Ascension Q&A

Steve Beckow at The 2012 Scenario has developed a Question and Answer article that addresses some of the most-asked questions about ascension that he receives from his 2012 Scenario blog site readers. He pulled together the answers from a number of channeled sources and materials that he's compiled over the last several years, and in the last few days in particular.

The article may be updated as he receives more information, so I'm not going to post it all here, but rather I'll include the link at the end of this post.

What I'd like to point out, before anyone rushes off to get "the answers" to ascension is this - ascension is a process. We are all experiencing it together, as a group consciousness, yet it is unique and individual to each of us. That means that, literally, there are no answers. The answers to each of our unfolding process will occur as they occur.

So why, you might ask, if there are no answers, am I pointing you to an article containing answers? Because the rational mind needs something to hang onto. We have come to rely on the rational mind to such a degree that telling ourselves to simply allow, to go with the flow, to release ourselves to the experience, is a near impossibility. For those who can, that's the ultimate. For those who can't, like me, well .. there are answers that give our rational mind something to chew on while the rest of our being experiences our global and racial ascension from third density to fifth.

That's never been done before, in all of the Universe - for an entire race of beings to raise themselves from 3rd to 5th, along with their planet, while remaining in their physical bodies. In essence, bringing spirituality more fully into the body, and upgrading the body to accommodate that much light, that much energy. Merging our human being with our other aspects, with our galactic brothers and sisters, with the celestials, with All That Is. Being, in physical, who and what we really are. Remembering and living as the multi-dimensional beings that we are. It's a very special time, and a continually unfolding process. It's what some refer to as "bringing heaven to earth" and it is very real.

Also, having some "answers" gives us something to look forward to. They are ideas, thoughts, dreams, intents, potentials, possibilities, that aid us in creating a completely new reality, one based on completely new premises and desires and systems than we have experienced in this third density reality. They help us get the juices flowing for the kind of world that we prefer to live in, prefer to experience, prefer to play in. So while there aren't any true answers, there is an opportunity to expand our concepts of what's possible, and that is a very good thing. What kind of world would you like to live in? Personally, I agree with the ideas I've seen through posting on sites like The 2012 Scenario, so I incorporate those into my own image what what kind of world I want to experience. I hope you too are using all these ideas to determine the kind of world / life you want to experience.

With that in mind, here's Steve's summary of ascension questions and answers: Ascension Q&A, r1 at The 2012 Scenario.

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