And So It Is

Suzanne Lie said something yesterday that really struck a chord of truth in me. She called this the "Now Earth" rather than the "New Earth", a term we've been using to refer to what we've been creating for the last number of years. It seems appropriate to me to call our world the Now Earth. It helps remind us that we are living in the Now - not the past, nor the future, but the NOW.

We are by this point well aware that all of our power resides in the NOW, and everything else is inconsequential. We can envision a future filled with particular experiences, but we manifest it in physical reality by living the emotions of that experience NOW. The question is, are we going to experience our fears in physical reality by focusing on them in our Now, or we going to create wonderful experiences by refusing to keep reliving our past, hurtful, experiences in our emotional Now? The choice is ours in every moment of every moment of Now.

The following, from the CCs through Aisha North, agrees that we have birthed a new (now!) way of being. And so we have. Welcome to Now Earth!

An Equinox update

Constant Companions through Aisha North

March 20, 2015

Once again we are delighted to have the opportunity to commune with you in this manner. For we come with a message of joy, one that will be called out from the mountain tops, not just in your realms, but in ours as well. For now, the waters have parted and the risen will arise, the New will come forth and the old will fade away for never to return. The advancement of the light is such, no like has ever before been seen, and so, what you have sown, you will finally harvest. For you are the ones who brought the light to these shores, and you are the ones who will reap the benefits first. But it is also through you that the benefits will be equally distributed amongst the masses, given in equal measure to all who care to embrace it.

You see, once more it is the humble who shall rise, the ones who had no thought for greater glory, merely the humble aspiration to become ONE again. For it is this singular goal that will elevate All, as you have chosen to forgo the accoutrements of the outer trappings of fortune. For you are indeed the more fortunate ones, the ones who have chosen to be just so, the ones who have taken upon them the mantle of going against the flow of outcries, the ones who have taken upon them to go where no man has gone before, and to do so carrying merely the simplest of guidance, the one that emanates from the very core of your being.

And so, you have walked in the barren landscapes of nevermore, the valleys that seemed to be bereft of life but not of strife, the valleys that seemed to be below the level where the light could even penetrate, but you went through it all, and you emerged on the other side. Triumphant, but with an air of grace, victorious, but with the manners of the benevolent, arisen but with the grace of the humble. For you boast not of your achievements, you merely ARE them. For you are not words, you are actions through and through, and it is by your very actions that you have succeeded to climb out of the valley of darkness and into the full anointing of the light. And because you have chosen to climb thus, you have elevated ALL. For you are one amongst millions, but you are also a giant amongst the teeming multitude, the one that has parted the sea and found solid ground where before there was just sand, the one that has changed the course not just of destiny, but for the very planet on which you reside.

For you have set down your roots in the fertile soil that awaited you since you took that first step away from the darkness of the infertile landscape you once were forced to plough, and now, those roots have already sprouted some fresh new saplings, saplings that will grow to such a high stature in such a short time, all of mankind will be able to reside underneath the fertile boughs of this orchard. For the seeds you planted such a long time ago have already been fertile, for they in turn have already generated a new growth that will serve to sustain all that choose to step across that divide that you created by stepping across the old demarcation line and thereby staking claim to the brand new land. And so, where there once was no choice but to endure, there is now a choice to come alive once again, by choosing to see the choice, and by acting upon it.

And so it is it has come to pass because you came here to be the glorious ones, the ones who did not falter, but stood your ground by refusing to stay grounded in the old. And so you stepped forward with all of your being, and you ripped apart the old illusion, tore the iron curtains to tatters and stepped out into the fresh air of freedom, the land of plenty, the land of forevermore. And now, this land of plenty will become the land for all who take it into their heart that they too have a rightful claim to be a part of this grand new territory. For this is for all, but it will be for all to choose whether or not to become a part of it.

But for today, we will simply say rejoice, for yours is the freedom, yours is the landscape of wonders and joy that awaits there up ahead. And now, you have no other reason but to become the one you have come all this way to be, and we know you will all be the ones you have been destined to be in a way that will outshine the Sun and outlast forevermore. And so it is that we thank you all for being the ones who chose to become fully and truly ONE with themselves and with All, and from now on, that will be all you will ever need to be ever again. We choose to end this missive by saluting you all as the newborns, the newly re-erected ones, the ones that stood apart because they chose to do so, but the ones who stepped away from it all in order to bring it all back to where it was supposed to be. And now, you are here, and everything will follow in the wake of that first and crucial decision to say YES to be the first ones to realize the dream that is carried within ALL. And so it is, and so it will be from this day forward.


Minding My Own Business

When we reject our own hearts, we completely give over our own power. ~ Alex Clark
Minding My Own Business

March 16, 2015

By Alex Clark

I am not a biblical scholar by any stretch of the imagination, but I have read the Bible from cover to cover. As a child I was brought up Catholic, and so we focused on the New Testament in most of our religious studies.

