Uninstalling Deep State

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Imagine all of the thing’s freedom would mean for you right now. Spend a moment there, long enough to really feel it.

This is the core of creation – emotional intensity, passionate participation, vibrant visualization. Every moment you spend there – pulls it closer.


So true! This is how creation works. See, feel, and live what you want to experience, not what you don't want to experience. It is how creation really works; it is Who We ALL Really Are when we aren't playing the game of pretending we have limits.

The game of limitation, of lack, of power over, of the controllers vs the controlled is done. Why continue to focus on how enslaved we are, when all that does is ensure that slavery is what we continue to experience?

See, feel, and live freedom instead. We are almost there! Real, true, freedom is almost upon us, the signs are everywhere. Let's bring it home!


by Sophia Love

Posted 11/26/2018

What rises to the surface is weightless. What floats, rests on other, denser parts. These risings and floating’s happen when unburdened and unrestrained. They mimic your truth, and expose your natural state – unbound.

On earth now, they can be seen as buoys drifting on a dark sea. They can be tasted first as that dollop of whipped cream on top of a steaming cup of hot cocoa. They are witnessed in happiness. They can be heard in the laughter of the innocent. They are felt in the throes of passion. You will find them in smiling eyes.

What does it mean to be free? A part of me knows, remembers even. This physical body does not, not fully. The current me knows only slavery.

Yet with imagination, we can get to this place called free. We can picture a non-slave life:

There are no shoulds.

There are no bills, taxes, interest.

There is no debt of any kind.

There are things that need doing. There are people that need caring for. There is a society that has to function for the benefit of all. Things like wellness, optimal emotional development, artistic expression, scientific discovery, advances in technology are all a potential part of your life rather than “jobs” that “pay” or “require” a “level” of “education” to pursue. Everyone participates.

Choices of food eaten, home lived in, clothing worn or school attended are not defined by “income level”. The playing field is equal. Opportunities are everywhere.

If there is money, it is neither hard to get nor necessary to hoard. It is not cause for anxiety (aging).

Imagine if tomorrow you didn’t have to think about how you’d be able to buy your next meal, care for your mother, support your family, fix your roof, fix your car, buy that needed therapy or replace that pair of holey boots. Imagine if your mail consisted only of birthday cards, love letters and notes from your friends and family.

Imagine if the food you ate was fresh and free of chemicals, as well as plentiful. Imagine if you held no concept of a 40-hour work week or mounting debt or age-related illness.

Imagine all of the thing’s freedom would mean for you right now. Spend a moment there, long enough to really feel it.

This is the core of creation – emotional intensity, passionate participation, vibrant visualization. Every moment you spend there – pulls it closer.

Not pulling as in taking it away from someone else. It is pulling in the pieces of this un-slaved existence. It is laying out the tools so they are within reach. It is building for yourself the opportunity you seek.

Only you can do this. Those who have controlled things here are not going to suddenly see the error of their ways, and say “Oh, my bad” as they hand you the keys to the kingdom. Nope, not gonna happen like that.

You already have those keys – you only need to use them.

Take your eyes off of slavery. You already know that story by heart.

Place them instead on un-slavery. Better yet – take a gander at un-bound. Focus on free. Not only as words or distant, unreal ideas, but get right down to it. Feel it. See it. Know it as real and in your every day. You'll know what to do once that happens.

Imagine your mail box with only good things in it. See the car, teeth, body, shoes, mom or roof as you want them to be. Just picture free in every place that you are now enslaved. Picture it often and it has no choice but to appear. Infuse it with passion and you’ll get to know “free” as well as you now recognize shackled.
Change enslaved to UN-slaved.

It is here, in these final moments, that our core truth emerges and writes our ending. We are free. We are the ones. We have anchored the light. It is done.

With appreciation for all that you are,

Note -- check out this short, great clip on creation, below!

Above clip from the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know"
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The Exploitation Of Humanity Is Ending - an article by Tiffany FitzHenry

There is a movement afoot. An awakening. It's been coming for decades, building momentum. Momentum away from deception and toward truth. An awakening of consciousness. It has been gaining speed as more and more of humanity remember, recognize, accept, and finally - embrace - their inherent power. Many, myself included, refer to this as "the Great Awakening."

"This is about humanity awakening and finally and fully understanding why our world has looked the way it has, including global and systemic poverty, endless wars, drugs, crime, violence, and all diseases of the body, mind and spirit."


