Ascension Choice

Earth is a free will, free choice environment by design. 'Ascension' is not a magical star-dust that immediately transmutes all that it touches - rather it is a newly-opened frequencial doorway that the individual may choose to pass through when ready.


Permit us to stress once again that the rate of an individual's Ascension is determined by and actuated by his intent, and his ability to rise into and absorb the enhanced energy available.

~ Archangel Metatron though James Tyberonn
From "2012: The Mayan Calendar"

In other words, not everyone will choose. Not all were meant to. Some have more experiencing to do in a third density reality, and that is as it should be. However, at some point those particular experiences will no longer be available on Earth. Those who choose to walk through the doorway will be (are!) co-creating the new multidimensional reality. That isn't happening in some faraway tomorrow, it's happening right now. Concern yourself not with what others around you may or may not be choosing, what are you choosing?

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