HATJ Update, August 14, 2017

Update: 8.14.17 on HATJ and her transfer to TN.

By BZ Riger at i-uv

Posted August 14, 2017

We’ve been tracking this through the day. Heather spoke with Youssef late last night and expected to be in processing and then transfer starting this morning.

Her signal was if she did not call between 8:30 – 9 am EDT that is where she was moved to in the NNRJ facility.

NNRJ, makes much of its money in the Jail Business consortium by being a transfer station for prisoners. Big profits from state and local funding of inmate allotements per bed and then from the federal contracts…

The processing takes time because it works the clock on hours and calendar and prison days etc.

The system at NNRJ, which updates every 15 minutes recorded HATJ’s release at 4:36 PM EDT

Depending on mode of transport used air or bus will determine how long before HATJ arrives in the TN facility.

Once she arrives, she will be allowed a phone call and I will update accordingly.

Once I have confirmation of housing and address I will let everyone know.


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