Your DNA believes you are commander-n-chief

Your DNA believes you are commander-n-chief

nothing is dismissed as a casual thought or a just kidding statement

by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan at The Quantum Awakening

Each thought you have has its own consciousness. Within each thought lives an electromagnetic field of possibilities. It is consciousness within consciousness. These possibilities are magnetically drawn to other energies of like vibration. When enough energies form a connection they birth the object of your intention into matter.

Every thought has a vibrational pulse that magnetizes other like thoughts. As they respond to the energetic clarion call they begin to pulse and then connect with the image of inherent within each of them and create what they have agreed upon.

In other words all thoughts no matter what they are have the potential to manifest. Belief creates a vibrational wormhole seducing the thought into form. It has been proven that DNA has its own language very similar to the language of humans. Human language is believed to be based upon our inner DNA language.

Every cell in your body listens to every word you speak and think and then creates from that dialogue. Nothing is dismissed by your DNA as a casual thought or a just kidding statement. Everything is taken to heart and then on its way into form.

Your DNA believes you are commander-n-chief, it sees you as a god in training and per the universal fathers instructions obeys your every word and whim. ‘I am only kidding clauses’ do not live within the intelligence of the DNA structure for it responds to all thoughts and words. As we learn to communicate with our inner universe on the way to creating our promised personal heaven on earth, it is important to take time to slow down and park in your heart. The meditative state of alpha is achieved simply by closing your eyes and looking within to that single point of pure Light.

As we enter the internal temple our dialogue with our DNA is heard loud and clear with no outside buzz. As we move deeper into communication with our cellular consciousness we find infinite pathways of creation available to us. We stand within our inner temple looking at columns of light and possibility. We ponder the possibilities and their outcomes. To our DNA and cellular cousins everything and anything is possible. The self censors our deepest desires creating a puddle to splash in instead of an ocean to swim in. Who are we to stand in our own way and sabotage what the universe has deemed us to do?

When we are in a refined state of DNA communication using the light waves to surf on, we can travel to the past… the future…. and everything in-between. We have the ability to transcend time and space. In this place of truth that is connected to all time and space we can see what is to come, heal the past, and connect with our deepest truths.

When we go within anything is possible. It is up to us to hold that precious pearl of possibility and not drop it in our every day world. As you visit the vista of all time and internal space hold tight to the treasures of insight you bring back. These are cellular truths you bring back. You are caretakers of what could be…. What was…? And what will be. Honor them as your most precious treasures. They are worlds that are waiting to be birthed.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

The Quantum Awakening dot com

For a deeper discussion on how our thoughts and emotions affect manifestation, see my article Cleaning Up After Ourselves - Emotions and Empowerment


Joyous Christmas To All!

Wonder-filled and joyous greetings to you this very special holiday season!

You are loved and appreciated just the way you are. Immensely.

There is nothing you could ever be or do or say that can change that, so you can stop trying.

May your spacious Now see you enjoying everything you've longed for and hoped for .. and amazing things you can scarcely imagine!!

With joy, love, and thanks from my heart to yours. ~k


You Are a Conscious Inviter and Portal - Morning Messages

You Are a Conscious Inviter and Portal

Peggy Black and the 'team' from Morning Messages

December 13, 2016

We are here, joining you once again in this manner, as we observe the events that are unfolding in your dimension. We can affirm and assure you that you are living in exceptional times. You are being challenged as well as reminded that you are here on special assignment. You are here to truly seed and anchor the new reality that will come forth from the chaos and limitations that you are witnessing.

We understand that all that is transpiring has triggered many of your worst considerations and fears. Be aware when you focus on your fears that you are feeding the very things and outcomes that you fear. Energy follows thought. You generate and offer powerful energy with each thought, especially when it is infused with your passion and emotions. Consider for a moment that your thought/emotional energy joins other thought/emotional energy that is similar in nature.

Now you have collective consciousness holding an energetic pattern that is imprinting the quantum field of all possibilities. Then, with alarm, you witness your very fears manifesting.

Understanding this principal and this powerful creative force, you can begin to offer a different focus. You are being invited and encouraged to support life-sustaining outcomes and realities. You are here to assist in the powerful shift in humanity's consciousness. You are here to be a significant part in lifting up the collective mind-set.

Humanity has been in a trance, a trance in which they believe they are powerless. They are unaware that they are beyond this one dimension. They believe the projection of separation. They are unaware that they are an unlimited multidimensional being.

From our observation, most earth walkers use their divine creative power upside down and backwards. They place their focus on the very things they do not want. They worry about not enough, and live out that reality, totally unaware that their constant thoughts and emotional stress projected onto the quantum field of all possibilities attracts "not enough."

You are a magnificent multidimensional being. You are pure energy who happens to be hosted in a physical form, a body. You body-mind has been programmed with limiting ideas and beliefs. We invite you to remember that you are here in this NOW to transform all those limitations that are offered by 3D. You are here to transform all misqualified energies that you encounter. Shake off any discouragement.

You are an alchemist. You are a change agent. You are the way-shower. It does not matter how you physical life appears, you are powerful beyond measure. Continue to own this realization and step into and empower your focused intentions.

We acknowledge you as you shift the very things that are dysfunctional. We acknowledge you as you call forth and anchor a new reality, a reality of oneness, a reality that honors everyone as the divine presence that they are.

You are also a conscious portal or doorway for divine being of love and light to enter this dense 3D reality. It is by your invitation that these loving conscious beings can enter this free will reality. So now is the time to being to invite. Call upon all divine, celestial, galactic, inter-dimensional, elemental, angelic and conscious beings from the non-physical realms of love, light and truth.

Remember, when you call upon and invite these conscious beings of light and love they join you and their energy and presence will follow your focus. You focus on some situation, event or tragedy and invoke their support. Their presence will follow your focus.

You can also shift your experience concerning the media. Practice news homework or as we like to call it, news heart work. Read your papers or watch the news that is being broadcast and rather than being triggered or enraged, pause and focus on one headline or event and invite divine beings to minister to this event or this tragedy.

We can assure you if this were a daily practice of more and more awakened beings, your news stories would shift very quickly. Remember that the collective is focusing on what is wrong, what is not working, and this collective is empowering and feeding the very reality that they oppose, the very reality that alarms.

You can invite divine beings to touch and inspire the hearts and minds of those who are receptive, with ideas to create methods to clean the oceans or secure clean energy or find the cure for some illness or dis-ease. Remember there are no limitations here.

Imagine if everyone reading these words began to practice being the inviter and forming a conscious and working partnership with the divine realms of love, light and truth in the 5th and beyond dimensions, what awesome results would manifest in this 3D reality.
These beings in the higher dimensional frequencies are awaiting your invitation.

Your planet is in chaos as it is undergoing a powerful transformation and ascension process. You are a part of this transformation and ascension process. You truly understand all that we have shared today.

Continue to expand your own personal consciousness, remember to say to yourself often "I am aware that I am aware" and anchor this awareness with appreciation and gratitude. This very action causes a shift to the 5th state and you will begin to notice that you are looking at this reality from a different viewpoint and perspective. The dysfunction of what you observe will not trigger a sense of anger, fear, powerlessness or helplessness within your field.

Being in this state of being aware that you are aware will truly support you in anchoring and seeding a world that is life sustaining. In this state of awareness and in true partnership with divine, celestial, galactic, inter-dimensional, elemental, angelic and conscious beings from the non-physical realms of love light and truth, you will collectively transform the consciousness of this reality.

We honor your willingness, your courage and your dedication to this transformation and upliftment for all. We offer our support, love and deep gratitude as you anchor a reality of oneness. We are complete. the 'team'

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Quicken, Arouse and Summon a New Reality - Morning Messages

Quicken, Arouse and Summon a New Reality

Peggy Black and ‘The Team’ at Morning Messages

November 20, 2016

We are here inviting you to shift your focus from the physical 3D reality which is expressing chaos as well as misqualified energy and emotions. There is certainly a tempting attraction to engage in the drama unfolding. The best and most powerful place for your attention at this time is truly within the sacred space of your heart’s consciousness.

Learn to refocus your energy and direct your mental powers to envision a reality of peace and harmony. Make it your intention that you will anchor these vibrations, these frequencies, within your own energy field which will radiate out to the collective.

With practice, this will become the familiar and most comfortable energetic state in which you dwell. You see, it is within this place of peace that your gifts and true understanding can and will unfold. Your goal is to breathe and continue to reset your thoughts and vibrations. This is where your personal power comes forth.

You are here at this time to anchor a new reality. So remember, if you are emotionally and mentally invested in the out-picturing of the chaos, you are not in your personal power of transformation. The opposite of the drama and chaos is peace which grants understanding and invites the expansion and ownership of your divine self.

We are offering information that can and will trigger your personal awakening and the expansion of your divineness. This information is already stored and coded within your multidimensional field. We are just touching, so to speak, the codes that are ready to be unfolded in their magnificence.

We continue to remind you that you exist in the energy field, the quantum field of all possibilities. This energy field, this quantum field, is influenced by your thoughts, beliefs, intentions, emotions and the sound frequencies offered by your very words.

The time is here for you to own this personal power, to recognize that you are a part of this grand unfolding, this shift in consciousness. You truly have the keys and codes to open your personal gifts. These gifts include intuition, empathic abilities, connecting and channeling the energy of love and light from the cosmic realms, the awareness of and ability to influence your very DNA, the ability to understand and share what you call the language of light or star language.

Realize that your words literally cause an energy pulse in the fabric of your reality. You are influencing this fabric of reality at all times. This quantum field, the fabric of energy, is awaiting your imprint. Realize that the key principle and law of quantum physics is that your thoughts determine reality. When you begin to understand and master this powerful wisdom, you will use this ability to anchor life sustaining realities.

Imagine that you are experiencing the hologame/hologram of your consciousness. What if your physical body was a projection of your consciousness? What if this entire 3D reality was the creation of the collective consciousness, totally unaware that it is creating the very struggles, chaos and limitations that it encounters?

It is time for you to know this truth and to begin to stretch into your multidimensional awesomeness. Imagine if your physical body was created by your consciousness. What beliefs and attitudes would you need to have in order to maintain a healthy, vibrant vehicle? What collective beliefs and programs would you need to delete and replace? What misqualified emotional energies would you need to release and transform?

