Humanity Is The Hottest Game In Town

What does a world with no restraints feel like? Can I imagine life without financial, spiritual, mental or physical limitation? Can I even visualize ten billion dollars? It is a one, followed by ten zeros. Those zeros, that seem to have all the power, are just a whole lotta nothing. It is the One in front of them that makes it all happen. That One would be me, the force of creation, here now to craft a world without limits. ~Sophia
Humanity is the hottest game in town. ~Spohia
Agreement with one's perception is always nice to see.

The following fits exactly with where I've been the last several months. Maybe it fits you too, or will soon.

I AM free, because I declare myself to be. And despite whatever circumstances you may find yourself in, so are you. Claim your freedom. BE free.

Much love to all,

~ k

I AM. Human.

February 22, 2015

By Sophia Love

I AM human. Gloriously, exuberantly, perfectly human. There is no better version of me. I let go of my “higher” self. I AM multi-faceted. I have lots of parts. There is one version of me, the one with an expanded view, who has decided to watch me now, joining this life I AM living. My life. The messy one. The one with me in it.

What is going to emerge at the other end of all of this is another version of me. I can call it whatever I want, time is an illusion and Oneness is truth. This means that I didn’t “start” anywhere and there are no “higher” parts of me holding wisdom I don’t yet have. It’s all me, all the time.

What I need are new words. Words to unleash my creativity in a world full of multi-billionaire light beings. What does a world with no restraints feel like? Can I imagine life without financial, spiritual, mental or physical limitation? Can I even visualize ten billion dollars? It is a one, followed by ten zeros. Those zeros, that seem to have all the power, are just a whole lotta nothing. It is the One in front of them that makes it all happen. That One would be me, the force of creation, here now to craft a world without limits.

The whole point seems to have been to drive me to the edge of insanity, waiting, wondering and miserable; only to realize no one is coming. It is done.

There are no ascended masters, galactic saviors or “higher” versions of me on the way to save me. This is my planet and I love her. I AM the Master, the One here to shift with her.

This was the trip I came for. I have everything I need. No extra attachments are required to utilize the power here. The power source is me – I’ve just forgotten how to turn myself on. I’ve done this before. Today I AM here to do it as a human. I chose and was chosen to do this. I AM not alone.

I knew before I came that I’d have to get to this breaking point before I realized the truth:

The only answer is me.

The only place to be is here.

The only time is now.

I am the only one to do it and I knew that I could; and that when the moment arrived, I would.

It is upon me now to find the new. I need words and tools that never were. That 90% of unused stuff in my brain is getting itchy. My ability to create is legion. It’s why I was chosen. I will take the crayons out of the box. I will work some magic.

Now I start happening. Now I imagine eternal vitality, relentless abundance, pervasive peace and wild joy, right alongside no traffic, great parking spots, good hair days and free concerts. Now I hold happy. Now I breathe music. Now I whisper trees. The vision I AM holding is the life I AM molding.

I AM addicted to myself and there is not a 12 step program. I wouldn’t join one if there were. Humanity is the hottest game in town. Everyone is watching and wants to join in. I AM passionately unhappy, dramatically ecstatic and violently loving. I create things just to tear them down from boredom. I run too fast, hide in corners, sing off key and gossip. The human condition is me, and I love every inch and nuance. I excite myself.

There is no better version to become. I AM here to harness my innate essence. While every single “channel” I listen to tells me how cool I AM, I continue to believe I AM supposed to be something else. These voices are reminders, nothing more or less, and I put them there. This entire life is my creation.

I was never supposed to change. The answer is not outside of me. I planned to fall desperately in love – with me. I’ve hidden my magnificence in gold, in others and in promises of more. I’ve blamed my failure on lack, on others and on outside limitation.

There’s no place else to go with this. I’ve reached part 2 – self-emergence. My emotions are the trigger and the best part of me; they fuel my human experience and create worlds. I enjoy them. I watch what happens.

