Give .. Yes! But Remember to Receive

Now that "the giving season" is upon us, I thought it might be time to remind ourselves that while it's important and heart-warming to give, it's no less important or heart-warming to receive.

For those of us who grew up in an environment where hard work and 'making it on your own' were both modeled and expected, receiving isn't necessarily all that easy. For others, we have such a caring and loving spirit that giving is quite natural, while in receiving we feel unworthy or undeserving - as if we haven't done enough to deserve to be given to.

If you feel that way about receiving, it's time to give it up. We are all sparks of god. Yes, even you! We are already deserving, we are already worthy. There is nothing you or I or anyone else needs to do, only what we want to do. "But .. but .. but .." I hear you thinking! There are no 'buts' .. you are already worthy. You are already deserving. There is nothing you need to do to earn love, you already have it, you already are it.

Sometimes too, when we fail to allow ourselves to receive, we don't think about the pleasure we deny others who desire to give to us. In our false humility we deny ourselves the pleasure of being given to, and we deny those who wish to give to us the pleasure of giving. It's true that giving comes from the heart. What we tend to forget is that receiving also comes from the heart.

So this holiday season, if you have trouble allowing others to give to you, begin opening that up for yourself, then carry that feeling forward into your future. You can start small if you want to - allow people to open doors for you, or give you their seat on the bus, or step aside so that you may pass, or give you their spot in the check-out line.

When someone gives to you, look them in the eye and feel the generosity that they bestowed on you, no matter how small. Honor them by accepting their gift, and appreciate them by thanking them, even with just a heartfelt smile. Allow others to complete the connection of giving, by you being willing to receive. If you have had trouble receiving, this will open up a whole new world of feeling for you.

A similar message, relating to asking as well as receiving, comes from Lee Harris at Limitlessness. The full message is available on his new website, Lee Harris Energy.

Among other things, Lee said:
More than ever this year, there has been a growing experience of helping each other through the rough times. So many on earth have been challenged by finance, loss, life circumstances, relationship changes or shock (or all of the above), so the masks of ‘difference’ between us have come down and people have needed to ask for help more than ever before and ‘connect’ with others.

It can be difficult to ask for help if you are sensitive or you are used to being the one to give, as you can feel you have nothing to offer those who are helping you. But remember it is all about receiving now if you have been a giver for a long while. And don’t forget how good it feels for others to give to you (think of yourself giving to your loved ones here) so don’t deny people around you that experience if they offer it.
Love is a wheel and where we give it out, we will receive it from others. They may not always be the people we have given our love and energy to, but the magic of the universe keeps this energy moving and flowing between us all. And it will scoop you up when times become hard and remind you that there is always a doorway for you.

This wave of energy and giving is simply the expression of our love for one another, and that is a beautiful thing. You see it every day, in the smile from a shop assistant or a shared smile with another person on the bus. Intimacy is everywhere. We just have to open to it and see it.

This collective ‘challenging time’ these past couple of years is no random occurrence. This was always part of the plan for our evolution. We are all equal as human beings, no matter what our experience or supposed persona in life is. When we help each other, we remember this.

So this month, open to the divine within the human, for it is appearing more and more every day. People are expressing love, honesty, trust and intimacy in bigger and bigger ways. 

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