The Birth of The Soul

Recently I found myself reviewing the work of Pamela Kribbe at Jeshua dot net. I think the following information, about the birth and growth of a soul, is particularly interesting and pertinent as we begin to delve more deeply into Who We Really Are, how we got here, and what we're doing here.

As stated on Pamela's website, Jeshua is the very human aspect of the consciousness commonly know as Jesus, or the family of Sananda. It's accurate to say that Jeshua, as the incarnation of Jesus, is of the family of Christ Consciousness, but all of us belong to that grouping. Sananda is a smaller grouping of soul consciousness with its own purpose and drive. You may be a closer part of that consciousness than others of us, but it matters not. No matter what family of consciousness you are a part of, whether you can identify that family or not, we are all here with common goals and a common mission - that of helping the earth to raise her vibration, and have a wonderful time doing it.

If you aren't used to thinking of yourself as a "Lightworker", the first sentence in the piece below may feel exclusory to you. You might think "ahh, so this is what those Lightworkers are all about!" Guess again. If you found your way to this page, you are such a one. What does that mean exactly, "Lightworker"? Does it mean you have to go out and preach "light work"? Not at all. It's a choice made at a soul level to be here, on this planet, at this time, to be a part of the vibrational changes that are taking place. On a soul level, the choice has already been made. Then there's the human level of choice ...

We are, each of us, here to learn how to connect with our true selves, to realize that we are creators all, and to begin to take responsibility for our creations. In doing that for ourselves, as individuals, we assist the planet and all upon it (including, but not limited to, other humans) to do the same. We each have our own unique experiences of this lifetime and what's happening, and our own unique gifts to provide as we meet each new day. Finding and appreciating our uniqueness, finding what drives our passion and living it, is what there is to do.

So we are moving, as individuals and as a global community, into other dimensions of reality. We always have been, it's just happening so quickly now, and in such mass quantities, that it becomes impossible not to be aware that at the very least "something is going on". Whether or not that feeling of "something going on" is enough to awaken one to their true nature remains to be seen. But I will reiterate: If you find yourself drawn to this material and other material like it, you are a lightworker consciousness. What you do with that information, whether you choose to believe it or not, or act on it or not, is completely your choice. At all levels of consciousness your choices are honored, you are honored.
The birth of the soul

Lightworker souls were born long before the earth and humanity came into being.

Souls are birthed in waves. There is a sense in which souls are eternal with no beginning and no end. But in another sense, they are born at some point. It is at this point that their consciousness reaches a sense of individual self. Before this point, they are already there as a possibility. However there is no consciousness yet of me and other.

The consciousness of “me” arises when somehow a demarcation line is drawn between groups of energies. We have to revert to metaphors in order to explain this.

Think of the ocean for a moment and imagine it to be a huge field of flowing energies, streams that constantly mingle and part. Imagine that a diffuse consciousness pervades the entire ocean. Call it the ocean spirit if you want. After a while, concentrations of consciousness arise at certain places in the ocean. Consciousness here is more focused, less diffuse than in its direct surroundings. All over the ocean there is an ongoing differentiation which leads to the development of transparent forms within the ocean. These forms, which are focused points of consciousness, move independently from their environment. They experience themselves as different from the ocean (spirit). What occurs here is the birth of a rudimentary sense of self or self-consciousness.

Why did focused points of consciousness arise in some parts of the ocean rather than in others? This is very hard to explain. Can you feel, however, that there is something very natural about this proceeding? When you throw seeds on a bed of earth, you notice that the little plants that sprout will each grow in their own time and rhythm. One will not grow as large or as easily as the others. Some will not grow at all. There is differentiation across the field. Why? The energy of the ocean (the ocean spirit) intuitively seeks the best expression possible for all its multiple streams or layers of consciousness.

During the formation of individual points of consciousness within the ocean, there is a power that works on the ocean from the outside, or so it seems. This is the power of divine inspiration, which can be conceived as the male aspect of That which created you. Whereas the ocean represents the female, receptive side, the male aspect may be visualized as light beams pouring into the ocean, which enhance the process of differentiation and the separation into individual lumps of consciousness. They are like the rays of the sun that warm the seedbed.

The ocean and the light beams together form an entity or being that may be referred to as an archangel. It is an archetypical energy with both a male and a female aspect and it is an angelic energy that manifests or expresses itself to you. We will come back to the notion of an archangel in more detail in the last chapter of [The Lightworker Series], called “Your Light Self.”