We have shared the energetic tools that allow you to heal and release old stored emotions and patterns that have been imprinted into your mental and emotional field of consciousness. Use these powerful energy tools, especially the incredible tool of sound vibrations, to clear any limitations.

Invite insight, open the doors to this new understanding, claim your abilities and trust that when you ask for guidance you will receive that guidance.

You are here to assist with the activation, awakening and anchoring of awakened human consciousness, a transition and transformation into new levels of thinking and new dimensional ideas and understanding.

You have chosen to incarnate onto your planet as lightworkers, starseeds, empaths or galactic beings to raise the vibrations that influence this quantum hologame. You are adept and skilled at offering energetic shifts to those with whom you come in contact.

Begin to own this truth. Step into your personal awakening. If you are uncertain, ask for your mission and assignment to be revealed. You will receive confirmation and knowing when you trust this process.

Begin to stretch into your unlimited potential. Begin to recognize that you are a big part of the unfolding of your planetary evolution and ascension into the 5th dimension and beyond.

We know that many of you do not and have not ever felt at home here on this planet. We will confirm that this is not your home. You have not felt like you fit in because you are here to quicken, arouse, stimulate, and summon a new reality.

You are here to remember your unlimited abilities. You are here to execute and carry out anchoring in the conscious field the truth that all beings are multidimensional divine cosmic starseeds. Quicken, arouse.

As often as possible, practice observing yourself from a fifth dimensional state of awareness. Just become aware that you are aware. This practice will give you an entirely different perspective on what you are observing or experiencing at that moment. You will begin to notice an expanded clarity. When you add the frequency, the true feelings of gratitude or appreciation, you anchor your connection to this new awareness.

You are here to remind others that they are connected to all. There is one collective consciousness, the quantum field, and you as an awakened being can and will seed as well as shift the consciousness in realizing this oneness.

Allow yourself to envision this reality, allow yourself to drop any illusion of limitation and gently and lovingly embrace who you are in your magnificence.

We see you as perfect, whole and masterful. We trigger this awareness, these abilities and this memory. We celebrate with you as you step into your role as consciousness shifters. We are in gratitude for your willingness to collect the misqualified energies and to transform and uplift them.

Your galactic families support and witness all that you are transforming, embracing you with courage and love. You are seen and dearly loved. We are complete.

the ‘team’

©2016 Peggy Black All Rights Reserved. Notice is given that the creation of videos by people other than the author, channel and scribe is prohibited. You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address. www.morningmessages.com FREE 88 messages available


The Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild - Nov 2016

The Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild

November 18, 2016

Blossom: Hello my friends. I’m feeling your Energy very strongly right now. So many would like you to talk about the US election results … are you up for that?

Federation of Light: We are with you strongly indeed, as we always are. Although, it cannot always be felt as though we are.

Let us give comfort to many who feel so very disappointed and concerned regarding the voting protocol and the result therein.

We have already spoken to you about this … for all that we have said in the last few months regarding the changes that are coming are a valid part of the outcome of this election.


And ALL IS AS SHOULD BE. I accept that, yet perhaps you could elaborate on this in a little more detail, for just saying ‘All is not as it seems’ doesn’t give folk much to go on … if you would be so kind?

The very fact Blossom, that your world is as it is … is due to misgivings and thoughts of impending doom that has become a large aspect of the Whole/One’s consciousness. All that has/is taking place has left those who ‘fall for it’ in a place of Armageddon.

Good Grief … that word surprised me!

Yet, it is correct in its use. For there are so many ‘of your kind’ who blindly walk forward, not really aware of that which is to come. They feel betrayed. They feel scared and there is a mass stirring within the soulself as to what will become of this Great Land that is known as ‘United’ States.

Would you now call them United? We think not! The Energy that is befalling that country is that of which we could describe as a very large mixing bowl of many ingredients … that do not fare well to create a culinary delight!! There is far too much bitterness involved and when we say ‘stirring the pot’ … we mean it in a GIGANTIC way!

This is what we have been speaking of as to the ‘topsy turvy world’ that is unfolding over the coming months. We have been preparing you for this and we would say that this is just the starting line.

So much will be revealed in the most unexpected ‘Game’ that is about to ensue. One playing off another and yet both/all parties allowing themselves to be ‘put on the spot’ unbeknownst to them, in a sense … and creating each other’s ‘opportunities’ to open up Pandora’s box. Due to the ongoing battle between those that want to be shown as BEING IN POWER … they will be sinking each other’s ships … so to speak.

A little hard to grasp yet I get what you are saying … although, I don’t know obviously what ALL these reveals will be!

And we cannot tell you. Yet, we will tell you, as we have done so before … that what is to unfold will shock and abhor … ALL PEOPLE. For even those who think they know what we are speaking of … do not know … not to the fullest extent … that which shall be opened up and offered to the public ear … and eye.

This is why we say to you very strongly …


We do not wish to scare, for this is not why we are here. Yet, we do say, it is imperative that you summon your Highest Good/Power and stay True to it. For there shall be much trickery imposed that shall present as truth … and it shall cause much confusion to those who cannot/do not see through its guise.

Stepping out big time here … are you speaking of a false flag … i.e. an alien invasion that has been spoken of, yet, it is actually to be conducted by the elite of our world?

You have hit the nail on the head. Have not movies come about as another ingredient to stir the pot … or would we say ‘plot?

I believe you are talking about the movie ARRIVAL … which I am going to see this evening (Funnily enough!) Yet, to be honest I am not really sure of its agenda so I am going in ‘blind’ so to speak.

We are merely continuing to ask you to BECOME YOUR KNOWING … STEP UP YOUR LADDERS, DEAREST SOULS and walk into your Higher selves.

The time is coming … the time is NOW when action speaks louder than words. In that … YOUR POWER … YOUR LIGHT … YOUR STRENGTH is to be FELT by you as never before.

We do not say this LIGHTLY … although it comes from Light … We say this with great intent.

I Know I can feel it in my being !!

Again, we state … that there is nothing to fear when you recognise everything for what it is.



The Game is over and yet, there shall be attempts to ‘rise again’ from the darkened lost souls … until they realize that there is nothing further to be done … nothing more can be achieved.

And with great compassion we say that it is then, that their dimming Light needs to be nurtured by each one of you … to offer forgiveness, no matter what atrocities and deceits are to be revealed.

Look upon all that is presented … and we mean ‘all’… as part of the Divine Plan … each soul having their role to play … for the Highest Good of all.

Even though many will not understand … we say … that even those that volunteered for the darkest roles, did so for the Highest Good of all.

In the bigger picture. For, my friends … although that resonates with my soul … many will find that a very difficult proposition to undertake. Especially when we all find out what has been hidden from us and why. I know, through yours and White Clouds teachings, that we are to send Love to all … for this is the only way out of this mess. Yet, hard to do for some whose souls have been greatly damaged by all that has gone on.

Dearest Blossom … We accept the severity of the statement offered. And yet …












You will recognise your essence … you shall FEEL YOUR KNOWING and the more you do so … the more you do so!!

We are with you in ALL OF THIS.

We shall offer assistance where necessary and you shall know us by the Energy we carry. The Light that is with us.

Maybe an odd thing to say … but that which is stirring in me through your words and Energy today … does indeed feel a bit like Armageddon! Good Lord Maud … gotta say … it STILL all feels very story-bookish! I cannot actually think that all this is to actually take place … as Christmas draws closer and we move into a time of ‘good will to all men’ …

We would not say necessarily, that the fullness of that which we speak will have come about by then. And on the topic of Xmas, we would say also … that all that we have said DOES NOT TAKE AWAY THE FACT … THAT THE HIGHER ENERGIES ARE STILL POURING IN THROUGH TO YOUR PLANET … TO ASSIST YOU … TO MERGE WITH THE HIGHER ENERGY OF SELF THAT YOU ARE CONNECTING WITH …




As in the feeling I had a few weeks ago mentioned in previous channelling?

Indeed. In those moments Blossom, did anything … anything at all fill you with fear?

There was nothing but LIGHT-POWER running through my veins. And I can only reiterate … that this feeling has been felt by many and will come to everyone in perfect Divine timing … and then all this, that may seem now to be a little daunting … just won’t be … at ALL. TRUST ME ON THIS !!

We are aware you are not asking us to Trust … for that goes without saying. Yet, we reiterate to those reading /feeling these words … that Blossom is one to be Trusted … in our books! Yet, one can only feel that for themselves.

Laugh! Some still think me dodgy. I have no concerns about that! Each to their own understanding. Taking an even bigger step out here … Many folk are very tied up in the financial revaluation process that is said will take place. As you know … I never broach this kind of thing with you. Yet, in for a penny in for a pound, or a Vietnamese dong!!! What would your thoughts be on this?

A revaluation is to take place … on many levels … if not all levels/aspects of your entire Planet.

In our view … it stands to reason that your financial system has to be one of the major changes that will be assessed in order to make great changes in all things.

This has massive involvement in all four corners of your Globe and certainly will not just happen overnight.

You are right there. For many have been hanging on by a thread for it to takes place for over ten years! Are folk’s right to believe this will happen? Or, as some say … is it a hoax?

It is not a hoax Blossom. Far from it.

Well that is a very positive answer. Thank you for that … And I thank myself for being brave enough to ask it!

We cannot determine dates of exchanges and rates and incomes etc. This certainly depends on many issues that are to be worked out/worked through …

Yet, we will say … Your financial system … is not what we could call a system as such! It is what we would call an unfair unparalleled disguise in order to rule the planet.

In this new time … no such thing is allowed to exist in this way.

That which you call ‘money’ shall become a friendly word to those who choose to understand it as such. It is there to enhance lives … not to take away joy!

It is our desire that when a revaluation of money’s values takes place … the ENERGY of these paper notes and golden and silver coins will be transformed into ‘SHINING WORTH’ that shall/will assist every living being upon your Planet.


That’s it for today … I can tell. I LOVE YOU … WE LOVE YOU!!


