Blame and Guilt

In his spirit channel for this week, John Cali tackled what I consider to be an important but difficult topic - blame. Blame is the tool used by each of us when we refuse to accept responsibility for whatever is happening in our life that we don't like. It's an abdication of our power, and it's something we simply have to give up and get over. There are no victims - ever - and therefore there is no such thing as blame. Here's what John and Spirit had to say:

From John: The word "blame" is used almost constantly in the news media, in government circles, even in churches. And certainly among individuals. Most of us have played the blame game at one time or another.

Here's Spirit.

The Blame Game

This whole issue of blame is a diversion. A diversion many humans immerse themselves in.

Why do we say it's a diversion? Well, because it keeps you from taking responsibility for your lives. And it keeps you from owning your power.

The practical effect of blame is it shifts responsibility to where it does not belong. Examples:

"I'm such an unhappy person because my mother abused me."

"I drink too much because I have such a lousy marriage."

"I'm not making as much money as I should because my boss doesn't appreciate me."

"I don't speak to my neighbors because people around here are so unfriendly."

In blaming anyone or anything for whatever has gone wrong in your lives, you are abdicating your responsibility and your power. You are acknowledging you have no control over your own lives. Basically, you’re casting yourselves in the role of the victim.

Any imperfection you are seeing in another is only and always a reflection of the imperfection you see in yourselves.

Courtesy of John Cali's Spirit Speaks Blog

It's a difficult topic for everyone, since we have been raised, generation upon generation, with the belief that someone else is responsible for us. It can start early, with parents seeing themselves as owners rather than stewards, and it only progresses downhill from there. As we grow up we're taught - most often by example - that we are powerless, that we need to be taken care of, that everyone but us knows better than we do what is right for us.

But the truth is, no one .. no one .. is responsible for what happens - or does not happen - in your life but you. Not ever. To think that it does, or to give over your responsibility to another is to perpetuate a belief system in powerlessness.

You are a powerful creator being, drawing to yourself everything that happens to you and around you. The reasons may be hidden from you (in fact, you may be hiding them from yourself), but the fact remains that each of us is responsible for our own personal reality. Globally we are responsible for our co-creative reality, and that is simply each of our individual thoughts, beliefs, and actions joined together, the sum total of mass consciousness.

But mass consciousness can only be affected one individual at a time. Be aware of your own thinking, your own beliefs, your own actions, and let everyone else handle theirs. No blame, and no guilt! For if there is no blame, how can there be guilt?

When you're tempted to generate blame or feel guilty, or notice that you are caught up in those judgements, remember these words: It Just Is. All of it. It just is. No guilt, no blame. You don't even need to know why something is, it just is. Armed with that knowing, it's far easier to let go, and letting go gives us the freedom to move on.

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