After the soul is born as an individual unit of consciousness, it slowly leaves the oceanic state of oneness that had been its home for a long time. The soul increasingly becomes aware of being separate and on its own.

With this awareness, a sense of loss or lack arises in the soul for the first time. When the soul embarks upon its road of exploration as an individual entity, the soul will carry with it a certain longing for wholeness, a desire to belong to something bigger than itself. Deep within itself, the soul will keep the memory of a state of consciousness in which everything is one, in which there is no “me” and “other.” This is what it considers “home” to be: a state of ecstatic oneness, a place of complete safety and fluidity.

With this memory in the back of its mind, the soul starts its travels throughout reality, throughout countless fields of experience and inner exploration. The newborn soul is driven by curiosity and has a great need for experience. This was the element that was absent in the oceanic state of oneness. The soul now is able to freely explore anything it wishes to explore. It is free to search for wholeness in all sorts of ways.

Within the universe, there are countless planes of reality to explore. The earth is simply one of them and one that came into being relatively late, speaking on a cosmic scale. Planes of reality or dimensions always originate from inner needs or desires. Like all creations, they are the manifestation of inner visions and ponderings. Earth was created from an inner desire to bring together elements from different realities that clashed with each other. Earth was intended to be a melting pot for a great array of influences. We will explain this further below. For now suffice it to say that the earth was a relative late-comer on the cosmic stage and that many souls lived many lives of exploration and development on other planes of reality (planets, dimensions, star systems, etc.), long before the earth was even born.

Lightworkers are souls who lived many, many lives on these other planes before they ever incarnated on earth. This is what distinguishes them from “earth souls” as we will call them for the sake of convenience. Earth souls are souls who incarnated in physical bodies on earth relatively early in their development as individualized units of consciousness. One might say that they started their cycle of earth lives when their souls were in their infant stage. At that time, the lightworker souls were “grown-ups.” They had been through many experiences already and the type of relationship they bore with earth souls may be likened to that of parent and child.

The development of life and consciousness on earth

On earth, the evolution of life forms was closely intertwined with the inner development of the earth souls. Although no soul is bound to a particular planet, the earth souls could well be said to be the natives of your planet. This is because their growth and expansion roughly coincides with the proliferation of life forms on earth.

When individual units of consciousness are born, they are somewhat similar to single physical cells as regards structure and possibility. Just like individual cells have a relatively simple structure, the inner movements of a newborn consciousness are transparent. Not much differentiation has set in yet. There is a world of possibilities at their feet, both physical and spiritual. The development from a newborn unit of consciousness to a type of consciousness that is self-reflective and able to observe and react to its environment may roughly be compared to the development of a single-celled organism to a complex living organism interacting with its environment in multiple ways.

We are here comparing the development of soul consciousness with the biological development of life and we do so not just by way of metaphor. In fact the biological development of life as it took place on earth should be seen against the background of a spiritual need for exploration and experience on the part of the earth souls. This need or desire for exploration called into being the rich variety of life forms on earth. As we said, creation is always the result of an inner movement of consciousness. Although the evolution theory, as presently embraced by your science, correctly describes the development of life forms on your planet to some extent, it completely misses the inner drive, the “hidden” motive behind this deeply creative process. The proliferation of life forms on earth was due to inner movements on the soul level. As always, spirit precedes and creates matter.

At first, earth souls incarnated in physical forms which best fitted their still rudimentary sense of self: single-celled organisms. After a period of gaining experience and integrating this within their consciousness, the need arose for more complex means of physical expression. That is how more complex life forms were propelled into being. Consciousness created physical forms to answer the inner needs and desires of the earth souls whose collective consciousness primarily inhabited the earth.

The formation of new species and the incarnation of earth souls into individual members of those species represent a great experiment of life and consciousness. Although evolution is consciousness-driven, not driven by accident or incident, it does not follow a predetermined line of development. This is because consciousness itself is free and unpredictable.

The earth souls experimented with all kinds of animal life forms. They inhabited several types of physical bodies in the animal kingdom but they did not all experience the same line of development. The soul’s path of development is much more fanciful and adventurous than you assume. There are no laws above or outside of you. You are the law for you. So for instance, if you desire to experience life from the standpoint of a monkey, you may at some point in time find yourself living in a monkey’s body, from birth onward or as a temporary visitor. The soul, especially the young soul, craves experience and expression. This urge to explore accounts for the diversity of life forms that flourished on earth.
The above was taken from "The Lightworker Series: Lightworker II." This and much more information is available free on Pamela's website, in her book "The Jeshua Channelings" and on downloadable audio (mp3).

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