Don’t Let Negative Circumstances Dictate Your Response - Taryn Crimi

When negative circumstances arise, you have one of two options, you can choose to remain in the vibration which attracted the problem to begin with, or you may choose to shift your attention and perspective elsewhere, preferably onto something that makes you feel much better. Why is this so important you ask.

You see, what you focus upon will always expand regardless of why you are choosing to focus upon it. This may seem contradictory to what many of you have been taught, but you simply cannot solve a problem from the same perspective that attracted it in the first place. ~ Angelic Guides via Taryn Crimi

Don’t Let Negative Circumstances Dictate Your Response

Angelic Guides via Taryn Crimi

May 24, 2017

Today we would like to focus your attention upon the tremendous control that each of you have when it comes to how you choose to respond to the negative circumstances in your life. You are living in a world of polar opposites, there are contrasting experiences in every single aspect of your reality. This can of course be seen as a blessing or a curse dependent upon your perspective. Allow us to further explain.

You see, each of you will and do undoubtedly come into contact with negative experiences, there are times when things appear to be falling apart, you may become frustrated and even feel as though you have no control. However, we often say, you are either the creator of your reality or you are not; and we can assure you that you are indeed powerful eternal creators having a temporary physical experience.

When you understand that everything in your reality is a result of your most dominant vibration, and therefore you can only experience what you resonate with, you begin to understand how very much control you actually have even over circumstances that appear to be ‘out of your control.’

When negative circumstances arise, you have one of two options, you can choose to remain in the vibration which attracted the problem to begin with, or you may choose to shift your attention and perspective elsewhere, preferably onto something that makes you feel much better. Why is this so important you ask.

You see, what you focus upon will always expand regardless of why you are choosing to focus upon it. This may seem contradictory to what many of you have been taught, but you simply cannot solve a problem from the same perspective that attracted it in the first place.

Many of the challenges that you face, have not actually manifested yet, rather they are imaginings in your mind of what may happen and often times it is of the very worst case scenario you can conjure.

As we have said before, your imagination can be the greatest tool you have at your disposal, or the greatest enemy you can create. You always have a choice as to what you are choosing to focus upon.

Now we are in no way declaring that shifting your thoughts onto something positive when everything feels as though it is falling apart is easy, but it is necessary if you wish to create something different going forward. Otherwise the very attention you give to the problems only gain more speed, more momentum and create larger problems from the power that you have given them.

May we suggest that when you are feeling particularly at peace or in a state of optimism, that you make a list of all of the things you can think of that you find to be peaceful, enjoyable, and inspiring thoughts. It could be different sounds, your favorite song, a walk in nature, going for a run. The activity or thought makes no difference as long as it is something that makes you feel better.

The reason we suggest this activity when you are feeling at peace is so that you access to the thoughts that resonate with the vibrational ‘channel’ you are choosing to focus upon. This summons more thoughts to you that also perpetuate the current feeling you have at any moment. You literally are changing the channel of your life and therefore you become a new vibrational match to entirely different circumstances.

Many of you know this to be The Law of Attraction and it is always at play every waking moment of your life.

Our intention for this message is to offer those of you who are feeling particularly discouraged, frustrated and in a state of worry to relax into the process of allowing the Universe to do the only thing it can do, reflect back to you what you are in resonance with. A shift into a new state of mind will make all the difference in the world for you.

As always we are always eager to assist you in everyway that we can, all you must do is ask and allow.

We hope that we have served you in some way.

In love and light we are your Angelic Guides

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Anchoring a Higher State of Consciousness

You are here to transform all misqualified/negative energy that you encounter. Each and every time you consciously clear an aspect of your own personal energy field of misqualified/negative emotions, you are also clearing an aspect of the collective consciousness. ~ Peggy Black and the 'team'

Amazing Network of Light

Peggy Black and the 'team' at Morning Messages

(From her newsletter)

May 17, 2017

We are here, offering you our acknowledgment and gratitude. We are extending our support and encouragement as we remind you again of your personal power and magnificence. We are observing the energy of chaos and intensity that is being offered by the collective consciousness.

Remember, you truly chose to be present during these times. You are here to anchor a new reality; you are here in this dimension to call it forth. You are here in physical form to transmute and transform all the dysfunction that you are witnessing. You are not powerless.

As a divine being of love and light you are truly powerful beyond measure. You are not alone in this endeavor. We want you to realize that there is a network of energy being anchored by you and others who are remembering who they are and why they are here. We understand your concern about the welfare of your loved ones and your beloved planet. That is the passion and the key that is being called forth as you remember who you are and why you are here.

