shift, in accordance with the Universal Laws. This shifted energy will, in turn, awaken more people on OUR planet.

The Earth is our planet. We are all DIRECTLY doing the hard work from our inner soul cores to bring it to the next positive phase. No other beings are directly doing OUR work for us except other Eternal-self, and/or so-called ‘ascended-master’ fractions of our souls.

It’s Us, HUMANS. It’s Us.

We are not the victims. We are not the victims of any ‘higher forces’, from the broadest dimensional level or perspective. And if clearing the minds, going deep within ourselves and visualizing positive shifts and events (visualization meditation) are what make some of us feel as victims or ‘powerless’, then these people themselves are devaluing their own powerful thoughts and feelings (energy), their human potential, and their-whole-being. In other words, it indicates that they are disconnected from themselves – their thoughts, feelings, intuition, ability to discern, and their Eternal-Selves. No one can devalue us by doing their jobs, going through their chosen experience, and living their own lives – completing the roles they came here to play. It’s all a matter of human perspective or thought pattern. It is not real. ‘Love’ / Peace – this Source energy is the only real, from the broadest perspective. No one is immune from self-victimization or illusive competition on Earth, including myself; for we all have human bodies. All we need is to realize that this kind of thought pattern is there, acknowledge it, go within ourselves and ‘shift’ or change it to a positive outcome.

The shift within ourselves will bring forth the planetary shift. You may think it’s too simple to be true, but for those who think that bringing a shift from within yourself is simple, you may need a reality check. We need to shed layer after layer of our whole beings, acknowledge our shadows and darkness, negative energies from life traumas and negative events, shift them, and clear and cleanse ourselves from the inside out. In Genome energy healing that I have been practicing, we went deep within ourselves, to the level of our first-born cell to clear out any negative or defective DNA / information. We experienced the energetic shifts within ourselves emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually – we could feel these shifts clearly in our bodies, and… it is not mentally and emotionally easy like some may think. It is hard work. We all had problems and negativity in relation to our health and personal lives, but our intention to shift these problems or negative energies into positive needed to be stronger, in order to experience the shift. We cannot shift our negative energy into positive and energetically bring ourselves to a balanced state of being by staying attached to our victim roles, and without stepping into the co-creator role of our own world.

3. What is going to happen after the planetary shift?

There are sources over the Internet telling us that when the planetary energetic shift comes, certain things will happen in certain directions, accordingly. Remember that humans are the ones who steer the wheel and are in control of our world and our lives. We are the co-creators and EXACTLY what is going to happen is not set in stone. You are not going to get a certain amount of monetary distribution equal to such and such after the energetic shift, just because some blog authors are telling you so.

The Shift is Energy. It flows. And it will just BE.

It will be a positive shift because we are advancing “up” the evolutionary scale, toward Source where only Love or Light exist as all darkness is transformed into Light before it reaches Source. However, to what extent will it be positive is dependent on how we are going to use the energy of the planetary shift.

They have told you that some ‘higher forces’ off this planet are supporting some certain ‘world leaders’, and therefore things will happen in certain directions, as abundance or any form of money such as gold will be distributed in a certain way, after the shift. They forgot to tell you the very truth that some ‘higher forces’ further off this planet are supporting YOU, too – the human beings who are reading this. Those ‘higher forces’ are the major proportion of your soul that is not incarnated here on Earth – your Eternal-Self. Yourself.

You ARE supported, Directly, and by YOU, whether you like to hear this or not.

It would be nicer if you could hear you were supported directly by your whole galactic family. It would be nicer if I – the one who wrote this article, were having some kind of ‘physical contact’ with one of the members of our galactic family, but it isn’t the case. And it doesn’t have to be for I Am ENOUGH and so are you. (And by the way, we all have galactic family members out there because NONE of us comes from Earth. Many of our souls were birthed directly from Source (the broadest dimensional level of being), and spent our first life-time on a planet (Pleiades, Sirius, Andromeda, etc.) that we call our ‘soul origin’ or ‘Home planet’, then traveled to other planets that we may also call ‘Home’.)