I love to emote, to feel and to push beyond. The angst of my heart is the subject of every song, each story and all of my favorite movies. To dream is my birthright. I’ve grown up inside institutions and ideas that said looking out the window was wrong, wasteful even. This attempt to systematically erase my core truth has failed. I AM bigger than any method of thought.

I embrace my humanity. My emotions are the keys to my power. I only need desire and it is done. I love who I AM; I see what I want and I don’t stop until amazing happens. All contrast fuels creation.

Humans do that for each other. We supply contrast. We give each other sparks. I AM the Master and the answer to every prayer. I know what to do. The reason I haven’t seen it yet or heard it yet is because I haven’t done it yet. I’ve been waiting.

I AM the god I’ve been waiting for.



Addictions and Choices

This Spiral Journey

February 17, 2015

By Sophia Love

While attempting to write this entry for today, the second day of our Love Quest, there’s been a whirlwind of life swirling in to delay, well, everything. Please forgive the lateness of this post.

So what is an addiction? It is anything from your physical life that seems to have the upper hand. It is a physical process, being addicted. Those parts of us that are expressed non-physically have no addictions. It could even be said that without them (addictions), this 3D world as we know it to be, would cease to exist.

The movie “What the Bleep do we know?” illustrates this well, here. Perhaps addictions could be re-labelled “internally wired expectations that initiate repetitive action”. They are different for everyone.

You will see what you expect to see and respond accordingly; every bit of it as a function of your point of view.

An addiction to life and a bedroom floor to step on in the morning serves me. An addiction to sadness or fear – not so much. Both are “natural” in that the recognition of them is routine. I expect to wake up each morning after sleeping all night. This feels normal. If I expect to be broke if I lose my job – that feels normal too. Lots of people would expect the same. Yet it does not serve me. It is merely my choice. I will see what I believe is there, what I think is possible, what I expect. Everytime. This “broke” expectation is merely a decision. I can choose again.

The addiction scenario is our human journey. With awareness of Quantum Physics and our non-physical selves, we realize there is more control than we’ve been taught. Habits of emotion are not written in stone, they are “internally wired expectations that initiate repetitive action”.

You can be addicted to happiness, and no matter what your boss, your mother, or your lover says – the addiction will take over. You can be addicted to worry, and regardless of your income, health or current love life – you will fret.

We don’t know each other, you and I. Not so that I’d recognize you on the street. Yet I’m willing to bet that along with your addiction to living, you harbor habits that don’t serve you.

The key to recognizing them is in how you feel. A familiar set of emotional angst is a sure sign that an addiction has kicked in.

Just notice. This is part of you. It is not to be rejected. Eventually, it’s to be absorbed into a you with another set of habits. For now, just define it. Decide what you’d rather be addicted to.

How about happiness? Laughter? Joy? Expansion? Compassion? Hope? Fulfillment? Love? Abundance? Enthusiasm? Self-love – how about that?

On this spiral journey, the same information is understood on another level. We’ve talked about forgiving ourselves before. This time, consider that the thought grows beyond saying “I’m okay” into “I see all of me and I love me – yet this thought inhibits my power so I’ll have to find another one, and I will.”

Just rest there; accepting every nuance of what makes you – you. There is no one who can do so but you. Every thought, habit and action has helped create your current perfection. That perfect one is you.

You’ve come here to demonstrate creation. A key ingredient is agape. Love yourself without reservation; enjoy your exuberance! A god is without doubt, guilt or hesitation. You are a human extension of source energy, a god being human.

You are the god you’ve been waiting for.

I’ll see you tomorrow!



I love what Sophia says, above, about addictions.

I've always disliked the word "addiction" because it holds an energy - has a connotation of - powerlessness, of victimization. But our repetitive behaviors, whether labeled as addictions or not, don't have to rule us.

