Accept and Allow, then Create

The following, excerpted from "Human 2.0-Christed Edition" by Loren Gorgo, talks about our role as creators. It also reminds us that one of the keys moving forward is accepting and allowing, rather than fixing or saving. Any time we think something needs to be fixed, we automatically attract problems that need such fixing. Any time we think someone or something needs to be saved, we automatically attract those or that which needs saving. It's simply the way Law of Attraction works.

The objective, at this point in the game, is to realize that all is well in all of creation, including what appears to be otherwise. As hard as this can be to accept sometimes, any judgement is in our eyes, Source does not see it the same way. So yes, notice those things that you would change or have be different .. you can't really help doing that, it's the way things work! Next, accept and allow those things that you would change. Allow them to be just the way they are - neither good nor bad, simply not what you would choose. Then focus all of your attention and energy on creating that which you DO choose.

That's how you exercise the power of creation. Those who wish to create the same or similar, will be drawn into your experience .. and you into theirs. In this way we co-create the world as we wish it to be, while freely allowing those who wish to experience something else to have the experience(s) that they are creating. Their experience has nothing to do with you, if you simply allow them their experience. Whether you agree with their experience or not is not the point. The time is now to begin letting go of fixing and saving, and get on with the business of creating the world that we wish to live in.

Here's what the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades through Loren Gorgo had to say. Italics are quotes from the Sisters, standard text is Loren's discussion and explanation.

"One further point that we would like to make with regard to this life-changing transition is that each of you are fully in control of your destinies now. It is no longer a place of coming together to create for the good of mankind, to fix what's broken, but a place of coming together to create from deep passion, from the unrelenting desire to make manifest your YOUnique contribution to the planet thru the pure reflection of your soulular self."

We are finally at a place of fully expressing our divinity in a way that expires our old (clearing) contracts and deeply embedded programming that we are here to "save the world". There is no saving or service required any longer….we are simply here now to share the part of ourselves that will, by default, uplift others. The shift is important here because when work from a place of "saving", we are holding on to the very paradigm that we are now breaking free from.

The unseens want us to deeply understand that the new-earth pioneers are shifting from service to creation, which is a completely different energy construct.

Any need, desire or impulse to "save" the falling world comes from a polarized mind, lends energy to chaos, keeps us attached to the outworn and therefore restricted from our ability to create on the new timeline. Remember those words of one famous Albert Einstein...“Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them”? It applies here. As the outside world continues to spiral into chaos it is imperative that we push thru to a higher level of thinking by remembering that lasting change only comes when we transcend the energies that created it.

We are here now to create a new way, to create a new world... to use inspiration as our weapon and love as our shield. And there is no turning back.

"Know that your contribution to the world is nothing more or less than what sets you on fire…it is the reflective radiance of the sun's creative potential within each of you, the core center of your embodied power to create, and for all to benefit from." -Seven Sisters
They went on to say ..

"Understand this...there is no longer a gap between who you are and who you want to be." -Seven Sisters

So the past and the future are merging and we are beginning to operate from still-point, where the universal elixir of creation resides. Its an odd sensation really, like we are no longer participating in our lives, but with them. And nothing outside of the moment can hold our attention for very long. Accessing anything outside of the present is growing in futility which means we are no longer operating from a place of what will be, but what is....and as well, we are shifting from the mental understanding of ascended living to the sensation-based experience of it. This has yet to sink into our full-body awareness, but it will.

As a result of this merging, we are no longer those beings who are here to teach thru information alone…we are here now to teach thru the integrated, embodied understanding that can only be achieved thru first hand experience, and is wholly contingent upon our ability to create our inspired visions on the blank canvas that is now laid before us. When we do this effectively, the universal forces of creation come rushing to meet us…not because we have summoned the force, but because we have become the force. As we merge with these forces of creation thru the sheer magnitude of our presence, we become one with the flow of divinity thru sacred union...and as these energies move us to act, to create, to speak, to dance, to sing, to love…all in perfect allowing...only then we will understand the true meaning of co-creation.

"Those in the collaborative cosmic dance with the divine will be presented with opportunities to take part in the creation of new earth. You are the builders, the planners, and the architects of an ascended earth. We wish for each of you to grasp the enormity of your contribution thus far and especially as you step forth to apply your creative, sculpted vision into the world at large. You hold dominion over the new earth...you are the fiercest of warriors, the pioneers, and therefore the guardians of Eden." -Seven Sisters

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