"To many, it will feel like the world is ending. But rest assure, it’s their world that’s ending, not ours. As the false world of lies and control is unveiled, and the truth is revealed, everything that was built on the exploitation of humanity will be incinerated.

Just let it burn."

~ Tiffany FitzHenry

As we move forward with this Awakening, let us remember that we have been participating in a "game". A "game" of all-powerful god-beings pretending to be powerless. We could never have experienced that which we have all experienced while remembering Who We Really Are. We had to "forget" that we were powerful creators. "Forgetting" was the the only way. An entire arena for experience was created to do just that .. to forget. It is time now to remember.

This has been a game of duality, of separation. As the "game" has unfolded, through our various aspects of essence we have each played all the roles. Good bad, rich poor, powerful powerless, the rulers and the ruled, the innocent and the guilty. We've done it all. Wonderful things, horrific things. We've done it all. Amazing things, despicable things. We've done it all. We've experienced it all. We are done with those experiences. That game is over.

All that's left is for each of us to realize that we've been participating in a game - a game of our own design and our own choice - and stop playing. For real. Stop playing the victim role. Stop accepting others playing the victim role. We can listen compassionately and understandingly without accepting victimhood. We are all creators, each of us, down to the last. We can assist others, if we choose, in realizing Who They Really Are too and thereby not only speed up the ending, but ensure that the Great Awakening and the Great Ending is fulfilled peacefully and compassionately.

Will there be justice for perpetrators? Yes. Actions have consequences. But there is a way to promote justice without hatred, without violence. Find that way. Look to your heart. Look to the beloveds in your life for support, for the reminder of what unconditional love and appreciation look like, what understanding and compassion feel like. We are all playing roles. Some of us chose the deepest darkest most despicable roles. "There but for the grace of God .."


September 5, 2018

By Tiffany FitzHenry

Dear family, friends, and neighbors,

By now you’ve no doubt sensed we are living in extraordinary times.

You’ve likely noted, over the last several months, the seemingly unending wave of strange news and bombshell revelations. The untimely, almost ritualistic sounding suicides of high profile celebrities, the onslaught of sexually predatory and pedophile related crimes surfacing out of Hollywood and the media, the recent news of decades of child sex abuse operating under the veil of religion. You may be beginning to suspect that not only has there been a great deal about our world we didn’t know, but perhaps something else even larger is going on.

You are right about both.

As we continue to learn the truth a new picture of our world is materializing, that of a virtual prison planet, long blanketed with a horrible plague of darkness. A darkness that’s been cleverly disguised. But with each new revelation this disguise is falling away, showing humanity, for the first time, the shocking and horrifying truth about what the powerful elites of our planet have been doing. We are just now starting to see behind the curtain, and beginning to understand how their dark power systems have worked. It all keeps coming back to the same themes. Predatory sexual behavior and the sickening abuse of children involving the most powerful and influential people and institutions in our world. And each day, new layers continue to peel away, revealing a grotesque global system of centralized power, owned influence, extortion, child sex abuse, and human trafficking. The scope of which none of us could have ever possibly imagined.

To all who are in touch with their humanity, these horrors are almost impossible to comprehend. This was always a part of their dark plan. That the secret way in which the world really worked was so vile, so inhumane, that even if we somehow found out, we wouldn’t believe it because we simply couldn’t or refused to.

That plan is failing them.

A formal call for the Pope’s resignation has been issued. Elite globalism is in rapid decline. Human sovereignty and consciousness are rising like a rocket worldwide. All of this is pushing the truth to the surface.

In the coming days, weeks and months ahead, the most wicked things imaginable will begin to go public. And a flood of even more disclosures about highly influential people throughout every institution, is on the way. Revelations that will leave you reeling. I’m talking about the most heinous crimes against children and mass crimes against humanity, committed with impunity for decades by the entire ruling class of this planet. Visibly, we will continue to see high-profile people throughout Washington, Hollywood/Media, and The Church fall from grace. But the scope of this is enormous. This dark system stretches into every industry. Its evil tentacles touch every corner of the Earth.

Hearing vile things about those we may have idolized, those we’ve elected to lead our nations, those we’ve considered our moral authority, those we’ve looked to for spiritual guidance, is not going to be easy for anyone. At this time, it’s critical to erase the concept of politics from your mind. Politics is a tiny, fake construct used to divide and control us. The coming disclosures will obliterate this long-running illusion. This is about humanity awakening and finally and fully understanding why our world has looked the way it has, including global and systemic poverty, endless wars, drugs, crime, violence, and all diseases of the body, mind and spirit.