It does not matter your financial situation, your status or your age. You are here to anchor a higher state of consciousness and transform the misqualified/negative emotions and vibrations that are being broadcast by those who are unaware, scared and feeling powerless.

Remember, this reality, this dimension, is energy; it is vibration and frequency. This dimension is created by layers and layers of vibrations offered by all those who are present in this dimension. Every human, every individual, adds their own energy and vibrations to the mix. Most individuals offer their energy from a place of misinformation, misunderstanding and helplessness. You are here at this time to energize, envision and call forth a shift.

We want you to realize you have the support and assistance of your celestial and galactic family. There are more and more individuals awakening each day to their awareness and purpose in this awesome opportunity to transform and uplift the consciousness of an entire planet.

We invite you to step into this awesome awareness and true power of who you are. This is the time. We invite you continue to clear your own personal shadow of repressed emotions. This does not need to be painful or even difficult. You can lovingly place your focus on any emotional vibration that arises and give that emotion a sound with the intention of shifting and clearing that emotional vibration you have been avoiding, suppressing or even denying. Replace what has been cleared with a higher more coherent emotional vibration; anchor this emotion with sound vibrations. This is the work of a true alchemist.

You are here to transform all misqualified/negative energy that you encounter. Each and every time you consciously clear an aspect of your own personal energy field of misqualified/negative emotions, you are also clearing an aspect of the collective consciousness.

We will continue to share the importance of this daily action and practice. As the true alchemist you can place your focus on any aspect of the collective shadow or dysfunction that you are witnessing in the chaos and offer a sound vibration of that emotional energy. So you can offer a frequency or sound for the distress, the anger/rage, the conflict, the judgment. Once you have expressed this emotion from a place of true transforming power, make sure you call forth with sound and intention an emotional vibration of love, healing forgiveness or grace.

Be the inviter as well. Divine conscious beings of light and love are ever ready to answer your call and request for support and assistance. This is a partnership; non-physical beings of love and light are awaiting your invitation.

You planet is in the process of what you call ascension. The increase in the frequency of the planet, the resonance to which every living thing attunes, is activating and awakening all those who slumber. Your planet is being bathed with increased vibrations from the galactic center. The increase of resonance of the planet, the energy offered by the galactic center, is supporting and assisting your personal work and service.

Realize that you are part of an amazing network of conscious multidimensional beings who know who they are and know the work they came here to do. This network is available to you at all times. You are not alone in your efforts, quite the contrary. The connection to this network is your intention. The doorway or portal is your imagination.

Remember that you are pure energy and where you place your focus is where that energy goes. So focus on connecting to this invisible network of other conscious beings of pure energy. If it assists you, envision or imagine a sacred place to which you go to connect. Create that space or alchemical chamber. See, feel or imagine others of pure energy joining you. Practice this; make this a daily focus. It does not need to take a lot of time in your busy life. Remember, it is the willingness, the intention and allowing.

Imagine, sense or feel yourself joining other conscious beings in this higher realm. Know that you are a significant part of the many millions who are also creating this energy network of love and light. Surround your beloved planet earth. Breathe life into your intention as you focus and offer your own clear vibrations to this amazing field that is being created moment to moment in the higher dimensions.

You are energizing the quantum field of all possibilities with a future that is life sustaining for all. You are seeding this influential energy field with life enhancing realities. Trust your knowing. Trust passion for peace and harmony to be anchored into this realm which will assist in the ascension of consciousness for all. Each and every person who does this dedicated work and service adds to its glorious unfolding.

Remember to shift your own issues and limitations to a place of transformation. Lift them up using all the tools and processes available. Now is the time to truly step into your personal knowing and join others of like mind and heart in their physical or non-physical forms. Together in partnership, create a weaving of light that embraces all humanity in healing love.

Divine beings are awaiting your request; invite their assistance each and every moment. Join other earthwalkers who know how to be present in the limited experience yet connect to the highest possibilities of truth they can call forth and anchor. The celestials celebrate your courage each day for your presence in this limited dimension. You are here, no matter the circumstances that you find yourself experiencing, to transform what you encounter and witness. You are a divine being embodied.

We hold you in deepest gratitude for your willingness to do this work. We are always available to support and assist you. Remember to be the inviter of all beings from the realms of love and light, named or unnamed. Legions of divine beings will come upon your request. Trust this truth. the 'team'

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Concerning Debt Economics

A great part of the shift in consciousness that we're all experiencing is remembering the kind of world we're all entitled to, discovering what systems and behaviors prevent us from living in such a world, and doing something about it - whatever that something is that lives in our heart and is lying quietly (or not so quietly) waiting for us to hear it and attend to it.