I was born with everything within me and so were you, to bring this planetary shift in and to change our lives to the greatest positivity. Being an awake and aware human who is connected and at One with other broader aspects of my soul is ENOUGH to let the Truths to be heard by other people’s hearts and souls. My whole being – awake and aware, and my positive intention and thought pattern, are ENOUGH to bring the shift in for us, together with others being at approximately the same vibration.

The entire Creation – the Universe history, present and future are written in the core of your souls. You can feel it.

You must not hesitate to feel and visualize a little ‘broader’ (*), to a life here on Earth, where you hold no offense against the neutral energy of money, but NO (new) monetary system is present. Where money of any shape or form does not exist, only energy exchange; and so, you can be truly free to become whatever your soul loves to be, here on Earth. And so, by doing what you love and being the Love, you will be free to go to wherever you want, after this life-time.

Please remember that no amount of gold or dollars, no form of inter-planetary transport or travel means, or any form of ‘advanced technologies‘ will guarantee your freedom to be and to go to wherever you want in the after-life. Throughout Earth history, there have been souls that some of us have called ‘ascended masters’ who achieved their freedom to be without any form of advanced physical technologies. They did it, by being the love. Love is the greatest gift of all that we were all born with. No one is excluded. We just need to return to the love that resides from deep within us, and to be that love. Nothing outer will guarantee you your freedom to be.

So what is going to happen after the Shift?

If a life of freedom for all where monetary system does not exist and life abundance is co-created with love and in harmony IS YOUR intention and visualization (your energy), this is going to be our positive future after the Planetary Shift / the ‘Event’.

Be the love. Then be the shift.

This is my gentle reminder to you in preparation for the shift. We are all magnificent and sovereign spirits, and deep down you have already known all that are presented in this article. But having physical human bodies, we all including myself need reminders from time to time.

I honor the souls in you,

Asteria Do


Nassim Haramein – The Unified Field Theory: http://www.scribd.com/doc/156016422/Nassim-Haramein-the-Unified-Field-Theory#scribd

How biophotons show that we are made of light: http://thespiritscience.net/2014/04/18/biophotons-demonstrate-were-all-made-of-light/


3 Main Signs That You Are Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening - Steven Bancarz

If you regularly follow this blog you've probably already experienced the following, and much more! But I do agree with Steven's premise below of the three primary signs of awakening. Look around your world and notice the great numbers of humans experiencing these new ways of being, and know that Nova Earth is truly and finally here, despite what mainstream media would have you believe.

If you stand back and observe, it's like watching a garden spring into life - some little sprouts here and there popping their heads up from the Earth to bask in the sun for the first time; other plants in various stages of growth, seeking the sun in various ways, including very mature plants that seem to hold the pattern of growth for the others. Fun stuff!

3 Main Signs That You Are Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening

May 12, 2015

By Steven Bancarz at Spirit Science and Metaphysics

As you go through your journey of awakening, many things about you and your life start to change. There are many articles out there titled “20 symptoms of spiritual awakening,” and they touch on all of the possible experiences that could be related to awakening. But at the very beginning of awakening, the signs you experience are much fewer in number.

They are fewer in number, but are far more intense and tangible. Sometimes, they may even be overwhelming to the point where it is humorous to you. When you are in the beginning phases of self-realization and self-discovery, the “symptoms” you experience are so potent that they completely transform your life.

Having a spiritual awakening is synonymous with realizing that there is more to life than you have been taught to believe. There is more to you, the universe, God, and the human experience than just paying the bills and joining the rat race. Something within you begins to detect that there is deeper meaning waiting to be discovered, and as you begin to detect this, your mind, body, and soul begin to transform.

