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The following comes from Steve Beckow at The 2012 Scenario. I will add to this message as Steve posts more comments from the Galactics and Celestials.
A resident of Newtown asked me to request information from channelers on the tragedy and I promised her I would post the responses. Mike Quinsey asked SaLuSa to impress upon him an answer and here’s what Mike has forwarded. I’ll add other channel’s comments to this post as they come in.
See also "Senseless Tragedies", posted December 14, 2012.

From a conversation between Steve Beckow (SB) and Archangel Michael (AAM) through Linda Dillon, December 17, 2012:
AAM: It was a tragedy in Newtown, and it was a sacrifice of innocents, both children and adults. And yes, there is divine purpose that comes out of this. Was it a planned action on our part? Absolutely not, that is not the way we operate. It was the action, yes, of a very deranged, ill, dis-eased individual. It was not the act of the cabal. They are in far too deep containment to ever effect such a strike.

Let us talk about the meaning. And the Mother has talked about this also. It is time for all of humanity, east, west, north, south, to come together as one community. And this atrocity, this killing of children needlessly, brings to the forefront what is taking place on your planet.

The beings of Newtown, Connecticut, and this emotional energy, have acted and do act as a surrogate and a catalyst for the human race to come together and say, “No more,” that the slaughter of innocents is not acceptable in any realm.

And what that means, dear ones, is it is not acceptable through missile or drone strikes, in neighborhoods, in marketplaces and schools, or anywhere else. It is not acceptable for children to be hit by stray bullets, by gang wars or by drug lords, in any country, in any nation, in any civilization. It is not acceptable for children to die of disease, poverty, hunger, and starvation.

So these bright angels, this soul group has sacrificed and acted as a surrogate. Now, I wish to tell you that all of these angels were well out of their body and already in the arms of the Mother prior to their death. She had already gathered them up.

So it is not just for them that you weep. It is for each other. Because what you are seeing, what you are witnessing, is the pain and suffering that violence does to humanity, to families, to friends, to siblings, to parents, to communities, to neighbors, to nations. And it is all of you saying, “No more!”

SB: If I may intervene, what do you say to people who advocate the right to bear arms in America? What does one say to organizations that think that they’ll fall under somebody else’s rule if they give up their rifles?

AAM: Let me say this, and I do not simply say it to Americans, I say it to all nations that carry weapons to destroy families and friends. I say it to all beings that carry guns or weapons. And I am talking about missiles or chemical weapons.

When you live in fear, then what you create is fear. When you live in harmony and community and unity, that is what you create. Understand, the opening of 11/11 and 12/12 was not simply some esoteric exercise. You have been unified.

And as I have asked you, and as most of you are doing, that grid is to grow and inflame and ignite more and more every single hour, every single minute of every day. It was not just an hour-long exercise or a day-long exercise.

How can you live in unity and love and carry weapons, guns, ready to kill someone you don’t like or you don’t care about? And it is particularly dangerous when you have those weapons available to those who are unbalanced.

And we suggest to you that there is no way to safeguard against someone who is in the throes of a psychotic episode. There is no way to prevent them from getting a weapon if in fact they are available. That is a fool’s belief.

So if you expect harm to come to you, then harm will come to you. It is a time of change, and you cannot build Nova Earth with guns, missiles, and chemical weapons. You cannot do it. It is not possible. Not in any universe, not in any realm.

I had thought, this day, that I would come before you with my blue flame of truth. And I would say to you, “I am laying down my sword and shield,” because that is my desire and creation, and that it would be symbolic for you to understand that these are no longer necessary.

I did not begin today by saying that because I am still using my sword to cut some cords of illusion with some of you, and some of you are feeling exceptionally vulnerable right now. And so I want you to know that I’m also shielding you.

But my sword is also the scepter of truth. It is the staff of wisdom. It is the staff that you can lean upon when you are exhausted. Your guns do not serve that purpose.

Lay down your arms. This I ask of you. And more importantly, lay down your fear.

SB: Thank you, Lord. I don’t mean to single out Americans. I’m more referring to the Constitution and the provision that the right to bear arms shall not be interfered with. But thank you. You anticipated my questions on Newtown, so I’ve had all my questions answered.

From SaLusa and Mike Quinsey:
Hi Steve,

I “asked” SaLuSa to impress me with an answer, and I wrote down that:

Some people are on edge and easily toppled over by the powerful energies coming to Earth. They cannot cope with them and they effectively lose their mind. Such incidents are foreseen and the victims are subconsciously aware that they accepted this exit as part of their life contract. Bear in mind that the greater good can result from such tragedies. Such happenings are tragic in your minds and incomprehensible, but freewill is at the base of them. You can ease the pain by sending out your love to all concerned.

I obviously send as I receive, and my own thoughts are that there must be many incidents of people being unable to assimilate the new energies, but not all turn out to be so devastating.

In Love and Light Mike Quinsey

"The Mother" as received by Linda Dillon
SB: Linda Dillon is currently channeling a webinar on preparing for Ascension. The Divine Mother has just channeled a message.

This is not a word-for-word transcript although it’s very close. We may substitute a word-for-word version when available. But for now here is as accurate a version as we can produce.

Greetings, I am the Mother.

[On the Newtown tragedy] each of these angels – human, child, adult,- have been welcomed into my arms prior to them being injured in any form. (1) …

What I come to address to you is my plan of unfoldment, the unfoldment of One, or Terra Gaia, the restoration of Gaia as she ascends, interdimensionally, into her wholeness, in what you think of as a period of time.

Child, you are extremely important to my heart. I have birthed each and every one of you and you carry the spark of divinity within you and it is beautiful.