In that light, if you haven’t seen the documentary film “Jekyll Island: The Truth Behind the Federal Reserve”, or have seen it and are interested in a quick refresher, or maybe if you’re looking for a written piece to open up others’ awareness, the article below is a great place to start. It summarizes much of what has taken me years to research. I find nothing in it that doesn’t agree with my findings.

Actually this piece (as with the film mentioned above) only brings awareness to a small part of the deception, and it only address the US, but the deception in all its facets is world-wide.

The more people know and understand the systems that they’ve been duped into participating in, the sooner we can get on with a world that operates in full transparency and integrity. A world that operates for the good of all mankind, all living creatures and beings, and the Earth itself. As Steve Rother and ’the group’ remind us, we’re in the times of “no more secrets no more lies”. All we have to do is believe in the power of we the people, know that that power is not lost, and begin living and doing from that power.

The Trap of Debt Economics


By Alan Adaschik

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Money is a medium of exchange and the study of its use is called economics. In days gone by bartering was the order of the day. If you had corn and wanted wheat, and I had wheat and wanted corn, we would decide how much of one commodity was equivalent to the other and make an exchange on this basis. However, bartering is an awkward process because of the unwieldy items and commodities involved. Obviously, exchanges of goods would be facilitated if people used something less cumbersome as a medium of exchange such as gold or silver. If I grow wheat, by exchanging my wheat for gold it will allow me to obtain other things more conveniently when I want them. Thus metals like gold and silver became our first widely used mediums of exchange.

Once people started using gold and silver to trade goods, the need to transform these metals into standardized recognizable amounts became evident. This led to the development of rudimentary coins; whereby an authority would weigh out various quantities of these precious metals and stamp them as to purity and weight. Once this practice became common, it was only a matter of time before coins took on their characteristic disc shape and were impressed with a mint date and the likenesses of important officials. With the development of coinage, a person could exchange the fruits of their labor for coins and use them to obtain other things when convenient. During good times, some people ended up with more coins than they could use and this meant they needed a safe place to store them. This brought the goldsmith upon the scene!

Goldsmiths worked with precious metals and had safes or strongboxes within which they kept their supplies. Having this capability, it was only natural for people to take their excess coins to the goldsmith for safe keeping. Upon so doing, the goldsmith would give them a written receipt for the amount of coins being stored. Soon people realized that instead of trading coins for the things they needed, they could trade the receipts instead. Thus paper currency was born and this freed people from carrying bulky coins when they went to market.

This rudimentary monetary system worked well in small agrarian economies, but as villages turned into towns and towns into cities, a need to borrow money developed and who was better positioned to loan money than the goldsmith. Not only did he have his own money, but he also held other people’s money which was sitting in his coffers doing nothing. Of course, if the goldsmith was going to loan other people’s money, he needed to share some of the interest earned with them. This was the start of what we know of as modern banking. The goldsmiths were our first bankers. People would entrust their money to the banker/goldsmith and instead of paying him for this service, he would pay them a share of the interest he earned from loaning their money to other people. From the depositor’s and borrower’s perspective, this made sense and appears reasonable. However, appearances can be deceiving and how deceiving will soon become apparent.

If people were going to borrow money from a goldsmith, for obvious reasons it would be far more convenient if the loan was made in paper currency instead of coins. However, the demand notes presently in circulation were for all the coins held by the goldsmith. How could the goldsmith issue multiple demand notes on the same number of coins? The goldsmith knew that it was a rare occurrence when someone retrieved the coins they had on deposit. This being the case, if the goldsmith issued demand notes for more coins than he had, from a practical point of view, the chances were that he would always have sufficient money on hand to cover the notes that were redeemed by any one or even several of his depositors. Understanding this, our enterprising goldsmith went out on the limb and adopted this practice. Upon so doing, fractional banking was born.

The use of fractional banking by private bankers, although morally questionable, was a boon to society because it allowed and facilitated the loaning of money. This, as a matter of course, fueled development of our modern industrialized society. However, every blessing has a downside and as things are, the downside to private fractional banking is significant and far reaching. How terrible and far reaching it is, is a well-kept secret by the banking industry. As a result, very few people understand how fractional banking really works or how deplorable the downside to its use is.

When a person deposits gold with a goldsmith, he is given a demand note that can be traded as if it were the metal deposited. However, when the goldsmith issues a piece of paper to a borrower that can be traded in this same manner, the gold backing the note does not really exist. Instead of holding gold to back the currency being loaned, the goldsmith only has a promise from the borrower to not only deposit the gold being borrowed at some time in the future, but also, incredibly, to allow the goldsmith to keep this gold or silver as his own.