Here are 3 main signs that you are experiencing a spiritual awakening:

1) You stop worrying so much

Life becomes more light, and fear begins to subside. You stop caring about what other people think about you. You no longer worry and stress over things like social reputation, popularity, and peer-approval, because your sense of identity comes from something much deeper than that. As you being to have a relationship with the Universe, you begin to trust it. When you trust it, there is no room left for fear.

Even your fear of death begins to subside as you begin to connect with the part of you that is timeless and eternal. You have this intuitive wisdom that somehow, everything in your life is going to unfold the way it needs to. You stop approaching the future with fear and anxiety and learn to accept and embrace life’s experiences.

2) Your interests and desires change

As you begin to awaken, you are more interested in the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, and experience. Going out and getting hammered every weekend stops appealing to you, and the ways you use to spend your spare time now seem useless and redundant. Netflix and video games begin to seem redundant when you realize the infinite world of potential that resides within you.

When your soul comes alive inside you, your entire lifestyle begins to change. Your diet, relationships, past times, and hobbies all take a dramatic transformation. It’s very common that people begin to distance themselves from old friends that they no longer have anything in common with.

You may instead find yourself wanting to spend time in nature, reading, going for walks alone, sitting under the stars, going on adventures, meditating, yoga, or doing forms of energy work. This is the biggest sign that something new is coming alive inside you.

3) You start seeing synchronicities in your life

You start to see many coincidences appear in your life. These coincidences have profound meaning, and the probabilities of these things occurring are so small that they can’t be attributed to mere chance. Pay attention to them, as they are a sign that you are on the right track. When your energy, thoughts, and emotions are aligned with the flow of the universe, it begins to work in your favour. When you stop working against it, it stops working against you.

These 3 signs are so universal and apply to so many people because they are all consequences of having an awakened soul. They are byproducts of allowing yourself to be guided by your heart and your spirit.

Crystals, chakras, and New Age philosophy aside, spiritual awakening is about self-realization. Realizing that you are not a gear in a capitalist machine. Realizing that you are an expression of the Infinite. Realizing that you are timeless, eternal, and non-physical. As you begin to recognize what you are, what you are not begins to crumble away. When you begin to recognize what you are not, what you are becomes illuminated.


Heavenletter #5313: Earthquake in Kathmandu

With enough love given and received on Earth, so much hot air will not arise. We can call anger and accusations and put downs of others as fostering hot air. Don’t rail against the world. Lift it. Love it. Have and give happiness. ~ from Heaven Letters

Earthquake in Kathmandu

Heavenletter #5313

Channeled by Gloria Wendroff at Heaven Letters

May 11, 2015

God said:

Chetan wrote on the Heavenletter Spiritual forum on May 7, 2015:

“God says nothing is an accident. Last week we had a terrible earthquake in Kathmandu. God, please tell us how to prevent such tragedies.”

God answered:

Beloved Chetan, first of all, you write with love in your heart for mankind as a whole. I applaud you.

At the same time, there are some presumptions here. You believe in your presumptions. You accept your presumptions as if they are fact. You do not question them. You do not even consider looking at them any other way for even one moment. So is the world.

What is a fact is that the whole world seems to share your assumptions. And these presumptions or assumptions are judgmental.

Everyone on Earth is sure that an earthquake is terrible. It looks terrible to you. You and all human beings on Earth are not philosophical about what occurs that you wish would not. Earthquakes certainly seem to create terror. And you are sure that earthquakes and death and such shake-ups are tragedies.

They look like tragedies, and people cry, and you are convinced it is a tragedy. An earthquake comes as a shock, not just a surprise, and so it is called a terrible thing, a tragedy of great magnitude.

The death of one person, even when expected, to those who love this person, it is a tragedy. No doubt, death is hard to fathom. When has death, as viewed in the world. ever been anything but a terror? A loved one (or even you) is whisked away. Everyone argues with death. You would debate it. How do you not know that death is a blessing?

I do not tell you that you have to see differently and feel differently. You cannot turn your tears on and off as if you had a spigot to turn. Nor do I tell you that a belief system has to be undone at the bat of an eye.

