Victimhood is a Choice

Victimhood is a Choice

by Story Waters at WhenHuman

June 25, 2015

To become human you entered into the illusion that your will is not truly free. This is a separation from the knowing that you are that which chooses the reality you experience. Instead of being able to instantly manifest whatever you can imagine (as you can outside of human form), you find yourself in a reality that can appear to not only be highly resistant in bending to your will, but can actually give you the experience of physical violation, assault or imprisonment.

The Earth contains some of the most intense experiences within the infinite possibility of creation (AKA The Infinite Matrix). Being within a dualistic reality that intensity is experienced as two qualities that are experientially associtated as being opposites. For example, with weight people are said to be fat at one end of the scale and thin at the other. In this way fat and thin are said to be opposites.

In terms of the Earth's own self-defined language such opposites are literal and seemingly absolute because they have been defined within the Earth system to be that way. However, when you move to look at the experience of qualities within consciousness itself (not just on Earth) you will see that fat and thin are each a quality of life that can be independently experienced. Though the logical human mind make [may] not like it, usually to the degree that it refuses to recognize it, someone with an eating disorder can feel both fat and thin at the same time. The emotional qualities of the human psyche do not respect the rules of language, logic or tradition.

What is being said here is that you are an infinitely free being that has chosen to come into a reality that appears to resist your will, thereby giving you the intense experiences that you enjoy. A quality that many people experience directly within human life when they want to watch The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

There is no wrongness in this. How can there be wrongness in enjoying the intense experiences of the infinite qualities of creation? This is what brought you to choose to be human. Like all space-time realities, the Earth is an experience of intensity brought on through the idea of finiteness. On Earth this is felt as an experience of lack whether that be physical, emotional, temporal, etc.

For an infinitely free being, which all life is, to experience limitation you must enter into the illusion that you are finite. This is to enter the illusion that your will has minimal bearing on the reality you are experiencing. It is to enter the illusion that you are not completely free in the creation of your experience. Again, though this kind of limitation sounds negative to the human conditioned mind, it is something you choose with great wisdom, knowing and purpose in order to have the experience that arises from it. The human mind is not broken in how it experiences. It is exactly as we designed it to be. Something you will remember when you stop resisting your experience or when you leave human form - whichever comes first.

To summarize, because all that is (all that has beingness) has infinite free will, in order to experience being human you must enter the illusion that you do not have free will. This is the experience on taking of beliefs that you are limited. The beliefs are then experienced outwardly as absolute limitations. This gives rise to the experience of not being the creator of your reality.

This simple idea is the explanation for all that you experience when human, whether positive or negative. As you do not have trouble believing you would choose to experience positive things little is confronted there. The journey of human awakening is no limited to any one path, but all paths contain the journey of coming to understand why you chose all that you feel has caused you pain.

The route out of pain is to see that you are choosing it and that is a journey of feeling everything that this confronts in you. It is appropriate to feel angry, but all arguments against this idea are arguments that seek to solidify the existence of the victim (someone who lives inside the creations of another).

The victim within is real. It is a real quality of life that is experienced when you choose to forget you are the creator. It is the experience of not creator. So understand that in telling you that you have chosen all your own pain I am not seeking to diminish the experience of the victim. I am not seeking to say it does not matter. I am seeking to make the realization that it is a choice, a conscious understanding within humanity. I am not telling you here that the experience of being a victim is not real or painful. I'm not even going to say its not a bit fucked up. It will initially feel a bit disturbing that apparently we are some kind of masochists that like to torture ourselves for intense, emotional experiences.

It does however come to make a bit more sense when you see that we are learning to create in this reality. Religion usually sees this as the idea that we are sinned and we must endure this pain until we learn to create responsibly, then and only then will we graduate to a 'better place'. This is completely arse-backwards. We all start in the 'better place' and choose to enter physical realities from there!

