For HATJ: The Time of Us and Them has Come to an End

Outcome of today’s hearing 7.31.17 and NOT going to TN

[4:15:40 PM] brian kelly: The only thing I need clarification on is, how the outcome of today will have an effect on heather not needing to go to trial in TN….?
[4:16:28 PM] Paul Francis M: it makes it a certainty
[4:19:12 PM] brian kelly: Based on?
[4:21:30 PM] Paul Francis M: she hasn’t entered the jurisdiction and now she’s going to prove why. that’s the short version
[4:22:21 PM] brian kelly: Ok dots connected….got it!
[4:22:26 PM] Paul Francis M: there’s no jurisdiction to enter and therefore she won’t be going to Tennessee
[4:22:29 PM] brian kelly: Oh the elegance of it all
[4:23:11 PM] brian kelly: Gracie’ for that Paul. Tu she’
[4:25:57 PM] brian kelly: What’s your take then on where this leaves randy?
[4:27:03 PM] Paul Francis M: randy doesn’t know it yet, but all his bases are well and truly covered as a consequence of what just went down :-)

For HATJ: The Time of Us and Them has Come to an End

By BZ Riger at i-uv
July 30, 2017

We are in The Moment of Clarity. The moment when all of the illusions, the old scripts and structures, every facet of life; ALL the story lines of separation and everything that was bound. All Things, that human beings on this planet thought are REALY the way things worked, are being highlighted. As it is highlighted it can then be integrated.

You see it on ALL the world stages – financial, SSP (secret space program), corporate, military, human trafficking, government, health care, science, politics, agriculture, social, environment… Absolute data, the truth/facts/first hand accounts about all of it; is flowing out unabated at ever increasing speeds.

So that ALL of the “false construct” is being revealed.

• For some this is a time of excitement. Because all they have worked for to bring truth to the light is unfolding for everyone to see.

• For some this is a time of fear. Because all that they thought was true, is being revealed as a lie and in actuality a ”false construct”.

• For some this is a time of anger. Because all they can think to do is punish and force a resolution from the controllers of the “false construct”.

• For some this is a time of resistance to changes in the status quo. Because they do not want the false construct to change or be revealed.

Regardless of excitement, fear, anger, resistance… The integration of ALL that is revealed, is challenging for each being to absorb. Opening our hearts and understanding that the time of Us and Them is at an end, will facilitate the ability to go with the ever increasing speed of the flow, with ease and compassion. Compassion for oneself and for each Being, no matter the role they agreed to play.

We are ALL part of this. The Moment of Clarity. Each of us is an essential and integral aspect of the Universal plan as it unfolds to unbound All of the “False Construct”.

All flows only from complete transparency. When you are doing as you feel moved to do, do it transparently. Consider doing it in a way that does not force something on another, yet lays things out openly for beings to see and integrate. Each Being is now seeking out and sees the mirrors of the predominant frequency they currently hold, so that they can make new choices.

I/You/We/ The All, is working in coordinated cooperation on all frequencies, densities, and dimensions, the Quantum… Right now. To create a process that works for EVERYONE. Not one Being left out.

Each of us, whether consciously, from our physical minds perspective or not. Are making choices NOW, on how we are going to complete the last steps of pulling back and tearing down the whole curtain on the False Construct. Where we close out the Old, with grace and ease for Every Being, through reconciliation and transparency. And we step FULLY into the frequencies of the New.

Consider this for a moment:

You are the director of the “Experience in Contrast”, and you have all the resources and cast at your finger tips. You have to engage your whole audience, which comprises several billion Beings on Planet Earth, not to mention all those off planet and quantum. You have to have fear, anger, confusion, doubt so all of those lower vibrating emotional frequencies can be expressed and integrated. You have to wrap things up so all the various timelines, story lines, twists and turns are revealed. You have to do it in Love, Compassion, and Balance for EVERYONE. ALL Beings. And the scene set must be structured in such a way that All is revealed and The End of Us and Them is unmistakable.

How do You; write, direct, act, and set the stage for the final scenes of the experience in contrast revealing the false construct?

How do You, create that experience of completion?

Each of You is a singular Being of Light. It is time to Be/ Do / Act like it!

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