And in our ONENESS we are many! In Love and thanks

The Federation of Light: November 18, 2016, channeled by Blossom Goodchild at http://www.blossomgoodchild.com/index.html?page=BG293nov18.html

Source Link: Blossom Goodchild: Federation of Light


A Special Message About Personal Power from Sophia Love

You may not believe everything that Sophia speaks about below, but the message is powerful in any case: What happens in our experience happens because we chose to experience it. If we hadn't chosen it (for whatever reasons that we chose it, even if we've hidden that awareness from ourselves) it wouldn't be happening in our experience.

The creation of this "earthly" experience is no less a dream than the dreams we know of as dreams. This dream, what we call "reality" is a dream with seeming continuity and permanence. But it's not true - this earth-reality dream isn't any more permanent or continuous than dreams we experience as dreams, we just forgot it was a dream. And we didn't forget by accident or because some one or some thing did something to us. We forgot on purpose! because we wanted the experience of it as real, continuous, and permanent.

Can you see what a success we've been at what we set out to do? We created something sooo unbelievably real and permanent that we're having a devil of a time waking up to that fact! It's been a long long - eons worth of long! - time that a part of us has been caught up in this dream. For me (and anyone else who wants to get off the merry-go-round), it's time to take back control of the dream. Control that we've always had but hid from ourselves for the experience of not knowing.

Again, for me, it's a "been there, done that, time to move on" kind of deal. I'll assume that's true for you as well or you wouldn't be reading this. To do that, we need to keep bringing our conscious awareness to this reality-dream and realize that our every experience is completely under our control. We can shift it, change it, and choose our experiences in this "waking dream" differently, in any moment and every moment.

In any moment and every moment, all possibilities exist and can be accessed instantly .. but we have to remember it's possible, bring our conscious awareness to it, and allow a change to happen. For me it helps to remember why I chose an experience in the first place, and be honest about whether I've allowed myself to experience fully what I chose to experience. When I have, the "circumstances" around the experience shift easily, immediately, and permanently. At such times it seems like magic but it isn't, it's simply how the creation/experience process works.

This "waking dream", and our experience of it, begins and ends with us, no matter how it appears to our forgetting "waking dream" self. All that's required is our conscious focus on what we want to see, what we consciously choose, rather than continuing to be caught up in what we're experiencing that doesn't suit us because we chose it while we were blissfully (or tragically) unaware that we were choosing it.

As We Shift - Punch In, Your Shift Begins Now

October 16, 2016

By Sophia Love, with Jack Sturgeon

Two things:

First, this video (shared also below). It was produced a week ago; a co-creative effort of Jack Sturgeon and myself. It feels very important. I’ve been meditating on the music with the mandala on the screen as I listen. This mandala was produced by my friends at State of Flux Mandala Co. I recommend their work, it is powerfully healing.

Second is a lesson I just “got”. This story is not meant to promote fear, but the opposite. It is told now to reinforce your power – which is love.

You are the one you’ve been waiting for in every case.

You did not come here (earth) for the scenery, the food, the sex or the music. Although incredible, they are temporary and yummy distractions you created for fun. No, you came here with a plan, a job, and work to do. You’ve just punched in. It’s your shift. ;-)

I am speaking now to the light workers/light warriors. I suspect that most everyone reading this will fall into this category.

You came here to Shift a Planet. The thing I want to share here is the biggest and most effective obstacle/weapon used by the service to self-crew, against us. Make no mistake – this is a planet of polarity – there are “real” forces on the “dark side”. Their secret weapon? It is our own disbelief.

If we don’t believe they are right here – we will do nothing to remove them. They are not interested in love, light or transformation. They want to win. Period. This is not fear mongering. I have seen too many light warriors go down after a battle to doubt any longer.

Right now, those service to self-beings that remain are like junkyard dogs. They will lose and they know it and they will do anything to get that last shot in before they go. They have nothing to lose.

These light warriors who are friends of mine have seen them. They remember “dreams” or “visions” of battles. These are just as real as the location you find yourself now, reading these words. Do not doubt your dreams, you are living one. This is a multi-dimensional process.

Do you see what this means? Their biggest weapon is something we are in complete control of - It is our own imagination, our own belief system.

We are so much more powerful than we know – and they know this. Once we get, really get, that WE ARE SOURCE, its game over.

No more tricks or scary spells. Love wins. Love always wins. Love is not weak and has nothing to do with “falling”. Love is the force of creation.

Now – amplify that love in your self-image and watch what happens.

This is the reason Jack’s mantra is vital. Use it or make one of your own. Whatever you require to access your power – go there. Stay there as long as possible and return often.

Remember, this is all a game we set up to play together. Watch how much fun this was meant to be! We’ve got this.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With gratitude and love,

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Ascension – It Happens Within (text version)

Written on September 30th, 2016, by Jack Sturgeon.

“It Happens Within - It only takes One.

What you are hearing now is a co-creative effort. The following words were written by Jack Sturgeon. All first person references are therefore to Jack. It was then edited, read and produced by Sophia – as you listen… this will be broadcast to the rest of the world, by you . We therefore, co-create this together. It begins with a story.

Between 1932-1934, in a small town in southern United Kingdom people started noticing the blue birds sucking the cream from the glass milk bottles from home delivered milk. They’d watch the birds land on the bottle, remove the cardboard cap and drink the cream off the top. All the people in the town started talking about it while the blue birds expanded their territory. A few weeks later a town 20 miles away reported the same thing, then another town 200 miles away reported it. Within 6 months most of the milk bottles in the United Kingdom were losing their bottle caps!

Then the countries of Sweden, Denmark and a few others reported in, all with the same story.

When WW2 came around 1938, all milk deliveries stopped; glass was needed for the war effort. Deliveries did not resume for ten years; a decade. Keep in mind that a bluebird’s lifespan is just 2 – 3 years. They stay close to home.

Around 1949 - 1950 they started using glass again for milk bottles. Low and behold the blue birds came back and started where they left off 10 years earlier. They popped the cap and sucked the cream right off the top. They did not learn this from their parents or relatives. 5 generations of bluebirds had come and gone by this time.

How was this happening? How did this occur?

This is the Morphic Resonant Field in action.

What is the Morphic Resonant Field?

I am sharing this because I think this is incredible. I hope you'll agree. I believe this Morphic Resonant Field is the key to our expansion.

I'm constantly thinking about how to move this current shift in consciousness forward a little faster. I asked myself, how do I manifest what I need now? Imagine having access to technology that affords healing, food, free energy and sustenance on all levels by Christmas of 2016. How do I do that? How do I have it in my hands in the next two weeks, not two years? How do I convey this to everyone? Here's what I know.

The Morphic Resonant Field is our collective unconscious. A successful idea, which is energy, moves into our collective unconscious, the Morphic Resonant Field. This idea, which is energy, gets amplified by the collective to a very high level, it than exits the Morphic Resonant Field and changes the behavior of the entire population – automatically and instantly! We don't have to struggle for it, and it’s free.

A Morphic Resonant Field can best be described as sort of electromagnetic storage warehouse that is all around us. Every thought, word, and action, which is an energy bundle, enters the field and does its thing. Always think energy and/or energy patterns… For example, your favorite song, your child's first words, or a bluebird drinking cream from a milk bottle… every thought, word and action is energy or an energy pattern.

Patterns of energy behavior for all species are stored in the Morphic Resonant Field and then activated when the right conditions are met. The Morphic Resonant Field is a STOREHOUSE OF ELECTRONIC PATTERNS FROM ALL SPECIES!! All these fields communicate with one another and are absolutely connected. This is the mechanism by which I communicate with 8 billion people and so do you.

When I have a new idea, which is energy, it moves into the field and becomes available to the collective.

This Morphic Resonant Field is where SOVEREIGNTY, UNITY, LOVE and all the Divine Qualities live. This is where all ARCHETYPES are found, a gigantic electromagnetic storage facility.

We the people have forgotten our power. It rests in this ancient wisdom, in the Morphic Resonant Field. It is not gone. We do not have to invent it. We have to remember it.

I propose this to you. There was a time when we were free. These "energy profiles or energy patterns" from this time are still there in the Morphic Resonant Field. After you have listened to this, go there, go into the Morphic Resonant Field and get them, you don't need any ones permission.

I will meet you there, in Unity! You have this power.


I have discovered that I needed a "mantra" that I could repeat to myself, a really powerful one, one that has few words and leaves no doubts in my mind. It also by passes all my filters. This mantra had to be self-evident, absolute, and consuming. My mantra is this: ALL IS SOURCE!

A few weeks ago or so I started repeating this short mantra very slowly and mindfully while walking, in the supermarket, driving, doing dishes, etc. Something happens inside me. My entire perspective is changing. I'm getting a new picture.

When I come to the realization "I am Source", things start to happen inside. Can this be a key to accessing this Morphic Resonant Field? In other words, when we realize that we are Source, which is an idea, and fully ACCEPT this notion, that energy goes out into the Morphic Resonant Field and then the Morphic Resonant Field responds in like manner,......it sends back to us all the Divine Qualities of Source - kindness, forgiveness, unconditional love. This transforms us. It really is a shift in consciousness.

Acceptance is the key! You have to believe, you have to trust, and you have to let go. All is source!

Right now, at this very moment the Crow nation, lifelong enemy of the Sioux, have joined the Sioux Standing Rock Tribe in a fight against the government and the Dakota Pipeline. Other Native American tribes, Ojibway, Cree, Cheyenne, Pawnee, Shoshoni and others will probably join them shortly. This is a historic coming together. Unity is on the move, large groups are supporting one another, this is oneness in human form!

We are 8 billion strong, the controllers, maybe 500 at the most, probably fewer. It's the proportion I want you to see. We have the Morphic Resonant Field that we are connected to, let’s use it.

It happens within!

It only takes One.

Look Inside, IT ALL HAPPENS WITHIN! Thank you.

In Sacred Oneness, Jack Sturgeon, Sophia Love and all of Creation.”

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The following video was developed by Sophia Love and Jack Sturgeon and accompanies the above article:


Two Deep Fears

Two Deep Fears

Mary Magdalene through Pamela Kribbe

Jeshua dot net

I am Mary Magdalene. I kneel down before you with admiration and respect for what you do on Earth. You are opening up new paths of consciousness and you are doing that while still carrying the burden of the past within you. Old pain and anxiety come up precisely because new ways of consciousness are entering into your awareness, into your body, and into your emotions.