Instead we can realize that we have come to behave in addictive ways in response to stimulus that we have in the past perceived as hopeless. Some thing, or some number of things, happened that caused us to choose the addictive behavior, and we chose those responses often enough and/or powerfully enough that they became automatic. Truly the body only responds to its programming, whether our personal programming, the programming of society, or the actual baseline programming included in human being.

Once we realize our addiction - or said differently, our habitual response - we can choose differently. As Sophia says, we can decide whether the response empowers or serves us, or whether it doesn't. And if it doesn't we can choose differently.

A change in behavior can happen in an instant, or it can take much longer. But in all cases the way is paved through noticing it, feeling what we're feeling without judgement, and choosing differently.


Linda Dillion: Letting Go

Does this describe how you've been feeling lately? It seems to be affecting many of us ...

Letting Go – Up Front & Personal

Linda Dillon

February 12, 2015

Last night I went on a crying jag. After a pleasant enough evening, I went to bed and the tears started to come – gushers the likes of which I don’t think I had experienced since “Mummy” died.

Gasping, gut-wrenching sobs, drenching me and my pillow, a boohoo that wouldn’t stop.

At first I didn’t know what I was crying about – I am generally a pretty happy and balanced person. I didn’t think or know I had that much grief stored up inside of me.

I cried for all the friends I miss who have left too soon – for Ruth and Azurel, for Rosy and Andreina, for Reverend Richard, Jim and Harold. I cried for the lost loves of my life, for the friends I’ve lost and the ones who I loved who simply chose to walk away.

I cried for all the hurts I’ve caused, all the sorries I should have said. I cried for all the sorries I never received.

I cried for all the broken promises. I cried for being unacknowledged and unappreciated – by not being rewarded by God for the work I so earnestly do.

I cried because I’m sick and tired of debt – of paying a mortgage, a huge chunk to the IRS, unreasonable health care insurance. I cried because my cat died and I can’t adopt a new one because of asthma.

I cried because I didn’t lose 20 pounds in January without trying. I cried because I am no longer young and pretty. I cried because I’m a pathetic ungrateful idiot who has nothing to cry about, who doesn’t count her blessings. And then I cried some more just because …

Then the big tears came.

I cried because too many kids are hungry and alone. I cried for all the young girls who are pregnant and alone and don’t know what to do.

Normally I’m not an angry person but when I see those ads for wounded warriors on TV I go ballistic. So I cried for them, for their families.

I cried because I live in a country that doesn’t care enough – that creates war and terror and then leaves the wounded unattended. I cried for the loss of hope that so many feel.

I cried for those who don’t have enough to eat or know whether there will be enough food on the table to feed their kids. I cried for everyone who has ever lost a child.

I cried for everyone sleeping alone and lonely. I cried for those sleeping outside and cold. I cried because our sick and elderly are so alone. I cried for everyone struggling and dying of cancer. I cried for everyone who feels so unseen and unappreciated.

I cried because I miss my family, my sisters, my brother, my nieces and nephews. I cried because I miss my parents, my mother desperately.

I cried because I miss my star family and don’t spend nearly enough time with them. I cried because this mission and my finances don’t allow visits back and forth as I would like.

I cried because I have never been to Idaho to see Marianne’s farm. I cried because I won’t see my soul family and circle this year. And then I cried some more – because the sadness just would not let up.

I cried because so many people are heart-broken and alone and who feel that there is no love for them – that they are alone and unloved. There is no worse feeling.

Finally I breathed the blue breeze of peace and fell asleep.

As I awoke very early this morning I felt an easing in my chest. But within seconds the tears started again. None of this is rational and yet perhaps is the only rational response to world gone mad. Inside I could hear John Lennon serenading me with “Imagine.”

So I dragged myself out of bed to take the love of my life and my sweet comfort Eliza Rose for a walk. She cuddled through the tears and stayed close but “Come on, Mom. It’s morning and I’m happy with lots of kisses and love for you – let’s go.”

