Living Life Without Drama

The following message was given by Adamus (of the family of Saint Germain) through Geoff Hoppe of Crimson Circle. It was made available on Insights for the Soul, a Blog Talk Radio show offered by my amazing friends at Foundation for Insight.

As with other of my postings, this one hits hard in a few areas. But if you're reading this you're already open for the message and the energy that it provides. Enjoy realizing where you are, and the unfolding discovery of where you are going. Enjoy knowing that this lifetime is such a cause for celebration! Even in our darkest times we can be confident and safe in the knowing that we are now creating the grand future that we set in motion so long ago. Recall that Steve Rother's 'the group' has said many times you are the designated ascendee for your Soul. What an honor and a privilege that is!

As you read along, feel yourself as a part of this group and a part of this message. Because you are.


I Am that I Am, Adamus of Sovereign Domain. And, indeed, for all of you, you’re welcome to call me Adamus, Adamus (emphasis on first “A”), whatever suits you.

We’re going to take a moment here, as we get into our session, as I’m fully getting into Cauldre – you call him Geoffrey – into his body, connecting now with Linda, who is also on the line – Linda of Eesa, who joins my energy with hers, and from this point of Golden, Colorado, I’m going to expand this energy out to connect with each and every one of you who are listening – whether you’re listening now, whether you’re listening some time in the future – it doesn’t matter.

I’m going to ask each of you who are participating in our gathering tonight to take a deep breath … to breathe in … to feel your body. When you breathe in you can actually feel your spirit. You breathe in and you feel this thing you call your mind. You breathe in and you feel how alive you truly are.

Let us connect our energies together in total honor and respect for each other.

Everybody who’s connecting in this process, you are so honored by Spirit, by the angelic beings, by I, Adamus, by Linda and by Geoffrey, and by those who are putting on this special transmission – Mark, John, Charmaine.

So, let us connect our energies so we find that comfortable, compatible and honoring place from which to have our discussion this evening. It is an honor and delight for me to be here with each and every one of you. There’s so much happening on Earth right now it’s amazing. It’s amazing from our perspective, and indeed, we do measure it. We monitor it. We observe what’s going on on Earth right now.


It’s amazing to me sometimes how resilient all of you are, how you’re able to handle the fast paced changes – in your own lives, in the world around you. It’s amazing to think that technology is growing at a rate that’s literally off the scales. If you compare it to technology in the past, it’s off the scales right now. And why? Because consciousness has expanded to a new point.

Consciousness didn’t just take a nice easy curve of growth. It took a quantum leap several years ago and you’re the midst of it. You who are with us tonight – you are the teachers of it, the leaders of it. I know there are some days when you question yourself, when you doubt yourself, because those are still aspects of yourself that perhaps don’t understand the entire process that you’re going through, aspects that are still wounded from things that happened to you in the past, aspects that are still lingering out there, going through their drama, through their issues. Sometimes, these parts of you, they’re like a mirror in a way, but a mirror that’s distorted, a mirror that’s not clear, and a mirror that doesn’t have the type of love and honoring that your true mirror will absolutely have.

You hear these voices of yourself saying, “Who am I? How can I be a teacher when I can’t seem to get my own life together? Why is that entities don’t talk to me? Why is it that something grand and magical and mysterious isn’t happening in my life?” and I have to stop you right there. When that type of mind chatter comes around, I have to stop you and remind you, you’re not seeing all of it. There is something magical and mystical in your life going on. There is something transformational. This is, as Tobias would have said, this is the lifetime, not just another lifetime. This is what you have spent hundreds or thousands of lifetimes for, hundreds and thousands of lifetimes coming to culmination right now. This is the time.

Don’t miss it. Don’t miss it by assuming that it’s going to happen on 2012 or after 2012. Don’t miss it by thinking that it will all make sense once you cross over, once you leave the physical body and you come back to our realms. Don’t miss it by thinking there has to be some astrological event or other event that makes it happen. It is happening right now.

Oh, and you say, “But Adamus, I’m going to have to call you up and talk to you and ask you some questions, because where is it, then?” It’s right there. It is right there. It is so close, it is so obvious to us on the angelic realms, but you still have yourself tuned into human-only mode. Human-only mode. So, yes, you’re not going to feel or see or experience the true mystical nature of what is happening in your life – the transformation that’s happening at such incredibly deep levels.

So what do you do? What do you do to get beyond just this sliver of human consciousness? You take a deep breath and you give yourself committed permission to open up.

You don’t have to read anything more. You don’t have to go to classes. You don’t have to listen to talk shows, although they’re wonderful and entertaining. You’re not going to find it there, and you know it, because you and I have talked about it before. You tend to try to find distractions, excuses, delays and procrastinations, and it’s right there. It’s right there. It’s happening. I can see it in you, and you actually know it.