Be warned, those involved will try to spin, deny, and twist what you’re hearing. They will try to distract you from listening to the truth with a pre-planned slate of counter “disclosures.” Things like plagues and outbreaks, AI take over, asteroids, mass shootings, even alien invasions. If you’re paying attention you already see the stage being set as the noose of the truth continues to tighten. I encourage you to use your discernment, to look at the fact patterns we already know about, to be honest with yourself, and open your mind to the possibility that we were very wrong about a lot of people. That we fell for a multi-generational, multi-millennia, galactic-sized bait and switch. That almost everything in our world was the opposite of what we believed.

Setting aside your ego and attachments is critical now, not just for your own sanity but for the evolution and future of our species. Above all, do not fear. If something triggers fear, know that it’s false. You need only observe the truth as it washes over the planet. The truth is the elixir, let it do it’s work. Use the great power of your own intuition to see these false disclosures for what they are, a hallow tactic. A grand projection, one last big Hail Mary lie, all rooted in self-preservation.

To many, it will feel like the world is ending. But rest assure, it’s their world that’s ending, not ours. As the false world of lies and control is unveiled, and the truth is revealed, everything that was built on the exploitation of humanity will be incinerated.

Just let it burn.

The crimes are real. The things you’ll be hearing about institutions and the elites who’ve controlled them are true. It’s all true.

Those who know the truth and the scope of what’s coming already outnumber those still in the dark. As you absorb these disclosures about our institutions and the people who’ve been controlling them, you’ll feel shocked, dismayed, disturbed, disoriented and utterly heartbroken. Know that millions worldwide have just gone before you through these very same emotions. You are not alone—far from it. Arm yourselves with prayer and the love of your family, friends and neighbors; these are the most important people in the world. The inextinguishable power of these sacred bonds will carry us all through.

As a humane society, we are duty bound to bear witness to all the suffering that so many have been enduring in the shadows of our world. Be brave for the victims. Souls have been torn to shreds and lives have been shattered, countless have been living in a sleepless nightmare. Be prepared to listen to those who’ve been abused. If you find yourself speaking with someone who has, whether it be at the hand of a clergy or other person our society bestowed high office or status, the only words needed are “I believe you,” “I’m sorry that happened to you,” “I love you.” Be gentle with the survivors of abuse and ready to be receive them. Thousands upon thousands will begin to emerge from the shadow when they know they are finally safe enough to do so.

The more light and love we give during this time, the quicker and more powerfully the healing will happen and the brighter, healthier, more joyous and more abundant our precious existence will become.

This time of revelation and of clearing our world of the darkness that had taken root, was written in the stars long ago. Trust the plan we all agreed to be a part of, and know that together we are heading into a brand new, limitless future, the greatest, most luminous time humanity has ever known.

Remember, where we go one we go all.


The Sky Isn't The Limit ..

.. Your Belief System Is!


Are You Delaying Your Full Awakening?

The following piece is from Sophia Love, titled "10 Things Preventing Your Ascension".

However .. I've personally stopped using the word "ascension" as it's confusing for people and tends to sound like something it isn't. Ascension isn't going someplace or achieving something or magically becoming non-human .. so that all those pesky human problems go away. No, it's coming the full remembering, realization, and acceptance of who you really are as a being, a creator being, and utilizing the full power of that knowing.

Once you've experienced that remembering, in even the tiniest way, all there is to do is begin using your powers as a creator to enjoy your existence and experiences, in true creator fashion. If you don't like the way an experience is unfolding for you .. change it! You can you know. In the blink of an eye. In a heartbeat. You just have to know that you can, and utilize that power.

So instead of "ascension" let's call this process we're all going through "awakening." There isn't any "arrival point" as the word "ascension" implies, but rather an unfolding, and quite a delicious unfolding at that. Awakening is a process. You won't ever be "done". Being "done" isn't the point. Experience is the point .. and you are already experiencing! .. but perhaps without understanding where your experiences are coming from.

Your "life" as a human is your personal stage play. You are the author, the producer, the director, the actor, and the audience! How will you write the story of You? How will you play it? How will you direct it? How will you observe it? How will you retell it? It is yours in every sense of the word. All that stands in your way of directing it consciously is laid out beautifully by Sophia (below).


By Sophia Love
August 28, 2018

It’s like climbing a ladder using every other rung. Oh, all of the rungs are there, perfectly willing to support you. Only you don’t see all of them. Every other rung is cleverly hidden beneath familiar things.

