A Message From Uriel

I thought this was an interesting little reminder from Archangel Uriel. It comes through Jennifer Hoffman at Uriel Heals:

The Gifts of Responsibility

The human experience is a gift that each of you has been blessed with, which allows you to express your creative powers in unlimited ways. There are many levels of experience in your dimension, that range from fear to love, pain to joy, and every other aspect of the earth's limitless energy.

When you believe that what you create in your life is all there is to this experience, you ignore the responsibility you undertake as creators, healers and transformers of the earth and its ascension. This responsibility is written in your soul contract, where you have agreed to use your gifts to heal and ascend on a universal level.

Your soul contract includes the responsibility to work with the energies you have brought with you, using the gifts you have been blessed with. Their use expands beyond your own healing work, they are to be expanded into their highest possible expression in the third dimension, which happens when you are aware of the responsibility of multi-dimensional healing you have agreed to.

You lead two lives, and each has a dimension of responsibility. On an individual level, you are on your own healing journey in your soul's experience of the third dimension. But as healers and teachers, you are on a multi-dimensional healing path, an agreement to participate in transformation and ascension on a universal level. All of your work extends beyond the third dimension, as you are ascending humanity's place in the Universe.

If you are empathic you feel the energies of others and know their pain, which can be so strong that you feel you must shield yourself from it so that it does not interfere with your own energies. But you feel this energy because it is also within the earth's matrix and your responsibility is to bring the light of higher dimensions to transform it into joy.

As healers you help heal energetic imbalances and traumas. Those who come to you for healing are also awakening you to the awareness that these energies also need to be healed within the earth's matrix. Send the energy of each healing to the earth's energetic matrix, which expands your transformation work and makes it available to all of humanity.

Each of you is a divine messenger of Source and your presence on earth at this time evokes your energetic healing which is also the earth's. This is your responsibility as multi-dimensional healers, as messengers of the divine heritage you all share.

Do not get stuck in the pain or trauma, it is merely an opening for transformation, a reminder to you of your role in the ascension process. Stay within your stillness, and claim your dominion over lower dimensional energies as one who is responsible for their transformation.

As keepers of the divine flame for humanity, you can transcend any experience, heal any trauma and manifest the earth's highest potential. This is your mission as multi-dimensional emissaries of light and truth. Heaven on earth arrives through the work that you do, with each energy you transmute and every level of healing you complete.
I want to add to this that you don't need to be a 'practicing' healer or teacher to be using your tools and doing what you came here to do. There are as many expressions of spirit as there are humans. Maybe your gift is through music, or through art, or through sports, or through being a loving and supportive friend or parent, or through the gift of laughter, or through running a business. Each being has a their own personal gift, and their own way of expressing it.

Know that we are all healers, mentors, and teachers, while also each being clients, patients, and students. In other words, we're all in this together. Just because your business card doesn't say "healer" or "teacher", just because you don't have clients, patients, or students, doesn't mean you aren't doing essential healing work. If you are here on Earth at this time, hearing the call of your Higher Self, seeking expansion and growth, you are right on track. Be encouraged by that—just by being here and being who you are you are doing important work.

Don't assume someone isn't 'doing their part' because you can't see what it is. And by the same token, don't feel like you aren't doing what you came here to do because your way doesn't match what others think is important or doesn't fit their definition of healing. Only you can know what makes your heart sing. Only you can know what inspires you to action. Trust your own knowing, your own path, and your own expression.

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