You know there’s something magical happening in your life, but then you fall back into the old patterns, and that’s what I want to talk to you about tonight – what’s happening. What’s happening to block your vision and block your awareness of what’s really happening.

So let’s take a deep breath …


… and let’s talk about what’s going on.

I hope that I don’t offend too many of you, but I know I will. And I know some of you are going to struggle with what we’re about to talk about. Some of you are going to get very frustrated with me and I’m going to tell you right now, even when our gathering tonight is done and you turn off the lights and you go to bed, I’ll be there. I will be there every step of the way. When you want to take your anger and frustration out on me, or if you just want to have a nice chat, I’ll be there. It doesn’t end with this transmission tonight. It continues.

What’s Going On

At the core of what I see happening with so many of you – no, I’m going to change the words that came out of Cauldre’s mouth; he said, “So many of you,” I’m going to amend it to say, “All of you,” every one of you – is you are caught in the allure of drama. Drama.

You bring drama into your life when it doesn’t need to be there. Have you ever noticed how just when the waters get calm, when you can feel the joy of life just starting to come in, something comes in from your blind side to disrupt it – an emotional storm, problems, drama? Heavy emotions come in to stir up the calm that you were just beginning to experience.

Now let’s stop for a minute there. You know it’s happening, I know it’s happening.

What’s causing it to happen? Is it that you’re so vulnerable? Is it that the world is such a difficult place to live within? Is it that everybody’s trying to take advantage of you? Is it that other people are filled with all of their needs and their greeds and they’re just going to rain on your parade no matter what? No. No. You’re actually causing the drama. You’re actually pulling drama into your life, and it’s played out then through a variety of things.

It’s played out through your relationships. It’s played out through your abundance, through your work environment. It’s played out in your body. Yes, drama plays out in your body, because it’s an old, old, human pattern, and you’ve gotten into the pattern. You’ve gotten into that rut, and it’s hard for you to see the forest from the trees at this point. So that patterns continues. It’s been programmed within you. It’s been reinforced. So you continually pull drama in, and then you get very dismayed, and you say, “But every time I start to make a little bit of progress, something gets in the way.”

You pull drama in when you’re depressed. Depression right now – and I’m going to talk a lot about depression in these next few years. We’re going to actually get into a type of facilitation for those who are mentally ill, who are in the institutions or on medications, or even those who are experiencing some type of mental imbalance or depression, because it’s not what most of the academics think it is.

Depression right now, for you who are listening – this doesn’t apply for all humans, but for you who are listening – is a type of empty space that is being created for you to understand who you are. The depression comes into this empty space where you can discover your divinity, yourself, remember your past, but this depression comes in because there is a number of dynamics.

One is that there’s a sadness about leaving the old human condition. Believe or not, yes. You have a sadness about letting go of the old human condition. The depression comes in because there is an awareness at some level within you that the spirit – the divine of yourself – is seeking to participate in your everyday life. Not just you’re spiritual life, not just in the other realms where sometimes you go to connect with what you would call your higher self; your divine wants to come in, into this moment right now. Right now while we chat, it wants to be a part of this conversation, part of this transmission. It wants to come in, but you hold it off.

So in an energy type of way you’re creating a vacuum by not letting your divine, your spirit, your God-Self into your everyday life. This creates depression. It’s actually just a sign or a communication that it’s time for your divine, for your All-Self, to be here. But you get locked up into this thing that it’s depression, there’s something wrong with you, why you’re so low in energy, why you’re not stimulated, so you know what you do?

Well, yes, you do know what you do, because I just told you. You create drama – human drama – conflicts with other people, issues about your abundance, issues about your spirituality. You’ve created wonderful drama about your worthiness for spirituality. You create drama with your physical body by disease or pain or injury, and that drama does something to remind you that you’re alive. It takes the focus off the real issue, which is about integration of Self here on Earth in this lifetime, and now it provides a distraction.

It’s energy. Drama is to the human condition what sugar is to your body. Drama is to your psyche what sugar would be to your biology. It’s a kick, it’s a high, it’s a distraction, and it’s generally false. It’s generally false. You can absolutely live without drama. Now you may say, “Yes, but all these people around me – my children, my spouse, people I work with, the drama that’s on television – how can I avoid drama?” By making a conscious and deliberate choice.

But before you do, let me explain some of the ramifications of that. Without drama you don’t have that infusion of energy – sugary, false high energy – that’s going to distract you. You’re not going to have that reminder that you’re alive. Yes, drama – you use drama to remind yourself that you’re alive, to keep yourself from getting bored.

