Powers of Creation

In this fourth, and final, installment of Steve Rother and the group's December 2009 Beacons of Light, the group talks about the problems that arise when we stop following our heart, stop creating. In a way they are asking us to expand ourselves out of the boxes that we've put around ourselves and each other, to continue to question things we have always taken for granted, to use our creative power to manifest lives that are both joyful and fulfilling.
Powers of Creation

First of all, you are creators—each and every one of you have the abilities of god within you. Most of you do not know it, because you are wearing a veil that keeps you from re-membering your own true nature, your own true abilities. But what is the need to create anyway? Why do you need to create?

We tell you, you do not. But it is your nature, and at any time or point you block your creative expression in any way, you will block your own god-self. You will block your own energy, and many times this force of energy going out can be reversed and the energy starts moving inward instead of outward. This exact scenario is what causes many of the energy allergies we have talked about and many of the physical setbacks experienced.

You are pretending to be human in that structure. Yet you are the most magnificent creators and the most magnificent beings to be able to hold the thought in your head for only seven seconds and have it manifest. No, it does not manifest in seven seconds, but it is created in seven seconds. If you hold that energy and vibration, it will show up in your energy field and it will show up very quickly.

We are telling you that the overlaying of time is going to start to have a new meaning for you. We hope that you start to play with this and push the boundaries of things that have always had very clear boundaries—time is time. You have atomic clocks that keep exact and perfect time, yet two years ago you had to sneak in an extra second just to make it work.

The whole idea of time is changing, because the rotation of the inner Earth is changing. This is not a mystical thing. It is simply that the core of the Earth is changing its rotation. It rotates at a different rate than the surface of the Earth. This has also increased and created the illusion of time on planet Earth. As that spin rate starts to change, you will start to see behind the veil a little bit more on this illusion of time and you will find new ways to use it. Play with it. Celebrate it, and above all celebrate your increments. Celebrate those times that have special meaning. Celebrate together.
Sometimes it doesn't look like there's a whole lot to celebrate. Sometimes it feels like we have to generate the enthusiasm that will allow us to celebrate.

When it feels like that in your life, stop and take a moment, however brief, to re-member how far we've come as individuals and collectively as the race of man. We've come a long way, and the future that we've been imagining and building for lifetime upon lifetime is in sight. When you think about all the lives and all the experiences that have led to this moment right now, celebrating becomes the most natural and fun thing to do. Enjoy!

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