What you will come to see is that Earth is game and no one, in all existence, ever has to come here. It is a very special game in that it includes forgetting the wider 'better place' and believing you are exactly what you are currently experiencing yourself to be. Though that may seem a strange game to us within human form it is important understand that all beings have their own unique experience of meaning. The meaning experienced on Earth is largely tied to the definitions of the Earth. When you die those definitions will feel like a dream. The level of meaning that remains is emotional. When you understand you are an eternal emotional being seeking satisfying new experiences then the Earth starts to make a lot more sense.

It is not my mission to prove this to you my friend. The basis of the reality created by the human mind is that you live within the experience of your beliefs. As I said, I am not saying that the painful experience of being a victim is not real. I am not saying victims only have themselves to blame. I am saying there is no blame, only choice, whether it be conscious or not. When you understand this you will see that I am not even saying it is a fact that you create your own reality because you can choose to believe that you don't. What I am saying is that if you choose to focus on experiences that suggest the belief in victimhood then you will experience victimhood in some aspect of your life.

The trick to stepping out of a belief they [that] seems evident in the world around you is to stop focusing on victimhood in others. To see someone in suffering and think 'they are choosing that' is not the goal here. The place to apply it is with yourself. So you may wish to think of what I am telling you as being only directly at you personally. I am not telling anyone else that they are not a victim. I am only telling you. The advantage in this is that you know the meaning that you live within. Only you truly know how your suffering has benefited you. Only you truly know how you have grown, how it has made you the person you are today. No one else can answer that, only you. So do not expect to look at others and know. Just look at your self and your life and it will eventually become clear to you, no matter how horrific your personal history may be, why you chose it.

Again, there are infinite paths to awakening when human, and all of them pass through the release of victimhood. They do this not by seeing that it isn't real, but by seeing that it is created by chosen unconsciousness. The realization therefore represents the release of that unconsciousness which can only occur through the realization that unconsciousness itself is not a mistake.


The Matrix of This Dimension - Peggy Black

The Matrix Of This Dimension

"The Team" through Peggy Black at Morning Messages

As posted on Golden Age of Gaia

June 17, 2015

We are here, always to support and encourage your true understanding of who you are. We continue to remind you that you are pure conscious energy and light. You are infinite and limitless. These concepts and ideas are being offered to you in many form and many sources. We are also messengers to spark your awakening to your own unlimited magnificence.

We honor you also in your physical form and realize that has been your main focus. However the time has arrived that you own and you recognize the truth of who you are as a being of light consciousness dwelling in matrix created by thought. You exist in a thought universe.

Imagine for a moment that your reality could be a hologram of vibrations of thought and light. We remind you the quote by one of your sages know as Albert Einstein “Reality is merely an illusion albeit a very persistent one.” So we truly understand your difficulty in holding this field of awareness while everything around you feels so solid and “real”.

Consider that if everything is vibration and frequency, which it is, and your brain is programmed to translate these vibrations in a certain way. There is a real possible that the limited programs, the limited information, the limited beliefs that have been encoded in your very DNA is a detriment to your awakening. You brain decodes and projects onto the energy field creating the illusion of your physical world from all the misinformation and limited beliefs that are handed down one generation to another.

You media, your religions, and other forms of communication continue to empower and strengthen these limitation. Consider that every being on your planet is contributing to this illusion with their own limited beliefs and programs of limitation. You can begin to see how this reality continues to be held in this dysfunctional place.

When you as baby take your first breath, you engage with this energy matrix, this hologram or as we like to called it a hologame. You veil your infinite knowing in order to play in the 3D reality.

You as divine multidimensional being of light consciousness, here in this seeming physical reality to transform the misqualified energy. You as well as all others are here to bring light, to express light and to extend light.

Remember that your thoughts are a frequency, your thoughts are a vibration. Your words creates in this holographic matrix. You conscious vibrations interfaces with this quantum filed of energy. Even your human aura is a field of light that is felt by others in all exchanges. We have called these various vibrations that emanate from your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and programs your energy signature.

It is this energy signature that we are inviting you to own in a new conscious manner. To begin to step out of any preprogrammed beliefs that you have acquired that might be limiting in anyway. Begin to question these beliefs. Investigate where you acquired them, what is holding them in place. Begin to recognize the trance state. Ask yourself how these limited beliefs might be sabotaging some aspect of your life as well as your desire to support humanity in life sustaining actions to transform this planet.

