Insights into Adoption

It's an interesting phenomenon in our culture, the option to "give a child away". We see it that way because it's been an age-old belief that children belong to us. It must be apparent by now that this is not the case. Whether we are talking about a new-born baby or a hundred year old human, we are all spirits first and humans second. We are the stewards for our children, and indeed for each other. We are each powerful beings in our own right, and we have each asked for and agreed to the circumstances of our birth. This is true whether we were born into a "traditional" two-parent family, to a single parent, or in what appears to be the absence of parents. This is a sensitive topic for many, and recently addressed by Jennifer Hoffman at Uriel Heals.

Jennifer gives some insight into the feelings that many adoptees feel based on her experience in working with them and with Archangel Uriel. The flip side of the feelings of abandonment of some adoptees is the anguish and guilt that the birth parent often feels when choosing this option for their child.

Whether you are an adoptee wondering about the circumstances of your birth and early life, have given a child up for adoption or you know someone who has or is, the following message from Jennifer may help you understand what's really going on, and give you some peace of mind.

Are You My Mother?

I have had many client sessions with people who were adopted and who have questions about their birth mother, the reasons for their adoption and the connections they have with their adoptive parents. These are powerful issues that involve soul contracts and karmic cycles from past lives, and expectations and judgments in this lifetime. While many want to understand more about their adoption, what they really want to know is who their 'mother' is and why they chose this path. There are many reasons and they have very little to do with motherhood. In fact, they have a lot to do with Indigo and Crystal children's agreements to fulfill soul contracts and end karma.

There are two kinds of 'mother' energy, the person who agrees to be the birth mother, and the person who fulfills their physical, emotional and spiritual learning needs. While they can be the same person, at times they are not. When an adoption takes place there is a soul contract activation between the birth and adoptive parents and the child. Sometimes the child needs the birth parents' emotional DNA but that is the extent of their connection. Other times the parents have a soul contract to complete that requires that they surrender their child to someone they have a karmic obligation with.

Many adoptees feel that they were 'given away' and each situation is different but one thing that all adoptions share is the fulfillment of soul contracts. And this is very true of Indigo and Crystals who came to complete soul contracts and release karma. Sometimes their soul agreement is to go through adoption to fulfill soul promises between the parents. Other times they need both parents' energies, birth and adoptive, for their own soul's healing. And there are also situations where they are the teacher for the parents whose lives they touch or they offer themselves as the healing presence for the resolution of their soul contracts.

An adoption is not an accident or a mistake, the decisions of the birth and adoptive parents are not random and the child is not the victim, although they may have been in a prior lifetime. Who is our mother? Many different people, from the person who gives us birth to the one who fulfills our emotional, physical and spiritual needs, to the person who is a strong, nurturing presence in our life. There are many souls who are placed on our healing path and when resolving karma is our life purpose, every choice, person and situation plays a part in its fulfillment. You and your birth and adoptive mother are partners on a soul journey of healing and transformation that you agree to undertake with them and you are all sharing this journey to resolve karma and complete soul contracts.

~ Jennifer Hoffman
Uriel Heals

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