Be Your Own Best Friend

Steve Rother's 'the group' has a saying that helps make us aware of just how important it is that we become our own best friend. They said:
Learning to walk in full connection with that part of yourself known as Spirit is the real work you have come to do.

Another term they've used for the same idea is "grounding God"—living our physical life as the god-creator that we are.

It was—and is—the task agreed upon by each of us before we came into this life, that if consciousness could be raised high enough to trigger the ascension of the planet and all that resides upon her, that we would each live our human lives, in our human body, as the spiritual being that we truly are.

That time is upon us. The die has been cast, there is no going back—we are moving forward into ascension* as a people and as a planet. We made the agreement and it is each of our choice now to either honor that agreement or not.

One essential to living as the god-creator that we are is by being our own best friend—by accepting ourselves just the way we are, without criticism, without guilt, without recrimination, and without regret.

Each experience we have, each choice we make, adds to the whole of who we are. Each experience, whether happy or sad, upsetting or invigorating, is a gift that we have given ourselves. Without experiences life would cease to exist. It is our experiences—individually and collectively—that are the heart and soul of who we are. That Who We Are accepts us, honors us, and cherishes us, totally and completely, in all our humanness and all our spirit. Who We Are accepts and honors all we have been and all we have done; all that we are now and all that we are becoming.

It's our job, as the human incarnation of that spirit, to honor ourselves for the life we are living in all of its aspects. Each of us does this for our human best friends, are we willing to do it for our own human self as well?

The following excerpt from a larger piece by David at Awakened Hearts expands upon this idea of becoming our own best friend:

Please remember, every spark of Light (every thought of recognition and understanding) no matter how small and seemingly insignificant, can illuminate even the darkest of rooms.

If you do nothing more in this lifetime than stand steadfast in your own light, in your own truths, emanating your own awesome auric essences of peace, love and tranquility, you will touch all those around you whom you come in contact with without doing a thing. You do not have to do great deeds and stand upon a pedestal to make a difference, you do that by BE-ing the difference. You see?

Spend time each and every day practicing being your own best friend. Seek out the serenity in all that you are. You may as well find this peace; after all, you do spend every moment with yourself.

Find the wonders of the universe in every moment and learn to live and exist in that moment. Cherish these moments and return to them in your mind when all is chaotic around you. There you will find serenity and peace. Start to see the beauty in everything while still acknowledging that not all things are beautiful.

Thank the Earth for all that She blesses you with. Thank yourself for all that you are all that you have done in the past and all that you will become. Learn to love yourself unconditionally, forgive yourself for errors in judgment in your past so that you may move steadily forward - uninhibited. Toss out the garbage, it reeks of the past and has no place in your future. And by all means, thank yourself for all that you presently do, you will like yourself much more and you will gift yourself with the freedom to soar high above the madness of the mundane.

And by the way, do not forget to thank the God of this universe for the gift He has bestowed upon you to have this opportunity to be here now in this physical existence we term “life.” It is indeed a great honor to have been chosen, or to have volunteered to be here now.

* Ascension simply means raising vibration to a higher level of being. In our case it means raising vibration to new levels while maintaining a physical body. Specifically, moving from a 3rd density reality to a 4th and eventually a 5th density reality.

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