Open Letter To All Beings

Greetings to all!

It's been a long several weeks in which much has happened both energetically and physically with financial disclosure via the TDAs (Treasury Direct Accounts).

This financial disclosure is .. as someone so eloquently said recently .. "like snowflakes on top of an iceberg” .. meaning the deception goes so much deeper than just the financials. There’s not an area of our lives that’s not affected, and all that data will be released over time. But we have to start somewhere, and I’ve always believed that unraveling the lies, deception, and fraud in the global financial arena was paramount to allowing the rest to unravel.

Well .. we’ve arrived. Unfettered access to all TD accounts worldwide is happening for all beings, globally; expect it this month. The last recalcitrant beings (presumably the ones in “authority” making the decisions that others have been following in an attempt to disrupt the flow, though I personally have seen no data on this) have been given two weeks to energetically accept this shift to freedom for all, or be left out. Don't ask me what that means, I don't know. What I do know is these folks will choose to join the rest of us or they won’t. What they do or do not choose matters not to “end game.” End game is here.

Ending this “game” has been a Universal effort - not only by the human race, but by races of beings numbering in the thousands or even hundreds of thousands throughout our multi-verse. But it had to be the humans who discovered the truth and acted in big enough numbers to make an undeniable statement that we are done with the slavery system.

There were a lot of “rules” for this game that we've all been playing, but the primary one for ending the game was that enough humans “wake up” and ”act” in enough numbers to reach a trigger point. That trigger point happened when hundreds of thousands woke up to the deception and attempted to access their TDAs. Whether they did so successfully or not doesn’t matter. It was the leadership-less unity that caused the triggering.

Those of you who played with your TDAs, or contemplated doing so, or just became aware of them and accepted that they were real and belonged to YOU the human being in whose name they were created, likely cannot fathom how much your awareness helped that cause! Even if your purchase or payment got reversed, and/or you had some unpleasantness associated with it, you participated in real time and that was huge! Love you all so much for your willingness to play!!

All that activity caused a trigger point for Heather to act. Heather (Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, or hatj as many call her) was the lead investigator into the global financial fraud, and one of 3 creators of the OPPT UCC filings that closed down the financial systems in 2012/2013. There's much information about hatj and OPPT and further filings of hers that is freely available on the internet for all to see. It’s taken all this time since then for the energetics, the galactics, and us humans to align and bring this “game” to a final close.

Heather was arrested in Washington DC last week and is being held in jail there. This is not cause for alarm. Suffice it to say she knows what she’s doing. She goes to court Friday. This gal is multi-dimensional in ways most of us cannot even imagine. But what she is, all of us are also, we have just forgotten. She remembers. She truly knows what she’s doing and has the active support of the Universals and Galactics. This court appearance on Friday is her way of wrapping things up for all of humanity.

I do wish for all of us to hold her in our energetic hearts as she takes this on, on behalf of ALL humanity.

It has always been her goal (and mine, and yours I'm sure) that every single being on this planet wins, with none left behind .. except by their own choosing. And there are precious few who have not now chosen, whether they are consciously aware of their choice or not.

Just after Heather was arrested, the Fed Res brought out their fear scenarios saying everyone who accessed their TDAs was going to be arrested, and locking down the Fed Res accounts being accessed directly through Fed Res banks. The PTW (powers that were) never tire of trotting out fear scenarios. Fear is a great controller. This time, it didn’t work. People did NOT stop accessing their TDAs, and/or believing in their TDAs, and some were hugely successful at accessing them - it all depends on finding vendors also willing to play in that sandbox. Some vendors were and still are accepting TDAs through "lesser banks" (not directly through Fed Res branches), however most are not.

So be it, it doesn’t matter.

The whole point of this exercise with TDAs and Heather in DC, is to provide every being on the planet with access their TDAs, with zero restrictions. "Unfettered access" is Heather's term for it. Those accounts (and I don’t have a clue how many each of us have) were set up in each of our names, for us!! but we were never “allowed” access to them, or even told they exist. (If you want to learn more, look up "strawman" .. i-uv.com is a great place to get info.) In fact, every “loan” ever made by banks and corporations was already paid - by your TDA! - when you signed the “loan" "agreement".

In other words, your signature on that "loan" "agreement" was you giving the money to yourself, for your use, only you were never told that. Instead you were told you "owed" that money to the bank. And to extend the greed even further, you were told you "owed" interest to the bank .. for the use of money in an account created for YOU! I ask you .. in your wildest imagination could you have developed a more nefarious scheme to bilk an entire race of beings?! Well .. actually, you did ;) but we won't go into that here.

This is not to say that the people working in these industries knew how despicable their work was. In the vast majority of cases they didn’t, and still don't. That will be a hard pill for many to swallow, but in most cases, those working in these industries were just as deluded as the rest of us.

Besides which, because of the various roles we've all played over "time", we are none of us “innocent” in any these doings. Over millennia you can be assured we have all played roles on both sides. This is NOT the time for retribution! This IS the time for releasing any and every feeling, energetic, emotion, and action that keeps us from the joy, appreciation, and abundance that is our natural state.

My request to each of you is this .. Feel into the energy of this!! This is a hugely complex issue that can be simplified with these few words: YOU are the value. You, the flesh and blood human being. You always were and always will be, you just didn’t know it. And you agreed not to know it in order to play through this “game”.

Your value was monetized and placed in these accounts. By accessing your account, simply by accepting that it exists and is yours, you reclaim authority for your Self; for your Being and your Doing.

To summarize .. YOU are the being whose value was usurped by “the powers that were” as a part of this “game”; a game that has kept you, the human being, in slavery without your knowledge, awareness, or consent. There were galactic wars fought over this planet and its resources, those resources primarily (but not totally) being the human beings on it. This game was far far bigger than you can even imagine, or likely even comprehend. But it’s over! And Heather will cross the t’s and dot the i’s for that closure on Friday.

Again, please hold Heather in your energetic heart as she takes this on, on behalf of ALL humanity. It’s important that we human beings show solidarity for ending this game. NOW.

If you are new to this whole concept and want to understand more, here are some basic overviews that can help:

First is an article by Sophia Love helping explain about the value of human being that has been usurped, which makes the TDAs make sense.


Second is a audio call with about 100 participants, where Bob Wright explains exactly where we are at with this process of end-game.

Recommend you start this audio/video at the 3:00 mark:


Love you all so much! It's been an honor to walk this path along side you, whether you were consciously aware of your participation or not.

PS - Please hold ALL beings in full love and appreciation, especially our elderly. These can be especially difficult times, both emotionally and physically, for them right now. They, and all, really need our love and support to help adopt to the changes that we are all immersed in.

For us all .. Breathe through any upsets, stay grounded and centered so we can be the support that others may need us to be.

What an AMAZING journey!

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