Thank God it was early enough so people couldn’t see this wreck of a woman walking down the street in her baggy sweats with her pajamas hidden under her jacket and her eyes leaking like Niagara Falls.

But then I breathed the early air of Gaia – the mist rising off the river, the sun just beginning to come up and shining gold through the pines, the beauty of sunrise on the savannah.

And I cried for the beauty – the beauty of Gaia, the sparkling of the dew on the grass, the quaking of the ducks flying over the river, the sweetness of my little girl so happy to be walking with her mom.

I cried coming home for the grackles cawing away as they eat up the seed I put out for them on this chilly morning. I cried at the sweetness of the cardinals who sneak in to get their share as they return to the nest they are building outside my door.

I cried for the new flowers I potted 2 days ago. I cried that I have a home, a beautiful home to come home to. I cried because I do have dear, dear friends who really love me – I cried for my sweet Annas, the New Youbees, my COL family, my InLight family, and my sweet considerate neighbors.

I cried because my Isaac is so patient even when he has no idea what triggered this deluge. I cried that I am so lucky to have all these gifts.

And finally I realized that I’m crying because I’m witnessing an old world dying – a reality I’ve come to know and in so many ways love. I’m crying because the new is being born and that moment of birth is terrifying and emotional and cannot carry the residue of the old.

It’s born fresh, anew and without the pain and grief of the parent. I get it. I let go, albeit still crying. I feel the war within is subsiding if not completely over. I feel at peace. Exhausted but understanding that this is part of the process. Thank you, Archangel Michael.

So if you are going through this my friends know you aren't alone. It’s letting go of that war waging within that you may or may not even have know about. But let those tears and cries of anguish come. Let go, surrender and keep going. Peace in here — finally!


More About Feeling

When One FEELS Gratitude … there is a change within One’s Vibration that takes place. Yet, it must be FELT … not simply expressed. For ALL things … when only expressed and not FELT … are left ‘lifeless’ … would we say.

~ TFoL through Blossom Goodchild

The message below, through Blossom Goodchild, goes along very well with my last post "Feel What You Feel".

May life bring you everything you are hoping for ... and more. <3
The Federation of Light for Feb 5

Channeled by Blossom Goodchild

February 5, 2015

Blossom: Here we are, once again. I AM FEELING REALLY BACK ON TRACK. Amazing what a good look into One’s Truth can do … to find out exactly what it is! Moving right along … what offering do you see fitting to impart in this communication today?

Federation of Light: Many greetings of sincere and uplifting, encouraging Love to Each and Every One. We are delighted indeed … that One is tending to their garden … sorting out the weeds and leaving only all that FEELS correct and nurturing.

We are so very aware of the individual journey that each is travelling … and as much as we cannot or would not choose to interfere on that journey … we FEEL so very honored to be able to be a café… where upon we can provide sustenance along the way.

And I for One, am so very happy that you do. Thank you.

No thanks necessary … and yet, in all sincerity, we acknowledge the HEART’S FEELINGS in which the Gratitude arises.

Let us speak of this. When One FEELS Gratitude … there is a change within One’s Vibration that takes place. Yet, it must be FELT … not simply expressed. For ALL things … when only expressed and not FELT … are left ‘lifeless’ … would we say.

FEELINGS, as we have spoken of … over and over … are what makes you tick. Is it not that your heart beats faster when excited? Is it not that it slows down when you rest? It is the ticking of the heart … it is the beating of this organ … that is controlled by the way you FEEL. Think about that for a while. Can it be that YOU control your heart? … and by this … yes, we do mean the actual functioning organ … YOU control it by the way YOU FEEL.

You control ALL of you … every minute detail … by the way YOU FEEL.

It does not/cannot control YOU. This is why we speak so much about FEELINGS. For when you accept this … when you ‘master’ your FEELINGS … you see an instinctive change within ALL around, within and about you.

