A New Way to Experience Responsibility

This post is a continuation of the information given by Steve Rother and 'the group' in their December 2009 Beacons of Light. To begin they discussed the coming three years, and what that will mean to us humans. I loved this comment in particular:
The three years may appear like an airplane approaching for a landing. Two years of turning to align with the runway and one year straight on approach and landing.
Exciting times ahead, don't you think?

After talking about the coming three years (Countdown to Ascension), followed by using the tool of perception to view from the perceptive of our Higher Self (Two Tools for the Shift), the group talked about us developing a new relationship with responsibility.

There is one other piece to consider as you enter this final quadrant. This quadrant of Earth will no longer support irresponsibility the way is has in the past. Even the word “responsibility” will start to take on an entirely  new meaning for all of humanity.

The word “responsibility” has actually been a negative in your world, for the most part. Folks, when each one of you thinks about responsibility you do not get excited. Instead what happens when the word responsibility is heard or thought, is that you tend to shrink. We tell you that responsibility is the balance to power. You are creators already. Understanding how you can use those creative abilities and how you can do that on planet Earth in the physical body, in the situations and dramas that sometimes surround you, will be key to your life existence as a soul on planet Earth.

We tell you also that responsibility will be changed in many different ways. Many of your organizations—whether they are business corporations, religions, clubs or whatever brings people together—those are the areas that will now start helping to define what responsibility really is.

For example, if you have a business and need help, you look around, interview people and hire someone. You tell them what you will pay them per hour,  week, month, or year, because we believe this is what your job is worth. In the future, what we are going to tell you is that even that will change. It will not be the job you do, but the responsibility within the company that you take will determine the pay for that job. A conscious corporation is focused on more than money because any entity of any kind—whether it be a collective or a single individual—will have to understand that it is now about working from the heart and not the head.

Many of your corporations have been working for one thing only, and that is for money. Money will always be a motivating factor. However, what will be understood is that by blending it with consciousness and love for your customers, it will bring more business and money than ever thought possible. These are the perception changes that are going to start shifting everything.

You are going to find out that responsibility and the word “responsibility” have new meanings, which when you hear them may actually start to excite rather than shrink your energy fields. You are going to find that all of humanity is working with a different area, so look in different parts of your own life.

Look in your relationships, what you do for a living, and your friendships. If you ever wish to have more power in an area, it is simply a case of taking more responsibility in that area. By doing so you are able to make space for that to happen not only in your own life, but in the lives of the other gods that are all pretending to be human as well.

It is no longer that you are separate in any way. We tell you there are many out there teaching that there are good people who are going to ascend, and bad people who are going to stay. We do not agree with that point of view, dear ones. This time either all of you go or no one goes, so it is now about helping everyone and being conscious.

It is turning around, seeing the neighbor who is driving you crazy and finding a way to say hello to him warmly and genuinely. It means finding a way to be responsible not only for who you are and what you do—but accepting responsibility for your own happiness. What about that, dear ones? No, that does not always seem easy either, but re-member it is perception. Do not give your responsibility to someone else.  

Your responsibility has to first be you. Only then can you turn around and share that with other people. You generally experience the opposite of that on planet Earth right now. So, if you will reverse that which is currently in effect—if when you hear the word responsibility your ears will perk up—then your energy field will start to move. You will see it and be able to use it from a totally different perspective than you have before.

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