HATJ Update, August 11, 2017

Realize that what is going on with Heather is so much bigger than the TDAs. She is - and has been - working with the "controllers" of this world. These are what I often refer to as "the families" because of the bloodlines involved. These are the ones attempting to keep the debt slavery system in place, and that slavery system has tentacles in every sector of our lives, all possible because of the debt systems that they control.

Heather has been working with "the families" and others on both physical and etheric levels (or as Heather says "in form and no form"), on planet and off (or as Heather calls them "locals" and "non-locals). That's a huge responsibility for anyone, and can be very taxing on her physical body. What most of us don't realize is that we are often doing something similar, we just don't remember that we are! Because of the amnesia we all agreed to take on to "play" this game, most of us have zero to little recall of those activities.

What we do have recall of, and what we can do from our physical expression on Earth, is to continue to bathe Heather and ALL OF HUMANITY with loving energies. No retribution. No retaliation. Only pure love so that any being holding onto fear can release their fear and move on from the despicable things that have happened on this planet. The time to do this is NOW. Thank you all for being a part of this amazing effort to release the old paradigms and uncover - together - new ways of being!

Conversation between BZ and Heather at the Northern Neck Regional Jail in Warsaw, VA:

Update: 8.11.17 10:25 AM PDT

By BZ Riger at i-vu.com

When Heather called Lisa, just a few minutes ago. She mentioned she was not feeling well had a migraine. From all the dense, dros of energy in the area around the facility she is in.

She is working through it. And now has it a set up with funds to purchase the medicine headache medicine she needs. [another update mid afternoon or so ;) bz]

My request to all, if you feel moved to do so. Please surround Heather, the NNRJ facility she is in, all beings in the facility with love and healing heart opening energy.

Then have fun and paint the sky, the land, the bricks, and steel… of all buildings and facilities within a 100 mile radius of the area with joyful colors and energy and that same bubble of love.

Thank you,


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