A depositor is given a demand note for his gold that can be used in trade. End of story! A borrower is given a demand note that he can use in the same way as a depositor. However, this is not the end of the story because now the borrower is obligated to earn an equivalent amount of gold not for himself, but for the banker who loaned him nothing.

STOP! Think about what you just read and read it a few more times so it will sink in…

When someone borrows money from a bank, the bank is not loaning the borrower anything. Instead, all the bank does is make a bookkeeping entry in the borrower’s account for the amount borrowed and this costs nothing other than the time it took the bank to make the entry. The bookkeeping entry has value only because those involved think it does and despite this sleight of hand, the borrower is obligated to give bank, in real money, the original amount borrowed plus interest. After all is said and done, the net result of this transaction is that the borrower, in real value, gets the amount he borrowed less interest and the bank gets, in real value, the amount borrowed plus interest. This is absurd!

Why should anyone be able to reap huge amounts of profit from other people for doing virtually nothing? No one should and this is why usury was considered a crime in most early societies. The problem evident is that the money paid to the bank over and above interest is windfall profit and as such should be surrendered to a third party or some other controlling authority. The interest earned alone is sufficient compensation for the banks’ issuance and servicing of a loan, so this is all they should be allowed to keep. No private individual or institution should have the right to keep money they create out of thin air by establishing credit. Only society as whole through the medium of government should reap this benefit. This is why the US Founding Fathers ensured that the US Constitution mandated that Congress and only Congress will have the right to coin or create money. They knew and understood that such great power and its associated misplaced wealth, was a grave and serious danger to the newly created Republic.

Money is power and what greater power is there than to be able to create wealth with the flick of a pen or the push of a button? And what can be said of men, who by a twist of fate would wield such power. First of all, they would become wealthy beyond what anyone could ever imagine and they would use this wealth to hold sway over governments and the other institutions of society. To be sure, our goldsmith turned banker ended up bankrolling the world within which we live, but unbeknownst to most, because of the tremendous wealth they acquired, they also became behind-the-scenes power brokers who pulled the strings that made the rest of us dance. People think of the history of the world as the interplay and clash of nations, but the real history of our world was orchestrated by banking cartels in pursuit of wealth and power. You will never read this in a textbook because bankers operate in secret behind closed doors and nothing they do in this regard is documented.

Granted, bankers provide a needed and important service to society. We all know this, but there is one very important question that never gets asked or addressed. Is the price paid by society for their services worth it? The answer to this question is a resounding no. When bankers control credit and reap the excess wealth it invariably creates, they have an unfair advantage over rest of society. Everyone else works for their money! Why should bankers make huge amounts of money by default simply because they are the ones who issue credit? Money is power and the more power any one group of individuals have, the more they will use it to protect their rice bowl at the expense of the citizens they are supposed to serve. However, our situation is far worse than this because of the huge amounts of windfall profits involved. Fractional banking, in the hands of private interests without governmental moderation and oversight, turns citizens into being the economic slaves of the bankers. Furthermore, it also ensures that a majority of the wealth of a nation, created by the enterprise and hard work of its citizens, will end up in the hands of the bankers.

The United States started out as the thirteen colonies of Great Britain. Most Americans think that our revolutionary war was fought to separate us from the tyranny of the Crown. However, our revolutionary war was more than this. It was also fought to keep the private central bank that controlled England at the time from controlling us. The Founders stood against tyranny and this meant both tyranny of government and tyranny of a corrupt monetary system.

The Revolutionary War freed America from England and the international bankers who controlled Europe. When the war was over, England fled our shores in defeat, but the international bankers were relentless and never gave up. In 1913 they finally triumphed when Congress was cajoled and bribed into passing the Federal Reserve Act, which, in gross and flagrant violation of our constitution, turned the monetary system of this nation over to a secretive and private corporation owned and controlled by the world’s richest men. The question that begs to be answered is why would Congress do such a thing?

Surely, in light of what we now know, this ignoble and despicable act was not only not in our best interest, but resulted in destruction of the Republic, which our forebears sacrificed so much to create. Why would a member of Congress vote for a monetary system that resulted in our undoing and turned citizens into economic slaves? The possible answers to this question are obvious. Either the supporting Congressmen were duped or they were back-stabbing traitors who voted against our best interests to further their own.