Part of the old conditioning of the old Third Dimension has been that you [see yourself as] the most important creation. It has never been hierarchy. This is not simply about your Ascension, your shift, your great awakening. It is about the awakening of all, of Gaia returning to her splendor, of the kingdoms, all the kingoms, returning to their splendor, of unity, trust, forgiveness, being reunited. So this is not simply your journey.

You are accompanied by many including your star brothers and sisters, far beyond what even you can imagine. …

I come to address your role, your purpose, your mission, your participation, because it is pivotal, because your participation, your joining cannot be extracted from this undertaking. It is of a whole.

When we have spoken to you of partnership, it is not simply above and below. It is a partnership of the whole. You are not only welcome and embraced and loved. You are necessary. … it is why you have chosen as Starseed, Earthkeeper and hyrbrid to be on Earth at this time.

So, yes, you may not be alone in this passage, but you are pivotal. Let me speak of divine convergence. On Earth you have this construct that all time that we created and it is very handy is it not? …

Now what I say to you is that there is a time of divine convergence that started with the harmonic convergence that began 25 years ago because we thought that was about the attention span of the human race. Some of you began yesterday. It matters not.

When I speak to you now of the divine convergence, of what you speak of as your timeline and our timeline and, in the middle, the timeline of Gaia herself, there has been a speeding up and slowing down to bring all into alignment so they could converge.

Sweet angel, you have been in this process of awakening for ages. And the human collective has been in the process of awakening for thousands of years.

We shall return to that. What I say to thee is that whether you experience it as a day, a week, a year, dear heart, you are now in the process of Ascension. ….

I came to share reassurance today, I came to share my heart and my love. I came to tell you that as you are taking the hand of your neighbor I am taking your hand. You do not walk alone. You never have.

But now you are becoming consciously aware of this. I have always been with you. I am not going anywhere. I will hold each of you in reassurance, love and compassion until whatever it takes to say “Mother, I am ready. Mother I am home.”

Go with my love, go with my joy and peace. That is all you need. And it has always been yours.


(1) Everyone’s moment of death is known. When a person approaches the moment of death, if the process of death is to be painful, the soul can be removed from the body immediately before that moment. So, if a person is to die in a traffic accident, they can be removed from the car immediately prior to the accident. The Divine Mother here tells us that the victims of the Newtown shootings did not suffer but were removed from their bodies immediately before the tragedy happened.

Matthew as received by Suzy Ward - December 15, 2012
Stephen Cook: Matthew sends us all a special message about the ‘purpose’ behind the Newtown tragedy…

While some readers may be surprised (or even shocked) to hear Matthew say that this event, like many others, involved individual soul contracts created to make more of us ‘wake up’, you only have to look at the way people across the world are responding and now determining to prevent such tragedy from happening again.

This is ‘the positive ripple effect’ of real love in action. As President Obama said today: “‘‘We can’t tolerate this any more,’’ he said. “These tragedies must end. And to end them, we must change.’’ We are!

Steve Beckow: SaLuSa and Matthew have now commented on the Newtown tragedy. Blossom has said she may comment as well this week. Please see this as their response to our request for comment. They have not remained silent when asked to share with us on the matter.


With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew to speak about the recent shooting at a school in the United States.

To consider this as a singular horrifying event is to miss the purpose of all those who agreed to be involved—the shooter, the little children and the adults who died, their families, the entire community.

Their soul level agreement to participate in their respective roles was for the higher good of all humankind, and the participants who are in Nirvana are rejoicing about the agreement’s success.

The massacre’s profound message, now ingrained in the collective consciousness, is that the human heart and mind no longer can be inured to killing, killing, killing, no longer is humankind willing to endure it! The shock and grief in Newtown, Connecticut, shook the world and unified people in an outpouring of prayer for everyone affected by the tragedy.

For many years the abhorrence of similar inexplicable acts of violence has been registering with increasing strength in the collective consciousness. A powerful occurrence—the shooting of those youngsters in school—was needed to solidify the collective desire into the intention to end senseless killings everywhere.

And the intensity of high vibrations that are affecting everyone in your world is expanding that intention to include all preventable deaths—international wars, genocide, “legal” execution, and starvation and disease in the impoverished populace.

Your extraterrestrial helpers are permitted to beam light to all souls on Earth, which increases conscious and spiritual awareness of those who are receptive, but they cannot intervene in situations that are within your ability to change if you so desire.

You have the ability and desire to prevent deaths due to those aforementioned causes. Now that there also is the collective intention to do so, you shall see killing and life-taking deprivation coming to an end and peacefulness and abundance worldwide coming to fruition.

We and all other light beings throughout this universe are adding love-light to yours to help comfort all whose hearts are broken, not only in Newtown, but everywhere on Earth where families are grieving for loved ones who have been killed.

Love is the key to healing your whole world.

The Arcturian Group through Marilyn Raffaele:
The energy at this time is extremely high and there are many who cannot absorb or integrate it. Because of this they find themselves unable to function in their normal way of dealing with life and their personal discords are accelerated. He was very confused, acting out on what up to now were only bizarre imaginings for him.

Those who ‘died’ are all being cared for and lovingly embrace on this side. They are also sending love to all their families.

This was not a planned event but was the result of one person’s inability to process the new and higher frequencies.

This could well serve the people of the USA to re evaluate their priorities and begin to look within for their safety and security instead of to their beloved guns.

We would like to finish with a blessing sent to all those suffering which is to remember that there really is no death. Each and every one of these dear souls is alive and well and will be seen again.

We are the Arcturian Group

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