On Manifesting Our Reality

In the interests of creating the kind of world that many of us are intent on creating - one where the third density duality game of right/wrong, suffering, restriction, and power plays is put to rest, and the multidimensional game of joy, freedom, and creativity abounds - I'm revisiting a quote from Michelle Eloff that I presented in August, 2010 called "Becoming Quantumly Self-Aware".
Quantum Physics states that everything is possible until the observer makes a choice as to where energy will be focused, at which time the possibility, or potential, then becomes a reality.
Michelle explained a little bit of why this particular phrase is so important ..
We know this is happening at a sub atomic level, which means we have to be ultra-aware of where our energy is focused. Perhaps it is Quantum Physics which holds the key to understanding the truth about whether free will truly does, or doesn't exist. That said, it is clearly evident that the level of consciousness of the observer influencing their perception at any one given moment, results in many avenues of potential "falling away", or, collapsing so to speak, and only one becoming the reality. The quality of the reality content becomes manifest based on the observer's perspective, attitudes, belief systems etc. Therefore, if one's consciousness is toxic, it doesn't matter how many wonderful possibilities exist in the quantum field, the observer will generally opt for the choice they are energetically, or on a consciousness level, most familiar with, i.e focus their energy on what they are familiar/comfortable/programmed with, and never forgetting that consciousness is individual, therefore, limited by it's level of awareness/experience.

What this means is that we as enlightened beings now need to become QUANTUMLY more self-aware, and conscious, in order to make full use of the many potentials available to us. By elevating our awareness of self, as observers, we are able to change our reality on a quantum level, and when things are changed on a sub-atomic level, everything changes. This is an incredible time of growth and change for all of us!
I have to agree, and it becomes even more important when we add the concept of "timelines".

In linear reality, which we are currently experiencing, we think that there is one timeline, that it exists as we see it and know it to be, and no other way. That's the illusion that linear time gives us. When we step out of linear time, we realize that there are many many - uncountable really - other "timelines".

The illusion of time as we know it says that there's some connective tissue between events that lines them up in a before and after fashion called "linear time". In point of fact, there is no linear time, only the illusion of linear time. Outside of linear time, all there is are experiences. Each experience is like a little mini-play, and in a linear-time-illusive reality, those experiences get stacked one before the other, or one after the other, which leads us to believe that (gives us the illusion that) there is a linearity to time. But there is not.

All experiences exist, and they never go out of existence. Because an experience never goes out of existence it can be revisited. During the revisitation new choices can be made. The new choices create a new experience. We can choose to accept the new experience as our reality, if we decide to. Or we can continue to choose the "old" experience as our reality. The choice is ours .. and always has been. We just haven't been aware of it being a choice. As Jim Self at Mastering Alchemy likes to say "we don't know what we don't know". Now we know! .. or can know, if we allow our minds to expand to accept this new (to us) concept.

When we can contemplate the idea of no linearity to time, and combine it with Michelle's comment about everything being possible until the observer makes a choice, we begin to see how we manifest our reality, both consciously and unconsciously. In any chosen (accepted) timeline, if we aren't happy with our experiences we can "insert" new ones. It really is quite a simple process. Not necessarily easy, because we have accepted certain truths about our lives for a very long time, but it is simple.

This is the process of how what we humans create what we call our life. Our "life" is nothing more - or less - than an accepted timeline of chosen experiences. Globally we accept certain experiences as truth, and those who accept the same truths create similar timelines. We might say that it is the Law of Attraction that becomes the connective tissue - those with similar thoughts, beliefs, intents, and choices are brought together and in so doing "co-create" a reality.

If you think about it, that is really fantastic news! It means that we can pick and choose which experiences we want to string together as our accepted version of our life. What anyone else sees or accepts about our life matters not at all, they have their own accepted timeline of experiences, and their timelines will include their experiences of us .. even their experiences of us experiencing! But does their experience of us change us in any way? Only if we let it. And we let it by accepting their version of our experience, rather than choosing our own version of the experience.

Another's experience of an event may or may not agree with ours. Who cares? Our experiences are our experiences, their experiences are theirs. Our timeline is ours, their timeline is theirs. Even if two of us, or a group of us, are in the same physical time at the same physical place, experiencing the same physical "event", the experience of that event will be unique to each of us as individuals. We don't have a say in how someone else experiences an event, nor do they have say in how we experience an event. Again - unless we let them, by accepting their version of the experience rather than our own. Isn't that one of the most freeing concepts you can imagine? You get to choose your experiences, and you can change them any time you want to! The sum total of those experiences becomes the "timeline" of your life, and you can change it at will .. if you only accept that you can.

So the big question that's being asked around the world is .. will there be Armageddon? or will there be planetary and racial ascension? What do you think?

I think that the resounding answer is: Yes. Which one we experience only depends on which timeline we choose. Both are options. In fact, there are numerous options, all in flux, all being co-created as we speak.

The more important question would be: How do you choose to experience life on planet Earth? As a beautiful, generous, cooperative, creative, abundant, free, powerful, and joy-filled place? Or as an ugly, lacking, petty, powerless, and helpless place? In each and every moment you are making just such choices, even when you aren't aware that you are. Make becoming aware your number one priority. Then welcome yourself to the timeline of planetary and racial ascension!

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