Grounding the Light

The following comes from Steve Rother's Beacons of Light channel for July 2011 called "Don't Wait". I think it's a terrific insight into what's happening with energy right now and why just being YOU, doing what you love and what excites you, and letting everyone else be THEM, doing what they love and what excites them, is so very important .. and profoundly satisfying. For the rest of the channel, go here.

You have been reaching up into different vibrational levels never experienced before and, we tell you, you are actually stepping into these now. It was not supposed to happen until 2012. However, you have moved everything forward so quickly that we are hoping 2012 will not be a disappointment for you because of the expectations you have.

Everything that you were expecting, except for the final pieces of the cosmos aligning, are being experienced right now. Do not wait! That is our message to you. If you are uncomfortable with where you are, change direction. Do not wait. If you are worried about it being the right direction, that is not the connection for there is no right or wrong direction. There is a motion of forward movement, or a lack of motion.

Once you are moving forward, you can change course or steer in the direction of your passion with no problem. But standing there waiting to move forward until you see the correct dimension or direction is what is causing many of these challenges. Until now it has worked very well for most of you to wait until all the cards are on the table, so to speak, and then make your best deal or choose your preferred direction. But in the higher vibrations these rules are now starting to change. Dear ones, we still do not like that word, “rules.”

So, this is the way you have been playing the game. Now what is taking place is that there is a need for grounding the light the moment it comes in. You are not accustomed to this either, but it is what we are bringing you this year. This is a piece that we want to work with you on from many different levels.

Before we have called it light grounding. There is a technique we have given the Keeper [the channeler, Steve] that he will begin to show you. But re-member that it is not about the technique. Instead, it is about the overall idea of what is happening.  So let us explain this to you, because it is a piece that each and every one of you can embrace today and begin using in your life.

Unplugging from the Universal Subconscious Mind

You walk around all day long experiencing light. We tell you this because it is not possible to be conscious without having ideas. Just for the sake of argument, we will put your ideas just above your head. They do not belong there because they are everywhere. But let us just say that there is a universal subconscious mind that each one of you are a part of. Many times you get lost and unplug from that subconscious mind.

Why do you unplug from the subconscious – from the universal piece that connects all of you? Because many of you are not comfortable with having strange ideas go through your head. First of all, understand that you are like a radio station. You are picking up other people’s thoughts all the time. It is not about trying to keep negative thoughts from coming into your mind, because that is a trap of its own. You try to block negative thoughts from coming into your mind and think only positive thoughts. Yet by doing so, you will build up such a vacuum that you experience all the negativity at once to maintain the necessary balance of pretending to live in a world of duality.

Now you are stepping out of the world of duality. You are stepping out of the black and white world into a world of triality where you have a new connection. You have always seen the black on one end and the white on the other. Now there is a third point that we are calling the higher self, which gives you a new view of the line. You can start to see that it is not black and white after all, for those are only the end pieces that tend to stick out the most. Then new point is actually where all the differences blend; the truth is really in the middle, and not necessarily at the ends where you have always believed it to be.

Light Grounding

Now here is the situation. Even in a field of triality you are experiencing connections and feeling other people’s emotions and thoughts, but you can bring these to a level where they simply go right over your head and do not attach themselves to you. It is not the negative thoughts that drain you, but it is their attachment to you that does. You reach up and grab those thoughts that add to you, and then you ground them. This is very common because you have been doing this from the very beginning of your existence on planet Earth.

But you have been waiting, because that is what happens: You try on an idea. You bring it in and if it works, you think about doing something with it. It adds to you, it helps you raise your own vibration, and after a while you think about maybe sharing that with someone else. After a few months it will happen and after a couple of years, you may actually write a book about what you are working with. You may even start to teach other people about a secret of life. Now everything is starting to shift because of your own connection to the planet, which is mostly water. Yes, we are going to get to that. This is the piece that connects everyone very quickly. What is now taking place is that there is an immediate need for the grounding of these light pieces when you experience them.

Most people will bring in a new idea, then wrestle and fight with it to make it their own. Finally, if they can justify it, they will write it down and ground it. We are asking you to start grounding things quickly. Stop waiting and do it now! Find a way to write something down. “Oh!, I cannot write! I cannot say anything that has not been said before,” you think. Yes, we have heard them all.

We tell you, dear ones, that you have a message from Home that nobody else can carry. It is the reason you are here. Whether that message becomes a painting, book, piece of music, or even a smile or kind words that you pass on to someone else. Any of these can be your trigger, but we start asking you to ground the energy now.

Figure out a way—whether it is something you hear, a thought, an idea, the sound of music, whatever it is. How can you anchor that in your life in some way? Most of the time we just ask you to write it down and express it in your own words in some way. Does writing it down ground the energy? Yes, because it is taken out of the ethers and brought down for you to express that piece from Home. That is the part that each one of you has been hesitant to do, for you have wanted to perfect yourself first. No, because the light is coming in so fast, now it is about grounding each piece as best and quickly as you can, letting it flow through you.

Sometimes when the Keeper [Steve] is speaking to someone in what he calls a channel, as he is getting ready to say something we will slip in a little idea. Every once in a while he stops to think about what we are sharing, and he might even stutter, lose his place or stop. That is because he is taking that idea and thinking too much. It is about being able to speak about the idea very clearly and if he is worried about that, he can simply say, “I do not know what I am getting right now, but I am supposed to tell you this. Take it for whatever it is worth.” That is grounding the energy. That is bringing something out of the ethers, bringing it into the Earth and anchoring it in some way in your life.

You do this all the time with everything you are passionate about. We tell you not to wait for the big picture. Do not wait until you become an author, or until your book hits the New York Times best seller list. Anchor the energy at smaller and more regular intervals. When you find something that excites you, bring it Home. Anchor it in some way to make it a third dimensional reality, and all five dimensions start acting accordingly very quickly.

It is about finding practical uses for everything you are experiencing and anchoring the energy. It is not necessarily that you have to build on that one piece. Because you will be anchoring so many points of light, you will have many more choices about which ones you choose to build on and which ones you choose to go forward.

~ Steve Rother and the group
July 2011

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