Remember that your physical form is made up of energy atoms and light, These energy atoms are talking to each other at all time. Every aspect of your own physical form is always in communication with the whole. So ask yourself what is your own personal body talk. What do you say to your physical body through our the day? Do you acknowledge its support and well being? Do you constantly reaffirm physical limitations? Do you listen to various frequencies of the parts and pieces which forms your physical/energy body?

We invite you to consider that your body is a hologram of your thought, beliefs and programs. Even as solid as it feels and as solid as you experience it, it is a matrix of light particles. Interfacing and responding to other light particles of various vibrations and frequencies.

Consider that your thoughts are the building blocks of the hologram. It is divine thought that is the creator of oneness, you are part of this oneness, always have been and always well be. It is the spark of divine thought/vibration within you that is the creator of all you experience. This one truth can set you free of any limitations. We will repeat this for you, it is the spark of divine thought/vibration within you that is the creator of all you experience.

So begin to play in the hologame, this hologram in a manner that is unlimited. Realize that you can shift how and where you place your focus. Ask yourself why might you create this in your personal hologame? Ask yourself why you might support the creation of issues and situations on the planet that are life diminishing? Become aware of your focus, do you focus on the problems or do you focus on the reality you desire to experience?

This mental shift is the work of a true master of consciousness, who understand that this reality as solid as it feels, as enjoyable as it is, as challenging as it can be is an illusion truly created by the energy thoughts of light interfacing with the matrix of this dimension. Begin to play full out with this thought universe, allow yourself to engage with your true understanding and knowledge of your multidimensional self as an aspect of wholeness and oneness as a divine creator.

We have spoke about thinking and creating outside the box of your limitation. We continue to inform and encourage you to recognize, know and own your creative power as a being of divine light consciousness existing in all timeframes and dimensions. And as this being of divine light consciousness who has allowed an aspect and focus to play and create in this 3D reality because it is an adventure. Realize that you truly pop in and pop out of this existence.

We understand that we have stretched you just a bit. However we also acknowledge that you as pure energy are quite stretchable. We are ever available to assist and support you in any way. We are as close as a request as all other divine conscious beings are as well. We are one remember.

The ‘team”

©2015 Peggy Black All Right Reserved. You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is
changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address.
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Building the Foundation for a Paradigm Shift in Education

The following is one person's ideas on how to create a paradigm shift in education.

While I don't agree with all of it, it's a good place to start and I'm thrilled to see people sharing their ideas on this very important topic. It'll be interesting to see how the author goes about bringing his dream to life.

In the title I've included the link to the original article as posted on Wake Up World. You can read it there if you prefer. I'm including the full text here as I find the busy-ness of Wake Up World's interface to be hugely distracting.

A New Education Model for Humanity

By Will Stanton

Posted on Wake Up World

June 13, 2015

All human beings are born creators. If you don’t believe me, I urge you to recall when you were a child. Didn’t you love to paint and dance and sing? Didn’t you love to indulge in imaginary worlds you conjured up in your head? Children are naturally creative. It’s one of the things that makes us human. The problem is we’ve been cultured out of our creativity as we’ve grown older. The problem is we have been educated.

The education system is due for a major paradigm shift. For too long, it has been stuck in the dark ages. Teachers still stand at the front of the classroom and deliver information, much of it meaningless in the whole scheme of things. Schools encourage competition, conformity, obedience and standardization, while also engaging in the suppression of our natural, creative impulses and critical thinking faculties. Children are moulded and conditioned via the factory model of education to be unquestioning worker bees in a system that does not care for human progress. As a result, our species is stagnating. In order to reach the next stage of our evolution, the education system must undergo a revolution of its own.

Buckminster Fuller once said, ‘You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.’

The Six Dimension Model

Around ten months ago I had a profound and very sudden awakening brought on by the realization that humanity was on a collision course with itself. It was at this point that I decided I was going to dedicate my life to changing the education system. Like Fuller, I thought it was much more pragmatic to wipe the slate clean and start over than to try and patch up the leaks of the old system, so I came up with what I call The Six Dimension Model.

