Remember This Key To Manifesting

Each and every desire that you have had or still have is because of the feeling that you believe the manifested version will give to you.


So when you understand that you are really seeking the feeling and not the actual physical manifestation you now hold the key to instant manifestation.


Everything that you have in your physical reality, good or bad is because you focused enough of your energy upon it and became a vibrational match to it that it therefore had to manifest.


You do not have what you are seeking because you are focused on what it feels like to not have it in your life. You cannot continually feel that lack of what you desire and attract it into your life at the same time.

~ Angelic Guides through Taryn Crimi

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The Instantaneous Manifestation of All That You Desire

Angelic Guides via Taryn Crimi

April 24, 2016

Today we would like to focus your attention upon the topic of manifestation. Each of you have your own unique perspectives which has caused you to specify your unique dreams and desires.

Some of you have dreams which have remained seemingly unfulfilled for a very long time, and others have newly birthed desires and many of your desires have already manifested. This is what is so fun about your reality.

You came to revel in the joy of forming new desires for yourselves. Life would not be nearly as fun if you did not have things to desire. But why is it that some desires come so easily and others seem to evade you? This is what we would like to touch upon today.

You see, from our perspective there is no dream or desire too great, there is no desire that any of you could have that is unattainable no matter how big it is. We often say that if you can dream it, you can achieve it and we say this with absolute certainty.

So why are some desires so much easier for you to manifest than others? To this we reply, it is your belief in the difficulty of its manifestation that continues to block the physical manifestation of it. Allow us to further explain our perspective in the hopes of helping to clarify what we mean.

Each and every desire that you have had or still have is because of the feeling that you believe the manifested version will give to you. The relationships, the abundance, the experiences, the vacation, the children, the body; absolutely every desire is born because you are seeking the feeling it will give to you when you have it. It is just that simple, there are no exceptions.

So when you understand that you are really seeking the feeling and not the actual physical manifestation you now hold the key to instant manifestation. How so? You see, you are powerful creators, you always have the ability to shift your thoughts and focus in whatever direction you prefer. You can attain the feeling of what you want right here and now. You don’t have to wait. You can use your imagination to envision what it feels like to have all of your desires right now.

If you can understand what we are sharing with you, you never will have to wait for anything again. This concept really is the key to all manifestation.

Now, we are not in anyway diminishing the actual physical manifestation of your dreams, not by any means. We want you to have the physical manifestation of every dream and desire you ever will have; but when you understand that you can attain that feeling of having it right now you will undoubtedly watch in amazement as you’re entire world transforms before you.

You see, you cannot focus on having something and what it truly feels like to have it and it not manifest in your physical reality. The reason being is you become a vibrational reflection or match to what you are desiring to manifest. What you focus on will always be delivered to you. Everything that you have in your physical reality, good or bad is because you focused enough of your energy upon it and became a vibrational match to it that it therefore had to manifest.

So many say to us, well then why haven’t my dreams manifested yet if it’s that simple? I have desired to find my soul mate, attract more money, get a better job, have a child, create a healthier body for years and I still don’t have it. How much longer will it take? To this we smile, this is such an important question and if you can understand our answer you will rapidly transform your life in a magnificent way.

You do not have what you are seeking because you are focused on what it feels like to not have it in your life. You cannot continually feel that lack of what you desire and attract it into your life at the same time. This is so profound. We want you to take a moment to reflect on this.

The only thing that is continually keeping your dreams from manifesting in your reality is your attention to them not being here. Do you understand what this means? So many of you convince yourself your dreams cannot manifest because you cannot conceive of any way possible for you to have it. This is the very thing that keeps it from coming. There is nothing too grand or too big for the Universe to deliver.

What we most want you to know is that you are so much more capable than you often times believe. You are more than capable of manifesting absolutely every single one of your dreams. You will always have new desires, new dreams to set your sights upon, there is nothing wrong with continually identifying new things to desire. It is what you came here to do.

Yet so many of you become so hung up on the details of how it’s allowed to come. We have said this so many times in so many different ways, but if you can truly understand what we are sharing you can unlock the door which holds all of your treasures. The “how” is not your job, it’s not anything you need to burden your mind with. Your job is to identify “what” you want, that is the only thing we cannot help you with.