Think about what this has cost the citizens of this nation. If in 1913 the members of Congress did their jobs properly and honored their sacred oath of office, this nation would still be a Republic. Furthermore, with Congress coining our money and regulating its value, there would be no need for an income tax. Governments at all levels would be able to fund everything they do solely out of the wealth realized from establishing credit and loaning money. Taxes would be eliminated and once again Americans would be able to enjoy all the fruits of their labor. Recessions and depressions would be eliminated and only one member of a household would have to work. People would be able to save money and consumer credit would be almost non-existent. The work week and work day would be shorter than they are today and people would be able to take extended vacations. They would also be able to retire earlier in life. All of this would be the status quo for Americans if it were not for the fact that, in 1913, Congress sold us into bondage. Hasn’t the time come for Congress to rectify their ignoble and horrible mistake?

Where does this leave us? This nation, having been drained of its wealth and vitality, is being dissolved in keeping with the designs of the bankers who established the New World Order. They believe the time is ripe to establish themselves as the recognized rulers of the world. Think not! Then read the words of David Rockefeller, the New World Order traitor-in-residence, spoken to the Trilateral Commission in 1991:

“But now the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supra-national sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”

To bring to fruition their diabolical plot, these bankers have engineered and initiated a world economic crisis designed to bring the entire world to its knees. And what is Barack Obama doing to address this crisis? He has rewarded the criminals who did this to us by giving them money borrowed from them for the absurd purpose of inducing them to make loans that only exist on paper. Is President Obama stupid or is he just blindly following the dictates of our New World Order masters? Either way there are two things we know for certain. Similar to Bill Clinton and the Bush’s who preceded him, Barack Obama has no intention of abiding by his sacred oath to protect and preserve our Constitution. Furthermore, his ultimate loyalty is not to the people of this nation, but to those who pull the strings that make us dance.

The single most important issue facing this nation today is should we continue the mistakes of the past or begin the restoration of our Republic by repealing the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. This being the truth, are Americans aware of this issue or is it under consideration in Congress? Of course not! Instead, the power and resources of our government and other institutions of society, including the mainstream news media, work to ensure that this issue will remain unconsidered and tainted by the labels of extremism and lunacy. I ask you, is such rubbish the hallmark of a free and independent society? Is this how the Founders hoped we would be led and governed? Of course not! And this being the case, what kind of government do we really have? Those of us who are not brainwashed and retain a measure of independent thought know the answer to this question. Our present government is one that does not deserve our loyalty or support because instead of being our government, it is a criminal enterprise.

In 1913, this nation was sold out by Congress to a group of usurpers who now brazenly call themselves the New World Order. However, the truth is that they really are the old word order with a pretty face. The mask they wear is maintained by their greatest ally; the mainstream media professionals of the fourth estate who tirelessly labor to make tyranny palatable to Americans. Today, the news media, instead of keeping us informed, has also sold us out and joined forces with our oppressors. Their prime function now is to keep us ignorant and distracted. Think not! Then let’s once again listen to the words of our New World Order traitor-in-residence, David Rockefeller.

“We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine, and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the light of publicity during those years.”

Yes, you read it right. The directors of the Washington Post, New York Times, Time Magazine, et al, attended the meetings of the New World Order where they plotted the demise of this nation, and David Rockefeller commends them for their silence. David Rockefeller commends those who have a prima facia responsibility to keep us informed, who placed their hand over their hearts when reciting our Pledge of Allegiance, who stood at attention with tearful eye when our National Anthem was played, and who sat back and did nothing while attending meetings where a group of demented criminals plotted against this nation. These are the people who David Rockefeller thinks deserve praise for their loyalty and professionalism. Nothing is more despicable!

WAKE UP! Our nation is in peril and under attack. Despite this, most Americans are oblivious to what is being done to us. Our Founders and the brave and patriotic Americans who lie in Arlington National Cemetery are turning over in their graves, not because of what is happening, but because Americans are sitting back and doing nothing while our oppressors have their way with us. If we continue to stay asleep and do nothing, the brave and loyal Americans who sacrificed so much so we could be free, will have died in vain. For their sake and the sake of our children, the time has come to stand up and be counted.


As We Shift - It's Over, And We Are Not Done ~ Sophia


By Sophia Love

May 9, 2017

​Pay attention. These are the days you’ll look back on, the vivid memories you’ll recall, the tales you’ll relate to anyone who asks. You’ve ended an era, and begin a new age.

When you raise children, you are so deeply embedded in each hectic day, that most of them pass without a sense of loss. Without a thought that you will someday longingly wish them back. It is like that now. Not that we’ll wish back the struggle, but that we may long for the adventure in our quest for freedom.

We are close enough now to feel it. The visionaries amongst us see it. There is nothing to compare it to, and no way to prepare. We are creating a new world.

We came for many reasons, not the least of which is excitement. It is the contrast, the goal, the “go where no one has gone before” part of life that spurs us on and fills out minds with purpose.