In no particular order, these six dimensions are Self-Discovery, Inquiry, Sustainability, Innovation, Communication, and Empathy.


The first of the six dimensions focuses on the internal and personal growth of the individual child. Children will have access to all the avenues of discovery they desire, from artistic and aesthetic practices to sports, outdoor activities and everything else in between.

Creative play will be a part of every day, and students will be given free reign over a wide range of creative tools and resources with which to draw, build, invent, compose, design, imagine, and experiment to their heart’s content. Teachers will take the time to get to know each child on a personal level, and will make every effort to nurture and unearth each child’s natural abilities, passions and interests.

Children of all ages will take part in meditation and mindfulness practices to help them align with the essence of who they are and assist them in finding the path they wish to take with their lives. This will not be a mandatory practice, but instead will be something the school system highly encourages as a tool for self-discovery.


This dimension is all about providing learners with the tools and resources to be completely independent critical thinkers, and to discern information through an investigative approach. The role of the teacher will shift from an information dictator to a facilitator of open dialogue. Traditional teaching methods will make way for more Socratic-style mentoring, which involves probing and challenging students through a process of open-ended questioning. Socratic mentoring is named after the Athenian philosopher, Socrates, who wisely said, ‘I cannot teach anybody anything – I can only make them think.’

Schools will not teach a single version of history. Instead, children will investigate the evidence from a number of different perspectives, and alternative accounts of history will not be dismissed or overlooked. They will then collate and weigh that evidence before reaching their own conclusions. Differences in opinion will be encouraged and will be a necessary departure from the Orwellian groupthink mentality of the herd. Philosophy will also be taught as part of this dimension, giving students the ability to challenge their own rigid belief systems and open themselves up to different viewpoints and perspectives. The classroom will be a place where children truly feel like they are able to question everything and have their views respected, no matter what those views may be.

Religious doctrines will be abolished as they have no place in the education system. Open discussion of religion within a philosophical context will be encouraged however, as such discourse is highly valuable.


At present, the education system does not take our environmental reality seriously enough. Sustainability must be a primary focus in any new system. With the catastrophic deforestation of the Amazon, the plastic junkyards in our oceans, the pollution in our atmosphere, the displacement and destruction of our ecosystems, the threat of nuclear radiation, and now the plundering and pillaging of the Arctic regions, it is paramount that our children are not sheltered from the truth of our real and lasting impact on the environment.

Students will learn all about intelligent and effective resource/waste management, will interact with new energy technology in all its forms, and will be empowered to become problem-solvers with regard to the environmental crises facing our planet. Immersion in nature will be an integral part of this model, as it is crucial for us to regain our connection with the earth and with all life on it. The aim will be to get children out of the traditional classroom setting as much as possible and into a diverse range of environments that suit the learning context.

Children will also be equipped with the skills to become self-sustainable. This means being taught how to grow their own food, how to provide their own energy supply, how to build a house that can withstand the elements, and all other real useful life skills that allow them full autonomy over their own lives. The aim is to give young people the freedom of not having to rely on any system to do everything for them. They will be shown how to make sound choices for their health and wellbeing, through good nutrition, regular exercise and meditation. Again, it will be the responsibility of the children to look after their own vitality, and none of this will be forced on them.


Humanity’s greatest feats of creativity and progress have always been born out of unconventional ideas. Out of the box thinking will be deeply ingrained in the philosophy of a new education system. Schools will place a great deal of emphasis on divergent thinking, that is, thinking that does not require a clear right or wrong answer to any given problem. Divergent thinking strategies allow children to sharpen their natural creative intelligence so that they may reach their highest potential as innovators of the future.

All unnecessary competition in the classroom will be replaced by collaborative teaching and learning practices. Our human potential is far greater when we work together than when we work individually or at odds with each other. We must raise our children in an environment centred on collaborative and community-oriented principles so that they may grow to help create a better world and a fairer reality for the whole species.