Once you have identified what you want, all that is required of you is that you prepare yourself to receive it. But what’s so fun is that you can instantaneously conjure the feeling of what its like to have it right now. You don’t have to wait any longer, this is truly what instantaneous manifestation is all about. So have fun, all that you are seeking is available to you right now.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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Remember too, that emotion is a catalyst. Whatever feelings you hold, strong emotion attached to those feelings will bring the manifestation into physical reality more quickly. That's both good news and bad news .. because strong negative emotions bring strong negative experiences just as easily as strong positive emotions bring positive experiences.

Perhaps the most difficult part of the manifestation process for getting what we want and not what we don't want, is "unseeing" what we've come to believe is our reality. That is, once we've seen and/or experienced a thing, especially if the experience has been repeated and/or continual, it's challenging in the max to shed that negative feeling. It takes practice and diligence to continually move out of negative feelings and into positive feelings.

But that is the key. If you don't believe it, just examine your own life - what negative experiences do you repeatedly "manifest" in your life because you can't let something go? What positive experiences do you easily manifest in your life because you totally expect to? Feelings like "Well of course, I experience that because that's who I am!" .. or "that's what I deserve!" .. or "I earned that!" or their opposites "I didn't earn that", "I don't deserve that"

Consider for a moment that earning and deserving (both wanted and unwanted) have nothing to do with anything, they're just argument "props" you've used to build your belief structures. Those beliefs have brought you whatever experiences you've experienced.

What if you could have all your desires without lifting a finger? No earning or deserving required? You can. (Hint: you're already worthy, you're already deserving.) You can by believing that you can, and continuing to bring that belief into everything that you choose to be, have, and do. That's what mastery is, and you're already a master! Remember that you are, and live every moment inside that remembering.

May you have all that you desire .. and more. <3 ~ k


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Be an Alchemist - Heavenletter #5624

Be an Alchemist

Heavenletter #5624

By Gloria Wendroff

Published on: April 18, 2016

God said:

Everything you choose in life is your choice. Here's what I mean:

If you are sad, you chose sadness. If you can choose sadness, you can choose happiness.

Your life is based on your choices. Under all circumstances, you have choices to make. Your experience and the world itself may tell you that under certain circumstances, you can only be unhappy. To believe that or not believe that is also a choice you make.

If you can choose anger, you can choose peace. You may say you can't help anger. You may say you do not choose it, but suddenly it appears and seems to take you over -- your emotions, your thoughts, your blood pressure. Do you think you can only be a fall guy to anger?

Beloveds, if you did not choose anger, then who did? Who can choose it for you, dear ones? Any Tom, Dick, or Harry?

Look, if someone in the world has turned anger into peace, what prevents you from doing the same?

You may say anger is your life experience. You may say you have to be an alchemist to lower the volume of your anger into peace.

I say: Be an alchemist then. You can even turn anger into love and understanding. It is not only Great Spiritual Ones who have done this. Even ordinary-seeming human beings have translated their animosity into love.

In the world, this is often called forgiveness, yet I repeat and repeat: What makes you so high and mighty as to deign to forgive someone else for his level of consciousness? Who do you think you are?

Because someone else may have put himself in jeopardy, you don't have to join him. You don't have to. You just don't. The so-called other addresses you from his own anger or sense of deprivation and slant on life. What -- are you going to model yourself after the unhappiness he has drawn to himself?

He may think he has had the last word with you. Purposefully or randomly, he offended you and hurt your heart or even injured someone close to you. Whether chosen or at random, it's the same difference to you, for, in world terms, he has stolen peace from you, and you let him.

When you come down to it, do you want this unfortunate soul to impart his words onto you and leave you racked with the equivalent of his anger and hate?

Is this how you show him you're more powerful? Is this how you defeat his suffering soul at your own expense? If you now see as he sees, and you see issues of right and wrong as black and white and offensive, how does that serve you or anyone? Are you lifting the world or lowering it?

There isn't anything you can't do. You can even let go of thoughts and emotions that do not benefit anyone in the world, or the world, and certainly not yourself. If you want an enemy, it's quite easy to find one. Better to align with peace and freedom.

