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Are you waiting for the EVENT? Well, it happened.

By Inelia Benz at Ascension101

June 27, 2017

Many people have been predicting an event, or shift, to happen on Earth. The interpretations of the nature and shape of this shift varied greatly in scope and nature depending on who was seeing or sensing it.

I personally did not sense or perceive anything huge or fantastic coming our way. Not in the positive or negative spectrum or frame. For me, the work we are here, all of us who are interested in a high frequency experience of physicality on Earth, was to moment to moment and day to day embody the new paradigm in our lives and bodies.

In my opinion by doing this, we would reach a point where the whole tipping point of experience on the planet would shift to a higher frequency co-creation. Simple, but not very dramatic, impressive or awe inspiring. Yet, severe, the stuff that shatters matrixes and creates new ones.

Every day, several times a day, I scan different areas of awareness. The Earth (Gaia), our human collective, the universal collective, different species collectives, the frequency of where we are, our matrixes, and much more. It’s part of my daily routine.

For a few days now, maybe a week, I have felt a massive change in the human collective awareness and consciousness. There are billions of high frequency people who have joined in intent and high frequency at a conscious (semiconscious) level as ONE.

This is BIG. This is the biggest change in our timeline I have detected since I was born.

The power of this field of awareness and the power of intent (high frequency experience on Earth) is massive!

What does this mean for us? It means that as we join this field of awareness, we make it stronger and it makes us stronger.

I would highly recommend you scan and see if you can find and join this field of awareness and intent at a conscious level. It makes being and staying in our natural high frequency state much, much easier moment to moment and day to day no matter what is thrown at us.

It makes it easier to see and remove low frequency programs of enslavement. It makes it easier to converse and deal with those individuals who are not, and not ever, going to join us in our choice of having high frequency experiences on Earth.

This is a huge change in our capacities, awareness, abilities and power. It is HUGE.

Share this information with everyone you think will benefit from it, and empower all of us to make this field stronger than all those who intend to continue in low frequency experiences.

It’s time!

And this, from one of our galactic brothers ...

Message from Thor

Posted by Terran Cognito

June 27, 2017






How To Cope As An Empath - Wendy Kennedy

How to Cope as an Empath

By The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective through Wendy Kennedy at Higher Frequencies

Published on May 30, 2017


Processing and Transmuting Fear

... when one commits themselves to personal growth, one must confront fear, or you will not go any farther.

~ Germane through Lyssa Royal Holt
Seeing that there's so much fear in our world today (including but not limited to my own personal fears), and realizing that the transmuting of fear into love is one of the greatest - and most important - challenges we face, I felt the need for some assistance/guidance. I looked through my personal stash of information, searching for ways and methods to help myself and anyone else who's interested, to release and transmute our fear.

I found the following. I had dated it May 25, 2009, though I believe it was written even before that. It comes from a group entity known as Germane*, channeled by Lyssa Royal Holt. I couldn't find it or anything similar on Lyssa's current web site, though it may be there in the paid section.

I had posted the basics of this information here in 2010, but am posting it again along with some additional information from Germane, as I find it invaluable support, even more so now than when I first discovered it. I hope you do as well.

Germane’s 4 step Fear Process:

Through Lyssa Royal Holt

1) What do I fear? We would suggest that the person list as many things as possible. This is including physical fears (such as snakes or riding in a car). It is also encompassing fear of success, fear of not being loved, fear of being abandoned. It is the tangible fears and the intangible fears. Write down as much as you possibly can. Take as long as you possibly can to do it. It is going to be very illuminating for you.

2) How does this fear manifest in my life? For instance, an answer to that question might be, "When I am in fear, I lash out at those I love." It is very important for you to identify the behavior that you engage in when you are in fear. Often you do not know when you are in fear, because it is a behavior or an energy that you are used to. But if you can learn to identify your behavior patterns, you can then examine your patterns and know when you are in fear. That way, every time you lash out at someone you love, you are going to know, "Ah ha! I must be in fear."

3) What possible value can I find for the expression of my fear? Let us reword this. What value can you ascribe to the expression of your fear? Example: Your fear is extremely valuable because it points out to you when you are having tremendous growth opportunities. If you can identify, through your behavior, when you are in fear, you can stop and say, "Ah ha! This is an extremely valuable time right now, because it signifies something for me to move through which will be tremendously empowering."

4) Personify your fear. Take a clean sheet of paper, colored pens and pencils, crayons, whatever you want, and what you are going to do is to personify your fear. Draw your fear. Give it a humanoid form—whether it looks like a witch or a vampire, or an ugly monster, make it is ugly and as sinister as you can, but still keep it having the appearance of human. This is a very, very powerful mechanism. What it is going to do is communicate to your subconscious mind and your ego that fear is on your level. We will call this fear character "Mr. Fear." (You can call it "Miss Fear" if you want to, it doesn't matter). Mr. Fear, when personified, is like fear being revealed. It is now vulnerable. It now stands there in front of you and you can see it is your height. It has two arms, two legs. It is something you can deal with. It is not this big, black void.