I remember being touched by the words that were attributed to Jesus, especially, and I paraphrase, ‘love your neighbor as yourself.’ I am pretty sure that was from Matthew. Anyway, it seemed a pretty good way to live life and so I tucked it away in my memory.

From what I have witnessed, few of us have truly loved ourselves, because society creates hooks within us that almost guarantee we reject ourselves from a very young age. Since we reject ourselves and do not treat ourselves with love, how can we possibly love our neighbors?

Society has been cunningly set up in this fashion, so that we would reject ourselves and the unconditional love that is within our heart centers. That unconditional love is the spark of our soul, and so we have been systematically trained to reject it, and thus our very Source essence.

When we reject our own hearts, we completely give over our own power.

Here in lies one of the deepest hooks in society. Create a humanity that has been taught, at every level and age to doubt self, to self-denigrate and self-abuse. How can one, from that vantage point, even understand what love means?

Since very few of us have loved ourselves, and until very recently have found little comfort even in our own hearts, we look to the external to find comfort.

Because we don’t love ourselves, we try to improve ourselves via a myriad of modalities in order to become better and thus, acceptable to God, others, and finally ourselves.

This is where the acceptance hook is planted within us. If someone accepts me, then it confirms I am a good person.

Our power has been given away to others consistently in this fashion. We have also expected others to act in certain ways in order to make us feel good, so the flow goes both ways.

This fractal of acceptance and control exists at the human relationship level, but it is also spun out into the greater reality of society. Our constructed selves group together to create constructed countries, and each vies for attention and control. The root of all this behavior is, in my estimation, a lack of self-love.

As I have evolved on my spiritual path, I really wish Jesus had said something like, mind your own business.

Think about that for a moment. Imagine just how much on this earth plane would be different if we simply minded our own business?

To me, our primary business is our relationship to self. If we all removed our energetic tentacles from outside ourselves and refocused on developing self-love on all levels, we would certainly keep ourselves busy enough.

If we stopped asking others to act certain ways in order to make us comfortable, and realized they all have their own divine right to their own life paths, the relief would be tremendous.

We would also be taking our power back from others and standing in full responsibility for ourselves and how we feel. This is the path to sovereignty.

If others stopped asking us to act certain ways in order to make them happy, we would release a tremendous amount of people-pleasing stress from our lives. It would also give them more time to walk their own divine path.

If our family, friends, neighbors, country mates, and fellow planet dwellers all decided to mind their own business and focus on themselves and their path, imagine the differences in our world! Every single war would end because you can’t have a war if countries are minding their own business.

We have all been the focus of this hook, and we have all hooked into others in this fashion. Even as we realize this tendency and begin to shift out of it, we will notice subtler and subtler levels of this hook coming up.

I have long ago supported the free will choices and paths of those I love. When I hear my family members talking about what so and so should do, I do not engage them, and I hold the space for love to flow in.

Still, when my husband stays up way past his bedtime on a weeknight, it is hard to control the urge to tell him to go to bed! If he resists my prodding to turn in, I feel irritated, because of course I know what’s best for him. Sound familiar?

Many would say this is only an aspect of love, but truly unconditional love, which we are all striving for, means love without conditions. If he wants to stay up late, then he gets to choose that as a divine sovereign free will creator being and I support his free will right and sovereign path.

When we strip it down, this is the basis of unconditional love. Support ourselves and all individuals in their divine sovereign path. No strings attached. No ifs, ands or buts.

Support, without requirements or expectations. It is freeing and very scary at the same time, because it is absolutely different than anything we have experienced prior. This is the basis for existence in the new energies.

If I wish to love unconditionally, then I take full responsibility for how I feel in any moment. Not a single condition can be placed outside of my self because then the love ceases to be unconditional.

The primary relationship with self always comes first, though society might call this selfish. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We are all here to develop a deep and unconditionally loving relationship with self, which will open the door to fully embracing all that we are, and reconnecting with All That Is.

So, I will be minding my own business from now on. I hope you will all join me in doing so, but it isn’t a requirement. You get to choose, and I fully support you in that!


You Are Not Unlovable

You ARE love. But only you can choose whether you live your life that way or not.

Here is a wonderful reminder that the only path to truly being love, as opposed to being loving, is to embrace and love oneself, unconditionally.

We are all One but we are each unique in our experience and perspective. Loving and appreciating the experience and perspective that is uniquely ours is key in our release from judging others.

All are now enveloped and overlighted in every moment by the Tsunami of Love.

March 10, 2015

By John Smallman at Jesus through John

No one is unworthy of God’s Love, and therefore no one is unworthy of yours! The only reason that you would withhold love from anyone is because you believe yourself to be unlovable, and to withhold love from someone is to withhold it from yourself. However, to acknowledge and be aware of that extremely painful belief about yourself is often too horrific to countenance, and so you project it outwards on to someone you can judge as unworthy of being loved.

