From HATJ - Reversals of Reversals; From BZ - Conference Call For Intent 8/18/17

# HATJ Focusing on the BIG, BIG, BIG, Outcome: Conference Call hosted by BZ Riger 8.18.17

By BZ Riger at i-uv

Posted August 17, 2107

Call is on Friday, August 18 2017, 6pm PDT

This call will give people who want to focus on the BIG, BIG, BIG, outcome for Creating the New Now, a space to connect and come together in Coordinated Cooperation.

We will talk a bit about your Treasury Direct Deposit accounts. Not a how to call, but the latest information Heather shared in her email (see below). People’s experiences, and DOings.

We will talk about pulling back the curtain and ripping it down.

The main purpose is to gather and connect our energy, in Play with the expansive outcome we have our focus on.

We will ride this expansive energy all the way through the Solar Eclipse on 8.21.17


Or, call in using your phone:

United States: +1 605-475-4120

United States: +1 712-832-8330

United States: +1 218-339-7800

United States: +1 605-475-2875

Access code: 953 2379- for all

Update 8.16.17 Email from Heather to Denice.

From Heather: awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The federal reserve bank, i love them…all reversals are being reversed immediately…the fed res knows (rather they just found out) if the fed res doesn’t reverse the reversals, the fed res gets locked out of all the systems globally and the systems self-power, self-automate, self-facilitate, self-validate, and self-correct (reversals of the reversals) per the orders of each Original Depository.

Guess what the primary standing order was from this Original Depository? See above…LOL ;)

Honey, I will share with all the amazing work and the powerful universal beings that are doing within the prison systems…it is beyond AMAZING…and all are beyond happy and joyous that this money-monster is in its final moments. My “inmate number” ends in “007″, LOL!!!!!!!!

Details on the global massive “prison-doing”, later.

Please amplify my tones of love and gratitude…

Love to Allllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Denice on 8/16/2017 4:51 PM wrote:

Lots of love flowing your way! let me know what you need me to research and I can paste it here. I cannot imagine how it is there.. . .you have my complete admiration!

There are so many folks waking up quickly. . .every video is now getting over 10K views over the week.

There have been a few ‘reversals’ of the reversals. S had two yesterday ;)

Lots and lots of love!

I saw -007 and thought. . .hmmm. . .kinda cool!


Please share with missy, my dad, youssef, lisa, and everyone the data i gave you about reversals being reversed

not much longer, honey, before all is unfettered access and facilitation forevermore.

love you
love all


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