Some Differences Between 3D, 4D, and 5D

We talk a lot about the consciousness 'shift' that is taking us from a 3D reality into a 4D/5D reality. But the question often arises "What does it mean, and what does it look like, when we make such a shift?" It's not such an easy question to answer, unless we suspend our beliefs about what life needs to look like. Bear with me as I try to explain a little bit of what these transitions look like, and what that can mean to you.

Firstly, be aware that if you are reading this, you are already transitioning. You already spend time in at minimum in 4D, probably the higher levels of 4D, and most likely you spend at least some time in 5D. It's true that 2012 is a gateway for Earth's planetary ascension, but each of us is experiencing this change in our own way, metaphorically stepping a toe, and then a foot, into these dimensions/densities, stepping backing out, integrating the experience, and then stepping in again, often more deeply. We do this pretty much without knowing that we are. So 2012 will be significant on a planetary scale, but it's important to know that we as individuals are already experiencing what life in a different dimension/density will be like.

About the Terms Dimension and Density

Depending on what source of information you read, moving 'up' (or 'down') to a new level of vibration is called different things. Some say that we currently live in the third "dimension" while others refer to it as third "density". Both refer to the same concept.

I prefer 'density' because it's both more descriptive of the differences in energy from one to the next, and doesn't have as much of a double meaning as the term 'dimension' does. There are an infinite number of 'dimensions', we create them all the time. But that's a topic for another day. Suffice it to say that I prefer the term 'density' when referring to the shifts that are happening on Earth at this time, and will use that term from here forward.

In third density, energy is heavier, or more dense. Comparatively speaking, oppressive, if you will. Fourth density is less heavy, and 5th density less heavy than that.

What Is Third Density?

In third density, matter feels completely solid. Even science tells us that matter is not solid, but in third density our focus of vibration is such that we relate to matter as if it is solid. In fifth density matter is seen for what it truly is: props that make up the playground for our games. The increasing lightness of energy continues up the densities until we get to the higher densities where energy hasn't any form at all, unless we create the forms. It's where matter can be created and manipulated at will, as intent and desire changes.

What third density isn't, is matter. Your car, your house, the trees, the animals, make up the world of matter, or form. Matter, or more correctly, form, exists in other densities, it's just that as you change densities your relationship with matter changes. Matter makes up the props in our playground in third density, but we don't relate to matter that way; we relate to matter as if it is real—because from a third density focus, it is!

In third density we experience lies, distrust, deceit; anger, upset, fear; pain, resentment, suffering. We experience time as linear, with a past, present and future, where the present is just the past in different clothing; looking at something 'bad' that happened yesterday, and hoping it doesn't happen tomorrow. Taking feelings from our past and projecting them into our present; not being aware that time is simultaneous; recreating the past in the future because "that's the way it's always been."

Third density is reaction rather than choice; rigid structures of beliefs like 'always' and 'never'. "I will never amount to anything","I will never forgive them", "they will never change", "we will always have war". Rigid, inflexible beliefs like "those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

In third density we experience paradox* as a perplexing concept, not able to be understood. We relate to things with a rigid rational mind.

*Definition of Paradox: A statement or proposal that, despite sound (or apparently sound) reasoning from acceptable premises, leads to a conclusion that seems senseless, logically unacceptable, or self-contradictory.

Third density is the arena of duality (opposites), but so is fourth density. It is our relationship to duality that changes in fourth density. In third density, duality includes judgements like right and wrong, good and bad, whereas in fourth density we have opposites like left/right, up/down, male/female, light/dark, but without judgement that one state is 'better'.

What Is Fourth Density?

In fourth density contrast is the primary tool, but minus judgement. We experience time as a singular state of Now, where all is present time. We can appreciate beauty, we have compassion. We act out of choice versus acting out of reactions.

Fourth density includes a paradox shift from "two opposing things cannot both be true" to "what was true a moment ago may not be true right now" and "what was false a moment ago may not be false right now". It's remembering a person from the past, but not engaging with negative emotion that may have been stored from that past experience (you remember the information but you don't engage with the emotion).

Fourth density is opening up to possibilities that 3D logic would tell you is not possible at all; having a 'flexible' rational mind.

Think of fourth density as a bridge, a transitionary density between third and fifth.

What Is Fifth Density?

In the fifth density, vibrations like fear, anger, hate, and resentment don't exist. Those vibrations are too heavy, too dense, to be supported in fifth density.