Without that drama, you feel you’re going to go into some type of nothingness. You’re substituting drama for real passion, by the way. Some of you connect with me in your dream state or sometimes even in your waking state, and you say, “But Adamus, where’s my passion? What’s my passion?” It is there, but the drama is replacing it right now. It’s giving you that kick. It’s giving you, well, a reason to live, and you can put an end to it.

Each and every one of you are teachers of new consciousness. While I’m talking here, you absolutely understand part of what I’m talking about. You connect with it. But while we’re talking here, part of you is resisting and rebelling. Part of you is saying, “Yes, but, but, but …” There’s no buts. Drama is something that you can move beyond. It’s Old Energy, it’s so human, and it doesn’t look good on you anymore. I want you to start becoming aware of when drama is in your life. Oh, it’ll be there – tomorrow, the next day – it’s going to be there until you make that clear, committed
choice for no drama.

Life Without Drama

So what happens when you let go of drama? You are going to feel, for a short period of time, that you’re very, very bored. That boredom is going to make you realize the extent of drama in your life. I’m going to go so far as to say about 93 percent of your waking experience revolves around some type of drama – with other people, with yourself, with your aspects, with your body – there’s always something going on. There’s always something that you have to overcome, that you have to work on, that you have to battle, that you have to run from. And that’s drama. Can you imagine the tremendous amount of your personal energy that is being wasted on drama?

So when you let drama go, for a short period of time – but a very impactful period of time – you’ll feel that life is very boring. When you disconnect from a dramatic, emotional way of being with other people that are constantly feeding your drama needs, you’re going to feel very bored – “What’s next? What am I supposed to do?” There’s going to be an allure, a tendency to go back into the drama, because, well, it’s kind of fun – up to a point. It’s kind of stimulating ¬– up to a point. It’s kind of a reminder that you’re alive – up to a point. And you’re at that point right now.

So you go through a short period of boredom. There seems to be nothing. It seems like you’re in a vast, empty desert. And then you ask yourself, “Well, why should I even live? Drama’s gone, some of the people I used to act out with are gone now, I don’t feel this thing called Spirit, I’m not getting this high off of some cosmic consciousness experience, I’m not having entities talk to me – why should I even stay?”

Let me tell you, dear, dear, dear friends and teachers, that’s when you take a deep breath. That’s when you trust yourself at the deepest, most implicit and most connected level. You don’t force it; just allow it.

Pretty soon you’re going to start transcending and expanding your energy into new realms while you are still in physical body here on Earth. You’re going to start expanding into the real you—the real you; the you that doesn’t need drama, the you that
understands finally once and for all—not from a mental standpoint, but from a feeling standpoint – what peace within thyself is, what completion within thyself is. You’re going to understand the beauty of being with yourself.

You’re going to understand the completeness that you are and that you always have been, and the fact that … you’re going to laugh; you’re going to laugh and laugh and laugh, and then probably cry a few tears, but you’re going to say, “Dear God, they’ve been trying to tell us forever that it was here – that Spirit, my Spirit, was here” – and suddenly you’re going to realize that it is.

You’re going to realize how artificial and how thin and distorted drama was, and you’re going to realize that you don’t need it anymore. It was like a bad way of feeding. It was a distorted reality. You’re suddenly going to realize the “I Am” principle of yourself; the fact that you don’t need to get any energy from outside of you, everything you have is already there; the fact that power is a grand illusion that you played into for a long time; the fact that life is actually a joy – it’s not meant to be a struggle, it never was; the fact that the mind is a beautiful thing, but you are so much more than your mind; the fact that you are an absolute creative being, but the creative energies were either depleted by your drama or they were totally overwhelmed by your drama.

You’re going to realize that this thing that you’ve been waiting for for so long – to connect with your divinity and yourself and your golden angel and all of these other things – you always were connected. Those other parts of you were just patiently waiting within you for you to get over drama.

It’s not a big philosophical point. You don’t have to go study with mystics and gurus. You don’t have to go endure through years and years and years of meditation or any of that. You don’t. Oh, you can if you want. In a way, that’s kind of a drama in its own right. All you have to do is make that conscious deliberate, specific choice to be done with drama, and then stand back, because every part of you hears you when you say, “I’m done with the drama. I want to live. I want to experience. I want to create. I don’t need drama anymore.” When you are so clear with yourself, every part of you is going to hear that. It’s going to go deep into your soul and your soul is going to dance and rejoice with the news. And then just stand back, because the natural processes within yourself, within your spirit, begin to take place.