In the actual creating of new paths of consciousness, you heal the old pain. It seems as if this should have happened in the past – you have been on Earth so many times before – but it was not possible to create new paths then. There was still too much consciousness trapped in the old institutions of power and authority, and people were imprisoned by their fear for survival – by anxiety on the physical plane – or by fear of being socially ostracized.

These fears run very deep in people. If you do not know who you are, if you are immersed in the structures of unconsciousness that are maintained by society, then you believe you are your body, and fear for survival touches you in your deepest core: to die means to be destroyed. Then very deep impulses arise to resist, and that can lead you to destroy another person, if necessary, to ensure your survival. It is a basic primitive fear. Then there is also the fear of being ostracized socially, of no longer belonging to the group. That, too, is a very deep fear in people.

If you are not aware of your soul self, your divine core, then you think that: a) you are your body, and that b) you are a socially shaped personality in that body. The personality, which is formed through social influences from the past, was and still is being shaped by fear. You want to belong to the group; you want to be accepted by other people. There is a helpless part in each person that wants to be supported, approved of, and embraced. This is the part of you that wants to belong, and that part is still very strong in every person.

You have only just emerged from a way of thinking and living that was dominated by power and powerlessness, from domination by fear. Feel in yourself, in your own energy field, where those old energies are still working. Feel it intuitively. See if there are gray or even darker areas visibly at work in your aura or in your body. Feel those old energies at work, such as anxiety, exaggerated obedience, fear for survival, and fear of being rejected and lonely, of being alone. These are the two greatest fears that limited people in days gone by.

The transition to the new takes time. You can well imagine that, in order to let go of old fears, there is much work to be done in order to really come to trust in heart-consciousness, in a new consciousness that says: you are not only your body. Your body is a part of you, a precious part in which you live temporarily and through which you express yourself. But you are so much more than that. You are a soul-consciousness; you are a living light that is independent of physical and material forms. What a leap in consciousness that is! And perhaps an even bigger leap is that you are free of social coercion. Because social coercion, belonging to the group, often moves people to the lowest vibrational level: crowd- consciousness. It is often the case that what dominates a group or a crowd, a power structure or a person, calls up the greatest fears in people and manipulates them.

These fears are the two greatest obstacles that people experienced in the days past. And because of those fears, people go down to the we-space of belonging, which opposes other people or something outside their group. So you then begin to think in terms of "us versus them"; it becomes vital to belong to your group. The fear then must always be confirmed, along with its justified remedies: the way to deal with those fears include violence and dominance toward those outside the group. These themes have come to the surface very strongly at this time, as you can see in the world around you.

A greater consciousness is called for now, one that connects and sees the sameness in all other people, even though they come from a totally different environment with a different history and a different culture. See what we share in the other person, even when that person is very different. That is the task of this time, both on an inner level and also between countries and cultures. That is the big breakthrough that will heal this world. And the biggest step toward that healing is to let go your identification with the body and with your socially formed personality; to rise above those identifications and to again recognize the call of your soul. Your soul tells you that anything is possible, while the fear in you insinuates that very little is possible, that you need to protect yourself, for example, against others or against diseases. But the soul that lives in you is brave and strong, it transcends limitations.

I would like to say to you, the person to whom I speak, that you have already, through many lives and for a very long time, helped to increase consciousness on Earth. Before this life, you already tasted the feeling of unity of which I speak: the fact that you are more than your body; the feeling of being one with another, even though the other comes from a very different background. You already know the feeling of wanting to rise above class and social status, even though this energy was not always welcome on Earth. It was a learning process for you to have to deal with the difference between how you feel and think, and how the world around you feels and thinks, or how the majority of people perceive things. And do not forget that a lot of people would like to think otherwise, would like to feel differently, because no one is happy being in the grip of fear, no one wants that.

What is happening during this time is that an increasing number of people have had enough of a life based on fear. There is now so much new energy in the Earth's atmosphere – such a feeling of possibility that things can be different – that people are waking up. And certainly the young, the new generations that are now being born on Earth, more and more taste this new energy that you have carried with you for centuries, and they take less and less pleasure in the old ways. But from the perspective of the existing patterns of thought, this energy of the new generation is seen as wild, not fitting into the established norms, as chaotic or leading to behavioral problems. Yet this energy contains the birthing pangs; something new wants to be born.

I now come to the main point of this talk. You are here as mentors, to serve as the midwives for the birth of this new energy in this time. However, this requires a lot from you because you still carry within you the traumas of misjudgement and rejection: you know what it is to be judged for your new ideas. It is part of your legacy to be socially isolated, to be different, and it has left emotional wounds in you from the day you were born. In fact, they were in you even before this life began.

Now is the time when you will be asked to come out of your shell, to show yourself; to help with the new energy that now mainly manifests itself through the young people and to guide them, as it were. You can be a channel because you have a deep understanding of both the old and the new. You stand with one leg in the old, and you have become wounded by the old, so you are able to have compassion for people who are afraid to be rejected and lonely. You also have compassion for people who are terrified to die because they believe there is nothing other than this physical body. Your consciousness has been expanded, precisely because you have had to live and work in the dark, and therefore you are the ones who can be a bridge between the old and the new.

And so I appeal to you. I ask you to take your natural place, although I know how much this effort can cost you. You have become so used to thinking there is no place for you that you feel completely worn out by the effort. But it is just at that point that you are brought to the task. When you are at the point where you think: "I give up, there is nothing more I can do", then that becomes the turning point when you can finally allow whatever will happen to flow through you. You surrender your personal will, your ideas on how you think things should be, and you allow yourself to move along with the flow of your soul.

The power you have developed, and also the pain you have suffered, have in some way broken your ego. And it is a painful process, because every ego is opposed to pain and to being broken. Yet this is the only way, because the pain and the trauma you carry with you are, in a sense, part of the way. When you really feel this pain, and you surround it with compassion, you let go. You become, in a sense, willing to "die", because of the knowledge that something greater is carrying you. You surrender to your deepest and truest core, and you no longer struggle with the earthly reality.

You also give up trying to convince others, because you have truly become yourself. You are no longer here to change others and also no longer here to change yourself: you are just being you. And this is exactly the bridge function that is your natural place. It is what I mean when I say: taking your natural place. Have compassion for yourself and the old pain that remains in your life, and let healing just happen. By seeing this process as part of your way, and leaving the old pain there, healing will take place by itself. You will be helped from all sides. Everything that aspires to life and growth and joy wants to be of service to you: guides, helping forces from the universe. You just have to be willing to take your natural place and say to yourself: "I will no longer live according to fear. The fears may still be there, but I'm more, much more than that. And I remind myself of that every day."

Then you will see that life brings you to the place where you belong, where you feel well, where you can experience joy and gladness. To be a lightworker, the bringer of change, no longer needs to be a heavy duty and full of agony. That belongs to the past and is no longer your destiny. The road to the new also means for you a new birth: in peace with the Earth and where you take your place in a natural way.

And finally, see if those words, "taking your natural place", spontaneously bring up pictures in your mind. Maybe places from your daily life come to mind; or situations, or pursuits, or maybe something rises up as a possibility for the future. Where do you feel really relaxed and happy? Those are the places where you can let your energy flow naturally. See if someone calls out to you; maybe it is the face of someone you know. Or maybe an environment appears in your mind's eye; is there anywhere that invites you, in a happy way, to go there? And do not be afraid to try out things, because there is a lot of room for free play.

To come into your power is coming home on Earth as who you are and taking your place here. It sounds very simple, but it is the culmination of a long journey that you have created as a soul. I ask you to surrender to that place; it is no longer that far away. Thank you so much for your attention.

Mary Magdalene

From Pamela:

“For me, the name Jeshua refers not so much to the historical personality of Jesus but to the universal christ energy that we are all a part of. When I channel Jeshua, I feel deeply drawn into this field of love and compassion and in that state of consciousness I receive the messages from Jeshua.”


Being Triggered to Bloom - Peggy Black and the 'team'

During these extremely challenging times your physical body can reflect the intensity of the collective chaos. This is where your mastery comes forth as you begin to recognize the dream of duality, the opposites pushing and pulling the other. You are always invited to hold this duality in a place of balance within your thoughts and actions.


You are being invited to be aware of how easily you can be triggered by what is occurring. When you observe these tendencies within, pause, take a breath and allow yourself to reset. As you practice this simple and conscious exercise it will become easier and easier to shift how you are reacting to the misqualifed energy and emotions.

~ Peggy Black and the 'team'

Being Triggered to Bloom

Peggy Black and the 'team' at Morning Messages

October 10, 2016

We are here supporting you as you move through the incredible chaos and the rapidly flowing energy of change. Realize it is out of the chaos that a new reality will come forth. The very events that are occurring are pushing the evolution of consciousness forward.

We realize you might have difficulty in believing that things can change, especially when they seem so hopeless and intense. However, we are here to remind you of who you are in the unfolding of this hologame.

We truly honor you as masters of energy transformation. We see you as the magnificent multidimensional divine beings that you are. Yes, we do observe that you have a physical aspect that requires focus as well as maintenance and support. It is the maintenance of your physical focus that we address.

During these extremely challenging times your physical body can reflect the intensity of the collective chaos. This is where your mastery comes forth as you begin to recognize the dream of duality, the opposites pushing and pulling the other. You are always invited to hold this duality in a place of balance within your thoughts and actions.

You have been on this journey before and the path is well traveled by those who have anchored consciousness into this field and matrix of energy including those who anchored the energy of 5th dimensional awareness. Also included are your avatars, ascended masters, sages and saints, those who offered and encouraged a more heart based shift. You called these beings enlightened. They exemplified super-human skills and abilities. They expressed a spiritual maturity. They blossomed into their true multidimensional divine selves while in physical embodiment.

You are here to blossom as well. You are here to anchor a centered place of peace between the dualities. It starts within; you begin to invite, envision and call forth this balance in your personal experience and it will radiate out to the family, co-workers, community and the collective.

This is a reality of duality. Within your personal experience you have the duality of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The left hemisphere is responsible for the logic, the step-by-step action, the practical, realistic, decisive, aggressive and controlling. The right hemisphere is responsible for intuition, emotions, freedom, creative expression, imagination, feelings, peace and a sense of oneness.