Judgment is an aspect of the illusion to which many are enthusiastically attached. Because of the underlying sense of unworthiness that so many feel and deny, it can be very satisfying to see another’s behavior as wrong, sinful, criminal, deceitful, untrustworthy – in fact being in any way different in their behavior from your personally perceived and accepted sense of what is “normal” – judging them according to some arbitrary rules of your own making, and then righteously condemning them and enthusiastically sentencing them to what you have convinced yourselves is their well deserved punishment.

It is all too easy to find a target on to whom you can project this unbearable self-hatred – and it surely is self-hatred – because so many of you feel this way about yourselves and are constantly looking for some unworthy one doing wrong on whom you can impose a self-righteous and, of course, utterly justifiable negative judgment. Doing this helps you to feel better about yourselves because as you compare yourselves to these unacceptable others you can tell yourselves: “I am not nearly as bad as that,” or even “I am really very good.”

And in your collective fear there are very few among you who have not committed some actions that are generally perceived as crimes instead of being recognized as the desperate calls for love that thy really are. The way out of this bind or seemingly infinite playback loop is to acknowledge, look at, and release all self-judgment of yourselves as unworthy. In God’s sight no one is ever unworthy!

If you find yourselves judging others or yourselves, even if only privately, secretly in your minds, it indicates that you are in denial of your own sense of unworthiness, of unlovableness. However, once you have looked within and fully acknowledged that extremely painful state, that fearful belief and feeling that you are not good enough, you can release it and see the insanity of it, the utter invalidity of it. In that moment of awareness as you gently release it, thank it for the protection it thought it was offering you, and then intend and allow yourselves to feel the Love in which the Tsunami of Love has enveloped you.

The human condition, in which each of you sees yourself as separate from one another and from God, causes you enormous stress. Your true nature is Love, but as humans it seems that you are separated from that state and so you spend your lives seeking it, mostly in the wrong places – from your parents initially, from authority figures, from your peer group, and then very likely from another individual whom you admire and covet and whom you desperately hope will return your admiration.

To believe yourself to be separate is a most painful experience that starts at birth as you are forcefully expelled from the womb. As you grow and develop, the parental, tribal, cultural, racial, and religious rules that are imposed upon you further confirm that sense of separation because each time you break one of them and are judged wrong, and maybe shamed for doing so, it builds within you an intense sense of unworthiness thus separating you emotionally from the “good people,” those who have judged you and found you wanting. And that pain has to be buried, hidden deep in your unconscious, because it cannot be born.

When you see it spelled out like that it is quite clear that the only way out of this unhappy state is by embracing love. You all, every single human being, wants only to be loved. And there is never even a moment when you are not infinitely loved. As a human you need to feel loved because Love is your nature, and to feel unloved is effectively to die. So you keep seeking outside what you can only find within you. Love is the life force, without it you would cease to exist and that is impossible because you are eternal beings at One with Source.

Nevertheless, it seems to many of you that you do die because you have learned over the eons to identify solely with your human bodies which have, as you might express it “a rather severely limited shelf-life.” Medical science has recently succeeded in extending that bodily life expectancy, but it has also encouraged a belief that it is the only life available to you.

Over the eons unconditional love and acceptance has been a state of being that very few have experienced. However, over the last one hundred years or so, mainly as a result of the development of psychology as an approved ameliorative healing practice, the need that humans have for love has been increasingly recognized and applied, so that many young people today take it as normal – as indeed it is! – that people should behave kindly and lovingly to one another.

It is this enormous change in perception that led to the arrival of the Tsunami of Love. Previously, in earlier times, it would not have been welcomed because the general human attitude encouraged judgment and harsh punishment for wrongdoers, even for the smallest offenses. Love was talked about as being desirable but unobtainable, and therefore it was considered insane to even dream of experiencing it. You have some “leftover” expressions from those times: “You have to be cruel to be kind,” and “Tough love.” Many still believe in them! However, humanity as a whole is moving very rapidly away from that insane and truly unconscionable belief system.

Love does not condemn or punish, It offers Itself freely and constantly to all. But over the eons you have spent in the illusion, playing games of separation and experiencing the concomitant fear, judgment, and shame that it offers, you have “learned” to see yourselves as unworthy of Love and therefore find it very difficult to accept It. Feeling unloved, because you have closed yourselves off to It so that the pain of not feeling It will not be experienced, you are amazed when someone unexpectedly treats you kindly and lovingly.

This is happening more and more frequently as all are now enveloped and overlighted in every moment by the Tsunami of Love. All you need do to experience It is to open your hearts and allow It in. Intellectually most of you know that God loves you all, but deep within you lies your true knowing, the place where you can feel that Love enveloping and embracing you. By opening your hearts you learn to access that deep inner knowing and can then relish the experience of it whenever you choose. It is your God-given right, your heritage, so claim it, daily, and release all doubts about your worthiness to enjoy and experience God’s infinite Love for you.

Your loving brother, Jesus.


Love Has No Labels

What a wonderful message! .. from a surprising source too. Hope you both enjoy it and find hope in it.