Jennifer Hoffman of Uriel Heals, in her countdown to 2010, shares with us this powerful message:

Hidden within our energetic being are multitudes of cords that connect us to emotions, beliefs, thoughts, experiences and people. Everything you encounter in your life has an energetic connection to you. The cords that are based in fear siphon energy away from you. The ones that are grounded in love return energy to you. Fear-based cords are activated when it is time to disconnect and release them. This is a choice point for an important decision, do you return the emotion in kind or do you disconnect from it?

Each person who pushes your buttons is activating a cord you share with them. Instead of responding to them with your own fear, connect to your inner guidance and ask what cord is being activated and the lesson it corresponds to.Then set a conscious intention to disconnect the cord from that person, to send them unconditional love and see them in their perfection. As you disconnect from this energetic level, you allow the possibility for a connection at a higher vibration.

For today, practice disconnecting from every energy you do not want to be part of your life in 2010. Send love and light to the cords that bind you to fear and release them to complete those lessons. Set an intention for relationships and experiences that honor, enlighten, fulfill, respect and shower you with love.
Picture yourself as a character from the movie The Matrix, where you are physically attached to things with chords, cables, or tubes. Things like mass consciousness, other people in your life, your own history, your own beliefs, and your own habits.

Imagine yourself un-plugging yourself from these tubes or chords, one by one, gently, with honor and appreciation for what you have experienced through that connection. Do not judge the connection, simply appreciate it. As you detach each one being disconnected from its source, feel the freedom that you have just given yourself to be a different You than you have ever known before. Feel the immense power that emanates from within you, a power that you may never have felt before, may never have realized was there, because it was being siphoned off to these other places.

As you do this, avoid finding blame for either yourself or what you've become attached to. These are all energetic attachments, and they were very necessary in the life that we've been living, for the experiences that we wanted to have. But that time is gone. We're moving into a new way of being. It's time now, as Jennifer reminds us, to disconnect—to get back to the freedom of Who We Really Are, unattached to the patterns from our past that haven't served us so well. There's enormous personal, global, and universal freedom in that!

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