On "The Shift" and About "Change"

The following are some excerpts from a radio interview with Wendy Kennedy at Higher Frequencies, channel for the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective. It's kind of a mish-mosh of information, but interesting none-the-less. Or so it seems to me. ;) Enjoy!

On The Shift

You have this notion that the higher vibration is going to be completely different. But .. for the most part it’s going to feel very similar, very familiar. Some things will be different, but most things will be the same. It’s not a utopia, it’s just a different set of rules, a different game. You will still have things to learn, issues to still work with, just the rules of the game have changed.

While you are inhabiting a physical vehicle you can hold 12 dimensions of consciousness in your body. You move in and out of those dimensions all the time. You can choose, at any point, which level you go to. Most of you, because you are playing a 3D game, stay in the 3rd dimensional reality. If you have a problem, something you’re trying to solve, something you need a solution to, you have to raise your vibration to see a new solution. But [generally] you don’t stay in that state for very long. What happens now is that you are learning to stay in a higher vibration longer, and as you hold it for extended periods, you alter your physical vehicle, you become your light body.


It depends on what level of consciousness you are holding how you perceive any given event. The other part, and where it gets complicated, is that you now get yourself heart-centered, it will help you process this information. Imagine something that makes you smile, like a beloved animal. The filter for the 3rd dimension is the mind. The filter for multiple dimensions is the heart. You have focused your soul energy so intently that you think this reality is all there is.

You’re actually constantly moving between different streams of consciousness, but your brain, your mind, thinks you are still on the one timeline, the one reality. Think about it as “The Harp of Probability.” We (humans) always have to ask .. which version of reality are we talking about? When someone makes a prediction, checks in on what might happen, it matters what vibrational string they are on. The physical world is going to be a reflection of the seeker/looker’s vibration - each seeing a different probability based on their vibration. While the two worlds have not completely separated, we will see some of the same reality, but our perceptions will be different.

Follow your heart first and your mind second.

About Change

It doesn’t take a majority to change where things are in mass consciousness. It’s not like you are dragging your timeline along with you. It isn’t like it takes 144,000 with a particular agreement/choice to change a timeline. When enough of you have a particular belief/choice, you create that timeline.

What happens is that when you, as an individual, choose an energetic vibration in your energetic body, you shift to a timeline where enough of you believe that, that that vibration exists. You magnetize to a particular timeline. This is why we say that you are constantly moving back and forth between timelines all the time. You all think you have to change the world, but all you have to do is change yourself! When enough of you have a common belief system, then that becomes the reality of that timeline.

This last section explains why it appears that others change, when we know that we cannot change anyone else, we can only change ourself. When another seems to have changed, they have changed in your experience of them. This is because YOU changed and moved into alignment with that version of them!

To aid the growth and expansion of human kind, simply see others as whole and complete. Hold a vision of them in your heart and in your mind's eye. In so doing you align yourself with a new vision of them, a vision that they can align with or not, as is their choice. You allowing them the freedom to be exactly as they are, while holding a higher vision for them to align with or not, is the key to creating a new world. It starts with each of us as individuals, and seeps out into the world-at-large through our own personal vision(s).

There is something to be aware of, and this is your motivation for holding another in a different light. If you are doing it because you need them to change for some personal reason of your own, it's probably not going to work, and/or has the potential to backfire on you. When you hold a vision for another, do it out of your love and knowing that this is who they really are. Don't do it because you need them to be some particular way.

Holding a higher vision for another, while experiencing the reality of them in this present moment (or while holding onto your past experiences with them) is not always easy to do, it requires letting go of controlling and instead allowing. That said, like anything else it becomes much easier once you've seen the results a time or two. There is nothing quite as miraculous as seeing someone shift into a higher consciousness right before your eyes!

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