This moment now, this storm before the quiet, is one in which we hone our skills. The quiet will come at our bidding, it’s true. Yet as humans, we’re addicted to the storm.

We are creators without directors now. The controllers have left the building. The theme and action is ours to build.

We tread on new ground. Remember that a show without direction can be chaotic, and seemingly purposeless. Keep always in your mind, “to what end?” This is what makes a good director.

Let outcomes drive your thoughts and words, while compassion guides your movements. We did not come only to remove the shackles; we came to demonstrate sovereignty.

What’s over is the ownership. What is being witnessed now is akin to fish as they flop around in the net that captured them. Their only option is one they won’t see. They will continue to flail. Watching doesn’t change their fate, but it may alter ours. A more productive act would be to prepare for what’s next.

This is the “we are not done” part. Our role as conscious creators now takes center stage. Pay attention. Choose the direction of your thoughts. What emerges now are individual roles and tendencies. We co-create this part while directing it; all the time on stage performing.

Belief and intent force the seed to split and begin to grow. Realize nothing happens now until we make it so. We are that powerful.

The field is wide open. I’ve heard incredible dreams from some of my friends. I’ve read beautiful posts describing wonderful imaginings of where we are headed. SPOILER ALERT: The Trolls movie concludes with the message that happiness is something inside you, not something you have to get. All around us are visions, pick one to start with and create your own.

It’s all possible now. None of us know exactly when on the calendar this change shows up before our eyes. Yet it is certain to manifest once the feeling is true. The trick is to abandon the notion that it has to make sense, or follow any particular order. These are the moments of reckless abandon.

Allow into your heart your wildest dreams. This heart of yours is the engine, waiting for your spark of realization. It will take you anywhere you deem possible.

So, do not wait until the fat lady sings. She may never. It’s over. Yet we are not done. Now comes the fun part; the part we create ourselves. We can do this.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With so much love,


The Ups and Downs of Shifting Consciousness

Some Not Considered Aspects of the Ascension & Embodiment Processes

By Denise Le Fay at HighHeartLife

May 4, 2017

How many Forerunners/Wayshowers/Embodiers knew that 2017 was going to be like this?! I didn’t. I did know it would be a continuation and ongoing amplification of how outrageous it’s been every year since 2013, with improvements unfolding constantly in each of us willing and able to continue progressing (releasing more density to Embody more Light) within the Ascension and Embodiment Process. But there were, are and no doubt will be more things I didn’t consider with everything that’s happening in 2017. Things both personal and collective. Things both of the Light and the Dark. Things far beyond them both and old lower Duality Consciousness.

There’s so much to talk about so I’m just going to do my best to not forget anything (but I will, I always do) and cover as many of these early 2017 difficulties, pains, insanity, evolutionary brilliance, other people not coping well with it all, Ascension & Embodiment Process side effects, becoming increasingly conscious of being a Multidimensional Being in a physical body and learning how to function from that NEW platform, the weirdness of living in a constant state of flux and change in linear time and quantum no time and/or in the Now Moment, and the slow-motion realization of how to exist physically in a fifth dimensional (5D) world and how to Consciously Create from this NEW level of being and current awareness. And naturally it all will be changed some more later today, tomorrow, the day after that and so on because this is “life” now; constant, moment to moment evolution into something so much better and more grand but not quite grasping it all yet. That statement is both spiritually and energetically stunning and bust-a-Buddha Belly-gut hilarious.

What Happens When More Team Dark Timelines & Stolen Systems Are Shutdown & Taken Back From Them?
Fast answer is, a whole lot more Light Energies can and do immediately come in which naturally pushes everyone into even greater Embodiment and ongoing evolutionary Ascension. See, there’s one of those not considered things I was talking about earlier. We Forerunners/Wayshowers/Embodiers get so involved in The Work we do in and through ourselves and our bodies for Self and ALL that we often don’t slow down long enough to consider what’s most likely going to happen next, and next, and next because of it and much more.

So we recently had seven Solar flares intentionally aimed directly at Saturn, Lord of Building & Maintaining Anything In Physicality, which was a Divine Cease and Desist Order to Team Dark (TD), preventing them from continuing to utilize that planet and its energies to further control and imprison any timeline(s) and beings in it/them. And it worked of course, which instantly caused some pretty large and far-reaching energetic repercussions throughout different worlds, timelines and dimensions. This next sentence is super important, and it’s taken me far too long to honestly and fully grasp this as a fact and reality inside my body and self/Self.