Your suffering from an earthquake heaped upon innocent people, even when you are not personally involved, feels real, looks real – your heart aches just the same as if it were real, and you are convinced that earthquakes are bad and lack redeeming qualities.

The crux of all suffering is that you believe in loss. You do not know how to unbelieve in loss. There are so many kinds of perceived loss, perhaps a limitless list. Everyone is afraid of loss unless it is loss of a headache or acne or overweight.

Young children make a game of perceived loss. They practice loss when they play peek-a-boo. The thing with peek-a-boo is that the perceived loss is not true. With your eyes covered, something that was there no longer appears to be there. It is temporarily just hidden from view.

Peek-a-boo has a happy ending. Once hands are taken away from the eyes, or the sister or brother come out from behind a tree, the child discovers that what seemed to be gone was really there all the time. And the child laughs.

You would give up the sense of loss if only you knew how.

Please understand that I know what I say is not making what you call a tragedy any less of a tragedy to you and everyone else. Of course, I know that. May someone find some comfort in what I say. I speak with all the love in My heart, and that is considerable.

There is also the statement I have made that there is no cause and effect. This simply is not your experience. When you have a fork you are holding up in the air, and you let go of it, it will drop to the floor.

If there is Infinity, and, in Reality there is no past or future or time whatsoever, there is an Infinity of Existence. Being does not break up into time or experience or cause and effect.

If We wish to talk about the accepted reality of life in the world and that something caused the earthquake and heartache and loss of lives, property, and the world in Nepal as it was known, then We could say that the world in Nepal was filled to bursting with the entire consciousness of everyone in the world.

All the hot air burst in Nepal at that time the way a nail’s making a hole in a tire would make the tire burst. The whole world did not explode. The hot air burst through in one location. An earthquake is like a safety measure.

It is not a new thought that everyone is responsible to everyone for everything. Remember that responsibility does not mean blame. Erase blame.

An earthquake helps people to think twice. With enough love given and received on Earth, so much hot air will not arise. We can call anger and accusations and put downs of others as fostering hot air. Don’t rail against the world. Lift it. Love it. Have and give happiness.

Through the desire of human hearts to help their brothers and sisters, earthquakes also bring people together. Love and courage grow, and Oneness is on the rise.

Beloved Chetan, you who so graciously asked this sincere question for the benefit of all, you also saw the possibility that there do not have to be earthquakes. I ask you and everyone to keep looking for greater possibilities.

Love, God


Awakening - The Arcturian Group

For thousands of years mankind has for the most part been unaware of his true nature and thus a world consciousness of individual powerlessness became the consensus belief. Those in positions of dominance have always worked to convince the majority they had no power of their own and so must look to others (them) for their good.

The result has been a world of people ignorant of who they really were, believing, obeying, and following the demands of the rich and powerful without question. This will end when a majority awakens, serving to lift and open world consciousness to new and higher levels of awareness. ~ The Arcturian Group


The Arcturian Group through Marilyn Raffaele

May 10, 2015

Greetings Dear Ones,

We observe that all is proceeding according to schedule, and most of you are beginning to recognize and experience the new and powerful energies of transformation.

Everyone’s experience may well be different, so try not to compare yours with what you may read or hear regarding the spiritual experiences of another. Every person is unique by virtue of having lived different experiences through many lifetimes, finally arriving at their present state of consciousness.

You are clearing the residue of hundreds of lifetimes lived in ignorance and no one person is exactly the same as another.

Most of you are now beginning to see and experience the world from a higher dimensional viewpoint which is manifesting as new ways, forms, and ideas of those things you are already familiar with. The reality (Divine Idea) of everything in the outer world always remains present and infinite in Divine Consciousness. Spiritual evolution allows you to interpret and manifest these Divine ideas on new and higher levels.