These things are not really physical. These things are emotional. These things are intellectual. They seem so real however, that when you reach for that next rung, it is out of sight & beneath one of these familiar things.

They are now serving as very clever camouflage. Here are their names:

• Fear
• Safety
• Embarrassment
• Insecurity/Doubt
• Arrogance
• Habit
• Ego*
• Social Programming/Education
• Role/Status (Self-defined)
• Memories/Confusion

Now the specific patterning of the camouflage is different for each, yet they are all constructed using some component of at least one of these ten things. That means, in essence, that each covering will vary slightly but is based on a falsehood that hides the truth. For none of these things are real. They are camouflage. The ladder exists for each of us to climb. Every rung is in place.

What we must do now is uncover them so that we continue to ascend. There will be no falling.

We are awake now and we know about the high-tech camouflage that can make things look as if they don’t exist.

This part can get a bit tricky because the high-level technology that covers every other rung on our ladder was created by us. It’s our own stuff. That means it’s brilliant.

This climb demands sheer determination and tenacity. You must be willing to first notice and then take a step back before responding to what you notice. Examine each piece. It will be uncomfortable. It may be sad, shocking or scary. You are going to feel vulnerable. You may want to call me a liar and say (in a sort of angry voice) “There is no rung there! I’ve been alive 25, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75, 85 or 95 years and if it was there I’d have seen it!”

It’s there.

This climb to enlightenment is not even a climb really. There’s no place to ascend to. Not really.

That’s why you can’t fall.

All the rungs? They are actually deeper levels of awareness.

What you’ll see as you “ascend” is the beauty of your own truth. You’ll witness your divine self.
You’ll embrace your eternal essence in absolute perfection. You’ll experience bliss.

These sheets of camouflage are illusory and they are all that’s stopping you from loving yourself. Really loving yourself. No conditions. No exceptions. All out, pedal to the metal, no brakes agape.

Self-love IS the shift.

Let nothing stop you, regardless of how brilliant or clever or familiar it seems.

You know better.


You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

With appreciation for all that you are,

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* Sophia uses the word "ego" here. I'd like to clarify that ego is not the enemy. It's not something to run away from .. nor could we if we tried. Ego a very important part of being human. Without what we refer to as ego humans would have no automaticity - we'd have to consciously manage every little detail of our "life". The problem has been that because we were playing this game of pretending NOT to be the creator beings that we are, we have been self-programming our ego to manage tasks it was never meant to manage. You can take back a run-away ego by re-programming yourself consciously rather than continuing to operate unconsciously (ie - without awareness).

It takes diligence, it takes noticing when our ego is running a program that is no longer in our best interests, but it can be done. The more you reprogram yourself consciously, the less and less "rogue" your ego will seem. Over time you'll notice vast improvements in your ability to act rather than react .. unless you are consciously choosing to maintain whichever reactions that you wish to maintain. That's the beauty of ego .. it only does what we tell it to. We just need to be aware of what we're directing it to do!


Trust Yourself

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Sieze The Moment

Image Credit: Unknown

I would expand on this idea, replacing "day" with "moment".

Not only is every day a new day, every moment is new. We can cancel any thought, idea, belief, comment, or action that no longer serves us in the very next moment. We don't have to wait for tomorrow.

Every moment is precious, we knew that.

But we were never told that we could change a belief and watch our reality shift in the very next moment.

We do that by simply releasing an old thought and replacing it with a new one. Sometimes we need to do that over and over again until our old unconscious self-programming is released and our new, conscious self-programming is in place. It takes diligence and focus, but it is totally doable.

There is never a moment when we cannot choose differently what we wish to experience.

We are the masters of our reality. Believe that and a whole new way of being opens up.


A Comment On End Game

A Comment on End Game

May 3, 2018

Wow. There’s a lot going on in the world as we wind down the old game of “Power Over” and simultaneously begin living the new game of “Self Empowerment”.

Self empowerment is what will lead us to true freedom for all beings. Unity, not division.

In that vein, I’d like to offer a perspective of these “goings on” that you might not have considered:

The media is being played.

If you’re believing what you see in the media, or believing others who are believing what they are seeing in the media, then you’re being played too.

If you could stand back and really see what’s going on - and you can, all truth can be discovered (hiding in plain sight), but you do have to dig for it - you’d realize that the vast majority of what’s playing out in the media is all theatre, all smoke and mirrors. Double and triple meanings to everything. Strategy. Tactics.

