Feel What You Feel

Sometimes, in our search for our Higher Selves, for ascension, for increased vibration, even bliss, we tend to forget that Spirit expresses itself through us, the human being birthed into physical reality on planet Earth. Sometimes we don't honor that human self so much, but instead attempt to transcend it into what we think of as something grander, holier, or more profound.

And that's where we get off track. We did not come here to transcend our humanness. We came here to be the human being that we chose to be, in every moment of every day. We came here to take Human to a new level of experience and discovery. To raise humanity to new levels, yes, but not to transcend human.

That concept is highlighted in this recent message from Story Waters at Evolving Truth.
The significance of becoming aware on all levels of what you are feeling cannot be overstated. What you seek, no matter what terms you may choose to express it in, is at its core a state of Self realization.

Whilst your realization may be your unity with all life, with All That Is, it is still a realization that births through the experience of You, and you are an experience of Self. You cannot take You out of the equation. You can not escape your Self and you do not need to. All that you seek is within You.
This ascension, this raise in global vibration, isn't about finding Spirit and leaving to go experience Nirvana. We can do that instantly once we're dead! This ascension is about BE-ing the very human that we are: honoring it, loving it, appreciating it, and BE-ing that human. Which also means honoring, loving, and appreciating all other humans too, whether we agree with them or not. It's about discovering the truth about who we are, even when that truth is painful. It's about feeling what we feel and not pretending that we don't—which is something that we, as a race, have become very good at.

Over the eons of time that the race of Man has been developing, we've experienced fighting with each other, we've experienced hatred, we've experienced lack, we've experienced uncounted numbers of atrocities that we've inflicted, one upon the other. There is no end to the dark side of mankind, of this we are well aware. So aware of it in fact, that we now try to pretend it doesn't exist.

Through what we think of as compassion we try to keep each other from experiencing what we think of as negative behavior, behavior that comes from 'the dark side.' Did you know that that actually isn't the most effective expression of compassion? A deeper expression of compassion is allowing others—and ourselves—to actually express the emotions that are there to be expressed. Emotions that, as a race, we have kept under wraps for thousands of years.

The time of burying our collective heads in the sand is over. It's time now to allow each other—including ourselves—to feel what we feel, and to stop pretending that we don't. To stop hiding from our feelings. Those feelings are what make Human Being what it is. It's time now for us to allow each other the freedom to feel how we feel and to express those feelings.

Kinda scary if you think about it, isn't it? to think about what might happen if we each allowed each other to actually feel, to actually connect with, to express, emotions that we've been hiding from for so long. At the game of hide and seek from our emotions we have no equal! But the way to our freedom as a race of beings doesn't come from hiding. It comes from seeking, from expressing, and finally, from accepting. It comes from being Who We Really Are, in all our upset—and in all our joy. Because sometimes it isn't just the negative emotions we hide from, it's the wonderful and loving emotions as well.

There's an interesting phenomenon that happens once a feeling has been experienced in all its richness, a magical thing that you might not be aware of. When an emotion is fully experienced, fully expressed, that emotion doesn't just go away, it becomes transmuted. Changed. No longer is it hiding in the deep recesses of our being pressing for release, causing havoc with our psyche because we won't acknowledge it. Feeling and expressing emotions is an important part of healing, and important part of being.

This is it, my friends. This is the lifetime where we get to experience, and eventaully accept, fully and completely, who we are and who we've been, so that who we are becoming is free to actually be. As long as emotions are roiling under the surface, unexpressed and unaccepted, we aren't free at all. As you are well aware, freedom doesn't come from without, it comes from within. And it starts with feeling what we feel and no longer pretending that we don't.

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