In fifth density we understand that we don't exist in some 'place' but have our experiences within the vastness of All That Is. We know that we can create 'places' in which to play (physical realities) but our experience isn't limited to places. In fifth density we allow all things, without judgement and without needing everyone, or anyone, to agree with us. We see the 'game' of reality for what it is, a game, a playground, a theatre production, a living canvas, with ourselves as the writer/director/creator/actor, in concert with others. We know we are all a part of the whole, the One, All That Is, God; none better or worse or higher or lower, but all experiencing, sharing, enjoying, evolving—together.

Fifth density includes compassion with wisdom, cooperation, co-creation, kindness, respect, unconditional love. Fifth density brings wisdom and instant manifestation. The lessons of compassion learned in fourth density lead to wisdom in the fifth. In fifth density we may dissolve one manifestation and create another at will.

Fifth density includes fields of awareness outside the rational mind. In fifth density, all possibilities exist. We experience sound and color as richer, deeper, more vibrant, and we will experience more primary colors than in other densities. In fourth and fifth density we will be united with the star energies and extraterrestrials that have been assisting our planet and cultures for eons—we become aware of our participation in the galactic community.

Moving into fifth density involves reintegration of the 90% of brain function unavailable in humanity's 'lower' densities; also reintegration of the full set of DNA (all 12 strands reconnected). When you attain fifth density consciousness you experience the reintegration with your Higher Self. This reconnection with the higher parts of you brings higher awareness and allows you to know yourself at the Soul level. You begin to Be who you came here to be. Your innate spiritual abilities increase and reveal themselves. These include clairvoyance, telepathy and abstract intuition.


Be aware that there is no absolute dividing point between one density and the next. They merge at the edges, like the colors of the rainbow. With a rainbow, in the middle of a color band you can clearly individuate color, but toward the edges of each rainbow color band, the colors merge one with the next. So it is with densities. You can't really say, nor does it matter, "oh, now I'm in this density .. and now I'm in this one." Remember that densities are a focus of vibration. As you change your focus, change your perspective, you automatically change your vibration. As you do this more and more, it becomes easier and easier to stay focused in a higher density.


Here's an example of the difference in densities: Think of a time when you were worried, or upset, or angry—all third density emotions. Now think about how you felt when you shifted out of the worry, upset, or anger and replaced it with hope, acceptance, or forgiveness. Did you 'feel' lighter? Did you 'feel' as if a weight was lifted from you? Those lighter feelings were your indication that you shifted out of one density into another. The term 'enlightenment' is pretty literal. You literally feel 'less heavy' or as if a weight has been lifted from you, when you experience enlightenment.

In third density, we're so focused on survival, concerns about our future, hurts that have been experienced, what has happened in the past, what might happen in the future, our complaints, our own habitual ways of being, that we don't have the capacity to appreciate beauty. "Stop and smell the roses" is a fourth density ability - in third density we don't stop 'doing' long enough to be aware of, let alone appreciate, the beauty that surrounds us in every moment.

In third density we meet someone who has wronged us and we can't be with them, because the hurt, anger, or resentment are all that we can feel when we are around them. In fourth density, we don't feel the emotion of that previous hurt. We might be able to remember it but we no longer feel the emotion that was attached. We can accept another's request for forgiveness, if they offer it, and allow them to be whoever they have become rather than who they were .. and if they aren't ready to ask for forgiveness, we can love them anyway, and hold for them the space to become more than they are.

In third density we might ask someone for their forgiveness, and if they don't give it, feel slighted and even more hurt than before. In fourth density we realize everyone moves at their own pace, along their own journey, and we don't need to receive forgiveness from anyone, even if we ask for it. In fourth density we realize that we are asking forgiveness for our own closure, not because we need others to forgive us. In fifth density we realize that forgiveness truly doesn't exist, because we all create our own reality—we create and agree to the experiences that we experience, for our own reasons. There's no judgment so there's nothing to forgive.

In third density we're so caught up in doing something now in order to get to something else "I need to hurry and get the dishes done so I can get out to the tennis court", "Dammit, I hate all this traffic, it's going to make me late!". Often in third density we aren't even aware of what we're experiencing 'right now.' In fourth density we begin accepting and appreciating all moments without judgement. It doesn't mean we just wishy-washily go through life without desires and intents, it means we appreciate 'undesirable' moments for their ability to generate new desires and intents, rather than focusing on them as things that make us unhappy, upset, angry, fearful, or resentful. After becoming aware of our Now moment, we can begin to appreciate what is there, present in the moment, without judging it. We're better able to create our moments as we wish, because we pre-pave our path with conscious intent.