Mathematics will be an optional pathway beyond elementary/primary level. Math will become a meaningful and highly relevant study with regard to its real world application. Students will also discover how sacred geometrical principles relate to nature, to the building of ancient civilizations, and to the framework of the universe itself.

Science education will see a shift away from reductionist materialism and into non-physical and quantum phenomena. This is not to say that the education system will abandon material science, but instead will extend its reach above and beyond traditional boundaries to include a study of that which we cannot perceive ordinarily with the five senses. All such exploration will occur through experimental and investigative inquiry by applying the scientific method.


This education model aims at retaining our native languages and recognises that cultural diversity is necessary in a thriving world. That said, English will also be taught across the board as that will enable all races, cultures and peoples to connect easily via written and spoken language.

Literacy and language acquisition will remain a cornerstone of the education system at elementary level, but will be voluntary at secondary level. Once a child can read fluently and get their message across effectively, it is no longer an absolute necessity for them to pursue further advancement of these abilities unless they choose a path that requires these skills. The engineers, nurses and dancers of the world would most likely prefer to use that time to develop skills in other areas.

Media literacy will be taught from around the age of ten. Children will be exposed to all kinds of media and will learn to think critically about the persuasive techniques being used. They will be able to read subtext, recognize manipulative language, and dissect political propaganda in all its forms. These skills are essential if we are to raise our children to maintain dominion over their own minds.

Students will also learn to recognize emotions and body language, and will apply that understanding to the management of social relationships and their own personal growth. By becoming conscious of their emotions, they will be able to minimize conflict, both internally and externally.


The last of the six dimensions, Empathy, is all about bringing real human connection into schools. It is so important that the future generations learn to value all life on the planet, so that our species does not continue to perpetuate the vicious cycle of war, oppression and conflict that has caused an unconscionable degree of pain and suffering.

In order to evolve, we must unite all colours and creeds and remove all barriers of separation. Nationalist fervour will be eliminated. There will be no pledge of allegiance. There will be no ethnocentric pedagogies. The education system will take a holistic, planetary approach, and will work on the foundational philosophy that we are all one.

Schools will function as real communities instead of the institutions they are now. Children will be valued, respected, and trusted with important roles of responsibility in the school. They will also be encouraged to engage in random acts of kindness in and out of the classroom, and to act with compassion and human decency in all that they say and do. Kids will learn strategies to empathise with others who are experiencing psychological, physical or emotional turmoil, which could be as simple as sitting silently by them and sharing their pain, or a heartfelt hug. Teachers will have the freedom and flexibility to establish a human connection with every child under their wing. Children will no longer feel alienated by their school system, but loved, understood, and empowered.

The Six Dimension Model will bring much-needed balance back to our education system, and will give both left-brain learners and right-brain learners the same opportunities to reach their highest potential. There is much more to this blueprint, including the structure and implementation, that I have written about in great detail in my book, Education Revolution, but this article should give you a clear idea of the scope of this vision. If this is the kind of education system you want to see for the future generations, then let’s hit the reset button together!


A World Without Laws

Laws are created because you humans feel the need to control others. That is where the fear and distrust come in. You do not believe in the inherent goodness and integrity you all possess. ~ Spirit through John Cali

In Abraham parlance, "won't it be nice when ..." all of humanity is so delighted being who we are that we won't need laws to tell us how to be, or to tell each other how to be?

Instead of laws we'd simply have agreements, and we'd hold to our agreements because .. well, because we agreed to them! That's integrity, and we all have access to it.

Because I believe in a world without laws - along with a moneyless society - and because that's such an unfathomable idea to many, I've often been labeled "weird", or stronger but similar label. But no matter what others think, I hold strong to the ideals of personal sovereignty and responsibility. And despite all the trials and tribulations along the way, I'm enjoying the journey of all of us getting from here to there. I hope you are - or can - too!

What is the "Rule of Law"?

Spirit through John Cali

May 22, 2015

Every law is an infraction of liberty. ~ Jeremy Bentham (1748 — 1832)


We’re living in a time when we hear much — perhaps too much — about the “rule of law.” And how it is seemingly so often violated all over our planet.


