Don't Forsake Who You Are To Fit In

I had an opportunity to participate in an enlightening webinar with Jim Self of Mastering Alchemy and Michelle Eloff of The Lightweaver that included a channel from Kuthumi/Agrippa. The audio of this broadcast, entitled "Drawing the Line, Consciously" is available free on both websites.

The entire broadcast was enjoyable and powerful, but the following comment in particular (from Kuthumi) made me sit up and take note. He was talking about having asked a question previously of Michelle (the channel), and was now asking it of us.

It's a deep and profoundly thought-provoking question, one that applies to anyone and everyone who's taken on fully becoming the human incarnation of their True Self. Once you take that path, or start down that road, no matter how well you may have "fit" with the world before, you might find that you do not "fit" in that way any more. Even people that you counted on for acceptance and love may not see you in the same light anymore. That can be upsetting and frustrating.

Here's what Kuthumi had to say:
You ask "Why is it so difficult to be who I am?" .. and I ask of you .. Why are you trying so hard to fit into a world that doesn't fit you?

You were born to be differ-ent, in order to make a differ-ence. Never try to be the square peg squashing yourself into a round hole. You're the one who will become damaged, injured, and frustrated.

So I repeat: Why are you trying so hard to fit into a world that does not hold your energy, when in fact you were created differently in order to make a difference?

You are the ones who stand on the outskirts, and you are the ones who stand in the center. Do not be afraid of that which you desire most. Don't buy in. Take a risk, break down the barriers. Take a chance on yourself. Take a chance on a new life, and see what it brings you.
In other words, honor who you are, and what you have to give, even if no other single human being on the entire planet understands or accepts you.

No one needs to understand you. No one needs to accept you. Spirit (Who You Really Are) has more than enough understanding, more than enough acceptance, more than enough love to sustain you. In fact, you will find that as you begin to revel in the fact that you are Good enough (and as Steve Rother's 'the group' likes to add: "You are God enough") just the way you are, you will find a new ability to understand, accept, and love, others exactly as they are. It's one of those annoying paradoxes, but a really empowering one.

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