An example could be how the three dimensional world views death. Death means complete obliteration to those believing there is nothing beyond one lifetime, except the slight chance of a heaven or hell based on how “good” a person was. Thus, death to them is something to be feared and avoided at all costs.

Those of a more illumined consciousness, who realize there could never be real death, are somewhat free of this intense fear and anxiety. There is always some sadness with parting, but none of the terror and resistance born of ignorance.

Death is recognized to be a transition, not an ending – a part of everyone’s evolutionary journey on Earth, often welcomed by those tired and ready to go home. The Divine Idea here is Omnipresence. You, as expressions of the Divine, always will be…place is of no importance.

Soon you will begin to see changes within governments and law, for the consciousness of mankind is rapidly awakening and ready to reclaim personal powers ignorantly surrendered over lifetimes. More and more people are beginning to realize that they are not powerless and this change of the inner will in turn manifest as changes in the outer.

The continuous clearing of old energy is not meant to go on forever, and many of you are now moving into a time of creating. Because you are beginning to accept that you are indeed powerful spiritual Beings, your thoughts and words are manifesting more quickly.

As you now move into a more evolved state of consciousness, most of the old programming from lifetimes of ignorance that served to block your ability to consciously manifest has dissolved, or is in the process of dissolving.

For thousands of years mankind has for the most part been unaware of his true nature and thus a world consciousness of individual powerlessness became the consensus belief. Those in positions of dominance have always worked to convince the majority they had no power of their own and so must look to others (them) for their good.

The result has been a world of people ignorant of who they really were, believing, obeying, and following the demands of the rich and powerful without question. This will end when a majority awakens, serving to lift and open world consciousness to new and higher levels of awareness.

Arise Dear Ones, and remember who you are. It is time to claim your Divine sonship, being ever mindful of how you speak and think, for you are Creators.

Note how some individuals who are experts in certain areas of medicine or science through intense study, research, and belief, often discover these very issues manifesting in their own families or themselves. Every billboard, ad, or announcement regarding some campaign to fight a disease or condition serves to materialize it more firmly in the belief system of all who read it and thus manifest more of it.

When an individual is enmeshed in the human belief system of duality and separation, their lives reflect some good and some bad. Painful life lessons are often a part of a soul’s pre-birth contract in order to resolve some karmic issue or learn some needed lesson, but three dimensional experiences can also be impersonal, simply reflecting a state of consciousness that accepts two powers.

Man was not meant to slip so deeply into three dimensional density, but you are completing the hard work necessary in order to move beyond it and are doing a fine job. A job that required lifetimes of often painful experiences necessary for building courage and strength. Remember this fact whenever you are tempted to believe yourself to be a failure in any way, for in reality there can be no failure – only learning experiences.

It is difficult to move beyond popular thought until Truth becomes an attained state of consciousness at which point much of the three dimensional belief system begins to simply lose its relevance and power over you. You see and hear the same things as everyone else, but you no longer react in the same way.

Those of you reading these messages are quickly moving into a consciousness able to discern Truth where the world sees discord and are beginning to instinctively recognize what is hype and promotion for the financial benefit of a few. You are learning to see the world with new eyes and live out from a higher awareness of what is going on around you. Because of this, you are helping to shift the world consciousness to new levels.

Look back a few years to your lives at an earlier time, Dear Ones, and you will quickly realize how far you have come in very a short time. Just a few years ago, you might have jumped on the band wagon of many popular three dimensional beliefs – those same beliefs you clearly see differently today.

You are awakening, and remembering who you are – coming to realize that you no longer need to seek, beg, or plead from some “pie in the sky” God for the good you have sought in vain for lifetime after lifetime.

Rejoice, for you have finally found IT where IT has always been – within – patiently and lovingly awaiting your recognition.

We are the Arcturian Group


The Big Electron (Bill Hicks and George Carlin)

Two legendary comedians offer their perspectives on life, through song. Composite by Melodysheep, music from their album Remixes for the Soul Vol II.

