When All Hell Breaks Loose

Abraham is asked from time to time “Is it normal for all hell to break loose in our lives when we begin this work?” and Abraham’s answer is always “Absolutely!” which makes everyone laugh and giggle.

However, when ‘all hell’ is breaking loose in our own lives, it’s not so funny, and it’s not so easy to accept either. As we continue to work on holding a higher vibration we wonder why, out of what seems to be nowhere, upsetting things happen. “Man alive!” we think, “I’m doing everything I know how to do to be happy and joyful and loving, to have fun and keep positive, loving thoughts, and this shit just keeps happening! wth??”

I know for myself that sometimes it’s just plain exasperating to be feeling like I’m doing so well—feeling connected, looking for joy in every circumstance, remembering that we are all sparks of god and all connected—and then have a situation erupt around me or to me that has me reeling in upset. It makes me wonder what I’m doing wrong.

The truth is, when that happens we aren’t doing anything wrong, instead we’re doing things very very right.

Think about it .. this is the time when we are integrating and releasing issues we’ve carried around in our humanness for many many lifetimes. Only that which is of the highest vibration can move into the higher dimensions; which means that anything that is fear-based cannot. So any experience that is fear based must be acknowledged and released. Though we can peek into past lifetimes—and many do—to see what might need healing, we don’t have to. This lifetime will bring into our awareness everything—and I mean everything—that needs healing.

We are grand creators, and if there are things we’ve been hiding from, or ignoring, or pretending aren’t there, we will, when we are ready to acknowledge, appreciate, and accept these as our own creations, bring them into the present moment.

We project those things that need healing out into our physical reality where we can see them in all their glory (or upset!), and oftentimes others willingly participate to both help us and help themselves. We project these things into our reality so that we can see them .. because if we don’t see them we don’t know they’re there. If we don’t know they’re there, we won’t be able to integrate them. If we don’t integrate them we can’t move forward.

Each experience that presents itself as upsetting, terrifying, anger producing, blame making, or any similar negative emotion is simply us agreeing to see, up close and personal so to speak, that which we wish to heal. All there is to do, in that moment of upset, is to take responsibility for having brought that event or experience into our life. In essence, that means viewing it from a different perspective.

We may not know how we’ve brought an experience into our reality, or why, but if we can accept, fully and completely, that we did, we have access to releasing it. Just knowing that it’s there and accepting it as our own creation is enough. Awareness is everything. If you don’t know there’s broken glass on the floor you can’t clean it up, and hence risk stepping on a shard each time you walk in that area. The same is true of that which we desire to heal: if we don’t know it’s there, we risk being hurt by it each time we venture into that area of our life.

So the next time you’re confronted with an upsetting experience out of what seems to be left field, congratulate yourself for your growth. Know that it’s because you are growing that these experiences are coming into your life—on deep levels you are inviting them. If you weren’t raising and holding higher and higher vibrations your life wouldn’t be changing. It’s A Good Thing™!

As Connee Chandler has said,
I trust that my Inner Being always takes me from where I am now, by the shortest route, to where I most want to be. And the shortest route doesn't always go through the nicest neighborhood.
So true!

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