Yes, you’ll go through some changes in your life. Yes, it may mean shifting around or releasing people who have been the drama fuses in your life. Yes, it means you’re going to have a different relationship with yourself – a relationship where you can no longer be the victim. You’re either a creator or a victim. And when you proclaim that you’re done with the drama and you’re done with that way of feeding and you’re done with that way of existing, everything changes. It truly does.

Now step back. Get out of your mind. Stop trying to figure out how to manipulate it or maneuver it. Just let it happen. Can you trust yourself that much to let it happen? Can you trust those parts of yourself that you call your divine, that you call your expanded consciousness, that you call your God-self? Can you trust those parts of you enough to come into your life, to be with you, every day, every way, through what you would call the good and the bad and the difficult and the challenging? But they’re really not. You’re going to start seeing the beauty in all of these things.

If there’s anything that I can say, dear friends, is that it’s so simple. So simple, and that’s perhaps why I get a bit exasperated with some of you sometimes. That’s why sometimes I make myself very expressive, make myself very direct, because it is this
simple. When you come back to this point of simplicity – well, simplicity is the antithesis of drama – when you come back to this point of simplicity in your life, you’re going to understand what true depth is.

Now it seems to be a contradiction. Your human mind says “Simplicity means more simple.” And sometimes the mind and the emotions and your aspects, they love complexity because that’s where drama plays out, in the complexity. Once you come back to the point of simplicity, you’re going to realize that’s where true depth is – depth of consciousness, depth of spirit. But it’s not complex depth; it’s beautiful depth. It’s depth with ease, depth with true meaning, depth with true love.

So that is my short message for tonight. I hope it gets you out of your mind. I hope it gets you into some of these things that – oh, there’s energies and aspects that are lingering around you, that have been around you. You can feel their energy. Sometimes you can hear them try to talk to you. These are parts of yourself trying to get through to you, but you’ve been a bit tied up in drama.

Every time when there was calm on the waters, you tended to bring up the storm. Now is the time to take a deep breath, and let’s move beyond that. Let’s move into the real work we’re all here to do. Oh, and there’s a tremendous amount, by the way,
because there are millions and millions of humans right now who are going through their awakening, who are going through what you went through a number of years ago, who are going through learning to live as a divine human here on Earth, who are getting out of their minds, getting out of their old philosophies and psychologies and just wanting to connect with their real self. So we have a lot of work ahead of us.

To do this work, whether it’s within Crimson Circle or in Lightworker or the Kryon group or any of the other groups that are out there right now that focus on new consciousness, it’s going to require going beyond drama.


In closing, I will share two things. First of all, do be aware of how drama plays in your life and understand that you’re playing into it as well. You can disconnect from it at any time, but when you do, you go through a period where everything seems to be boring. It’s not. It’s just making way for a greater form of reality to come into your life. Don’t get tempted to run back into drama just to provide a stimulation.

Drama is very Old Energy. It’s very, very dualistic, and we’re all going to discover now what a new type of living is here on Earth without the need for drama. Let others play theirs. Let others enjoy their time with drama, but let’s move beyond it so we can get into real consciousness.

And by the way, as you have probably already noticed that when you get into this consciousness raising, this spiritual work, you’ve notice that it almost tends to bring more drama to the surface, more issues to the surface. Well, indeed, because it’s this element of drama that’s been clinging to you for a long time that is resisting. And how will it resist? It will create more drama. Take a deep breath. You don’t need it anymore. We’re going to be talking more about this in some of our upcoming sessions.

The second thing is my how time flies. It seems like we just started talking minutes ago. This is the nature of reality. It’s going to shift very quickly, as most of you were surprised to hear that the show has come to an end, thinking that we had just started. In a way we have just started, but yes indeed, isn’t it strange how time seems to be so much more fluid these days.

The time breezed by and there are so many questions. I’m seeing or feeling each one of you that has some questions and there are a few of you that have very, very deep emotional questions. I have to say you’re asking questions because you’re on the brink right now, or you feel that you’re on the brink. I haven’t forgotten about you and you haven’t been overlooked by any of us. The human constraints of time on this program made it difficult to connect with you verbally like what I’m doing, but even after we sign off here, I’m going to come to you personally – just you and I. I’m going to be there for you and I’m going to talk to you and I’m going to share with you.

Do open up and let’s talk about you. Let’s talk about the phenomenal being you are and those little things that have been getting in your way, keeping you from realizing the God that you truly are. So, I’m going to be there.

And with that, it has been an honor and a delight, and I would like to leave on these words: All is well in all of creation, and therefore, I am and you are also.

And so it is.

Many thanks, and much love and appreciation to Adamus for providing the message, Geoff, Linda and crew at Crimson Circle for bringing the message through and having it transcribed, and to Charmaine, Jon, and Mark for providing this and other uplifting messages through their work and organization. I love you guys!

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