Published on Youtube Oct 16, 2012


Balancing Ego/Mind and Heart/Soul - Celia Fenn

"... the mind seeks to unravel chaos and find "truth". The truth is, that the mind can never find truth, for truth belongs to the Heart and the Soul. It is only here that each Being will find what they seek as truth. - Celia Fenn"

The Power of the Soul and the Power of the Mind : Bringing back Balance

Through Celia Fenn at Starchild Global

May 1, 2015

Beloved Family of Light, in this past period of your Ascension Journey you have experienced an intense time of change, with Eclipses and Equinox shifts creating much tumult in your lives. Many of you may feel that you are adrift in your own lives, and not sure of where to turn. You may well be awakened and on your spiritual journey in a conscious and enlightened way, and yet still feel that you do not really understand why the Earth is in so much chaos and why things could not be easier.

Indeed, Beloved Family, times of major change and transition are never easy on your Earth, but especially now. Never before has the Earth been through such a huge change with so many incarnated souls who are all co-creating this change together. Yes indeed, that is the nature of the Fifth Dimension, that you all co-create and make choices together to create another Reality. Some of you are awake and doing this in a conscious way, but many are still in the "sleep" state and are making their choices without consciousness and based on old energies and patterns. This is why there is so much chaos and confusion. Those who are still making the same unconscious choices are finding that these choices are not leading them to places that they want to be, and they are becoming angry and anxious. They seek to make new choices and discover the New Reality, but are still searching.

You, on the other hand, are conscious and you can see that the shift that needs to happen in each incarnated being is to move from the ego/mind to the Heart/Soul as the center of their being and life on Earth.

This sounds easy enough, but why is it so difficult for so many? Well, this is because over the recent period of your evolution the mind has become the strongest part of most humans and their world. The mind controls perception and creates continuity so that life can be experienced as a "story" that is continuous in a rational way and "makes sense" to the mind. When things happen that don't seem to make sense or to fit into the story, the mind is always able to smooth things over and create a story that explains why things happen, based on the ideas of cause and effect in a continuous timeline. However, as you wake up you begin to see that there are many timelines and many stories, all being told and enacted simultaneously in your reality, as souls create and co-create.

This leads to confusion, as the mind seeks to unravel the chaos and find "truth". The truth is, Beloved Ones, that the mind can never find truth, for truth belongs to the Heart and the Soul. It is only here that each Being will find what they seek as truth.

What is happening in this period of transition is that your mind seeks to hold on to the dominance of the story line and truth of its story, and does not want to let go. There is a deep fear that when the mind lets go of its ownership of "truth" then everything will break down. This is the premise of your field of "psychology". However, we would say that when the mind "let's go" and allows the Soul to step in, the there is another perspective on Time, Space and Reality that liberates each being to experience life at a higher level of consciousness and in harmony with the Heart and Soul. A New Dream and a New Reality is born. You begin to see and experience things that were not seen and felt before, because they were hidden by the filters of the mind. The veils are lifted and you truly see what is before you!

In this new way of being, the mind continues to be a part of the story of Reality Creation, but it does not dominate and control. It becomes the "story teller" that weaves the stories of the Heart and Soul into manifestation without needing to dominate, control or be important.

Integrating the Fourth Dimension : Adventures in Time/Space

In the old third-dimensional world and reality, it was easy for the mind to create narratives and stories that were linear, and that had satisfactory beginnings and endings on this linear continuum. The Ego Mind was always happy with the way things developed and could be explained in a linear and developmental fashion.

But, Beloved Family, with the shift of the Earth to the Fifth-dimensional grids of light, and the shift of consciousness, you began to wake up to the reality of that fluid and flowing dimension of Time/Space that we call the Fourth Dimension. This is where the concept of "time" is created on time spirals and timelines, and where time is not linear and continuous, but spiral and circular, discontinuous and magical depending on the skill and direction of those who create.

