What Will You Choose?

As we approach that crucial date, 12-21-12, nearly every individual - even the not awakened or not fully awakened - seems to be pondering the question "what will happen?"

The quantity and variety of differing opinions is overwhelming, or can feel that way. There are armageddon, end-of-the world scenarios, nothing-unusual-is-happening scenarios, everything-is-changing scenarios, instant utopia scenarios, and every possible permutation in between.

Given the myriad of opinions, what is the truth? How does one discern what's really going to happen - or not happen - on that date?

Would it surprise you to know that, in my opinion, there is exactly zero possibility of discerning the truth of this date / event? There is no one-size-fits-all truth to be had. At no time in the recorded history of humanity has there ever been a time when it was so obvious that the absolute truth of a thing cannot be determined. Why is that?

Because at no time in our current lifetime has it been so clear that each of us, both individually and as a group consciousness, create our own reality. Really. Fully, completely, and absolutely.

So perhaps the question before is not "what will happen" but "what will you choose?"

Will you choose to participate in an earth scenario that has humanity being annihilated? Probably not, or you wouldn't be on a timeline of experiencing the influx of new energies, and certainly wouldn't be reading an article like this. You'd be fully engaged in fear, and probably already participating in a reality in which the earth is undergoing an end time that includes mass destruction.

Will you choose to experience instead a gradual unfolding of a shift in consciousness, where life carries on pretty much like it always has, with a slight shift more toward love, appreciation, and cooperation, but that still includes fear, lack, and competitiveness? A place where it may take another couple hundred years or so to reach the higher mass consciousness of a utopia?

Will you choose to leave earth entirely, shifting the focus of your experience to the larger galaxy, perhaps aboard a galactic ship or on another planet?

Will you continue on here on earth as a higher dimensional being, welcoming the galactics as your brothers and sisters, creating instantly, evolving a new earth as a fully aware, abundant, free, cooperative world?

Or will you choose some other experience entirely?

The choice is yours, albeit a choice that will be made at the Soul level. Are you aware enough of you Soul Self to be able to make that decision consciously, while still encased in a human body?

If you find yourself confused by all the different stories of what might happen, all the different opinions - including this one! - remember that it matters what you choose. There is no absolute scenario. There are as many possible earth timelines as there are beings interested in being associated with earth. Which one suits you the best? Which one makes you joyful and happy? Which one gives you the greatest opportunity to examine and experience and be, who you really are?

What will you choose?

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