The Divine, cosmic, galactic, stellar, planetary, multidimensional battles, wars, fights, struggles, changes, successes, positive growth, highly compressed evolution, tremendous progress, ongoing expansions, ongoing integration and everything else that has been, is, and will be taking place up and out there in the higher dimensions and other worlds, other galaxies, universes, multiverses etc… also takes place inside each of our physical bodies, consciousness and individual incarnate selves, lives and physical reality.

Breath and re-read that sentence again please. Don’t do anything else but consider that fact, for yourself, in your body, in your life and reality now. As above, so below. We are the macro and the micro. Why? Because we’re Multidimensional Beings that are direct aspects, fragments of Divine Source dispersed everywhere simultaneously. Everything that’s taking place now via the evolutionary Ascension & Embodiment Process is happening “out there” and “in here” in each of us and our bodies and consciousness. We are all One, there is no separation from Divine Source. The “end times” are happening “out there” and “in here”, in each of us and our bodies and consciousness. We are the agents of evolutionary change, all the way down into every cell and nerve in our physical bodies.

Let’s continue with that last thought held high and proudly overhead like a great, glowing crown of empowered Beingness. ⭐

So if you/me/we are in all places and dimensions simultaneously, and we’ve reached that point within the evolutionary Ascension & Embodiment Process (AP) where we now HAVE to have that awareness in us consciously all the time, then things start to make a bit more sense. More sense as to why things physically hurt and ache in the ways they now do in 2017. Why things emotionally hurt and don’t hurt at all now like they do in 2017. Why things seem like they’re more important than anything has EVER been before and simultaneously, not important much at all really. Just know much more for the Neutral Observer HighHeart Self. Why things seem so freaking insane and wildly frustrating at times and simultaneously so profoundly perfect and expected for what’s happening everywhere now in 2017. Why things excite and inspire one moment, and in the next one you could care less one way or the other about much of anything. Why things are working and not working. Why things are falling apart and coming together in higher, NEW ways every minute of every day and night now in 2017. Why people are the most lovely, frustrating, evolving, blossoming, insane, distorted, monstrous pains in the ass/heart glorious Beings that you want to LOVE more than ever before, and/or you could care less because you know from Higher Awareness that all is in Perfect Divine Order right now, every moment even when it doesn’t feel or look like it.

What Happens When Some More of Your Higher Self is Embodied in Your Physical Body & Current Level of Consciousness?
Fast answer is, you and your body become, every time this happens remember, the location where a whole bunch more of NEW to you/me/us stuff starts happening. Why? Because those NEW things used to take place in higher dimensions and were dealt with by other aspects of your/my/our Higher Selves and/or other higher beings that are “us” at those different levels. But, with each next-level phase of our Embodiment Process, a little more and a little more of our Higher Self takes up residence in our physical bodies and selves, consciousness and lives, which obviously changes everything dramatically. It also means that more and more of those things, those jobs, that Work etc. that took place in higher dimensions and was dealt with by higher aspects of ourselves up there, is now increasingly able to take place in us and our physical bodies and selves/Selves down here in this increasing 5D physical dimension. “Upper Management” is increasingly moving down into you/me/us which means there’s a lot we’re quickly having to learn or re-learn as we Embody more and more of IT.

Like many of you reading this I too have waited for my physical body to instantly and magically turn into a crystalline, shining, radiating beacon of higher dimensional Divine Light Energies, with diamond sprinkles on top. Instead of all that, I’ve still got senior aged Denise that’s overweight and continues to need to eat, sleep, shower and use the bathroom. :/ Not very exalted is it? Not yet at least.

My point is that too many of us have believed that something other than what’s happening now was what was going to be happening now. We believed that we’d externally look like what we’ve gone through internally for two or more decades. God knows we deserve it after all we’ve been through with the AP, but so far, we’re still hauling around our tired, sore, oftentimes bloated to the extreme, swollen, nauseous, achy physical meat spacesuit, albeit with more and more of our Higher Self in it now too and probably shocked and complaining about how uncomfortable, restrictive, dense and stinky it is in there. I jest, or so I hope.

I’ve had lifelong conscious memories of my out-of-body sojourns in higher dimensions and what I’ve experienced and seen while there. It’s been amazing seeing some of the Beings I have in other dimensions and realities, and because of these lifelong Multi-D experiences, I think I can grasp a bit better about the Embodiment Process and how it feels to both sides, both aspects that are living this Process now.