In 3D/4D we keep going back to the rational mind to figure things out, and—and here's a paradox—esoteric things can be understood, but not with the rational mind.

To move into fourth and fifth density, instead of trying to 'figure things out' simply ponder new ideas, especially things that seem impossible. Allow ideas to 'sit with you' for awhile, without trying to make sense of them. As you ponder them, trust that if the meaning or understanding is important it will come to you, through those channels of communication that you have with your 'higher self' such as intuition, knowing, creativity, awareness. You can meditate, or just be quiet and listen to the stillness within, to open up even more to these communication channels. Also, be aware that you may never know what you 'got' from pondering an imponderable, as it may have been experienced or processed within your other-dimensional awareness. Your intent and sincere desire to process imponderables is all that is needed for understanding.

As I mentioned before, anyone awake and aware enough to be interested in the information here has been moving, probably unknowingly, between third, fourth, and fifth densities for some time, although potentially unaware of having done so. Now you will be able to recognize, as you consciously shift your focus, movement between the densities. So shifting densities is really about focus and perception. As with anything, the more effort you put into changing focus, changing perception, the easier it will become.

You Are Not Alone

Also keep in mind that there is nothing 'wrong' with 3D reality. It's a playground that we all, because we are here in it, have chosen to participate in. We can have experiences, and experience growth from those experiences, that can be had in no other place or density in exactly the same way.

Because we've learned our lessons—integrated our experiences—so well, we are now ready to move on to other kinds of experiences in other densities of reality. For some of us, that will be with Earth as she moves into higher densities. For others, that may be in physical or non-physical realities outside of Earth.

Our situation is not dissimilar to going to school. We don't think of third graders as bad or wrong because they aren't in high school. We recognize that there are many many exciting things to do and learn in third grade, and we celebrate our "graduation" from third grade to fourth grade. We recognize that most of us will continue into fourth grade in the same school, while others will move away and continue their education in another place, while still others will come from other schools and join us as new friends in our new classroom. Honor your friends, relatives, and associates who are leaving Earth, for you may never know what other 'games' they are up for.

Learning is a process, and one that goes on eternally. Recognize that you are a multi-dimensional being who has already experienced higher dimensions. You are here now, in this density, to experience what is here, and to take the physical body of homo sapiens to the next level.

Humankind, as a species and a planet, has never experienced a successful shift from third to fourth/fifth density before. Humankind's vibrational movement has important implications for our Solar System, our Galaxy, our Universe, and indeed, All That Is. Congratulate yourself for being here, incarnate at this moment in time, to be a part of that movement. The numbers of entities who would like to have been here, incarnate at this time, to participate in this shift first hand, is beyond most of our ability to comprehend. Simply know, if you don't already, that it's an honor and a privilege to be on Earth at this time.

Your job as an evolving human has been a difficult one, but you are being assisted, and cheered on, by uncountable numbers of entities, both physical and non-physical. No matter how it appears to you from a third density point of view, you are doing an amazing job of shifting to and holding new vibrations, you are appreciated and honored more than you know for that service, and you are never alone.

Appreciation and Thanks to Jim Self

Although I've learned from countless sources over time, much of the material in this post is my understanding of these concepts taken, in large part, from Jim Self and his Mastering Alchemy teachings. This material would not be complete without thanking Jim for his ability and willingness to share what he knows with the rest of us as we continue our incredible journey together as spirits in human bodies.


Anonymous said...

thank you for this post! it was extremely helpful regarding the changes going on these days. I especially appreciated your clear examples of the different dimensions. Very kind and generous of you to post this for others.
many blessings to you!

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Thanks for stopping by, and for your lovely comments! I'm glad the article was of some help to you. All the best on your journeys! ~ k

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Thank you very much for your clear and concise information regarding the different densities and changes happening on our planet.
It was extremely helpful. Thank you for taking the time to write this and for sharing it with your fellow travellers.
Love and blessings to you.

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Appreciate your comments, it's always nice to hear when someone has been helped by the information presented here. All the best in your journeys!