Acceptance Is Key

This reminder comes from Suzan Caroll at Multidimensions:
Unconditional love does not favor the simple or the grand. It simply IS. Just as quantum light can only be perceived when you look at it, unconditional love can only be perceived when you accept it.
It's such a simple concept that it almost boggles the mind, and it yet applies to everything that we experience. It explains why we can each take a different experience away from the same event or circumstance, and why we can shower others with love and affection and yet they may still feel unloved.

So .. you can't feel love until you accept it. But there's an interesting corollary to that—you can't feel hate either, until you accept it. Given that you are the all-powerful god-creator that you are .. what will you accept into the reality of your being today, and what will you simply smile at and let go?

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