Much of your modern society bases itself on what it calls the rule of law. Just what is this rule of law?

Although your many and varied jurisdictions have their own laws and interpretations of those laws, they are all based upon a most “unspiritual” perspective. They are based on fear and distrust.

Fear and distrust of your fellow humans and, perhaps more telling, fear and distrust of yourselves.

We realize many, if not most, humans would disagree with us on this. But if we could work our will on your society, there would be no laws. Everyone would be free to do as they please.

Of course, we cannot work our will in this way. Nor would we want to. However, many of you would call letting everyone do as they please an absolutely insane thing to do.

Laws are created because you humans feel the need to control others. That is where the fear and distrust come in. You do not believe in the inherent goodness and integrity you all possess.

So you seek ways to control or eliminate the “evil,” the lack of integrity you perceive as the root of human existence.

While we know this will likely not be achieved in your lifetimes, if you could eliminate all laws, the human race would once again feel free and unfettered. Everyone would do only what feels good to them. You would remember who you are and where you came from. You would remember the foundation of who each of you is.

That foundation is love. Pure love does not require laws to regulate human behavior. Only fear and distrust require laws.

Integrity has nothing to do with adhering to your legal systems. Integrity has everything to do with being true to yourselves. Then you will need no laws, nor any other legal restrictions. For then you will be acting from the highest integrity, from the law of love.

The “bottom line” here is love triumphs law. Love ensures you will all be justly rewarded by the universal law of attraction, by the universe which recognizes no law excepts its own.


Copyright © 2015 by John Cali

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This delightful short video takes us on a lighthearted, hilarious review of some pretty stupid laws. It’s titled, appropriately, 10 Craziest Laws in the World. Enjoy! ~ John


Roadside Assistance - Arcturians and Galactic Family

When you judge yourself for a temporary distraction from your forward motion, you only weaken the courage that took you so long to find in a reality filled with negative indoctrination.

Fortunately, if you just fix each issue as simply as you would change a tire, you can continue your journey without too much distraction. Do you need to know why your tire went flat? Do you need to know exactly what harmed your tire? ~ Arcturians / Suzanne Lie

Roadside Assistance

Arcturians and Galactic Family through Suzanne Lie

May 28, 2015

YOU are the creator of your life, but you are also the editor. Furthermore, there are many versions and frequencies of your SELF who may or may not be in alignment.

When all the frequencies of your SELF are in alignment, you have a clear flow through which you can experience your Multidimensional SELF from your lowest to your highest expressions of SELF.

Whenever you experience an octave jump in your consciousness, all the versions of your SELF who are not prepared for that expansion will fall out of alignment with the sum/total of your SELF.

This lack of alignment will often create an initiation, illness, accident or life issue because the elements of your SELF that cannot keep up with the frequency leap of the majority of your expressions will “get your attention.”

This misalignment will need to get your attention because a part of you is being “left behind.” Therefore, it might feel like you are driving a car with a flat tire.

You are still moving forward, but you know that if you do not attend to your “flat tire” that you can endanger other parts of “car” as well. Therefore, you must pull your car over to the side of the road and change, or repair the tire.

If you cannot change the tire yourself, then you will need to call on someone else for assistance. Either way, the tire must be changed because your car can no longer drive with that tire.

It is natural for our volunteers to “be too busy” to “check the tires.” Therefore, they need that total shutdown in order to attend to the part of their self that has been nagging them for assistance. Once your body makes it too difficult for you to “keep going,” you must stop, look, and listen to your SELF.

You know that you are moving forward into a higher frequency of reality. You also know that you have taken a body during this NOW to assist Gaia who is also moving into a higher frequency of reality.

You also remember that since this old frequency is closing, you must pack ALL your bags. There will not be another incarnation on this frequency in which you can clean up the messes you made in this life.

Furthermore, you came to clear/transmute the low frequency’s waste material that was primarily left by humans. Perhaps, some of these “humans” were Draconians wearing a human form, but all of humanity is some member of galactic ancestry wearing a human form.

Therefore, the pollution, negative thought forms, destruction and distortions that Gaia has suffered has been created and left behind by some form of being who was wearing a human vessel.