If this person hurt a loved one of yours, he certainly had no right. No matter his reasons which seemed valid to him at the moment or he is totally unaware of how he has infringed on you, he had no right.

By the same token, you have no right to want to turn the tables on him.

The only person to change is yourself. You are not to be vengeful or unkind under any circumstance. In your thoughts, words, and deeds, your only recourse is to rise above circumstances.

Granted, it is hard for you to let go of petty heartache when someone doesn't come up to your standards. I have to ask you: Who appointed you the watchdog of life. Be the fulfiller. Let go of what ails you.

It seems to be all habit, doesn't it, how you react? Now, then, change your habits.
I throughly enjoyed this Heavenletter. It hits hard with the idea that we aren't victims - ever! That we have complete choice in what feelings we hold and express, and therefore complete choice over what we do, even if it's difficult (seemingly impossible for some) to see how this might be so.

I've always considered Heavenletters™ as geared for the masses. To see this topic handled in this way, coming from this source, says a great deal about the increased awareness of mass consciousness. That in itself is cause for celebration!


Lessons From A Field Of Daisies - Heavenletter #5608

A Field of Daisies

Heavenletter #5608

By Gloria Wendroff

God said:

Only in the grip of time can you regret. As you linger, it may seem to you that the precise moment for a choice for something wonderful has gone. Your life missed a beat, and so, regret within you builds. Be done with regret. What are regrets worth in the market place anyway?

You may pass by a field of daisies, and you don't pick even one. Or you pick a whole bunch, and the daisies wilt too soon. Or they wilt later. Wilting is always too soon. And so you wilt your heart. You weep for the daisies gone. However, the daisies were there for you. You were gifted with the presence of the daisies and, perhaps, a lost love.

What a wonderful moment it is to pick flowers and treasure them. What an offering to you is a field of daisies. A field of daisies presents itself to you.

Daisies like that you look at them. They nod at you as you walk by. Daisies are not regretting your passing by or your picking them or your not picking them. Daisies don't waste their lives on regret. They are daisies and know better. They do not impose regrets on their temporariness. They surrender. They do not even surrender. They enjoy life as it comes to them.

Daisies blow in the breeze, and this is as far as they can go. Of course, their petals can be picked up by the wind and be cast somewhere. And their seeds.

If a whole field of daisies were mowed down, daisies would not mourn. They would not rue. They would not caw: "Nevermore."

Daisies know that life is always on its way somewhere and that life is beautiful whichever way the wind blows.

And when snow covers a field of daisies, the daisies concur: "Ah, to think of the loving hand that covers our fields with snow to keep us warm as we sleep."

Drop the idea that life has passed you by, or that you have passed life by. What you do and what you don't do are life itself. Where did you get the idea that you have missed out in life? Who says that? You say that. Better to be like a daisy.

If you took a path different from the actual path you walked, what might you be regretting now? What do you have to gain by refuting the life you live? You are living life, and that's what life is – what you live. It is you who says your life is well-spent or ill-spent. Who are you to relegate yourself to regrets, one after the other? Who told you to second-guess life? Regrets are no more than changing your mind. You don't have to change your mind. Or, if you change your mind, so what?

I say: "Love life. Love life forevermore." What do you care that the Raven quoth: "Nevermore."

You are a visitor to life in the world. You learn on the go. Thank life. Say thank you to your life either aloud or silently. You are a visitor to life. Who are you to say: No Thank You to Life. Relish life instead.

Hear Life Itself call out: "Claim me. Claim me. Come get me forevermore."

If Life on Earth were a tree, you might hear the tree call out to you:

"Come under my leaves. Hear them rustle. Watch the sunlight gleam through my leaves. Touch my bark. Sit down and lean against my trunk. Just for now. And then move on to your next spot under the Sun for awhile. . . forevermore."

I’d add to this to the above .. don’t be afraid to leave old experiences behind. Especially when you consider that the alternative is to keep dragging them into your future! Whatever experience you experienced, whatever feelings you felt, can be complete, merely by declaring it to be so. “Been there, done that, time to move on”. Without regret.