Two Tools for The Shift

In my post Countdown to Ascension I introduced the first part of the December 2009 Beacons of Light message from Steve Rother and 'the group'. That first part talked about the coming three years and how we're moving rapidly into the new world that we are creating.

This part of their message is about some tools that can help us get there. This mostly has to do with perception. We've heard for many years that 'reality is how you perceive it' and the group helps us understand how this is so, and how to use that knowing to achieve that which we wish to achieve.
Two Tools for the Shift

There are two important concepts that we will address one at a time. These will be incredible tools for you to use during this transitionary period. One we spoke of before, calling it the 12th dimension. There are 11 different yous having 11 different experiences and one point of perception. That point of perception is your 12th dimension. What you have been unaware of at this point is that it is very easy for humans to shift that point of perception. By consciously shifting your point of perception, you can now receive multiple views of the same point that you have never been able to see before. This gives humans another vision—a whole other level from which to perceive in order to truly see themselves.

The challenge is that you are not accustomed to raising yourself to that next level, so the first tool we give you is raising your level of perception. If at any point you run across what you call the brick wall--where you are going in a direction and you know your heart is there but you just cannot seem to get any farther or you just seem to be blocked--the first thing to do is not judge it. Do not call it “good” or “bad,” because the moment that you do that brings it into the lower vibrations.

The moment you doubt yourself and say, “I must not be good enough,” or  “I must not be spiritual enough to make this happen…” it lowers your vibration. In that instant you are in effect  doubting god and you negate the entire process at that point. So, the first thing we ask you to do is not to judge yourself. We realize this is not always easy, but re-member how important it is and trust in yourself and in the process.

The second thing we would ask you to do is to take yourself into your own higher self, then look at the situation from that perspective and level of awareness. Look at what you could have possibly gained from this experience, or what can be happening to make this better because of the restriction. Why did you put that restriction there? Only by consciously choosing to view it  from a higher perspective is that even possible.

This is not something humans have been trained to do, and it is not something you are all accustomed to doing. It is fairly simple, but you can all help each other tremendously by taking a step back and instead of reacting just take a breath. Move yourself to a higher perception and see the larger picture, even for just a moment. You will feel the difference. Even if you still do not have all the answers or do not feel all the energy inside, stop for just a moment. When you continue talking, your words will come out differently. You will feel lighter, as will those around you. Your channel will have changed, because your own perception now sees from a higher perspective than before.

So the tools are:

1 - Raise your level of perception.

2 - See the bigger picture (view from the perspective of Higher Self), if even just for a moment.

Abraham offers a similar way to shift perception, one I've discussed before, which is to find something, anything, to appreciate. In finding something to appreciate, no matter how small, you stop reacting and become conscious of what's going on around you.

By finding something to appreciate you are both changing your perception AND opening up to seeing the bigger picture. Finding something to appreciate moves you out of the negativity of judgement and into the softer, more open space of awareness. Standing in that place you have access to ways of being that are not available to you when you are caught in any of the myriad automatic responses that we humans have developed over time.

However you do it, know that whenever things aren't going as you wish they were, you can interrupt your 'programmed' way of being simply by shifting perspective. Use whatever method works for you, whether it's consciously breathing, consciously appreciating, consciously noticing, stopping thought for a moment, whatever—the method doesn't matter. The point is to find something that causes you to shift out of automaticity and into consciousness.

Don't get me wrong, automaticity is a good thing! Without automaticity we wouldn't even be able to get out of our chair! But we've created programs that run on automatic that we aren't even aware of, and we're working to break those up. The first and most important step is to become aware; becoming aware gives us the ability to see from different perspectives.

When we can see from different perspectives we find solutions that we didn't see, solutions we might not have even considered possible. Sometimes we get to see that what we thought of as a 'bad' situation really isn't, that it's just a step that's taking us to where we say we want to be. Sometimes we even start to see how and why we create the situations and experiences that we do.

If you look back in your life you'll realize that you've done perspective-shifting many times. The object now is to do it consciously, and do it often, especially when things don't seem to be going well.

Remember to have fun with this! This is your life we're talking about here, you have a right - even a responsibility - to enjoy it in all its nuances!

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