Vibration and Deception

We can fool ourselves, but we can’t fool our vibration. We can lie to ourselves, but as long as we do, our vibration becomes that lie.

Others can lie to us, but they can’t fool our vibration either. At some point in time we’ll all be well enough aware of energy and how to read it that we’ll always know when and if we are being lied to.

Everyone can do that now, but most aren’t aware of this ability. Those who are aware of the ability and who know what deception is, don’t care whether they are deceived or not, because they know that deception only hurts the deceiver.

Deception has no bearing on those attempting to be deceived, unless they allow it to.

How do we develop the ability to perceive deception?

Listen to your heart. If what you are hearing, seeing, or most importantly—feeling—doesn't resonate with you, it may or may not be a deception. But whatever it is, do not continue focusing on or giving attention to that which does not "feel right" to you.

Dismiss any temptation to judge what doesn't resonate with you, simply allow it to be. It could be that the timing isn't right for you, it could be that what does not resonate with you does so because it doesn't fit with what you are up to as a Soul, or it could be that there is an active desire to deceive you.

No matter what the reason is that something doesn't resonate with you, it doesn't matter. Your only obligation—if your personal growth is important to you—is to actively seek out that which does resonate with you, and let be whatever does not.

Over time you will become better at knowing when you are actively being deceived, and will generate more tolerance of the attempt. From a stance of total non-judgement, it matters not that a deception has been, or is being, attempted. If you are inspired to speak, write, or act in some way on the deception, then follow that inner guidance—in total non-judgement of the deception, and with honor for the deceiver. Your inner guidance is, afterall, your greatest and most powerful tool.

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