Global Prayer Vigil

The following is a Prayer Vigil orchestrated by James Tyberonn, the globally recognized channel for Archangel Metatron. If you aren't already joined with others in centering peace, love, harmony and grace on our planet at this time, "Tyb" offers a wonderful opportunity. You don't need to go anywhere or even know what to do, you can participate from the comfort of your own home, and the instructions on how to proceed are given - scroll down to the image.
A Time for Prayer

From James Tyberonn, Earth-keeper

Please join us in a Global Prayer Vigil to offer love, healing and support to families, friends and loved ones of the massacre victims in Connecticut today. This heartbreaking, horrific tragedy of violence in truth has victimized everyone, cut short the lives of 26 people, 20 of the slain were children between the ages of five and ten.

Offer Love and Healing....

In addition to the prayers and support to Connecticut, we also include the victims of the tragedy earlier this week in Oregon. We also include those in the slayings in Arizona, The Temple in Wisconsin, Virginia Tech, Columbine and so many others...

...Including the world. The war victims in Afghanistan, the Middle East, North Africa, Israel and the the entire planet ! Humanity must stop killing one another...

It's time to create Peace | Together we can start the process...

Earth will remain in duality, but with the Ascension, and the expansion into 12 dimensions, we now have a greater ability and responsibility to create the New World.

It is time for all souls to join together and use the enhanced energy of the Ascension to create Peace, Harmony and Love.

Our Role ! What's Next? - Co-Creation as Spiritual Warriors of Peace...

Many people have asked...the 2012 Ascension is here...so what's next?

The answer is to create the New World. To become a vigilant creator. To rise into theta vibration, and focus in unity on Love, peace and harmony.

Thought, unified thought in crystalline theta vibration absolutely can change the world, and that is the role of all on the path. That is the next step.

We call on all who meditate, all who have inet radio programs, all who are in spiritual work to organize meditations, and combine them. It is said that 7000 people are enough, in theta state to affect the energy of the planet, to change the course....to become the Spiritual Warriors of Peace, Love & Harmony. By energized collaboration.

The solar winds are the mechanism of the new Earth. Billions upon billions of tons of charged plasma have bathed the earth since the 1987 Harmonic Convergence.

...And this will increase in Solar Maximum through 2013.

This plasma creates an ionic ratio shift that absolutely aids in opening the pineal. The gateway to creation. The crystalline expansion into 12 dimensions allows greater crystalline energy that also assists in theta field access via the pineal.

The tools are here. We are called now to create the shift, and there are enough of us to do it.

The Earth has graduated and it is time for the Spiritual Seekers to take a stand, and create the Ascension of Humanity.

This is what is needed, this is what's next!

Join us for a Global Meditation on Saturday and Sunday, and very night from now until December 21st. At the below times.

Proactively Create the New Earth

"You will never end war by hating war. You will only end war by Loving Peace. Love is infinately more powerful, but you must focus on love, peace and harmony to create them..."

We Invite All beings To Meditate Together
From Where You Are on the Planet
from today thru the 21st of December

Our Focus - Harmony, Peace, Love & Highest Good

Global Meditation
at the 12:12 of the Ascension
Dec 15 - December 21st
Daily for 15 minutes
12 noon and 6 pm, local time

We Warmly Invite All to Please Take Part From Where You Are!
Its not online, not on the internet,
It is etheric... Join us

We Can Change the World ! Mind is the Creator

We Welcome You To Take Part

All It Takes Is Your Time, Twice Per Day

Join in from any place on the Planet

From wherever you are and meditate with us for 20 minutes
at 12 noon your time
and again at 6 pm - your local time..

The energies will unite...

Sacred Meditation Times:
12 noon / 6 pm

Your Local Time...

Just follow the procedure below...
use the Unity Mudra...

12 noon and 6 pm

Thought combined is Amazing...it can create a New World.
We are co creators and the Ascension of the Earth amplifies our abilities !

Simply form the unity mudra and tone the OM and project love, receive the codes and Be United!

• • -- The Process -- • •

The exercise for energy connection, COMBINING OUR FOCAL ENERGIES and Creation of Peace, Love & Harmony:

1. Find a place to set or lie comfortably. Form the Unity Mudra. Use your crystal amplifiers.

2. Tone the OM for 3-4 minutes, then breath very deeply and rhythmically until you reach the theta state (meditative state). All of you should know when you are there. Visualize the pineal opening.

3. Next, visualize diamond light energy coming in through the top diamond crown- the 12th chakra.

4. Send it down through the spine, through each chakra, and to the core of the Earth.

5. Now bring it back up recharging each chakra.

6. Now, visualize being in the centre plane of an octahedron, joined by thousands of like minded Earth-Keepers, Lightworkers and spiritual souls.

7. Visualize the formation (inside the octahedron) of a golden sphere.

Send a wave of Love from the heart chakra into the sphere, and feel Unconditional Love.

Visualize Peace and send it into the sphere.

Visualize harmony and send it into the sphere.

Energize this by feeling these emotions of Joy and Love. Ask for highest good. Charge these into the sphere.

Then visualize this Golden sphere and its Loving energy encapsulating the planet and bathing each human on the earth.

Create individually and in unison the frequency of the New Planet Earth toward the highest good. Toward Love,Peace & Harmony.

~ Tyberonn

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