This perception of time as something that is self created and that goes beyond the linear demands of daily life at this point is something that the mind feels it needs to resist. Why? For if the mind accepts this perception of reality then all its careful constructs and stories will come crashing down. Yes indeed. But in their place, the Soul will step in with a magical and miraculous perception of reality that allows you to co-create a New Reality and a New Space on your own timelines, without judgment, blame, karma or any of the other negative side effects of the old reality creation.

When you shift into the Fifth-dimensional grids and Higher Consciousness, you open the way for your Soul to show you the nature of a new Reality, where the Soul sees life from a Galactic or Quantum perspective. Life is not linear and it is not finite! In the realms of the Soul, life is infinite and continues on many different arcs or spirals, some simultaneous in different or parallel timelines and universes.

From this Soul perspective, which centers in the Heart, you understand that Creation comes through and out of Divine Love. You understand that all things flow in and out of manifestation according to a Divine Plan or Act of Creation, and that change and transformation are the nature of life itself. You are able to move through times of discontinuity and ending with equanimity, because you perceive that endings are always followed by new beginnings. You feel no need to blame anyone or anything, you simply accept the ending for what it is and look forward to the next creation of light.

From your Soul and Heart, Beloved Ones, you will feel a deep sense of Acceptance and Peace as you allow the flow of Divine Creative Intelligence to move through you as a Creative Force, allowing you the joy of making choices and spinning creation on a new and higher level of experience.

The Multi-Dimensional Narratives of the Soul

Beloved Ones, when you shift way from the idea of a "continuous" history and personal story, you begin to perceive that the Soul is multi-dimensional and exists on many levels. It's narratives are in the past and the future and in the present moment, which is the point of origin.

The Soul is the Galactic Voyager and the Diamond Story Teller. It spins the Diamond Light of Creation into a multitude of colors, lights, experiences and stories. It is your delight, Beloved Ones, to work with the Soul and to spin these stories and songs into manifestation on your Fifth-dimensional New Earth.

The month of May will give you many opportunities to loosen the hold of the Ego Mind and align with the creative impulses of the Soul and Heart, and express yourself in a new way.

As you harmonize your Heart and your Light Body with the incoming Diamond Codes or Creation Codes that are contained in the Galactic and Solar Light Transmissions from the Divine Heart and the Councils of Light, you will feel "inspired" to start creating your life as a work of Divine Inspiration. You will seek to harmonize with the music of your Soul and of Spirit and live in this Light.

As you make this transition, you may feel some uneasiness and pain in the Solar Plexus area. This is the part of the body that represents the Ego MInd, and as the mind releases its hold on your reality and lets go, many old patterns that cause pain are being released. These releases may be experienced as physical pain in the digestive system, where experience itself is "digested", or as anxiety, insomnia and bad dreams. The best way to work with this is just to breathe deeply and allow the Diamond Light to dissolve all old patterns of reality and stress that you no longer need in your life. Make space for more Joy and Love and Abundance. Make space for Dreams and Creativity!

The Soul has many songs to sing and stories to tell, and is waiting for that moment when you become a Galactic Story Teller, a Star Dancer or a Singer of Celestial Music, and when you ground these creations into your life on Earth. As you open to this Higher Consciousness, you will fill with the Golden Light of the Christ Consciousness and the Brilliant White Light of the Diamond Codes. As you move closer to your Soul, you begin to experience the Brilliant Center of the Heart of All That Is, which is the Home of the Soul. Here, in the Diamond Light you experience Silence and No Time, you experience Cosmic Love and Divine Multi-patterned Light, you experience Deep Peace. And then, you bring these back into your Heart and you sing dance and write them into manifestation in the "story" that is your life!

So, Beloved Ones, as you meditate or simply sit in silence, ask your mind to gently release its hold on your reality creation and allow the Soul/Higher Self to be a partner and to lead your reality creation. Breathe in the Diamond Light and the Diamond Codes and fill your Being with the essence of Divine Light and Peace.....and create your Life as an Adventure of Love and Creativity!