What If? - A Message from Peggy Black and the 'team'

What if?

Peggy Black and the 'team' at Morning Messages
June 2016

We are here awaiting our connection as we invite you once again to step to the edge and fly. We are speaking both metaphorically as well as inviting you to consider the possibility. You know yourself as a physical being with certain limitations; however, we are reminding you that you are also pure conscious energy without limitations.

We truly know this to be a stretch for your programmed beliefs and we know that when we continue to remind you of your divine nature that you will eventually recognize and own all the possibilities that we offer.

What if your physical body was just a reflection of an energy pattern held in the quantum field by your multidimensional awareness? How would you begin to look at your reality and your body?

What if we suggested that your physical body was designed as a very sophisticated bio-computer that was animated and enlivened by the energy of your divine conscious self?

Your physical body is the vehicle that your spirit embodies and it is always in a process of evolution. It was designed to interface with the dense heavy vibration of planet earth. It was designed to allow you to have the utmost expression of freedom to experience this reality. It was designed to be managed by your emotions and thoughts.

Your physical body serves you in your earth journey, allowing your spiritual, energetic, soul self to experience the richness of the lower dimensions of dense vibrations. You are meant to interface with this reality fully aware and awake to your thoughts and feelings since it is your personal vibrations that create all that you are and all that you experience. You are meant to feel, sense and interact with what is offered in the hologame/hologram as a true creator.

Your physical body is unique in all the universe. It requires great skill and awareness to truly manage one. We heard your chuckle. When we say great skill, we are aware of those beings that are in a body and do not know how to feed it or manage all its aspects. Your body was designed to function even if you are unconscious of your relationship with your body and unconscious to the awareness that you are the creator of what you experience.

Your physical body was designed to be as failsafe as possible. Your body is programmed to operate much like your car; most people who drive do not know how their car works. They just start it and make sure it has fuel, much like their body.

Many people are awaking to the realization that they have more than a relationship with their body. They have a partnership. Once that is discovered, they begin to understand all the subtle energies of the human body as bio-computer and how its functions are managed by their thoughts, beliefs and programs.

What if everything on your planet was first just an energy frequency or divine thought? What if every item, product, electronic device was first created as a thought in the quantum field? What if your computer and the internet that everyone is so fond of using was simply a reflection of your own multidimensional abilities stepped down in vibration until it is experienced as a physical object? What if emails, texting, and tweets were the stepped down versions of your paranormal gifts of telepathy?

What if we said that your most creative ability and unlimited power is your imagination? Begin to ask yourself, how do you use your imagination daily, what is your energetic focus? Is it used to create some juicy experience or is it used to worry some problem into your reality?

We have observed that the childish use of imagination is usually invalidated in the early stages of a child's development. This is unfortunate, since this truly is a great and grand gift. Begin to ask yourself where you put your imagination when you became an adult? How do you personally program your imagination to create awesome experiences? Do you imagine every cell in your physical bio-computer working in divine integrity and well-being, or have you allowed yourself to be programmed to be powerless in regard to your own health and well-being?

The body responds to vibrations; it is equipped to see and sense much more. However, if you are unaware of the combined power of mind/body/spirit, your body will operate on automatic and it will vibrate at a low, dense misqualified energy.

Do you imagine that you can communicate with the various aspects of your body in ways that enrich your stamina, your vitality and health? Do you engage in processes that allow for the release of misqualified energy or vibrations stored and filed in the cells, tissues, bones and organs of your physical bio-computer? Begin to play with this possibility. What shifts or changes would you be willing to envision as a new way or new form? These are the questions we invite you to begin to ask yourself.

What if you could envision a loved one or friend and clearly send a mental message that they would receive and answer in the same way, a quantum tweet perhaps? What if you had your own personal search engine for retrieving any data or universal information or knowledge?

What if you could imagine asking for an awesome solution to resolve one of your planet’s most pressing issues of survival? We want you truly to stretch here. We know you as unlimited beings of divine expression who happen to be locked into a limited set of programmed beliefs. Be creative in the methods and ways to eliminate or delete these old programs from your physical bio-computer.

