Summary of Conversation with Heather on 8/8/2017

Summary of Conversation with Heather (Heather Annn Tucci-Jarraf, "hatj") on 8/8/2017

By BZ Riger at i-uv

Update: 8.8.17 8:36 PM EDT - Via phone with HATJ and BZ -

I spoke with Heather tonight. We did not record the call as there was way too much noise on the phone lines and background noise.


First thing Heather said was, I got your letters and postcards. She said, the housing liaisons had to go through them all and it took a while as there were so many.

I laughed and told her that was the first wave. The liaisons are working over time to read the piles that are still flowing in.

Heather said she is very grateful and Appreciates all of you. She has been reading them, but there are so many in the bundle they gave her, she has not gotten through them all yet, but she will.

She said the Unity and Focus of the BEing and DOing, the coordinated cooperation is off the charts, even more that 48 hours ago.

It has been flowing to the families and has They have noticed and experienced the results of it all. All the various timelines that involve Heather going on to TN and the case with Randall, they are NOT liking at all. The ramifications, the unfolding, all of the outcomes and the direct results to them.

Heather said, the Awakening that people are going through each hour has never been seen. The pace/expansion/compassion/love. For self/for other/for one another. They are noticing, ALL are noticing, and it has just blown them out of the water.

We are all doing this together. Because You/We/Us are creating a level of expansion and awakening that has never been experienced, EVER.

Heather said that if the US Marshalls were going to come and get her for transport, they would they would likely be coming today.

Bos told her they would not be coming before Tuesday, 8.8.17 [side note, Bos has had an awakening and has Heather's true heart and interests in his.]

Today, was the last “official” meeting that Heather and Bos had. He is no longer her attorney. All of Heather’s documents and files were turned over to Bill.

Heather said that the DC detention facility could only release her before 9:30 PM EDT. And usually they have the release and transfer at 5-6 PM. She said that as of this morning, it looked like it was 75% sure the US Marshalls would Not be coming to get her. As of the time of our conversation she said it was looking like 79% .

If the 48 hour rule holds in her situation, if they do not come to get her for transportation this evening.

She will be released in the Morning- 8.9.17. I confirmed, Into the air in DC. Yes, she said and Bill will be waiting, and Youssef will fly in.

Heather set up a system, from within the jail that a fellow being would call me if she was taken. 8.8.17.

She said I send my love and appreciation to all of you.

#### BZ- We hold the space for Heather and all around her, and we wait to see what the morning brings. TN or DC…

I say lets Rock it, and send out the call to the ALL that the flow is smooth and Heather will be released into the Air, lol, free as a bird.

FREE AS A BIRD!! NOW. As are we ALL!!

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