These abilities of the opposites within your very operating systems are meant to serve you in owning your mastery. These qualities are meant to be in harmony, to work together for the well being of your physical experience here in this dimension.

However, from our observation there is an out of balance in the collective. The emotional nature of the collective is one of hostility, anger/rage, injustice and violence. These toxic energies and vibrations can trigger the same emotions within each person. Begin to understand that emotional reactions and actions are contagious. They are vibrations of energy and you are a vibrational being that can be activated to express a similar misqualitied vibration of emotions.

You are being invited to be aware of how easily you can be triggered by what is occurring. When you observe these tendencies within, pause, take a breath and allow yourself to reset. As you practice this simple and conscious exercise it will become easier and easier to shift how you are reacting to the misqualifed energy and emotions.

We invite you to begin to place your awareness in your heart each and every time you feel triggered by the collective action and emotional vibrations. It is within the sacred space of the heart that all transformation takes place.

Most humans live from the energy and tendencies of the left brain. When you begin to connect with your imagination, your loving emotions, your sense of oneness you begin to bloom into your own sageness, your own mastery. The goal is to use each aspect of your brain and its awesome abilities in partnership with one another, in wholeness.

To call forth this wholeness within, it is important for you to begin to heal the wounded heart. When you are able to live from the energy of your heart, you begin to anchor more love and light on your Earth. We know that you carry memories within your DNA of pain, mistrust, abandonment and a sense of powerlessness. This is what you are here to transform, this is the misqualified energy you have the power to heal.

Find methods and use energy tools, movement, dance as well as sounds and visualizations to assist you in healing all the wounded aspects within yourself. Create alchemist chambers in the quantum field of your imagination, revisit and witness the wounded aspects of yourself and offer healing, forgiveness and freedom.

Make it a practice to go often to the energy and space of your heart, a sanctuary of peace and wholeness, a balance of dualities. Your heart will become a refuge, a retreat, a haven in which you will begin to experience the energy of non-duality.

It is from this place of non-duality that you will experience your wholeness and divine self. We know that you are up to the task. We see you as the true masters that you are.

We will acknowledge that more and more beings in the collective are being triggered to bloom into their magnificent wholeness and you are one of them. It is our honor to share this energy and this support. We send our love, gratitude and support to embrace you. the 'team'

©2016 Peggy Black All Rights Reserved. Notice is given that the creation of videos by people other than the author, channel and scribe is prohibited. You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address. www.morningmessages.com FREE 88 messages available


Connecting With Your Body

"Usually, if you are dealing with illness and complaints, you go to a doctor who represents the scientific, objective tradition of dualism. A doctor who can tell you what is wrong with you, what medications are available, and what the prognosis is based on the type of complaints you have. However, all this is done without you having made any connection with the energy field that is your body." ~ Jeshua through Pamela Kribbe


Pamela Kribbe channels Jeshua (from www.jeshua.net)

Summer 2016

Dear friends, I am very pleased to be with you and to have my energy commingle with yours.

You are radiant beings of light and you have no idea of the strength and beauty that you demonstrate daily in your life. Even though the outlook is dark at times, and sometimes you feel exhausted from trying to move forward in your life, you are ever courageous. You need to be aware of the incredible courage and power that you demonstrate day after day. You continually bring more and more light on to Earth just through your being here. By anchoring yourself in your body, you spread your light on Earth. You are the living light on Earth, and your body is part of that embodiment.

You incarnated here with a purpose, with a deep intention. You are here for yourself, to bloom inwardly, and to deeply experience and know every part of yourself. But you are also here for the Earth, for this planet and to inspire and nourish her with your angel light. Your body is composed of the same elements as the Earth and the kingdoms of the plants and the animals. That is what you share with them; you are not separate from the life around you.

The body is a wonder in itself. Consider all those tiny cells in your body and how they know their separate roles as well as how to work together as a unified whole. They give expression to a higher power, and that higher power is you, the soul that lives in your body. Your soul is the inspirer and giver of your life. Thanks to your soul’s choice, the body it has chosen for this lifetime has come into being: this particular body with everything that gives you pleasure, as well as all that is painful and burdensome.

We will now take a look at this body, and feel the wonder of being embodied, although experiencing this embodiment is not always easy for you. And one of the reasons why it is difficult to experience the wonder and the beauty of the body is that your culture is the result of a tradition that has become alienated from the body. It is not commonplace in your culture to view the body as a living intelligence, as a field of consciousness with which the individual soul is intimately connected. There are many reasons why this view of the body has not been taught to you, and one of those reasons goes back to the time before Christ.

It began in the time of the Greeks, when a way of thinking emerged that you would now call rational thinking. There emerged a way of looking at the world where the ego became central, the ego that sees itself as something other than what it perceives. Nature, and with it the body, then became slowly objectified and seen as something that exists independent of you. What is external to you could then become the subject of study, and this is the beginning of the development of science.

Later, in the Western tradition of the 17th century, modern science emerged, and the dualism between ego consciousness and the world of the body and of nature increased even further. There emerged a dualism where matter was seen more and more as something lifeless, the body as a piece of clay, as it were, something that does not possess a living consciousness.

The emergence of medical science was only made possible through objective study. The soul, or the individuality of the person, was thought to be irrelevant. It was thought to be not important, because the body was seen as a material entity that is the same in everyone. This objective view of life makes it possible to classify types of illnesses and to invent medicines. A complete science can be developed on such a dualistic world view. I do not say that this view is wrong, only that it has become a tradition in your culture, and it still exists.

In modern times, you can also see that tradition in a very different way in your cosmetics industry. Look at how beauty is experienced in your culture; it has become something objective. There is a certain image of beauty that can be measured: such and such dimensions are ideal for a female or a male body. The complexion and texture of the skin, and the facial features, even when they change over time, are always subject to objective evaluation, something outside you, upon which you should rely for judgments.

Disease and health are also judged in such terms. If a body is ill, there must be something wrong with it and therefore it should be made well. The body as here viewed is like dead clay, or a type of mechanism. You are thus living in a dualistic tradition, and what is most near to you, what you reside in day in and day out – your body – is no longer something with which you are naturally and intimately connected. You have become alienated from it.

There were earlier times on Earth which had a quite different view. Seen through modern eyes, people then lived in a kind of mythical era in which they believed that everything was connected to everything else. You could talk with trees or animals or plants, and all those non-human creatures were carriers of something that was meaningful. Nature itself was full of meaning. There was a flow of life that went through the animals and the trees and the plants and they were all interconnected.

However, there were also disadvantages to that naturalistic view, because people who believed in it could sometimes fall prey to what we now call superstition and fear: the fear of the forces of nature and the gods who were hidden behind and within nature. It was an earlier tradition, and science, and the rational way of thinking that is the foundation of the sciences, has put an end to that tradition. Unfortunately, the scientific, objective view has led to a very unnatural schizophrenic split in your culture and in your perception of yourself.

Just think how different is the view that you are able to continually experience your body from within. How does it feel inside; is it hungry or thirsty; does it feel fine or tense; does it feel pleasure or pain? There is a constant inner sensing of what the body feels. From the opposite point of view, you look at and judge your body from without, of what it should be according to an image of the body that is perceived externally. What should the body be able to perform, where should it be now in its development, what should it look like? Does it fulfill those external standards that are imposed upon you?

Usually, if you are dealing with illness and complaints, you go to a doctor who represents the scientific, objective tradition of dualism. A doctor who can tell you what is wrong with you, what medications are available, and what the prognosis is based on the type of complaints you have. However, all this is done without you having made any connection with the energy field that is your body.

The doctor also does not pay attention to that energy field and does not connect with it. He merely looks at the symptoms and diagnoses them, then classifies and determines where they fit into a bigger picture he has acquired so he can take the necessary action based on that knowledge. At the same time, your body gives continual signals that are unique to you, and they sometimes do not fit with the general rules and ideas you get from outside yourself, such as from a doctor.

It is extremely important for you to again awaken to your body from within, and to allow your body to be the yardstick for your actions relative to it. If you are sick, or have physical complaints, you need to go inside yourself, and from there find the basis of how to handle these complaints and symptoms. Only afterward should you look to the outside world where something can be of service to you, say a doctor, or an opinion, or something you read.

However, those outside inputs come only secondarily. What comes initially is the inward connection with your body, and to do that, you need to first believe differently than what the culture tells you. You need to let go of the whole idea of the body as a mechanism, as matter without consciousness. You should come to really believe that your body can be your guide; that it can give you answers; that it has in itself a natural intelligence and wants to be of service to you; that it is divinely inspired.

I want to ask you, at this time, to take a moment to intimately connect with your body. And you can do that by paying attention to your breath, to feel how it flows through your chest and into your abdomen, and then direct your attention to your feet. Take your awareness to the soles of your feet, and feel how they touch the ground. Feel not only the bones and skin of your feet, but feel the energy field in and around your feet. This energy field is not readily perceptible, but you can do it. Perhaps you feel a little tingle, or maybe something else, but whatever you are able to sense is helpful.

Then observe your hands with the same attentive awareness. Imagine that your hands are full of consciousness, made perceptible by your attention. Let your awareness extend to the tips of your fingers, and feel there is something more to your hands than just their material form. Feel a vital, energetic presence in and around your hands, and you may also see or sense a soft glow.

Now, I ask you to allow your attention and awareness to extend throughout your entire body. But do not make this into too much of an effort – this is not a mental exercise. It is a bringing of your attention to something that is already there. A living body is not something you have to acquire, and it is not something you have to earn. Simply feel, from head to toe, the living field that already surrounds you. Try to sense and feel the totality of your energy field and body as a living entity.

Imagine that this silent flow of energy, which is always there throughout your body, wants to tell you something. The first thing your body wants to tell you is that it is consciousness, the living light that wants to serve you. Your body is there for you. It gives you the ability to express yourself, and it would like to be at your service. And if you are suffering from pain or illness, then let us look at how that has come about.