How many of you have, during these many AP years, suddenly looked at something and not recognized it, not known what it was or was used for or what it’s called etc.? I remember one of the first times I experienced this back in the late 1990s. I saw some common everyday item and didn’t know what it was and I wondered why in the world that was. This has happened many times since then and I’ve come to realize that it was more than just the common Ascension Process side effect of our consciousness expanding repeatedly via the Rewiring Process and having temporary “brain fog” and “losing nouns” etc. I eventually understood that what I was experiencing was much like what’s been called ‘Soul Braiding’ or ‘Oversoul Merge’. I realized that the reason “I”, whoever that was at that time, had never seen the 3D physical object(s) in question and that’s why “I” didn’t know what they were, what they’re were used for what they were or called. In other words, this Embodiment Process has been at times over the past twenty years and counting, observed and felt from the point of view of that aspect that was incoming and not from the Denise aspect that’s already here. Two-way street, and sometimes we get to perceive and feel this Embodiment Process from one or the other or both directions, sides and points of awareness, which is really interesting when it happens to you/You.

The other side of this is from our incarnate physical side where things often feel uncomfortable, strange, alien, cause different types of pain both physically and emotionally etc. The same could be said however from the incoming aspect, and that it feels uncomfortable, strange, alien, causes different types of pain and temporary confusion etc. It takes a minimum of two to Tango, and both have their legitimate but very different points of perspective and awareness etc. Marriage takes some getting used to Embodiers, and we’ve barely begun the Honeymoon phase.

Another aspect of this Higher/Lower Merging, Sacred Marriage, Embodiment Process that I’ve found to be totally unexpected is that sometimes I can no longer tell what’s physically “real” and what isn’t. Having been born clairvoyant and all the other clairs too, I’ve always known when I was Seeing anything that was non-physical. It was intense, dramatic and stood out like crazy and was instantly known to me to be a non-physical something or someone that I was Seeing. However, over these many AP years this lifelong ability has, along with most others, evolved into something NEW and vastly more complex as is to be expected. And, as usual, every time this happens I don’t get a NEW and Updated Instruction Manual with every incoming NEW ability. They just arrive and I’m left to figure out what’s happened, what’s changed and how things work now because of those changes.

For many years now when I clairvoyantly See something I oftentimes don’t instantly recognize, like I always could before the AP started, that what I’m Seeing is actually something non-physical. When I See it and it looks to me like something physical, I react to it as if it is physical. Question with this one is, why can’t a lifelong Clairvoyant all the sudden tell the difference between something physical and something non-physical? Fast answer is, because those old borders between the physical dimension and the non-physical ones have been nearly nonexistent for twenty-plus years now. 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D and higher no longer have those same old discernable energetic borders that clearly outlined one dimension from another. Why? One big reason is that you/me/each of us is becoming increasingly consciously Multidimensional, meaning we’re functioning in more than just the physical dimension and rapidly becoming conscious of this fact, even when we don’t necessarily understand it or recognize it immediately! So much so that some of us are having to learn and/or re-learn what’s physical and what isn’t because it’s all looking and feeling like the same thing to us — “real” and solid etc. no matter where it and we are at the time we perceive it. Said another way, the old rules, systems, perceptions and abilities aren’t in-play anymore because we have, are and will continue to be evolving far beyond them. Because of this fact, things look and feel and act very differently than what many of us are used to in our incarnations up to these ongoing evolutionary changes internally and therefore externally as well. Expect the unexpected in your 5D self and abilities, perceptions, HighHeart Consciousness, and your HighHeart Consciously Created reality and life. Open more to it all and be dazzled by the growing extraordinary both in you and around you. ❤

Here’s another interesting AP (Ascension Process) and EP (Embodiment Process) change I’ve dealt with increasingly so over the past few years. Dreaming while wide awake and doing other things physically. No, I’m not talking about daydreaming or about imagining or envisioning, but about full-fledged, altered state of consciousness such as when we’re naturally deep asleep and dreaming, dreaming. I can be up, moving around doing physical things and simultaneously feel another part or aspect of “me” is dreaming just like when I’m asleep and dreaming. It took me a while to discern this one because I automatically assumed (bad thing to do while in the throes of mass evolution!), that I was just thinking about other things, not actually awake AND dreaming at the same time. But, that’s what it turned out to be, and this too is merely another aspect of our continuing evolution and some of our NEW, highly interesting super powers. 😉

The more you/me/we release our focus and memories etc. on the old lower frequency dense Duality patriarchal world and reality, the less you/me/we exist within it. It’s that simple and that difficult to master, but it’s what we’ve done all along. Release the old lower and continue to take on, take in, Embody more and more of the NEW higher and things will make more sense and get easier and much faster during this mega transition period. We’re more there than most of us realize or understand yet, so keep doing your Great Works and all else naturally falls into place and makes more sense as you better understand the NEW 5D rules. Much more is coming and soon and isn’t that just perfect and wonderful. ❤


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