All the same tactics long used by the deep state/controllers against humanity are now being used to dismantle the deep state/controllers to free humanity.

Or perhaps better said, by and for humanity to free itself.

This dismantling is for the betterment of ALL, which includes far more than "just" humanity.

But humanity is key. Each human must awaken from the nightmare and claim freedom for themselves. This is happening at a greater and greater pace.

The dismantling of the controllers and controlling systems was requested and agreed upon by some of us at a conscious level, by most at the heart/soul level. But requested and agreed upon it was.

However some .. many .. most? .. of the actors are so lost in their role that they can't see that they're playing a role.

This is the major, if not only, problem making the dismantling so difficult and time-consuming.

The process chosen to do the dismantling allows for a peaceful ending.

A peaceful ending is something that, at the heart and soul level, all beings have asked for and agreed upon.

I wish you could all appreciate that what we’re witnessing is a thing of great beauty.

It’s the greatest story involving mankind ever imagined, and it's playing out in real time.

A real, live-action movie for the masses.

But we don’t always understand what we’re witnessing when we’re witnessing it.

Especially when we’re caught up in the story/movie itself.

Sometimes we have to read a book or watch a movie all the way to the end before we recognize the various plot twists and turns.

Then, when we do finally see those plot twists and turns, we do the V8 head-smack thing and laugh. "How could I not have seen that?? hahahaha"

Believe what you will. What to believe and not believe is always each individual’s choice.

There is no right way or wrong way to experience End Game.

We’re each experiencing it in our own personal and unique way.

But there is great appreciation, great excitement, and great joy to be had when you can stand apart from the hysteria and start connecting the dots.

The dots are hiding in plain sight. You can find them if you wish to find them.

These truly are the most exciting and fun times to be alive!

Try not to get caught up in the drama, unless drama is what you seek.

If it is, then enjoy the drama!

If not, then just enjoy the show!

Catch you on the flip side! 💙 ~k


History In The Making

After 68 years of conflict, aggression, and eventually nuclear threats, North Korea agrees to end hostilities with South Korea and denuclearize. Kim Jong-un, President of North Korea and Moon Jae-in, President of South Korea, declare the previous demilitarized zone an area of peace.

This is only the beginning. Universal Peace and Freedom for ALL.

Written by Kim Jong-un in the guestbook at the Peace House summit venue (translated) 
"A new history begins now - at the starting point of history and the era of peace."

Wives of North and South Korean Presidents walk hand-in-hand


The Event - A Simple Change In Attitude (Sophia)

The anticipation feeds a sense of waiting for some event beyond your control. ... Yet if you could shift your anticipation from one of waiting, to one of readiness and excitement, things would happen faster.

The difference is that of waiting in anticipation of receiving a gift you know is coming - versus excitement in anticipation of doing something you just love to do. In the first you are imagining something being given to you. In the second you are imagining initiating something yourself.

Therein lies the difference. ~One / Sophia

By Sophia Love, from her April 16, free edition newsletter

April 12th, 2018, 3:59 AM

Is there someone who woke me up?

Yes Sophia. It is I. It is One.

Hello. What is it you've come to say?

There are things to discuss. These things concern the earth and the changes for all of you on her now.

You are in a time of the alteration.

This is the time we've spoken of before. The earth is moving into a frequency of a faster vibratory rate. As she does so, humanity does also.

It is true that there will be a cataclysm as the process proceeds. Such a shift cannot happen without it. You are seeing it take place in your lives. You are seeing it take place in the lives of those you watch who have placed themselves in positions of power and prominence.

I will tell you now how it is likely to proceed.

There are those among you with fear. This fear springs from an idea of nuclear war. This will not occur. It is not permitted. It will be stopped if it is attempted. It is seen that the talk around such an event is being done and, in some cases, getting louder because those beings who participate in the dark agenda know this as the only card left to draw. So, they flash it about as it sounds to be the utmost in power with maximum destruction.

This is all that you are seeing.

What will occur as this shift moves more definitively forward, are earth changes.
They are coming. The animals sense them and, in some cases, see them.

What happens is movement. There is geo-physical alteration of the near surface portion of the earth's crust. There are waves, forces of frequency that are now already seen by some of your animals. And, by some of your humans.

The air is ripe with change, Sophia. There is a gathering. Many unseen beings are with you now to observe and in some way participate. They are here as an assist.