The body itself always strives for balance. All the cells in your body are oriented toward that end: they work and build toward balance. Even as you get older, and your body loses its vitality, all cells are focused on creating balance. It is possible to be older in a very gracious way, without a lot of pain and effort. This is possible from the body itself even when the body is genetically taxed. There is such an incredibly powerful, vital energy present in your body that allows it to heal and bring itself into balance, even when imbalance has been extreme.

Have faith in your body's ability to balance and heal itself; the forces of nature are very strong. Just look around you at the sea and the sun. Know that your body is built from the same living matter and the same consciousness as those natural elements. Just think of the ocean, feel the eternal rolling of the waves, and the inexhaustible renewal in that movement: the self-cleansing power. Or an old big oak tree that has withstood everything: wind, rain, sunshine. Your body is also very strong, for it is made of the same elements.

Now, it is true that a human is a very complicated being. You, as a soul, have had a vast amount of experience in the earthly reality, some of which has resulted in negative emotions. Feelings of anxiety, sadness, pain, anger – you name it. These emotions can act on the body, and over time the body gets out of balance. Emotions are also very powerful forces. Their energies are very strong and can act upon the body where they may create blockages at an energetic level. The awareness of your body that I mentioned earlier serves you there, however, because the body awareness sees the soul as its master.

When the soul is experiencing constant anger, or some depressing emotion, the body will eventually absorb it into its awareness and give way to it, so to speak. The emotions can then take hold of the body and take the form of complaints or disease. The body is still doing its best to restore the natural state of balance, but if the emotions are all-pervasive, and a person does not have the ability to feel through and transform those emotions, then illness may be the result.

It is important to note that the origin of a disease is almost always emotional. What creates the most havoc with the body are the emotions you experience in life, the spiritual pain that you gather. And there are reasons for this. It is not that there is some external judgment about the emotion and your reaction to it, but rather that it is important for you to know your emotions from within so the body can help you deal with them. By connecting again with the natural awareness of your body, which strives for balance, you can detect which emotions are depressing you, or blocking you.

I want to ask you to now do just that. Earlier we connected with the living energy field of the body itself – the undercurrent that is always there – and with the natural intelligence of the body. And now imagine that you also have an emotional body. In the esoteric tradition, the body consciousness has been called the etheric body, whereas the emotional body is called the aura, or the astral body, and is something that extends beyond your physical body.

Let us now imagine, for a moment, that there is an energy field around you, and it is composed of the energies of changing moods and emotions. Imagine that this energy field around you extends outwardly about three feet from your body. I am going to ask you a few things about that field, so try to hold on to the first impression that comes to mind without thinking about it.

You are in the middle of that energy field. Is it peaceful or is there tenseness within it? And if there is tenseness, where do you feel that tension located in the energy field? Is it before you or behind you? Allow your attention to go to that spot in your emotional body where you feel tense because of pressures from external events in your life, and simply allow it to be. You need not attempt to fix it, just know where it is.

Then go to a place in your body where it is quiet and calm. Find that place in your energy field where you are peaceful. Perhaps happy memories arise spontaneously from a time when you felt relaxed, or from a situation where you felt joyful. Feel that energy for a moment.

Finally, imagine you are a magnificent angel. You stand behind yourself and you encompass, within your light and your wings, both your aura, your emotional body, and your physical body and the etheric field it contains. With loving respect, the angel-you embraces your entire being. And because this magnificent angel who you are, is filled with wisdom and compassion and strength, you therefore feel understood and loved and supported.

The embodiment of your soul – your body – wants things to be well with you. It strives for equilibrium and for balance and, in a sense, it is also your guide. And from the other side, there is the angel-you who cherishes you and who is unconditionally there for you. This angelic being is your higher self – this is you. And in between the two is your astral body, in which emotions can become stuck or blocked.

Try to accept right now as it is; just allow now to be as it is. And have respect for who you are, because you are the brave ones among the angels. You have taken this journey for yourself, although not only for yourself. You have come here and have descended into the deepest darkness, so convinced are you of the light that bears everything in the Cosmos; the light that infuses all. The smallest branch and leaf of a tree, the smallest beetle and blade of grass, are imbued with living light.

Feel that both the forces of nature, as well as the spiritual powers of heaven, are with you to support you on this path: the road of transforming heavy emotional moods into light and knowledge and understanding. You are not alone, we are right beside you. And remember that your body is your friend, your ally, and along with the angel-you, wants to help you to bloom. Accept what is the truth: that you are brave; that you are mature; that you are a beautiful being. Believe in your own wealth and the treasures available to you, and you will find you experience more light-heartedness and relaxation in your body. There is healing for you, believe in it.


© Pamela Kribbe



For The Sake Of Learing

For the Sake of Learning

Heavenletter #5753 through Gloria Wendroff

Published on: August 25, 2016

God said:

Learning is the point of learning. Education is not. Learning comes from inside. Education may be imposed. Learning arises from a sense of joy. It is joy to gain insights. Everyone loves it when a light goes on.

The intent of education may not go well with learning. No matter how well someone may score on a test, a high score does not mean that learning took place. Learning is what matters.

Learning is naturally joy. Teaching that leaves out the heart of the child is misplaced. Learning without joy is a hardship.

A system may look good on paper. It's someone's best guess as to what is a good way to learn, and one way may flourish for some, yet not all. Remember the child.

If learners do not have joy, perhaps the educators do, yet educators are not the reason for schools. Uppermost belongs the joy of learners. The rewards are to be interior to the learner. Each learner has a heart and soul and his own style or styles of learning.

Some teachers have the ability to make learning desirable for every learner. Hail to them.

Tell Me, what one-year old does not want to reach out and learn? Why is it that at some point a learner may begin to slouch? Where did the joy of learning go? To what gain?

Making learners learn what someone says they must learn does not always amount to learning. There is more than the mind that takes place in learning. There is more than grouping children together for economy in learning. There is heart and soul to learning. And, yes, I will say love.

There can be joy in learning even those subjects that a child might think he is not interested in. Interest can be stirred. Interest can be welcomed. Joy works effortlessly on its own over prodding, of course.

Sometimes children are not interested in learning a subject because it might be difficult for them to do well in it. The child is not at fault for this. The child is aware he must pass and not be held back.

A fast learner is not necessarily a better learner than a slow learner. One child learns faster, and another child learns less fast. As a child, imagine, Einstein was seen as a slow learner.

It would be good for schools to be joyful places for those enrolled in them. This is serving the learners. Well, whom are schools meant to serve?

Uphold the child. What is the hurry in teaching a child what he may see as separate from himself? What happened to the natural joy of learning? What got in the way of joy? What is the point of trying to conform with less than joy?

Once upon a time, learning was a precious sought-after experience. While attendance at school may be mandatory, learning itself cannot be mandatory. Once upon a time, a child's goals came from his heart. The heart is where learning touches base.

Children are not automatons. Desire that your children think and feel for themselves. Let them impress themselves.

If you want to open up a dam and let the water through, first you remove the blocks to the free-flow. This can be done, and you can do it. Leave room open for your child's soul to soar.

When a child is wanting to learn, he is not thinking of trying to achieve. He wants to discover what captures his heart and then run with it. Honor this.


The Connection Between Choice and Fear

I thought the following was a particularly thought-provoking look at how what we focus on is what we create. It's taken from a series of "Master Essays" that Story Waters created some months ago. I hope it helps you as much as it helped me.


by Story Waters, TheOneSelf and Limitlessness


In the previous essay (Essay Two: The Infinite Matrix) we looked at how the One Self uses selective focus and unconsciousness to create an infinite number of experiences of individuality. It does this by focusing on the Self it wants to be and forgetting that it is all other Selves. By doing this, it can create realities like the Earth where we experience ourselves as being different from each other even though we are in fact all the same consciousness. In this essay we will look at how, within the Human Experience we continue to use focus to create our experience of free will. You can listen to an audio version of this essay as well as read the text. Bold paragraphs are summaries of the section just read.



by Story Waters

The most consistent and fundamental choice you are always making is the choice of what you are focusing upon. The Infinite Matrix represents the possibility of everything that could ever exist and we create a life by navigating it. Whatever it is you choose to focus upon within your perception is what directs the unfolding of your reality. In just the same way that a car moves towards whatever you steer it at, you are energetically moving towards whatever you are focused on. To move towards anything energetically is to be on a continually unfolding journey of coming to know it better.

A significant difference between human focus and steering a car is that cars have brakes to bring them to a complete stop. Within the human experience, though you can do your best to put everything on hold, you are always energetically travelling towards your focus. The only way to stop moving towards it is to either focus upon something else or become unconscious. Whilst we are conscious our perception never stops, so neither do we. You are always travelling into your perception. You are always receiving information from whatever you are looking at. Whatever you are focused upon, you are absorbing.

When this is understood, the human dilemma of choosing what we enjoy over what we fear becomes powerfully evident. A simple understanding of this process would make it seem that if you focus on the things that you fear, then you will lead yourself to more fearful experiences. And if you focus on what you enjoy, then you will have more joyful experiences. However, this basic understanding of our focus points more towards our original experience on Earth than what we experience today. It was a time when human life was polarized in a simpler way into choices that were more clearly either following your passion or falling further into fear.

The human experience is a highly developed system. Evolution and specialization in almost every area has occurred. It has been significantly transformed from its original state and the mental fears we deal with today are far more complex than the more instinctual and associative fears from past times when we lived in a more primal way. (Please remember that past is only being used to point to what we call the past – see essay two for the concept of linear time as an illusion).

To be able to consciously move our focus from what we fear to something we enjoy (meaning our fears are no longer controlling us) is a cornerstone of learning to master your focus. But the human experience is far more than a challenge to focus on what you enjoy rather than what you fear. The very nature of fear has evolved over history to become something less instinctual and simplistic into something more mentally convoluted, nuanced and particular. In describing it as such I do not point towards us going down a ‘wrong path’. I point towards us evolving into something far richer and more complex, something that is more akin to a maze to navigate, rather than an adversary to flee or fight. We chose this evolution of fear, and through it we directed the evolution of the human experience. As such it is not some unfortunate by-product. It is a prize. The transformation of fear is one of the primary qualities of life that we have come to experience.

