Enjoy the Ride!

I love this reminder from Steve Rother's 'The group' about 'the meaning of life on Earth' and what we're here for. This piece is part of a Beacons of Light message given in July 2007 entitled "The Dark Side of Light".
You came here with a purpose. You came here with a vibrational tone which is unique within you and that you carried from Home with the greatest possibility of sharing it with others. Find that tone. Do not worry about how you make a living at it. Do not worry about how your friends are going to accept it. Do not worry about whether or not people are going to call you “woo-woo”, which is one of the Keeper’s favorite words [they refer to Steve as "The Keeper"].

Look at a way that you can express it, for you will then be the mirror of god. You will then start to see well beyond the limitations of the field of duality and the field of polarity. You will begin seeing things as they really are, to start embracing every aspect of life.

If you had one phrase to describe the meaning of life on Earth it would be “Enjoy the Ride”. What if we told you that you were here to have fun, laugh and play? What if we told you that you were here to enjoy the ride every step of the way? Well, we are telling you that again now. That is when you become the highest use to the universe that you can be.

When you smile, when you laugh, you become the same vibration as the angels. Laughter is the language of the angels. That is how we communicate. That is how we communicate with you, and when you notice that all of your belief systems temporarily go away when you laugh and you come down to what is real, that reality is beautiful.

See that in each other. Find ways of sharing that with each other. Find ways of expressing that through your stories, through your music, through your artwork through every piece of your vibration. Dare to push yourselves beyond the limitations of light and dark to see the absolute incredible beauty in the truth of the color of god.

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