What if you could imagine installing the programs that would allow you to experience amazing and phenomenal talents and abilities?

Begin to ask yourself, if you could have any superpower what might it be? How would it improve your current life and reality? What if your superpower was to have the ability to fly, to move beyond the dimensions or visit any aspects on the timeline? What if your superpower was the mastery to work with the elements regarding the weather conditions for the most positive results for your planet?

What if your superpower was the ingenuity to resolve some aspects of misqualified energy and ideas around illness and disease? What if your superpower was the knowledge for the perfect solution to restore your oceans to their pristine quality? What if your superpower was the genius to create free clean energy easily and quickly?

We believe you get the idea. You are an unlimited conscious being of divine manifestation embodied in a physical form, expressing yourself, your creative ideas and imagination into this energy hologame/hologram. Play with this concept, stretch into the understanding of who you are as a starbeing, a being of light consciousness who has stepped into a dimension that gives the illusion of being solid.

You came here by choice to play and anchor new realities and new possibilities. Own it and celebrate who you are as a magnificent creator of all that you experience. We invite you to be gentle with yourself about what you have created to experience so far in your life.

Remember that you are also an alchemist of misqualified energies and you have gathered these misqualified energies and emotions in order to transform them to a higher vibration through your willingness and understanding. That is truly one of your superpowers.

We are ever available to support and assist you in regard to your awakening. Call upon us as well as other divine non-physical beings to guide you in this incredible journey. the 'team'

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The Key to Change Everything - Taryn Crimi

You must hold your focus and attention on the vision of your dreams more often than what is already in front of you. Whatever you give the majority of your focus will become your physical reality. ~ Angelic Guides through Taryn Crimi

The Key to Change Everything

Angelic Guides through Taryn Crimi

June 10, 2016

Today we would like to focus your attention upon the topic of change. So many of you wish for change, change in financial situations, change in relationships, change in health and yet we watch as so many continually recreate the very same experiences over and over again.

Yes, the set up might appear different, another year has passed, the people might be different but overall not much changes for so many. This is what we would like to further expand upon so that you may understand why this happens so often.

When you understand how the physical manifestation of anything happens you will understand how to create anything you desire. You all have heard that if you want change then you must change your habits. But we are not speaking about changing the actions that you take throughout your day, oh this will come, but what we are speaking about is changing your thoughts, your habitual thoughts.

All too often we see you so close to making the vibrational leap necessary to allow for the change you seek to make its way into your physical reality only to fall back into your habits of thought, your doubts and fears which squander the change you seek to make.

We would liken much of the experiences that you create for yourselves to a “holding pattern.” Why is this? Why would any of you choose to hold yourself in undesirable experiences? Well certainly we understand that you are not doing this intentionally, its just that many are unaware of what is causing it. So allow us to share with you our perspective in hopes of helping you to free yourselves of the undesirable experiences that seem to continually play out in one way or another.

You see, everything exists already, every thought you have, every dream you hold, every desire you seek, absolutely all of it already exists. We don’t mean this metaphorically, we mean this quite literally. It’s all here, right here beside you. So why cant you see it, why aren’t you able to experience it?

The answer is vibration. When you understand that everything is made up of energy, and subsequently everything is vibrating at a particular rate or frequency then you will also understand that the only thing that separates you from anything you cannot perceive is your rate of vibration in relation to everything you are seeking. Like attracts like, you can only experience what you are in perfect resonance with.

But here is the key, what holds so many of you in a stalemate creation of the same old creations is your persistent and unwavering focus on the events and circumstances that are in front of you. All that will ever do is recreate the very same experience over and over again as many of you well know.

So in order to manifest different experiences into your reality, you must change your rate of vibration. Get off the same old channel and pick a new station to tune into. We watch as so many of you want to watch what’s on channel 10 all the while holding your constant and steady focus on channel 5. You understand that other channels on your television exist even if you are not watching them.

