Question Authority

At this time, like no other in our recorded and unrecorded history, it behooves all of us to question "authority".

What is it? Who gives it? Who accepts it? Is it a natural or a contrived concept?

Why is anyone entitled to have authority over any other? How do you feel about those in supposed "authority"?

What would happen if you accepted your self as the one and only authority over you and for you?

What would happen if each and every human being on the planet accepted themselves as the one and only authority over and for them?

Would there be chaos? Anarchy? Or something else? Harmony maybe? Freedom? Cooperation? Appreciation ... Unity?

Interesting and important questions for all of us as we move toward true freedom and accepting full, 100% authority and responsibility for our selves.

Accessing Your Value Part 4

Bob Wright and Judy Jandora

Published on Aug 1, 2017

Super Packed, seriously rich information!! Bob Wright goes straight to the heart of True Value and calls all sleeping self to the front lines to join the party!! Times up, this is DONE.. let's get on with the good times we brought forward to our now!! Message from Heather, via telepathy.. and much much more!

Parts 1 through 3 available on Judy Jandora's Youtube channel

Note: To skip past the preliminaries for call protocol, skip to the 3:00 minute mark.

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