When you put fear on your level through personification, you can then use all sorts of techniques such as dialoging with the fear to help the transformational process occur. When you've mastered fear, once again we will repeat, when you've mastered fear, you have mastered self-empowerment. In a sense, fear is the one enemy all of you are fighting on this planet—to speak a little bit dramatically. Each of you have disguised Mr. Fear in a different costume. So Mr. Fear is always something outside of you. However, Mr. Fear is something very alive and well inside. And it is the primary blockage toward mastering personal power. When Mr. Fear is brought to your level and embraced and allowed to express itself, you will be on the path toward absolutely and totally mastering your personal power.


You are already seeing in your society, in your own circle of friends perhaps, that when one commits themselves to personal growth, one must confront fear, or you will not go any farther.

The tools to personal power are very easy, very light. They have the instructions clearly written upon them. But you can't get in the tool box, because Mr. Fear has his foot on it. Until you befriend Mr. Fear, you cannot get at that tool box. You may, when Mr. Fear is taking a nap, sneak to the tool box and pull out a tool. But no sooner do you have it in your hand, he wakes up, and he snatches it back.

This is the game that humans have been playing for quite some time. But now you know there is a tool box. Now you know the instructions are clearly written on the tools. Now you know that the only thing standing in between you is Mr. Fear. He's the one to contend with. And he is a part of you. Because he is a part of you, he needs to be valued and recognized for what he can give to you. When you can do that, that is an indication that you are either very close to mastering or have mastered your fear. From that point on, the tool box is clearly open and clearly labeled. It is your playground...and we would say that your mastery of your own personal power in this lifetime in this physical reality is more of a playground than you realize.

If there is no fun involved in this mastery, we would suggest not doing it. If there is no joy, if there is no excitement, go back a little bit and work on something else until you can muster the joy and the excitement. Because when you've truly committed toward mastery of that personal power, if you are truly committed and truly excited, then even the fear will be an exciting thing. That also will be a signpost to tell you whether you've really committed, or whether you are still in the phase of "trying" to commit. If your fear is an exciting thing (because it represents the path to your power), then you are full steam ahead. If not, then continue to search for the mastery of your fear before you go further. And once again when you feel the excitement, you will know you are ready.

Each and every one of you carries this tool box. Each and every one of you has an equal chance of mastering those tools. We know you would not have set this up if you were not capable of achieving it. And we know that the rewards are great when you achieve it. You are a very persistent civilization. You will achieve what you are setting out to do. Persistence, patience, joy, and love.

Enjoy your road to personal power...for there is a pot of gold at the end. Much love to you! And we send you a good day.


*GERMANE: Germane considers himself/themselves to be a nonphysical group consciousness associated with the Orion Light - a future integrated version of the galactic family of which we on Earth are a part. He/they chose the name "Germane" because of its english definition: "Coming from the same source, or significantly relevant to." There is no connection to St. Germain.

Copyright © 1992, 1995 by Lyssa Royal and Royal Priest Research, PO Box 30973, Phoenix, Arizona


Active Vibrations Don’t Stop Manifesting Immediately - Taryn Crimi

Active Vibrations Don’t Stop Manifesting Immediately

Angelic Guides through Taryn Crimi

June 6, 2017

Today we would like to focus your attention upon the active vibrations that each of you have at any given time. You are continually shifting your focus and therefore your vibration, however there are some very habitual thoughts that each of you hold that have quite a bit of momentum.

Just because you shift your focus back onto the positive doesn’t immediately prevent negative manifestations from playing out. Allow us to further explain.

We often say that there is a lag time between your thoughts and emotions and the physical manifestation of them. You see, when you have focused upon something for quite some time, you have given quite a bit of momentum to that thought. This could be about a particular area of your life that you hold a certain set of beliefs and expectations of because that's the way it’s always been.

Now that you are becoming more aware of your thoughts, you are also becoming more deliberate in choosing what your thoughts will be. Many humans allow their thoughts to be responsive to the circumstances that surround them. We like to say that your thoughts are placed on "autopilot" because they are more reaction based rather than deliberately chosen.

When your focus is placed upon the circumstances in your life, they continually re-manifest similar experiences. That’s because what you focus on will always expand. It will draw more like thoughts and eventually circumstances to you.

When you have been focused upon the negative in your life and allowed those thoughts to gain a bit of momentum, shifting your focus is absolutely imperative in order to attract different kinds of circumstances.

However, just because you stopped thinking about a negative situation and placed your attention onto something that feels better to you, does not immediately negate the circumstances that are already well on their way to manifesting in your physical reality.