You also understand that if you want to watch something else, you have to change the channel. And so it is in your life. You must be willing to change your habitual thoughts, because what you think about is what you will manifest. Period. Everything in your reality is a result of the thoughts you have held, but they do not determine what you will create in the future. They only represent what you HAVE thought up until this point.

So by shifting your focus away from the areas that are not working in your life and onto the multitude of things that are, you essentially change the dial. You change the channel! You must hold your focus and attention on the vision of your dreams more often than what is already in front of you. Whatever you give the majority of your focus will become your physical reality.

We hope that you have found this message to be helpful and that we have served you in some way.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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The Learning Process of the Soul - Pamela Kribbe

It is part of the development of a soul, that in order to gain experience, it must forget itself for a long time and become accustomed to the earthly existence.

For this reason, it is necessary that at first, and for a very long time, you are oblivious of your original wisdom and knowledge and that you become immersed in the powerful, compelling energies of the Earth. ~Mary Magdalene through Pamela Kribbe

Mary Magdalene: The Learning Process of the Soul

Through Pamela Kribbe

May 2016

Dear friends,

I am Mary Magdalene. I greet you all with joy and a feeling of connection.

You are all committed to an inner path with great determination. The only thing that brings you real fulfillment is when you begin to hear and understand the voice of your own heart and soul. That is, for all of you, just as important as the oxygen you breathe, just as basic as the bread and water which feeds your body in order for you to stay alive.

And that commitment means a shift of consciousness has already taken place in you, which for many of you was the case before your birth in this lifetime. Your soul found itself in a certain phase of its development, its evolution. It felt it was now time for an earthly incarnation in which your soul could truly let itself be seen; a life in which your soul could really flow through the earthly reality of everyday life.

It takes a number of earthly lives before you hear the call of the soul in this way. In earlier lives, it was necessary and appropriate to gain experience with life on Earth. The soul needs time to get used to earthly life and the dynamics of emotions and physicality which play themselves out here. Being here is a learning process for the soul. In a sense, the soul already knows everything before it starts to incarnate, but this knowledge has not been really experienced, so it has not become deeply rooted.

This knowledge is, therefore, not a wisdom that is based on experience. Simply stated, it is about the distinction between theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge. At its core, the soul knows everything already, but by experiencing life in various forms and incarnations, this knowing becomes a wisdom that is practical and tangible, and that is the way love is born.

When wisdom really descends into an earthly human form, it is not just theoretical knowledge that distinguishes the individual, but rather the warmth, love, patience, and compassion that a person radiates toward others. And that means an alchemy has taken place, a transformation in the soul consciousness of that person. This change could only take place because the soul undertook incarnation, the path through flesh and blood, through pain, through the highs and lows of all kinds of emotions.

These experiences are necessary for a living wisdom and love to be born. From that point of view, to become an earthly human being, to be born in a body, to have to deal with ignorance, pain, fear, and doubt, is a heroic act. You deliberately allow a part of your consciousness and inner knowing to be obscured in order that you can embody wisdom on a much deeper level.

What I describe here is actually what channeling, or becoming a conduit, means in the broadest sense of the word. Channeling is not simply the receiving of a message; it is the whole process of connecting your divine core through a soul to an earthly body, through a physical incarnation and a contraction of consciousness, so you become a specific form in time and space.

What appears to be a descent into limitation, into darkness, creates paths toward the light, a greater light that has not existed before. That is the creative process you enter into with your own soul. It means a great deal when you have become a human being on Earth and you again connect with your soul, your origin, and you try to embody it into your everyday life.

It is part of the development of a soul, that in order to gain experience, it must forget itself for a long time and become accustomed to the earthly existence. For this reason, it is necessary that at first, and for a very long time, you are oblivious of your original wisdom and knowledge and that you become immersed in the powerful, compelling energies of the Earth.

