Creating From Our Own Dreams

I was reminded today of how insidious our long-held beliefs are. Few people outside lightworker/visionary communities are willing - or even able - to see the opportunities that are brewing on the horizon. Opportunities that in fact are already here, and have been here, but that we have been too blinded by our belief systems to see.

We've been being born into this environment of duality generation after generation after generation. Raised by our parents living in their beliefs, who were raised by their parents in similar beliefs, who were raised by their parents with similar beliefs. Given those numerous generations of perpetuated belief systems, it's truly a wonder that any of us have been able to wake up at all. I can see now why the galactics and celestials are so appreciative of what we've been able to accomplish, given the environment that we have lived in.

The simple truth is that we've been creating according to the dreams of a faction of beings whose main truth is "power-over-other." This is not a "wrong" belief system, it's simply a system that doesn't work for many of us. Those for whom it no longer works have created, are creating, a new environment, a new world, in which power-over-other gives way to power-from-self. We no longer agree to participate in the old system.

The paradox is that power-from-self sounds individualistic, even selfish. But it really is not. Power-from-self is power from our Oneness, indeed, power from the source of all creation. Power-from-self says that we each are responsible for our own creations. No blame, no victimhood, no need for others to perpetrate crimes against us. We stand in our true power as creators and accept full responsibility for our creations.

For the longest time we didn't know that we had that power. We were taught by our well-meaning parents, teachers, mentors, friends, associates, society en masse, that we were powerless. Since all those well-meaning people believed in their own powerlessness, and since we looked to them for our cues about how to live life, we believed it too. Everything that we saw with our physical eyes, experienced with our physical body, heard with our physical ears, confirmed the fact that, yes indeed, we are powerless beings. We learned that the only way to achieve any measure of happiness - fleeting as it might be - is to become powerful ourselves by enforcing our power over others. Sometimes those others were those we loved the most, including our children and our pets. So ingrained in the beliefs were we that we lashed out in vain attempts to gain the power we believed we needed but weren't entitled to.

We were led down the garden path toward lack by believing those that proclaimed to have power over us. They never did. But our belief in that system made it so in our experience.

I'm reminded of the story of the jumping fleas. Once upon a time some ingenious soul put fleas inside a box with a lid, and the fleas' experience was that if they jumped so high they'd hit the lid. Over time they learned how to jump so high and no further, so that they would not hit the lid. Once this behavior was learned, the lid could be removed from the box and the fleas would continue to jump to the level of the lid and no further. They were now "programmed", through their own experience, to jump only so high, even when the lid no longer contained them. Such is precisely where we find ourselves - the lid has been removed from our box, but we are so conditioned that we don't even take advantage of the fact that freedom is attainable, in fact it's all around us.

And so we've been creating all right, we are creator beings afterall, but instead of creating from our own dreams, we've been creating from the dreams of others. We believed that doing so was our only option. We believed that "others" had control over us, and so we created according to the dreams that they created. An entire multiple thousands of years culture was built on this very belief.

That paradigm is over. We created it, we lived it, we experienced it, and we perpetuated it within ourselves and each other. And believe it or not, we learned from it.

Now we've determined that that particular game has run it's course. We no longer need to live under the false belief of our powerlessness. Little by little we are beginning to embrace our inherent powers to create, and in doing so, realizing that we have the freedom - if we choose to accept it - to create according to our own dreams. The lid is off the box and a fair number of us now realize that.

The sad truth is that we've always had this power, it is inherent in who we are. But we didn't know that, and if someone had been foolish enough to tell us otherwise, we would have scoffed at them. Even now, with many of us realizing this fact, we still have trouble letting go of the fears that we accepted inside that other belief system.

Like our friends the trained fleas, the beauty of being creator-gods is that we can continue to believe in our powerlessness, continue to create inside another's dream, if we choose to do so. We can continue to pretend that there's a lid on the box, even when there isn't. But that old paradigm no longer exists, so why give power to it? Why not instead realize that there are many many many other humans who are beginning to create from new dreams, their own dreams, of what life on earth can look like when lived from Unity Consciousness rather than from Duality Consciousness.

So this is what the work is currently. Shifting our entire race from believing in their powerlessness, to believing in their powerfulness.

As we each create inside our own dreams, we can count on Law of Attraction to bring us into alignment with others who believe as we do, who want to experience what we want to experience. We create as we wish, allow others to create as they wish, even when it consists of things that we don't wish to experience, knowing that Law of Attraction will sort it all out. We don't have to wish ill to those creating what we do not wish to experience, all we need to do is remember that their experience has no bearing on us, if we don't choose it to. They create according to their wants and desires, and we do the same. No harm no foul. Win-win.

It can take a leap of faith - sometimes an enormous leap of faith - to begin creating from dreams that we've been told for thousands of years were foolish and impossible. It's a leap of faith worth taking. Because if we do not, we'll continue to create inside a paradigm that doesn't work and in truth no longer exists. We are that powerful.

I would ask each individual to consider whether that is what we want to do, to continue to create what doesn't work for us through our inability to open our hearts to what is possible? Now is the time to choose: will we continue to create inside another's dream, or will we take back our inherent power and create from our own dreams?

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