The animals and plants lived in unity with Gaia and left NO negative footprints behind. Therefore, the psychic and physical waste material left by humanity is what causing a “flat tire” for Gaia, as well as her humans.

This negative human waste material, and the destruction created by it, is making it difficult for Gaia to transmute into Her higher frequency. Thus, you, our volunteers to assist Gaia, have taken a human form to be the “clean up crew.”

As members of this crew, it is not your assignment to blame others for what they have done, as you have all had lives in which you “left a mess.” Do not blame others, or your self, for what has occurred in Gaia’s past.

There is more than enough for you to do in the present. What you do need to do is to attend to be your own self. If some thing comes up within you that needs to be cleared, you may or may not be able to get the details on how that difficulty was created, or the exact details of that problem.

In fact, you may be called upon to just “unconditionally forgive, love, and accept” that cause so that you can effect upon effect. For this reason we ask all of you to release ALL judgment of others and of yourself.

Life on third dimensional Earth has NOT been an easy road. For every happy, successful, loving and empowered life, you likely had hundreds of incarnations in which you had none of these blessings.

Earth has been ruled by darkness MUCH more than it has been ruled by light. Therefore, give yourself a warm hug and total acceptance for the problems and challenges of your current incarnation, as well as for the myriad other incarnations you have taken on Earth.

Some of these incarnations even took place on future version of Earth. Please understand that “time” is an illusion of the third/fourth dimension. Most of humanity has been stuck in the revolving doors of the Wheel of third/fourth dimensional life and death.

This third/fourth dimensional “wheel” is actually a lower frequency of Gaia’s matrix in which illusion rules and darkness has reigned more often than light. This third/lower fourth dimensional matrix is gradually being transmuted back into a multidimensional matrix.

Multidimensional Earth, as well as humanity’s multidimensional self, always existed, but very few people gained the frequency of consciousness through which they could perceive or experience any thing beyond the third dimension.

Fortunately, as Gaia transmutes into Her higher dimensional planetary expression, many of you will transmute into your higher dimensional human expression.

Simultaneously, as you transmute your physical form into your fifth dimensional, Light Body while being attached to Gaia’s matrix, you assist Gaia to transmute into Her fifth dimensional Light Planet.

Yes, just as you are returning your human vessel back into your multidimensional personal SELF, Gaia is transmuting Her planetary vessel back into Her multidimensional planetary SELF. You, person and planet, are working as a team.

Any human frequency expansion greatly assist Gaia’s frequency expansion. On the same hand, any planetary frequency expansions greatly assist humanity. That is, the humanity that has chosen to live within the light.

Conversely, the beings that live within the lower frequencies of the darkness have been working against Gaia’s ascension. When Gaia returns to being an ascended planet, like Her dear sister Venus, the beings of darkness will no longer be able to adhere their lower states of consciousness onto Gaia’s matrix.

Hence the ones trapped in darkness have spent millennia spreading fear, domination, and subjugation to keep humanity trapped in the lower levels of consciousness. However, now there are more and more higher frequencies of light entering Gaia everyday.

These higher frequencies of light allow you to find the reason for your “flat tire.” This light comforts you and assists you to feel safe enough to look into yourself, free of judgment, so that you can just change that which has halted your forward motion.

When you judge yourself for a temporary distraction from your forward motion, you only weaken the courage that took you so long to find in a reality filled with negative indoctrination.

Fortunately, if you just fix each issue as simply as you would change a tire, you can continue your journey without too much distraction. Do you need to know why your tire went flat? Do you need to know exactly what harmed your tire?

Or, can you just calmly change the tire and continue your journey? That choice is yours to make. Just know that you do NOT always need to know what created the problem. Sometimes, you can just fix the problem and keep on moving.

If you cannot fix the tire on your own, you call for roadside assistance, or one of the many kind and loving humans who might see your problem, stop their car and get out to help you. Then, you don’t have to fix it alone.

You can also call us, the Arcturians, as well as all the members of your Galactic Family

Remember, You ARE NOT ALONE!