The key … as you all well KNOW … is FEELING LOVE. And YES … it IS the answer to EVERYTHING.

So many of you say … ‘Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. You have spoken to us many times about this. We get it’. Yet, with the DEEPEST RESPECT, Dearest friends of ours … you do not … quite … yet!

For if you did … we would be witnessing a very different Energy within your world.

You may very well understand that which we are expressing. Yet, to actually KNOW OF LOVE … AT ALL TIMES … TO BE OF LOVE … IN EVERY THOUGHT, WORD AND DEED … we would say, that there is still quite a way to go. You accept the concept … and this is wonderful.

We would suggest that the next step is to …

Ok … I think you would like to speak. I’ll give it a go …

(*This link may be shared , yet it’s ‘unlisted’, so there is no confusion with the Full Audio of this channeling from Joe Pena and myself.)

And speak you did. WOW! This is getting very interesting … for until I listen back … although at the time I was aware of the words coming through … right now … I can’t really remember them. Which I am really happy about … because, to me … it shows that you are in more deeply than when I have been channelling before. This IS good news.

Can you just confirm for me … why there was a little break after you spoke my name for the first time? You said it is because you do not use names, as we are all One.

This is so. Therefore, we are individualizing by using a given name.

Yet, you say the vessel?

This is the role you have chosen.

I FELT too, that there is something to do with the Energy of the name … I am not sure how to explain it. I know White Cloud once had great difficulty in saying the name ‘Mary Magdalene’. He explained it was because of the Energy of untruth that had been created around that name, that made it so hard for him to speak.

Yes, we understand of this.

So, why am I picking up on a Vibrational Energy issue? You are asking me if I am sure I want to know? Now, even more so … I am intrigued.

Because, Dearest One … who you are … is not ‘Blossom’ … that is your given name … upon the Earth … and yet, we know you as someone else.

Ah … THAT makes sense to me. I do not want/need to know who that is. In me ‘somewhere’ obviously, I know. Yet, I do not feel it necessary right now. (I think we have been here before.) It’s not important, yet, the FEELING I got when you said I was someone else … was like a penny dropping and it very much rang true. Cool … matter cleared. Thank you.

Well, I guess that is it for today. Very interesting. Thanks so much.

And yet, you agreed long, long ago.

I am glad I did … I FEEL we are moving on. In Love and thanks.




Indeed we are here. It is a blessing that you are picking up on our desire to speak through you in this way … And it is of great happiness that this is accepted by you, and therefore, we are able to work together and allow that which we consider to be of wise words … to be offered out in this appropriate new fashion.

Why have we not considered this before? Oh, we have! … And yet, it was not possible regarding your Vibration … that is now of a different frequency … shall we say? Therefore, we continue on offering to you and those who listen to these words, that which we KNOW of LOVE.

That which we consider … importance … for Each Soul upon the Earth plane to allow their heart space to listen to our words and also allow therefore, these words to open up into a deeper place of their hearts … in which TRUTH of the soul-self resides.

We speak do we not … over and over of LOVE? We tell you that is all there is. We tell you to think only of LOVE. To FEEL only of LOVE and yet, we understand that in this world in which you reside … this world of duality … this world that can press upon you much heaviness for all that goes on within it and around your Beings … it is not always as easy as we are asking it to be.

Yet, we would say Dearest Souls, it is a matter of … more or less … flicking a switch, if you like. In that, you make the decision to change. To change over from FEELING that, that you see around you and allowing it to bring you down … to FEELING LOVE … no matter what you see around you … for is it not … as we have said … all an illusion?

Therefore, it is perfectly feasible for you to FEEL only that which you choose.


No matter how things appear to be. No matter of the phone call you may receive with saddened news. No matter of seeing things upon your television screens that bring your Energy down. Do you not see they are designed to bring your Energy down?

