Senseless Tragedies

In light of the current tragedy at the elementary school in Newtown, CT, and the all too recent mall shooting in Portland, I thought the following worth passing along.

I find this short piece to be about as well written an explanation as is possible, given mankind's overall current inability to understand life on a cosmic level. You may yourselves benefit from these words, and you may know others who might benefit as well.

My personal request is that we not use these incidents as a reason to go into fear, but rather as a way to see what kind of world we do not choose to create anymore. We have before us an opportunity to turn grief into compassion, rage into understanding, revenge into forgiveness, for all involved, whether we see these beings as victims or as perpetrators. Now is not the time for blame, now is the time for deep compassion and love, for all involved, even more so if you personally know any of the beings involved.

It has been said of similar events in the past, and is all too true now - let us not allow these ones to have died in vain. Let us honor them for showing us what we do not wish to see, for showing us who we do not wish to be. At this time like no other we control what our future will look like, the choice lies before us.

May we join our hearts and intents together not only to assist those transitioning to non-physical as a result of these events, but the families of those victims, others emotionally traumatized though these events, and also the perpetrators and the families of the perpetrators, for the greater good of all concerned.

Thank you for being my partner in this endeavor.

Love to you all, and to all concerned,

- k
The Sudden Death of Children

Tragedy at Newtown, CT. Elementary School
December 14, 2012
Julie Redstone

When it comes to the death of young children, it is a natural human response to ask for a Divine explanation of why God would allow circumstances to exist in which the very young, the very innocent, would die before they have had a chance to live. This question which is so heart-wrenching when illness or birth-defect is involved for which there is no cure or remedy, becomes even more heart-wrenching when a tragedy occurs at the hands of another human being whose motivation appears to be that of deliberately attacking innocence. Such evil is heart-breaking, and there is no explanation of any kind that can sufficiently heal the wound that such loss creates.

For the departing soul – the child who dies suddenly – there are always helpers who assist that soul to make the transition to the higher planes of light. Some souls who die suddenly go through a period of shock and need to be helped through this transition. For those left behind, there is searing grief, confusion, shock, and anger as well as the spiritual understandings that the heart connected with the soul tries to anchor in. These understandings do not remove the pain. Rather, they create a container in which to hold it so that it can be absorbed more gently. Here are some aspects of these understandings:

First, that many souls who die young, in fact most, have chosen, on the soul-level, to live a brief life for purposes only known to the soul. For these, the manner of death is also chosen as part of the soul’s learning. This latter is incomprehensible to the human understanding but known to the soul.

Second, there are certain souls, and they are few, who fall prey to the karma of the one committing violence against them, not because they have planned such a death in advance, but because they get caught up in a wider circle of karmic interactions from which they cannot be extricated. This circumstance is rarer, though it does happen, and in the cases where it does happen, the event of such an unforeseen conclusion to a life is always translated in some unknowable way into an aspect of growth that will appear later on in the soul’s maturation.

Third, there are numerous souls who have volunteered to come to the Earth at this time of transition, who knowingly and willingly have agreed to help by encountering the forces of darkness that are doing battle at this time with expanding forces of light. This battle operates at both a planetary level and within individuals as well, where it may create an internal conflict that becomes more and more virulent between forces of light and their influence on the psyche, and forces of darkness and their influence on the same. Within vulnerable individuals, individuals whose motivations are not firmly enough anchored in the values of the heart due to their heart energy having been covered over by existing negative forces, there can come a time when they lose the small separation that has existed between their own inner experience and the thoughts created by influencing energies. At such times unexpected behaviors may result.

Souls who have come in service may not know in what manner they will engage with the darkness that is present on the Earth, but have volunteered to be here in whatever way will be helpful. They have come for this purpose, to serve the Earth, and on a soul level know that the path of their service will be created within their own individual lives.

For those experiencing the shock and loss that is natural to the human heart in the presence of the violation of innocence, and especially for those whose loss is personal, intimate, and devastating, there is no explanation that will suffice. What is needed above all in this time of pain is the willingness to trust that beyond pain, beyond death, beyond what seems like the power of darkness to create havoc with lives, God is holding all, and it is God’s Divine embrace of love that has allowed souls to come in service in the first place and that will allow the healing that is needed to take place.

May we who share in this tragedy stand steadfastly with the values of the human heart and compassionately with the suffering of its pain, even while we hold trust in the life of the soul and in the goodness of God and of life.

May we bless those who mourn the loss of a precious loved one at this time, and hold them in the light of God’s love.

Julie Redstone
LightOmega dot org

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