But for some of you, it is now time to ascend back to the Source from which you came, and to recognize it and to again hear the voice of your soul. In this way, you truly begin to see the purpose of your development: bringing the heavenly realm of divine knowledge and wisdom together with the earthly realm of feeling and experiencing. Then you are a channel between Heaven and Earth and you create something new, something that is meaningful for Creation as a whole. In other words, you are ready.

I want to outline what matters in this connection with your higher wisdom and soul energy, which has already become very experienced through your many earlier incarnations. What is holding you back the most from truly allowing that original energy of acquired wisdom of your soul to manifest, is that you make yourself small.

Believe In Your Own Greatness

In order to allow your soul’s energy into the here and now, you need to dare to believe in your own greatness. You need to accept as true that you really are that radiant angel of light which has been shaped by a divine realm and equally shaped by many lifetimes of incarnations in which you have struggled to overcome pain and anxiety, and have become increasingly aware of who you really are.

You need to acknowledge the greatness of your own being and your own history and now say: “I am That.” It is the step you now need to take so your soul can entirely incarnate, can flow freely throughout your body and your earthly being.

I now want to ask you to examine yourself and to see in what respect you think yourself unworthy, not good enough, or even bad, as if you have done something awful. Maybe you have a feeling of sinfulness or failure. For a moment, give your full attention to looking at your own energy field and see if there is a dark spot somewhere that shows up. It might manifest as pain or tension, which can hold negative thoughts about yourself. Look intently to see if that happens.

Maybe you will see a child appear, or you simply get a feeling, but it is a burden you carry around. However, you have become so accustomed to some of these burdens that you no longer experience them as such. You think these burdens are part of your normal state. But a normal state is a joyful state. The normal, balanced state is that you accept yourself and trust in life and say “yes” to it with a feeling that you are fine as you are.

Not that you are perfect, according to some ideal that lies outside you, but that you are good simply because you are an inseparable part of the whole. You belong, you are important, and you are free to explore anything you want to explore.

Angry, or negative thoughts or emotions are allowed, as are doubt, despair, and resistance. Look for a moment at what is there. See if there is in you a dislike, or a negative feeling, or a resistance toward life on Earth. Or if you do not feel welcome here, or if you feel hurt because you do not feel acknowledged, or if you have been told you are not good enough as you are.

In almost everyone reside images of unworthiness and it is important to detect these images and to embrace them with your light, because this is, in fact, what blocks your channel. And by channel, I mean that in the broadest sense of the word: being open to your soul.

Take in a breath to calm your abdomen. Invite your soul’s energy to come truly into your body, into your heart and, especially, into your abdomen, which is energetically the seat of power and grounding, but which also is the place where you might have sustained deep wounds. See if you can create and experience a sense of dignity. Your abdomen knows how to do this; it is connected to the Earth and knows you have a natural place here and in the Cosmos; that you are welcome here on Earth.

In your abdomen, is there a silent knowing that you are okay? Connect with that knowledge and literally make space for yourself. Imagine there is an energetic space around your body as large as you sense is right for you and large enough to contain your light. Allow that space to reach all the way down to your feet and even into the Earth. Feel that you are truly here.

It is possible that some of you will feel that your soul energy wants to shoot back upward when you do this because of memories of rejection, and even of violence, which makes it too painful for you to be down here at all. But I ask you to go there anyway and to tell yourself that being there is safe. Fill your abdomen with the light of your soul; feel you are welcome here.

Let the light move through your legs, your thighs, your knees, your lower legs and feet, and into the Earth. It is the intention of channeling that your essence flows into the Earth. Feel how great and beautiful and powerful you are, and how your greatness inspires others and helps them. You are not hindering anyone with your greatness.

This is my message today. When it comes to channeling your soul, look out for old images of unworthiness which are still in your life and practice filling your abdomen, your lower chakras, with your soul’s light. That is where it becomes real and tangible and flows into the Earth. This is the intention and that is what fulfills you the most.

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

© Pamela Kribbe