Honoring Those Who Give Their Lives

With the recent tragedy in Norway we're again reminded how fragile the human vessel is. No matter how saddened, upset and/or angry we are over events like these, Jennifer Hoffman at Uriel Heals reminds us to look at them from a higher level, the level of our spirit instead of our human. From that vantage point, no matter how upsetting an event is, we can see the amazing gift that all of the people involved have given us - the gift of our compassion, wisdom, and relatedness. We honor those who gave their lives, those left to clean up after, and those whose lives are forever changed due to the loss of loved ones, friends, and associates.
Every time we experience a big shift in energy there are decisions and choices that some people have to make - do they want to be here, have they finished with what they have come to do, are they willing to continue with their life path or do they wish to be part of the awakening process? I have talked about compassion vortexes many times since 2004 and they serve to help raise energies at critical times and on a global scale.

Compassion vortexes are created from an event that awakens humanity's compassion and moves the collective energy to the heart chakra. In that moment the global consciousness has a single focus, love and compassion flow from their opened hearts, and there is a re-connection of humanity through their heart centers. These vortexes are usually created through an event like the 2005 tsunami, the Japan and Haiti earthquakes, this year's tornadoes and most recently, the shootings in Norway. During these times our attention is turned from our problems to those of others, we pray, cry, send condolences and hope, we remember that any life, including ours, can be changed in a moment.

When humanity needs to be awakened, when the collective needs to remember its connection instead of its differences and when hearts need to be opened, compassion vortexes happen.

The people involved are not victims because on a soul level they are active and willing participants. From the person or events that create the situation to those whose lives are forever altered, there is a divine purpose to every event. Amy Winehouse will be remembered as an enormously talented, deeply troubled singer who could not rise above her personal pain; the shootings in Norway are a reminder that despite our collective path, we are still divided by our perceived differences.

We will continue to have these vortexes whenever we need a reminder that it is through our open hearts and minds that we re-align ourselves with our divinity, re-center ourselves in our shared ascension journey and re-member that we are all one, so what happens to one happens to all of us.

~ Jennifer Hoffman at Uriel Heals

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