Summary: The most profound choice you are ever making is the choice of what to focus upon as it steers the unfolding of your reality. Whatever you are focused upon, you are absorbing. Though the ability to shift your focus from things you fear towards things you enjoy is a key part of being conscious, life is not purely about focusing on joy rather than fear. A part of the human experience that we have significantly evolved is the experience of transforming our fears. We have evolved it from an instinctual fight or flight response into an emotionally charged maze that we have the power to transform (learn and resolve). We do this not as a mission for a greater good or to achieve a destination. We are doing this because we find it is our joy.

Deep within us we know and feel that life should be about joy. Because we tend to see fearful experiences as being the opposite of joyful experiences we can end up labeling fear as a wrongness that should be eliminated. When fear is prevalent this leads to an experience where you are resistant to life and seek to control it in order to minimize feeling fear and maximize feeling joy. When we have such a finite view of what we are, it becomes the norm to experience ourselves as controlled by our fears in this way. However, when you view yourself as eternal, non-physical consciousness, you will enjoy the richness that arises through the transformation of fears just as much as you enjoy the more obvious, positively labelled human experiences.

The overcoming of fears has become as intrinsic to the human experience as the finding of love and passion. Without the realization that you wanted to experience fears within this life, you will always feel yourself to be, at some level, a victim of this life, a person controlled by your fears. It is vital in the leaving of victimhood to understand that you are willingly and with joy creating every aspect of your life, even those aspects causing you to feel fear. This is the realization that you are an empowered creator versus the fallen being described by most religions.

Even people who have left the conditioning of religion still tend to believe that we must endure experiences that we do not want, in order to have the experiences we do want. This is the limited idea that we must endure the dark cloud in order to experience its silver lining. You have the ability to experience any variation of the Earth you can imagine. Your reality is the precise manifestation of your choice and you did not make a single compromise in its creation. Two of the most profound experiences you can have on Earth are first, realizing there is only one consciousness, and second, realizing that every aspect of life that you have ever experienced is not only exactly what you wanted, but you are the one that created it. Many people are resistant to this idea because it takes away the comfort of blaming other people or other forces for what you do not like about your life. Blaming others, no matter how logically justified, is a state of disempowerment.

We have each chosen experiences that have left us with fearful beliefs because within those fears is an experiential journey. Where that journey will take you as a Self is beyond where you were before you entered into that journey. For example, a Self that overcomes a fear of dogs contains experiences of Self that are different from someone that never feared dogs in the first place. We enjoy the process of facing, and thereby transforming our fears because we enjoy both the process of doing it and the transformation of Self that it leaves us with.

When you look at the entertainment industry you will clearly see that we enjoy watching movies about the overcoming of obstacles, hardships and fears, far more than movies without that kind of drama or hardship. If you cannot believe that you would choose a particular fear, then ultimately you can only see yourself as a victim of that fear, forced to either live with it or face it. Do not fear taking complete responsibility for your life. See that you are that which chooses every one of your experiences. This is the path to transform your experience of fear itself.

Deep within us we know life is about joy. The deeper realization is that even though we may complain while within the experience, we actually find great joy in facing, navigating and transforming experiences that evoke fear within us. We desire both the process of transforming our fears and the feeling of Self that the journey of transformation leaves us with. Our choice of movies and TV shows clearly shows we are beings that like challenges and drama, far more than stillness and harmony and there is nothing wrong or inferior about that.

Focusing upon a fear does not necessarily take you further into that fear. When we face a fear there is always the choice of how we choose to interpret what we are experiencing. This is why perception is a creative act. When you understand that there is not a singular, objective world out there to observe, but infinite versions of every potential, then perception is far more about choice than observation. Perception is not, “Report what you objectively see before you.” Instead it is, “Choose how you want to interpret what is before you. What meaning do you wish to assign to it?” That meaning is then what determines the trajectory of your focus, which then determines the unfolding of your life. In any situation with emotional significance to you, this trajectory will either reflect a choice to allow or resist / fear the experience.

This means that when we focus upon one of our fears, there is a choice. We can either use how we are interpreting what we are perceiving to send us deeper into fear, or we can use it to become more conscious of the feared-thing (by being open to new information) such that we come to better understand it. In the realization of the One Self it is understood that everything is a reflection because the only thing we are ever perceiving is the One Self (as there is nothing else in existence to perceive). This means that becoming more conscious of anything will only ever lead us to the realization that it is a reflection of something within us, and that whatever was feared was caused by a lack of understanding either of it or ourselves.

The absorption of whatever we are focused upon is therefore neither intrinsically positive or negative. For example, if you spend time looking at murders it could make you incredibly fearful of the world or it could lead to an in-depth understanding of what leads to murder, or how to identify a murderer, such that you feel safer in the world. Different angles of perception on the same event lead to different experiences of reality. A person who studies murder with passionate curiosity and a positive view of innate human nature will have a very different experience from someone seeking to validate their belief that humans are murderous and cruel by nature. Perception is a creative act and we continually choose to create experiences that have the potential to either empower or disempower ourselves.

This is the basis of one of the most powerful spiritual teachings – Know Thyself. It is the realization that the best route to knowing everything is to know your Self, because you are the One Self. It is the realization that there is nothing in existence that, when understood, is feared. It is the realization that all fear is caused by ‘unconsciousness of what is’, rather than ‘consciousness of what is’. It is the realization that there is no force of darkness or evil outside of us that can be called ‘other’. All we may experience as darkness within us, is the shade caused by temporary unconsciousness. All unconsciousness is temporary because all systems are circular in nature and always eventually return to their starting point of consciousness. Because all unconsciousness is temporary there is no need to fear it, as you cannot become lost or trapped within it.

In facing fear there are two choices: the choice to go further into that fear by interpreting your reality through a lens of victimhood, or the choice to interpret your reality through the empowered perspective that you are willingly choosing to experience it in your exploration of Self. Within any fear there is the potential, through knowing it better, to see that it is only a reflection of yourself. And that whatever it is you feared about it was based upon a lack of understanding it. Looking unconsciously at your fears is to fall further into negative interpretation, thereby further cementing the fear-based meanings you live within.

We most commonly experience choice in the expression of our preferences, such as the choice of how we take our coffee. Choices like this do not seem to be particularly consequential in terms of the direction our life is taking. However, because fear is such an intrinsic part of the human experience, the choice of either going further into or out of fear is always present at some level. For example, if you don’t order your coffee the way you enjoy it most, but instead order a lower calorie option, then fear-based beliefs are at work. This does not make the healthier option ‘wrong’ because there is a fear, it just means it is reflecting a fear that is in the process of transforming (potentially in either direction). In our example the choice may be the result of an increased consciousness of a tendency to emotionally eat and will thereby feel empowered. Or, it may be the result of eating a tub of ice-cream earlier that day and stem from feelings of self-loathing. See here that even in the empowered option it still holds true that the person is exploring their fear-based issue. They are however bringing more consciousness, rather than unconsciousness, to it through an empowered point of perception.

Our coffee example demonstrates how this kind of dilemma is within the heart of the human experience as our fears tend to permeate our very perception itself. In the vast majority of other reality systems, whatever it is that you want is instantly experienced. Whatever you desire, you ask for, and it is received. That is just how it is. There is not even a choice to ‘not ask’ for what you want. When you do not contain fear-based limiting beliefs, wanting and asking are the same thing. Only in a reality like the Earth can you want a sweet, creamy coffee but instead choose to ask for a soy latte with artificial sweetener. Remember here that this does not make artificial sweetener a bad thing. It is all about where the choice for it comes from within the Self. Another person may choose the sugar because they fear the sweetener is carcinogenic.

The distinction that is being pointed to here is best expressed as the separation of will and desire such that there can be contradiction between what we desire and what we actually set about willing to happen. We can will for something to happen that we do not desire, or we can desire an experience that we choose to not focus our will upon. For example, you may desire to tell your boss they are a bigot, but you do not will yourself to say the words when you are stood in front of them due to fear. Or you may focus your will towards earning extra money because you fear not having enough, when you really desire to spend that time on a personal creative endeavor.

This divide between will and desire can be seen partially as a split between the inner and the outer, with desire being what we ideally want in relation to our deepest inner feelings, and our will being a force of intention that is made outwardly visible through our words and actions. When understood through these definitions, our desire is what we would ideally like to happen, and our will represents our highest belief (limited by our fears) about what we have the power to create. As such, our words and actions will always reflect our will, but the manifestation of that will may be more a reflection of our fearful beliefs than our heart’s desire.

This distinction between will and desire is entirely a construction of the human experience. This does not inherently make it bad or wrong; it is just the realization that in most realities you simply will for whatever you desire. From the perspective of other realities, the very idea of not willing for what you desire would be seen as a kind of delusional madness. As human beings we desire to thrive, but we do not bother willing ourselves to thrive because we don’t truly believe that is a personal possibility. Instead we will ourselves to survive and merely carry a hope that this may lead to us thriving. When seen clearly, that hope is not hope at all. It is the fear-based disbelief that cuts off our thriving. You must believe in your ability to thrive for thriving to be reflected.

This conflicted condition is the result of polarization within our belief systems brought about through fear. We will be exploring belief systems in detail later. For now, it is enough to understand that the distinction between will and desire only arises when a person carries a fear-based belief that what they desire is not obtainable or would be too painful to obtain. This is to understand that the only time there is distinction between our will and our desire is in the presence of fear. When this happens, the mind then goes about working out the next best thing, which represents a compromise of the desire.

Going back to our examples, instead of telling your boss they are a bigot, you may mock and belittle them to your work colleagues. Instead of spending more time on your creative project, you take on extra paid work telling yourself this choice will financially support your creative dream down the line. In this situation the person fears not having enough money, more than they fear feeling creatively unfulfilled.

Because all fears are based upon unconsciousness (a masking of the understanding of the One Self), every fear within you represents a potential journey out of fear. Every fear represents a journey to a wider, deeper experience of the Self that you are choosing to be in this life. Your fears are not thorns to be tolerated as a part of the human experience. They are what makes the canvas of life so exciting and engaging. In a way that you may need to take some time to come to peace with, the deepest understanding of fear comes when you see that you value the ways in which it makes qualities and things in your life matter to you.