What we mean by that is, sometimes there is still some momentum left from your previous focus and negative manifestations occur even though you have shifted your focus upon something more positive.

We would like to use the analogy of a ceiling fan. When you come into a room where the fan is on high and you no longer want it on, you simply flip the switch and turn it off. Yet you do not expect the fan to stop instantaneously because you know there is still some momentum left that needs to die out before the fan will come to a complete stop.

However, we watch as so many humans give so much momentum to what they fear, and then the moment they switch their focus onto positive thoughts, they expect there to be nothing that can manifest from the negative momentum they were offering all that time.

What we would suggest in this case is to acknowledge the negative manifestation, but to remember that you are not doing anything wrong. Your positive thoughts did not attract the negative circumstances, it is a manifestation that was in resonance with your previous negative thoughts.

If you can remember that, and not fall back into the trap of feeling negatively again because a negative circumstance manifested, you will be well on your way to creating and attracting entirely new circumstances.

Remember that there is a delayed reaction between your thoughts and your physical manifested experiences. Hold your focus steady upon what you do want and your reality will begin to reflect that new perspective that you have chosen.

We hope that this has served you in some way.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

Copyright © 2012-2017 by Taryn Crimi. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy, share and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. www.Angelic-Guides.com


As We Shift - Fairy Tale? Horror Story? Love Story? You Decide - Sophia


By Sophia Love

June 5, 2017

“Once upon a time” is such a perfect way to put it. The action now happens somewhere “upon a time”. This works out to mean “not now”. It also means “not real” (because “time” is not real), and nothing real happens “upon a time” – it merely is, NOW. Like our eternal essence.

It is for this reason the following story is told. What is real is not a player in this story. Therefore, what is real has not been harmed. This is not to negate the horror and harm of the story, but to put it in perspective.

Fairy tales are true. They crawl out of the heads of their authors and onto our bookshelves. They eventually creep into our nightmares and imaginations. From our imaginations, we create worlds.

These worlds are as real as we believe them to be. We believe what we can accept.

There are two dialogues on the planet now, actually more. But for this discussion we’ll talk about two of them. One is based on fear and the other on love. You may call them 3rd and 5th dimensional conversations. I’d rather use the word “assumption”.

Your world assumes a basic tenet of either fear (3rd) or love (5th). You are in the same place I am. Your assumption may create vastly different scenery, yet that doesn’t mean either view is false.

It is possible for you to assume a reality of love (5th) and still notice what an assumption of fear (3rd) is up to. In fact, this is what is happening now. Those of us, who came to assist in this consciousness shift, are faced with this daily.

You cannot deny this fear (3rd) assumption being played out, by saying “none of it is real” or “we are really beings of light”; because, to a vast number of humans, that would sound insane or delusional. This is their truth. What they see and feel is fear.

Perhaps if they knew that what they see has been orchestrated so that they would feel fear, they’d get on top of and then past it.

Here is where the fairy tale begins. It is true, but it is not real. It is being told here to offer yet another option. This option is to look straight at this fearful, not real thing and not be afraid of it, or relegate it to fantasy. Then, use it to enlighten others, so that it can end. Once we stop the fear, the game is over. It is the only way.

There was once a soul that wanted an adventure. She had learned a great deal about power and was looking now to completely “get” forgiveness.

An earth family was chosen. Within months of her arrival, she met those family members she’d have to forgive, and quickly learned why. They provided her with years of opportunities, thirteen actually.

These opportunities included many of the things that are written about in today’s headline news’ stories. Here are a few of them:

  • Cult and satanic ritual
  • Group pedophilia
  • Torture
  • Robes
  • Costumes
  • Coffins
  • Hoods
  • Cemeteries
  • Murder
When she began to menstruate, the opportunities stopped. Until then, she was being groomed to take over and participate as a high priestess.

She never did however. Her prior birth agreement had been fulfilled by then, and she “got” the necessity for forgiveness. She was offered money to stay. She did not.

Instead she did many things, and one of them is to write this blog post.

It is being offered here to you now, so that you too may share in these abundant opportunities for forgiveness. These horrific news stories of ritualistic abuse are true. They continue today, partly because they are too awful to contemplate for most people. Believe them.

Then, do something about them. Meditate, pray, talk, write, make videos – do what you can to expose them.

“Once upon a time” this fairy tale did happen. It happened in a tiny, rural US town, with men and women looking to gain access to position and wealth. These men and women were church goers, parents, teachers, principals, town officials, firemen, merchants, bankers. This cult had access to a non-human entity in a faraway place.

It’s happening right now and right next door to wherever you are. It’s so much bigger than you think. This fairy tale has to be told so that it can finally end. We cannot change what we will not see. It is time now to alter our tag line.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for – let’s do this.

With gratitude and so much love,


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