What Will You Create In The New Paradigm?

The following video was created by Inelia Benz of Ascension 101. I'm not enamored of the title she created for it "Agents of Creation - Biggest Planetary Secret Revealed!" because it sounds a bit melodramatic. I'd like us all to not need drama and dramatic headlines to get our attention, but rather follow our hearts and allow that which resonates to find it's way to our attention.

The "secret" that Inez reveals is that 5th dimension is not a location but a creation. A great many of us realize this already, but I'm sure it's important information for those who do not.

Yet despite those minor drawbacks that perhaps only jump out at me personally, her video offers a wonderful and uplifting start to the creation of our new world, and provides a reminder that the creation of this world is indeed in our hands. It always has been in our hands, but inside of the new energies we can proceed without continually battling lower vibrations.

We are now fully immersed in the paradigm we came here to experience, let's take a few days to celebrate that we made it, and then move forward swiftly and powerfully to bring all of our dreams into our reality. What a wonderful time to be a human!

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