In life we often find that we make choices to achieve goals that we are not truly emotionally invested in, while taking little action towards creating the reality we truly desire deep within our hearts. This arises from fear-based beliefs that tell us that what we desire is not possible. Only in fear do we willingly make choices that work against our own desires. Fear is the only difference between what we will and what we desire. All fears are rooted in unconsciousness (lack of knowledge) about what is feared. Fear has introduced conflict into our choices, because, as well as seeking what you positively desire, you come to desire the avoidance of what you fear.

Though free will and choice is most typically thought of as the positive expression of preference, what has been illustrated is that it is more an experience of navigating our desires through the fears that mask them. If ever you are willing for something you do not desire, you are making a fear-based choice. We are now at a point within the human experience where we willingly take on fear-based beliefs in order to experience transforming them. However, to look at the origin of this, we must go back to an earlier state of humanity where what we now experience as mental fear-based beliefs originated as the physical survival instinct.

One of the most significant qualities of being human is being mortal (i.e. believing that we have a finite lifespan). Because we have forgotten where we have come from, death is seen as either an ending or as the entering of something unknown. As such it typically comes to be feared in a deep primal way. Physical pain is another example of an experience which naturally heightens the charge of fear within us. This is the level at which fear can be seen to not be a mistake, but a quality of experience that leads physical beings to instinctually seek to avoid physical demise. It is a process that operates within the most basic mental structure of association (e.g. Pavlov’s dog being trained to salivate at the sound of a bell).

When it comes to that which is considered the ‘natural’ state of fear, we can look to animals and the times at which a fearful, emotional response leads them to self-protective behavior. This is to understand that in terms of physical design and evolution, pain and fear have a clear purpose. These two qualities serve creatures within the food chain well. However, in the human, where so much of our experience has become internal and mental, fear has morphed into something extraordinarily powerful; something that dwarfs the originally intended experience; something that permeates every moment because of how it interacts with our perception. This evolution of fear does not represent a mistake; it represents a path of Self exploration that we are willingly choosing.

The evolution of humanity’s mental fear has many strands. Religion stands tallest amongst them. In any discussion of how we have shaped ourselves through religion, it is important to remember that religion is not a force outside of us. We created the religions of this world and are not victims of them. Even if you are someone that wholly rejects religion, the very language, myths, rituals and traditions that permeate our cultures all birthed in a time when fear-based religion and superstition dominated humanity's beliefs. Religions have instilled beliefs throughout this world that shape us all, whether or not we believe in any particular religion.

There are ten thousand instances of fear-full, hate-full rhetoric I could point to in religion, but these represent the blunt edge of how religions turn people against their own nature. Beneath all the judgmental righteousness lies the jewel of religious beliefs which portrays the will of God as being different from the ‘selfish and profane’ desires of humans. Religion tells us that not only is God incredibly different from what we are, but in relation to God’s brilliance we are fallen, we are nothing. However, if you do what the religion says by using their book of rules, then this God, acting through its official priestly vessels, will forgive you for being who you are.

Religions like to draw a distinction between will and desire because they seek to demonize our desires as wicked personal choices. This sets us up in an impossible dilemma between our natural impulses and the list of feared consequences that the religion presents. Though I do not believe in the existence of evil or hell, I do feel that whatever seeks to get you to believe you contain evil is the closest thing in existence to the idea of evil. This is equally to see that to hold the belief that you are going to hell, is what hell is. Meaning, to truly believe that when you die a beast will come and take you for the purposes of eternally torturing you, is, in terms of consciousness, to be in a living hell. Hell is a religious construct used to instill fears that turn people against their own desire; the desire that reflects their true nature.

Fear isn’t, however, all about religion. Despite many fears having a religious origin, in this day and age there is now an incredible richness to the diverse ways in which we have come to fear life, each other and ourselves. Whenever you believe that there is a difference between what you personally desire and what you ‘should do’ then you are experiencing fear created by conflict within your beliefs. The origin of that fear will have been someone or something exerting a controlling force on you that you succumbed to and internalized. This could be a parent pressuring a child into being a doctor rather than an actor, or the family priest preaching that masturbation is the path to hell.

What I am wanting you to see is that what we call our experience of will is actually much more of the experience of dilemma caused by fear interacting with your desire. Will, free of fear, is simply allowing your focus to naturally follow your desire. Without the dilemma created by fear, there would be no conflict in our choices to the degree that they wouldn’t even feel like choices. They would feel more like floating down a river in a boat without oars and when a fork approached you would simply trust that your own natural momentum already perfectly represented your will.

The complex mental fears that we find ourselves navigating evolved from the physical survival instinct becoming a mental construction of fear-based beliefs. Religion has been a significant force in the separation of our will and desire by setting the will of God up as being opposed to our natural human desires. The result is that much of the human experience is now about navigating fear-based mental dilemmas that appear to stand between us and what we desire. This has been our choice within the exploration of beingness and is not a mistake.

What is being said in this essay is not that fear creates choice, but that most of what we call choice is in fact the moment where we are balancing our desire for what we want to happen, with our desire to avoid what we fear happening. Though this may sound like fear is a bad thing that we should eradicate, it is important to understand that the desire to overcome your own fears gives great meaning and direction to your life.

In our acceptance of our choice to be human, it is appropriate to want to transform our fears, but it is a path to victimhood to label them as a mistake or a wrongness. That said, I would now like to look at what choice without fear is so that we can better understand the unified will / desire that exists outside of the experience of fear. Please remember that though we are exploring this as an idea, this is not suggesting that we made a mistake in including fear within our experience. Fear is an intrinsic part of being human. Realities that could be called ‘humanity without fear’ do exist. They just aren’t called the human experience anymore, because without fear they look and feel completely different.

As we become less fearful, so our choices become easier as we get less caught up in the dilemma of them. This is to see that fear creates a force of resistance in our will. The more we release our fears the less resistant to the experience of life we become. The idea, therefore is that without fear we would each be meeting our lives without resistance and we would be purely focusing upon what we desire. There is, however, a strong human belief that if we all did what we wanted there would be anarchy and chaos. This primarily comes from religion which tells us that our uncontrolled desires come from bad places within us such as lust, greed and envy, and will cause us to abandon all identification with love and reason. Your own experience of Self will show you this is not so.

So what is choice without fear? The clearest place to look is within an experience of preference that is based upon positive feeling, rather than negative judgment. For example, we are generally capable of having a favorite color without believing that the other colors are inferior, profane, fallen, wrong, evil, impure, artificial, un-spiritual or the work of the devil. This is what it is like to choose one thing over another without fear being a factor. You will notice that such choices carry relatively little weight and often feel inconsequential to the direction our life is taking. Though we may prefer that certain things reflect our favorite color, we are not upset if something is another color. We also realize that we generally wouldn’t want everything to be the same color anyway.

What gives our choices a real feeling of weight is when they could potentially lead to something we greatly desire or greatly fear. This is to see that fear adds a charge to our choices, which can give them a feeling of meaning through jeopardy. When it comes to our greatest desires and a choice feels highly charged because it has the potential to lead to something you want badly, then the charge is not so much coming from a positive desire, but is more often coming from a fear that the choice won’t lead to the desired outcome. This is the experience of attachment to outcome, which is a fear of loss. So even what we may call a positive charge pulling us forward is often discovered to be a fear-based charge.

So, in conclusion, it is not that fear creates choice, but that in terms of being human the two are inseparable as all significant human choices are made in relation to fear (even if it is the idea of not being contained by that fear). Choice without fear does exist hypothetically, but for our purposes let us embrace, rather than deny, that we are all choosing to live with the presence of fear in our lives. When we understand what we are at a wider level we discover that we enjoy transforming fears. This is to embrace that our most significant life-defining choices involve the resolution of internal fear-based dilemma.

What is interesting to see here is that there is a way in which choices that do not contain fear do not feel like choices at all because there is no difficulty or dilemma within them. For example, when looking at a menu, if you see a favorite specialty dish that you rarely get to eat, then you may just close the menu without it even feeling like a decision because there was no dilemma in it. Yet it is clear you have made a choice. We tend to identify choices by how difficult they are; with choices whose answers seem completely obvious to us not feeling like choices at all. They just feel like taking action. The realization is that choice without fear feels like living your life without resistance. It is simply allowing yourself to be. Life without fear is a state of ever-unfolding allowance.

A person in fear will furiously try and row their boat away from what they fear. While it is true that a person in love may furiously row towards the object of their love, when you truly come to see how your life is emerging from you, you will experience your desire as the very flow of the river, naturally carrying you towards your desire. This is the profound understanding that there is no force of resistance to your desire except your fear. Without resistance your desire is a state of flow. Oars are only ever needed to row against fear. Without fear you are naturally hurtling towards everything you desire. This is the realization that it does not take effort to love. It only takes effort to fear.

Without fear you won’t even feel the need to steer. You just let your momentum take you because you trust in what you are, in what you are doing, and why you are doing it. What you are trusting in doesn’t feel like a choice you once made that you are now hoping will turn out alright. Instead, it feels like trusting in your Self, in your own worth. It is the knowing that whatever emerges from you will always be welcome. Choice without fear feels like being welcomed into what you are. It is to experience reality continually welcoming you into further experiences of your Self.

The One Self Teachings point you towards a potential experience within the human Self which feels like the leaving of choice itself and the entering of a flow to life that offers an eternally, enriching, experience of Self that simultaneously diversifies and unifies your experience of Self. Though travelling towards this state as an ideal will give an empowered direction to your life, it is important to understand that it is not a condition you want to permanently exist in. If that were true you would have gone directly to that kind of reality instead of coming to the human experience. Though you will taste that delicious state within the human experience whenever you transform a fear, the understanding is that you would then take on new fears to transform. Whatever part of you resists that idea, is the part of you that still fears fear, is the part of you that is not comfortable with being human and believes there is a better reality you could be in.

Summary: Fear of what we do not want to happen, combined with fear of losing what we love, gives a profound feeling of meaning to our lives. Choice without fear is preference and carries little charge. Leaving fear feels like leaving choice itself, because without fear our desires give a flow to our life. This naturally carries us towards the experiences we desire. Though this sounds wonderful, it is important to understand that we prefer transforming the fears that hold us from what we desire just as much as what we desire. See how this describes an empowered vant
age point through which you can interpret your life.