We say, in Laughter … are you going to allow yourselves … the intelligent Beings that you are … to fall for that? … TRULY? Do you not consider yourselves to be of much Higher standing? For we consider you to be so. Therefore, we would say … is it not about time for YOU to do so?

Rise above who you think you are … to a much Higher state of Being … for then you shall be more in the place that you belong.

She ( Blossom ) is conveying to us that being here upon Earth is not as easy as perhaps we may think it is. We are amused alongside her. There is a vast grin upon her face from us all … including herself. For she is aware of the Lightness. The Energy of Lightness. This, Dearest Ones … is what we are asking you to KNOW of. Not just sometimes, when the going is good …

but in ALL …




BE OF JOY. For that is how … Dearest Ones … you shall change your world.

That, Dearest ones … is why you volunteered to come. It was not … what you term a ‘summer vacation’. It goes far beyond that.

You volunteered to be on Earth at this time, because it is the most exciting of times.


The determination to bring Mother Earth from the density in which she has fallen … out of that place and into a Higher position.

A position in which SHE and ALL who live upon her and within her … belong.


There is no question. There is no doubt … to US … THAT THIS IS WHO YOU ARE.



Therefore, how can you be something that does not exist?


Do you see? We are showing to the lady … of a physical human and as we present this image … it is as if there is layer upon layer, upon layer, upon layer, on and on and on and on and on … that has built up over your years.

Another shell, another shell, another shell, another shell, and so on and so on and so on … leaving the LOVE … the TRUTH … the ABSOLUTE TRUTH OF WHO YOU ARE … hidden away … underneath … within all these layers of shell.


And you are doing so with great aplomb.

Oh! Have we not expressed via Blossom … (there was a long pause) … The silence is due to our bringing forth her name … as opposed to using the words … ‘The vessel.’

It is done now … She is asking why we would have had an issue with it? It is for us … that names … (another long pause) … we apologize for the delay … It is … if you like … that we do not have names. We find them unnecessary … for we are all One.

We were speaking of removing the layers … So that the TRUTH of yourself, the Light that you are … is now shining through as the layers are removed.


That is why you came. You all struggle … questioning what you are here to do. You FEEL you are not doing enough. You KNOW you came here to do something … and yet, you know not what it is.


Think from deep within … how far reaching this goes.

You are not just shining your Light to those that you pass by. When you understand the intensity of Light and when you think of a soul far, far away in another country that maybe suffering … all you need do is think of that soul and send that Light … and without question … it reaches deep inside their heart. This is fact. This is not illusion.

Sort out the wheat from the chaff.

This time ahead … within a time span of the next four or five years, we would say … and yes, we smile for we know not of time … yet, you shall see with your own eyes … and FEEL with your own heart … the change within you … therefore, upon and within your world … that is taking place.

And the more you recognize the depth within you … the more that all you KNOW of, is the TRUTH.

We ask you not to concentrate upon that which brings you down. Yes, there are positions in your Earth that could sadden the heart greatly. Yet, you do not assist by crying tears or getting angry or frustrated.

How you assist, is to send out your Light. You will notice more and more … how you are noticing more and more … that your world and those within it are full of LOVE LIGHT.

Concentrate on the wonders of your world.

Concentrate on all that is good.

This is what you came to do.

As you climb the ladder of Life … you put yourself in a Higher position. Therefore, able to see more and more of that which is around you. This is why we ask you … for we KNOW … to be of the Greatest Joy.

For as each thing appears to you in a deeper beauty of what it is … you will understand … you will come to the reasoning … of why … we speak in the way we do.

Dearest Souls … Our friends … Our colleagues … Our family … WE ARE ONE.

and AS One … our intention is to change your world into the beauty that it once was … And all those that reside within and upon her shall move with her … into a place that even your imaginings at this time can (as they were speaking … I felt the word spoken was ‘cannot’) produce. And yet as the veils fall away to reveal the Glory of what is to come … your hearts will recognize this place.

For now, we take our leave … in thanks …