This too, this influx of beings who exist just beyond your visible sight, is sometimes seen first by your animals. Your pets even sense and see them.

You see them out of the corner of your eye or they sometimes make themselves known with random movements in physical objects around you.

This time is the shift. It will be sensed first by those of you aware. It will then, at the moment of more explosive physical alteration, not occur as a complete shock for you.

You are meant to instill calm. To bring a sense of peace to your fellow humans who experience these changes with fear. These fearful emotions do not indicate negativity. They indicate only a lack of awareness.

Quickly, those that came now to be in this time and proceed through it successfully, will "catch on" and "get on board" with the truth.

It is what you call "the Event" that separates the wheat from the chaff.

Those here now who are ready to proceed to a new earth will feel the love deeply and a profound readiness will result. This will look like openness to negotiation, collaboration, change, relationship. This will look like peace. It will be clear in their eyes.

It will radiate from them and not be something force fed to them.

This Event is the pre-cursor to the next stage. The next stage begins your procession to whichever destination you've chosen - one on this planet, one on a ship.

This planet continues in multiple densities and some will appear to be living in a state of complete contrast. This is the not the choice of those now reading.

The race and the planet move as one into a dimension of palpable love. This move leaves much "behind" as it were, and there are those who only see that as a possibility.

The new earth, the one possible for you now and after the Event - and for/in the coming years - awaits you already.

Time and its movement can be impossible to explain, other than to tell you all of it happens now. This is the reason for so many predictions. Those who can tune into the other aspects of current moments speak to what they see coming.

There is a sense of foreboding. There is a sense of relief. Both of these (will) play out for you. Your truth at the end of every day is found in your deepest held belief about what is possible. Go there every day and hold on to the vision of Earth as you desire. See freedom for those of you held by physical or imagined bars on movement, prosperity, happiness, expression, love. See the earth green and thriving. See all of what you want and it will become manifest in your visual perception soon.

These coming changes hold as their core an acceleration of not just consciousness, but of every possibility held within the human - every sense is now potentially activated.

It is a moment of magic. Use this as a stage for your own forward thinking, for your bliss, for your happily ever after.

What happens now is inevitable and picked by you at the same time. Not only picked by you - created by you. You are the gods of old and the new earth. You are the gods of now. With every facet of a god held within your core - this shift is your doing.

The reason for all of it is you. The participants for all of it are all of you. Each part contributing now. See the end result only as that most desired outcome. Your power now amplifies and once your belief is on board, things happen quickly.

The anticipation feeds a sense of waiting for some event beyond your control. This is in a sense true, as the control is in every one, not only one. Yet if you could shift your anticipation from one of waiting, to one of readiness and excitement, things would happen faster.

Indeed, at this point now they could happen instantaneously.

The difference is that of waiting in anticipation of receiving a gift you know is coming - versus excitement in anticipation of doing something you just love to do. In the first you are imagining something being given to you. In the second you are imagining initiating something yourself.

Therein lies the difference.

Once the human absorbs and uses her power to create, his world instantly changes. The Event is only the beginning. So much wonder is here for you.

This is what I came to say.

Goodbye Sophia.

Thank you, goodbye.

The message ends here.


Goodbye Duality ...

Fom Lauren Gorgo's 5D Report for March 2018:

"Your place in duality concludes when you no longer feel connected to/interested in the story of your own wounding or the wounding of others… when you no longer relate to suffering from a personal vantage point."

"... when this moment arrives... and it will..." (as Lauren continues in 5D Report, below) ... we finally discover our ability to both be in the game and outside of it at the same time. No longer do negative past experiences bring forward the negative emotion that they once did. We remember events, but no longer feel the negative emotions previously associated with those events.

Interestingly, recall of positive experiences often now brings forward even greater positive emotion than they did at the time of our initial experience. We may find ourselves being touched in ways we never thought possible. Some of these emotions can be overpowering, where we find ourself in tears without knowing or understanding why. These changes can be very confusing to our human!

Not that we won't continue to experience this physical life as a human, because we will. We simply experience our human life in a different way - attached and not attached at the same time. And sometimes still, completely attached. *sigh* We're remembering our mastery, and when we forget, our unconscious automaticity takes over.

When we find ourself overcome with some negative emotion (upset, fear, anger, hatred, loathing, etc.) we know that it's our human reacting, not our true self. When we realize this, all there is to do is find our center and remind ourselves that these reactions are coming from our human aspect, in response to our own self-programming; programming created from the uncountable number of choices that we made when we either weren't aware we were choosing, or because we made the best choice we could without knowing that other choices were possible. Many of those unconsciously-made choices no longer serve us. It's time to release them.

