Why Do Bad Things Happen?

The recent events in Haiti have all of us emotionally reeling, sometimes wondering why, if we are truly raising and expanding consciousness, are terrible things happening, seemingly all around us?

As I attempted to tackle this very important question, along comes Jennifer Hoffman's Uriel newsletter, with an important message on this very subject. That message is reproduced below.

Those who gave their lives in this event deserve our appreciation and our honor. Those who survived but are suffering with loss of family, loss of homes, loss of income, loss of friends and associates, often their own personal injury, also deserve our honor, our love, our energy, and our support in multiple ways. As Jennifer and Uriel point out, it is our compassion and offerings of support that create almost an explosion of expanded consciousness.

What we don't want to offer is pity or fear. If those are among your emotional responses, take a moment to just let those feelings be what they are, without judging them. Remind yourself that All is Well, that everything is progressing appropriately. Then take action in whatever way you are inspired to act. In that way we all move forward, acting inside the unity which is our true nature.

Why Do Bad Things Happen?

As we sit glued to the TV watching the scenes of destruction and despair in Haiti, we have to question why things like this happen. If we are on the ascension path and creating heaven on earth, why are so many people still suffering and why do these kinds of tragedies happen? They have a purpose, which is part of the ascension path for the earth and humanity. These situations are neither good nor bad, they are part of a process of compassionate awakening that humanity needs to learn and for the time being, we learn it by being pulled out of our complacency to respond to the suffering of others.

The tsunami of 2005 was another one of many events that created what Archangel Uriel calls compassion vortexes, surges in energy that open the collective heart chakra and in that moment, allow the world to send love and healing to the affected people and area. This accomplishes two things - the healing energy is concentrated in an area that needs it and humanity thinks and acts as 'one'. People forget their problems and worries and instead, focus on the needs of others. They send money, which is an aspect of earth energy, to help buy food, supplies and to rebuild shattered lives and homes.

There was a time when we would not have known about tragedies or situations in other countries and few people outside that location would have been affected. But in today's global environment a disaster affects people from every nation and the internet allows us to be everywhere, all of the time. We see first hand the injured, dead and dying, the mass destruction and with those visuals our hearts are opened and we remember that we are part of the human family, that this could also be happening to us.

Archangel Uriel shared some insights about this situation on the January 13 radio show (click here to listen) and suggested that we send light to Haiti, to keep this vortex open and allow the energy there to be transformed. It is one of the areas that, as was mentioned in the predictions, carries much dark energy and its willingness, along with that of the people there, to be open to receiving light is our call to send the light it needs. Maybe some day we will no longer need to be awakened through the suffering of others, or our own, but for now, compassion vortexes are how these portals are created and what we do when they are presented to us will determine whether more are needed.

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