For the rest of our journey as physical beings we'll practice, and continue to practice, participating in our experience as our physical aspect, yet observing those experiences from the greater perspective of our true self's awareness and knowingness. This is what some call "Triality."

The move from human duality to human triality is you (human aspect) connecting with You (true self), and bringing together all aspects of You that You cast off from You in order to experience separation and duality. The human that you currently identify as "you" is but one aspect of many (many!) beings, all of which are You.

Never forget that as an aspect of Source, free will is your birthright. It is the birthright of each and every being in all of Source's universe, despite how our human aspect might feel about it. This truth was hidden from us. Actually it was agreed to by us. We each, as our true self, agreed to forget in order to experience having forgotten.

The game itself was to experience separation and duality. Some say that what started out as a game of separation and duality, at some point devolved into a wager, but that's a story for another time. Point being, the end point of the game was to remember ... to remember the fullness of who we are (our true self) and to once again stand in our power as equal aspects of Source. End game is here. All there is to do now is to continue to remember, and for each of us / all of us to participate in our experiences from that place of knowingness.

For anyone who hasn't already begun to experience their physical life in this way, much awaits! If you have/are, you'll know that (currently) there aren't many who understand you or You or your perspective(s). You may begin to feel alienated and alone (more than likely you've felt this way most of, if not all of, your life). Be the helping hand that helps others to remember their true beingness also, so that we may all leave this game behind and begin playing together in the next game ... whatever we determine that to be!

And with that, here's Lauren:

Amnesty Granted: the great reconciliation

By Lauren Gorgo at ThinkWithYourHeart

March 22, 2018

Out of the eclipses, thru the equinox, and into Mercury retrograde we go! ... As of today… Mercury’s station... we are officially beginning the extensive mental calibration needed to meet the newly calibrated Heart. According to my Sources, this is the “big event” of the spring (in the north) which will then be followed by an important physical body calibration that will span the entire summer season (winter in south).

For the next several weeks we will be fully integrating the new human Heartmind, the true vehicle for co-creation (with the Divine Mind) and the mechanism needed to transcend the workings of the lower human experience…all so that we can fully engage with the higher realms of Creation.

The Heartmind is the interface between the earth and divine realms, our communication portal to “beyond the veil”. It is created out of the synthesis of our male/female polarities, enabling us to anchor into the unity matrix and secure our position on the 5th dimensional earth…i.e., it’s a major component of the new human processor.

It is thru the activation of the Heartmind that we leave behind the (causal) world of constant karmic recycling and move into the unified world of reconnection with all that IS.

The season aheads heralds the official beginning of a brand new world, one where our sovereignty reigns supreme. As we exit the matrix of separation, so too do we call back the separated soul parts we fragmented to exist there.

In order to restructure our second life based on the whole of who are we can no longer divide or separate ourselves from our truth (read: give any part of ourselves away), and so recollection will be an ongoing theme this year as we literally recollect the parts of ourselves that we gave away (primarily to others) in causality.

This process of radical defragmentation is necessary to restore our ourcellves to completeness and it will demand that we hold to our authentic truth at all costs…while we watch the world and those around us transform…without bending, reaching, conforming, and/or stepping outside of ourSelves.

For those on the path of mastery, you may actually be noticing that much of your debt (polarity) is already deemed resolved by the karmic boards, but that your standards for excellence are exceeding the need for that resolution. Striving for impeccability is so ingrained, so deeply rooted within the DNA of the Initiates of the Sacred Orders of Ascension (more on that in section below), that some are having to pull back now…to reassess our standing and to notice if our efforts are in vain, if we are over-striving.

The settlement of karmic debt ensures that the road will rise to meet us, but not if we are still defending our position in polarity. Your place in duality concludes when you no longer feel connected to/interested in the story of your own wounding or the wounding of others… when you no longer relate to suffering from a personal vantage point.

When this moment arrives… and it will… it’s time to saddle up, collect the pieces of your past, and move on completely. It’s not as straightforward as it sounds, but if you are sensing this resolution within…and not everyone is (just yet)…the work is now to release any feelings of obligation to over-identify with the suffering of others or to overachieve in your karmic responsibilities, and to simply, wholeheartedly embody your Truth instead.

Our karmic covenant has ended which means we are free to stop fighting, forcing and demanding that the divine Feminine find her place on this planet…ergo, we no longer need to defend our position in life as light bearing beings.

We have already earned it, we have already won.

Time to create anew.

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Upcoming Shifts, A Message From Sophia And One

Upcoming Shifts, A Message From Sophia And One

March 3rd, 2018
by Sophia Love

Hi there everyone and welcome to March! I am on the east coast of the USA right now, where it is certainly "coming in like a lion" (not a lamb)! Wow.

This conversation happened just 2 days ago, on the first of March. I had already written a blog post regarding these frequencies and their impact, it can be read here - (click for blog post).

I've since seen another video regarding what is happening for us on earth, which I'll share. It doesn't seem to agree completely with the information shared by others, yet I felt it was worth sharing. This indeed may be like the blind men and the elephant, as you will soon see mentioned!

I have a few thoughts about this, and they are confirmed with these NASA pictures, and described by my friend Kathy this way: "There is some very strange stuff, like planets, popping up in the lasco satellite.... Also, that strip on the upper right side, used to be 180 degrees opposite of it's current position.... Which means to me... If this construct was upside down, it is now, right side up"

In gratitude for all that you are,


March 1, 2018

Is there someone who wants to connect?

There is. It is I. It is One.

Thank you for coming forward.

There are things to say.

Yes. Please go ahead.

This event approaches your shores very rapidly now and you feel it. There are storms of energy. They intersect and intervene with other storms, creating an energetic avalanche. This is the feeling you have.

You cannot see it yet. You see evidence of it in your lives and media. You feel it in your unsettled moments. This will culminate in a cascade of color and light. The occurrence of this cascade is your signal that it has begun.

What exactly has begun?

The one-way journey taking you to another place. This place will be of your choosing.

Most of you have chosen already. What you see and feel now are the results of that choice.

This catalyzing event happens now.

Please be more specific. When exactly is now?

Now is a precise instant chosen by your central sun in cooperation with Gaia. Understand the effect the human has on this. You are not separate, but a part of Gaia. You, as a collective, skew and shape and direct and accelerate and slow down her progression and evolution. Each as components of the One.

As you recently found out, Sophia, your lengthy illness has manifested in your hair and recognized by one (who was) without prior knowledge of the illness at all.
(Note - My stylist asked me what was wrong with me, just last week, as she was cutting my hair. I had not told her anything. Sophia)

This is how oneness operates.

The impending event is a mutually driven one. The humans can speed its arrival with preparation, with readiness. It has been deemed that it will occur with the least damage and the maximum benefit. Trust that this is so.

An exact day can only be estimated - it is seen to approach rapidly and expected within weeks. Humans can change this, as can Gaia. Is this clear?

It is, yes.

This incoming celestial manifestation will take you all to another place. This place will be either wonderful or uncomfortable, according to your choice and preparation. You will decide alone.

Some will leave, either in body or not. Most of you have already decided. As is always the case, what this looks like for you will depend on your level of awareness and acceptance.

This is something new. All of you will know when it happens. There will be no mistaking it.

There is nothing to be fearful of.

All of you know on some level what this means. It was always part of this life's journey you are taking.

It is not the end of this life, yet it represents actual, physical alteration of this life.

Of our physical bodies?

Some of you will choose to exit when or as it occurs. This is rare.

The alteration is within.

As it is in every case, the changes within then manifest in your world. More light will emanate as your frequency has been accelerated. Your systems of control will disintegrate in this frequency. These include monetary, government, educational, health - all pseudo societal necessities will be removed and/or restructured.

What about the earth, and physical changes there?

Some places on the earth will shift. There will be calamity (perceived) and loss (perceived). This will not occur immediately at the moment of the approaching event - but soon after.

As your world appears to dissolve in chaos, it is important for you to recognize that a new world is coming right behind it. It already exists actually.

Your participation with this new world will color how it looks.

This is about the blind men discussing and describing an elephant. Where they stand determines what they feel and then describe.

This holds true for all of you, Sophia.

Your new world is waiting. Embrace whatever part you are close to and allow the whole to present itself. It will. You do not have long to wait.

It is no longer you are the ones you've been waiting for - but

You are the ones. You have anchored the light. It is done.

Thank you.

Goodbye Sophia. Well done.

Wow, wow, wow. I am already in a new place as this was received and now recorded. Unpack your bags and put your hands in the air folks, I feel that we have boarded the ride, are sitting at the top of the first loop, and the operator is reaching for the switch to begin our trip!


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